Year 7 Trivia Competition

On Friday, 12th March at recess, Year 7 were invited to participate in a trivia competition to raise money for Caritas. We had 4 groups play and they had a great time competing to see who knew the most, with content being drawn from a range of subject areas. The winners wowed the quizmasters with their knowledge that Tik Tok was created in China, William Shakespeare wrote Macbeth and that Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon. Tying into our main purpose for being there, the girls were also asked questions about Caritas and their initiatives including how much money it cost to make 1,000 face masks to help protect people in disadvantaged areas against Covid-19. The girls were shocked that the answer to this was a very achievable $70. We encourage Year 7 to continue donating to the Caritas appeal in order to help support Jamila in Bangladesh. 

A huge thank you to some of the Year 10 Big Sisters, Ms Matthews and Mrs Straker and our Year 12 SRC leader, Laura Carrabs for their assistance in organising and running the event. 
Laura Golding
Year 7 Coordinator