Year 9 Forensics Science Workshop

At school on Wednesday 23 November, Year 9 attended a Forensics Science incursion. This incursion was very interesting and fun as it was quite hands on and included a whole heap of investigating. The lady who was running the incursion was an ex-forensic investigator and had done very many investigations in her past. She showed us through scientific testing how we can find important information and discover new and crucial clues. Two classes came together at a time in the hall and the aim by the end of the incursion was to investigate who, out of 4 people, was the killer of a man. We had to find this out by investigating clues and different forensic tests. The lady showed us through the various testing methods and then we were given a sheet which had different clues and things we had to find out to work out who the killer was. These various tests were things such as DNA testing, fingerprinting, blood testing and analysing the gunshots. We acted like forensic investigators and it was extremely interesting by seeing what these investigators go through. By the end of the session going through clues we found out who the killer was and we learnt and got a lot out of this incursion. I found the excursion extremely interesting and got a lot out of it.       

Evie Angelopoulos (Year 9 Science Student)