Year 8 Pastoral Care

During Term 1 Year 8 have focussed on the theme of antibullying. This ties into the pastoral vision set around the value of acceptance. The Vision for Year 8 aims to

‘encourage students to explore their own and each other ‘s individual uniqueness and diversity through a range of activities designed to develop the students best self. The focus is directed on building and promoting an inclusive, collaborative and supportive learning space through the Value of Acceptance’



In response to the Year 7 2019 wellbeing survey the results showed that students suggested more education around friendship and healthy relationships. Bullying does occur in the school setting and is often found in the playground, locker area and classrooms and verbal bullying was the most common form identified.

Today students were handed out the booklet Bullying. So Not Ok. In 2014, Supre partnered with Headspace, the National Youth Mental Health Organisation, to take a stand against bullying.

Rather than just handing out this resource the students were given time to read the booklet to stimulate further discussion/activities prepared and led by their homeroom teachers.





Katrine Barnes

Year 8 Coordinator


Link below to the PDF booklet version