Year 8 Newman

Year 8 Newman Geography have been actively working through a differentiated program designed to promote critical thinking and reasoning abilities through activities that encourage divergent thinking and solving of real world problems.

In the Water in the World unit, Year 8 Newman Geography students explored the nature, extent, and causes of water scarcity in different countries with a focus on practical strategies used to overcome water scarcity. They examined a contemporary issue linked to water scarcity and sustainability and strategies used to overcome water scarcity in different parts of the world including recycling, desalination, inter-regional transfer, and irrigation methods. They then engaged with an engineering activity to design and construct a water purification device using only recycled resources found in their home. This required students to apply reasoning and problem solving skills as they were required to utilise three separation techniques in their device. The students engaged very well with this activity and really enjoyed the opportunity for divergent thinking.


This term, in the unit Interconnections, the Newman students have engaged with project based learning to address sustainability in the textiles industry. The students learned that combining different ideas in creative ways can lead to innovative new products through an inquiry into the potential impact of repurposing discarded resources. The project was designed to address textiles waste, with students working collaboratively to design and produce an item of clothing out of used and/or discarded textiles products. The girls really enjoyed using their creative skills to problem solve – well done girls! I am very proud of your efforts.


Mrs Smit

HSIE Coordinator/Year 8 Newman Geography Teacher