Year 8 Newman Technology

The Year 8 Newman Technology class have been studying and investigating innovations and emerging technologies during Term 2.

As a class we looked at the 50 most influential women in technology exploring the contribution each woman is making to inspire the next generation of women in science, technology and engineering and the impact these innovations have on our society.

Students reflected and provided some interesting thoughts from their learning.

It was interesting to see so many women doing so many amazing things that didn’t go unnoticed as many people are underestimated but so many women can do powerful and amazing things.

Women should not hesitate if they can do something powerful and women can do anything if they work to achieve their goals. – Julia Hayder

I feel inspired that girls are able to succeed in all areas and it is inspiring they are finding new things before anyone else.–  Priscilla Qiang

It was interesting to learn about innovation in gender -neutral and ethically sourced toys. I have never heard of these toys and it is very creative and innovative. I feel inspired and empowered learning about these women, it makes me believe anything is possible. – Kate Soussa

I feel inspired that so many women are achieving their goals and making the quality of life better for everyone. It inspires me to work hard as i am capable of doing incredible and limitless things. – Julliana Pineda

I learnt that there are so many opportunities for women in innovation. – Isabella Diaz

I feel inspired by these incredible women their determination and persistence inspired me the most. – Alyssa Parrottino

Newman students also investigated the use of  ‘Google Home’ and ‘Amazon’s Alexa’ devices in our home. Using the Williams Model of differentiation, students worked in pairs and presented to the class their thoughts and ideas on a variety of questions. Some examples of the questions are:

Google Home Devices have made us independant and dependant at the same time. Discuss

Predict how in two years time we will see  improvements of these devices.

How is a Google Home Device like a loving family?

What if mobile devices were never invented? What influence would this have on the way we live?

List three prejudice thoughts you think people who do not have one of these devices might have about the device.


It is such a pleasure to teach such intelligent young ladies and I look forward to seeing where the future takes these ladies.


Gabrielle Killorn

Technology Teacher