Year 9 Forensic Science Workshop

On Wednesday, the 5th of December, Year 9 participated in a Forensic Science incursion in which we re-enacted the murder of seventeen-year-old Sally Kerr. We used our knowledge of DNA and Genetics to find the cause of the murder, where it happened, who did it and when it was committed. Once we had some background information on Sally, we conducted an investigation into who she was with at the time of the murder, and why she was with them; discovering that Sally had been drugged and kidnapped by a man who could not be identified by her family or friends, causing us to believe she was murdered. But after discovering the cause of her death as a heavy fall and hit to the head, the truth was uncovered. Sally was kidnapped by the man for ransom as her parents were incredibly wealthy. She was given the drug GHB to put her to sleep, although, she woke up from the drug earlier than he expected, resulting in a fight which led to the manslaughter of Sally Kerr. This workshop gave us a preview into the life of a forensic scientist and provided us with a chance to utilise our understanding of forensics and genetics.

Tejal Meisuria and Luana Rendina (Year 9 Science Students)