Year 8 Newman English – National Sorry Day 

In May, the Year 8 Newman class were invited to create something to acknowledge National Sorry Day, marking the anniversary of the day the Bringing Them Home report was tabled in Parliament in 1997. They were asked to consider the challenges First Nations communities face today, and appeal for greater awareness and a call to action. They composed compelling and moving poems and picture books, some of which are included below. 

We’re very proud of their work. 

Ms Stirling and Miss Emmerick


Our Nation’s Call

By Kayley Lai

It started in the 1910s,

As children were forcibly removed from their families and friends.

Lasting for over 60 years,

As hope of a new assimilated race may appear.

The screaming and wailing of a nearby child, 

Families are stripped apart.

A missing child is simply a name in a file.


They claim they are giving them a new start.

Keeping their children safe all over the country,

Tearing their families apart.

There was no way for them to run free,

Only an unknown future with no guarantee.

They learnt to grow up without any say,

The loss of their language and culture along the way.


They thought that these children would receive a better education, 

All from the empathy of a heartless institution,

Which was carrying out a strategy of forced Assimilation.

All in the name of becoming one nation,

Is this forcible removal really humane?

Only causing perpetual pain, 

For no particular gain.


Connections to the country were broken forever,

Families are eradicated never to be together.

Mothers stricken with trauma and grief,

Whilst the children were taught the white beliefs.

Looking forward to the day they’ll be able to see their children again,

This was the only way, 

To mend mothers heart that’s filled with pain.


Till this day indigenous people are still treated unfairly,

No person who understands their plight.

So it’s time to stand up for indigenous rights,

To compensate for the atrocities caused.

Many who have lost their culture and lore


This is the nation’s call,

To do what is right to heal and restore.


Picture This, by Sienna Kovacevic

It’s Up To Us, by Charlotte Lee


Get over it

by Kiara Ristevski