Year 8 Pastoral Program: Friendship and our Online Presence 

During Year 8’s Pastoral Period on Tuesday 26th May, Katrine Barnes (YC) gave me the opportunity to present a short video to Year 8, titled The Impact of Social Media on Friendships. The video detailed how our online presence in terms of what we say can impact our relationships in real life. Students were encouraged to make the correct choices online, so that their relationships in real life would remain positive, supportive and healthy. 
Once students had time to reflect on the short video I was made to feel welcome by the seven Year 8 Homerooms, where students, homeroom teachers, Mrs Barnes and myself discussed what being a true friend entails. Students referred to Proverbs 17:17 when explaining what true friendship is, stating that ‘A Friend is always loyal. And a brother (or sister) is born to help in a time of need.’ Students affirmed how important friendship was in the most difficult of times, and agreed to challenge themselves to provide that hand for those in need within our Bethany Community.
I must commend Katrine Barnes on all the dedication, care and encouragement she provides her Year 8 cohort with. The girls are truly blessed to have someone of her calibre and professionalism leading and inspiring them each day. 
I look very much forward to working with Year 8 and the rest of the College in the coming months. 
Sebastian Laguzza 
Youth Ministry Coordinator