Year 8 Wellbeing Workshop – In Her Shoes

On Thursday 25 October, 2018 as part of the Year 8 Wellbeing program, the Year 8 students participated in a workshop created by the school counselor Ms Katerina Stratilas and Year 8 Coordinator Mrs Katrine Barnes and run by the Year 8 pastoral team.


The workshop was entitled ‘In Her Shoes’ and the students explored the issues around empathy and perspective taking. It was an interactive workshop where the students gained an understanding around empathy  – ‘the ability to understand and share the feelings of another’ and perspective taking – ‘learning how to see things from other people’s perspectives’. Empathy is an important part of our emotional intelligence, the ability to get on with others’ displays growing maturity in interpersonal relationships. This workshop was designed to assist in building the skills necessary in being able to create good relationships both now and for the future.

Students were encouraged to understand the difference between empathy and sympathy and participating in some role plays this assisted them in being able to practice empathic responses to everyday situations faced by teenage girls. The 4 steps of empathic language are:

I saw . . . (describe what happened)

I felt . . . (describe how you felt when you saw what you saw)

I need . . . (describe what you need/would like)

I request . . . (make a request for the future)


The workshop concluded with an activity led by the Year 8 SRC’s which affirmed the students using various colours of string. Each piece of coloured string represented a particular characteristic or feeling and the activity saw the students attributing certain colours to each other as a way of affirmation. It was an engaging morning and Year 8 were very responsive. We look forward to seeing the girls develop their interpersonal relationships throughout the coming years.

Katrine Barnes (Year 8 Coordinator) and Theresa Chisari ( Assistant Year 8 Coordinator)