Year 8 Pastoral Program 

Over the last number of weeks of remote learning Year 8 have been introduced to a digital resource from Mental Fitness Challenge workbook – accessible on the Year 8 Google Classrooms page.

BITE BACK is a free online positive psychology program designed for 13 to 16 year olds to build resilience and wellbeing. Through our activities, videos and quizzes young people can learn how to increase levels of wellbeing, deal with stress and harness strengths to live their best lives. 

The workbook follows six weekly challenges to help improve mental fitness, increase happiness, reduce stress, improve friendships and focus.

Each student was issued their own hard copy on Friday and are encouraged to work through this during the pastoral periods over the course of Term 2. This is not only restricted to pastoral periods, but my goal is also that they will engage with the strategies to assist them to be mentally strong in these current times of uncertainty. A few students mentioned to me that they are having some concerns with remote learning and the uncertainly of the current landscape we all are finding ourselves in. My response was to find a tool that aims to provide relevant and simple strategies to assist in meeting the girls thought positive psychology. For example, at they provide a safe online space called Thank Tank where your daughter can record 3 awesome things they have noticed and can be grateful for the big things or the little things that are easy to forget.

For more information please click on the video link

BITE BACK– An online program to build resilience and wellbeing in young people

Ps – Parents and caregivers, you are also invited to check out the Year 8 Doves Google Classrooms page for wellbeing and pastoral topics covered throughout the year. 




Katrine Barnes

Year 8 Coordinator