Year 8 Body Systems

During Week 3 students in Year 8 had the opportunity to view the dissection the pluck of a sheep in Science. A pluck contains organs of the circulatory and respiratory system, including the esophagus, liver, lungs, heart and connective tissue. Over the course of two lessons, Mr Peck manipulated tweezers, scissors, a probe and scalpel blade to show 8SCI.H the different parts of the pluck, highlighting how the structure of different organs matched with their purpose.

Aside from witnessing this dissection, a number of students chose to pass around the different parts of the pluck for closer inspection. Mr Peck inserted a straw into the lungs and inflated them in order to give us a visual representation of what it looks like inside a sheep when it inhales and exhales. This helped us to understand what happens inside our own bodies when we breathe. He also cut open the liver and lungs to show us what each looks like on the inside for comparison and related each to their purpose.

Overall this was a very interesting introduction to the topic and was a lesson to remember.


Sophia Guevara and Talia Benjamin