Year 8 – School of Rock 

On Tuesday 11th October, Year 8 were fortunate to attend Sydney Catholic Schools’ School of Rock Production. Students thoroughly enjoyed the day and are to be commended on their behaviour, flexibility to changes and support they provided their peers.

The following students have provided a reflection on their experiences:

On Tuesday, the 11th of October, year 8 was the fortunate year group to travel to Qudos Bank Arena to watch the Sydney Catholic Schools production of School of Rock. The day began by arriving at the venue, and an exciting aroma was already filling the air. We had been looking forward to this event for weeks and finally, it was here! As year 8 filled our seats we examined the stage, awed by the production set up and eagerly waiting for the show to commence. The performance began, after a brief introduction and a small competition to win related merchandise, led by the commentator. The performance was everything year 8 hoped it to be and more, it was humorous, romantic and drama filled with a surprising conclusion to top off the already amazing performance. Students from many Catholic schools thoroughly enjoyed the music and had lots of positive comments about it. Year 8 definitely enjoyed themselves at these events as it was a good start to the term and a pleasant change from classwork and the stress of a regular school day. It was also a good chance to see the hard work that both students and teachers put into the musical and their amazing skills be showcased. Thank you to all the teachers that spend the day supervising us and to Ms Ayoub for organising the event.

Anna Moore

On Tuesday October 11th, Year 8 was given the opportunity to visit Qudos Bank Arena to watch the school of rock musical. It was so much fun being able to see all the hard work put into the performance as well as being able to see some girls from our School involved. It was a very entertaining production, and was a very fun day for everyone.

Nina Psaltis 

A sincere thank you to all staff who supported and attended the day: Mrs Ayoub, Mrs Barnes, Mrs Smith, Ms Bevan, Ms Kramer, Ms Wooby, Mr Devlin, Ms Anderson, Ms Flett and Mrs Vale.




Rochelle Dunlop

Acting Year 8 Coordinator