Year 8 Science Powerhouse Museum Excursion


Our excursion to the Powerhouse Museum was an extremely enjoyable and educational experience for all of Year 8. We visited various exhibitions relating to the topics we had been studying in Science throughout the year, including exhibitions about Health and Medicine, Space, our environment, which addressed issues including Climate Change, and even one about perfumes. It was a great way for us to see the real-life applications of the knowledge we had learnt in class, and it was also a good way to further this knowledge.

The hands-on approach that was evident during the whole excursion made learning about these topics more enjoyable and relevant to our everyday lives. At the end, we were also able to visit an exhibition of our choice, one being the Wiggles exhibition. This was the highlight of our day since we could explore the Wiggles World we had loved as young children. Being able to reminisce about our childhood made this visit to the powerhouse museum a memorable and fun experience, along with the various fun tasks and hands-on exhibitions that added to the overall excitement.


Olivia Di Costanzo, Louisa Leone and Eve Fernando (Year 8 Science students)