Year 9 Forensic Science Workshop

On Monday, 27  November, the Year 9 students attended an in-school activity organised by ‘Education Interactive’ called A Case of Conspiracy.

This workshop takes you on a journey through the processes that many forensic scientists undergo. It may inspire students to possibly pursue a career in forensic science. We found the experience both interesting and exciting and definitely recommend it to others.

Many of the girls that participated found these processes extremely surprising. For example, the fact that it could take years to solve a murder astounded everyone. The Forensic Science Workshop was run by a scientist named Taylor that showed us around the many workstations and assisted us in solving the murder scenario given.

Each station allowed us to discover new pieces of evidence, including, digital evidence, shoe impressions, fingerprints, glass examination, hair and fibres, toxicology, entomology, autopsy and finally DNA profiling.

The number of steps required to solve one crime shocked many of the participating students. We received a Lab Report that questioned us on each station and by answering these questions, it took us a step closer and closer to solving the murder. Overall, all the students’ eyes were opened to the amount of work and analysis forensic scientists undertake to solve cases. This was an experience that was worthwhile which educated us on the sometimes underestimated field of forensic science.

Isabella Staninovski, Charlotte Halliday and Rosie Balasas (Year 9 Science Student)