Year 8 Royal National Park Excursion

Last week, year 8 went on a geography excursion to the Royal National Park (RNP). We had a great time exploring the landscape and learning about the RNP. Whilst we were there, we tried out some geographical tools such as a compass, inclinometer which is used to measure the incline of a slope, hygrometer which is used to measure the humidity in the air and an anemometer which is used to measure wind speed and wind pressure.

Throughout the excursion we were exposed to many new learning experiences and were informed about methods we can use to care for our natural environment and surroundings. 

Part of what we learnt about was the importance of the geomorphic processes that change and affect our natural landscapes. The geomorphic process is the process that shapes and forms the lithosphere, this including weathering, erosion and deposition. We also learnt about how we can reduce our eco footprint through being careful to dispose of our waste and not removing things such as rocks from their natural environment.

Overall, Year 8 had a fabulous day at the RNP and on behalf of our grade, we would like to thank our wonderful teachers because this day would not be possible without them!



Eva Nanevski and Ellie Simmons