Year 7

Enlighten Education

On Wednesday, February 19, Year 7 participated in a program run by Enlighten Education called ‘The Journey’. Throughout the day, students participated in a variety of sessions aimed to equip them with some vital skills and tools that they need in order to assist in the transition to high school and to get the best out of this year. Some of the activities that they participated in involved creating a diary to enhance their time management and study techniques, engaging in relaxation activities that they can use during times of stress, facing issues with resilience and looking at how to establish and maintain positive relationships

The students were able to take their diary home at the end of the day and I hope that they use this at different points throughout the year to reflect upon their high school journey.   

“It included fun activities such as notebook making and also provided some really helpful study tips. Personally I really enjoyed these activities and found them extremely beneficial. It was a very fun and interesting experience and I would love to do it again.” 

Emma Ball – Year 7 student


Year 7 Camp

On February 20th the Year 7 “Flames” travelled together to Deer Park in The Royal National Park for their first high school overnight camp. 

Students participated in a range of activities over two days including; canoeing, damper cooking, a Christian discovery session, team building activities in the “Amazing Race”, archery and of course the much loved waterslide. The girls played a variety of games at night which were also a highlight. 

The camp was a fantastic opportunity for the girls to build strong relationships with their peers and teachers, with many commenting that they made new friends over these two days and that it was a good opportunity to meet students from other homerooms.

On behalf of the girls, we would like the thank the following teachers; Mrs Colreavy, Mr Martin, Miss Challita, Miss Jajcevic, Ms Johnson, Mrs Taylor, Ms Stirling, Miss Stavropoulos, Mrs Straker, Mrs Allan, Mr Gough, Miss Jones, Miss Bevan, Miss Cox, Mrs Vale, Ms Matthews, Mrs Hughes and Ms Rodwell. These teachers gave generously of their time and their positivity, enthusiasm and care for each student ensured that the camp ran smoothly and that the girls had a memorable and positive experience.


Year 7 had the amazing opportunity of a fun, interactive 2 day camp experience. We participated in a variety of activities like bush cooking, water slides, canoeing, Christian discovery and diverse night activities. The camp was also an enjoyable chance to get to know those in our year better and to find new friendships with girls who shared common interests, to feel more comfortable around the girls in our year and to express the way we felt about our experience at Bethany so far. Undoubtedly, we appreciated the opportunity of the camp, embraced it and most importantly enjoyed it.” 

Lucy Savignano – Year 7 student.


We hope that your daughters had a wonderful time away with their friends and that they are better equipped to settle into their high school routine for Term 1. 


Welcome Mass

On Tuesday 25th February a welcome mass was held for Year 7, where the new families were welcomed into the Bethany College Community. It was a very special evening as we celebrated the Eucharist together. Following mass was the blessing of our bibles which were then handed to us with a prayer card and our Bethany College badges. At the conclusion of the mass we committed to our pledge for our school, promising to be our best and to strive to represent our school with pride. This was a very memorable evening that will be with us all for a long time to come. 

Alexandra Francis –  Year 7 student


Connie Pikis

Year 7 Coordinator