Year 9 In-School Team Building Pastoral Workshops

On Wednesday the 4th and Thursday the 5th of March as part of the Year 9 Pastoral Well being program, the Year 9 Stars attended an in-school workshop involving team building. The Supreme Incursions team building workshop was chosen as the focus for Year 9 to link together the values of relationships, acceptance and justice for each other within the Bethany community.

The students engaged in active sessions that combined physical team building challenges, fine motor skill activities and augmented reality on iPads. These sessions showed links to students PDHPE, English and Mathematics courses through the challenges on the day. The activities each encouraged teamwork,cooperation, leadership and bonding for the Year 9 students. The students walked away with a new focus on team building skills such as trust, initiative, communication and respect for one another. Year 9 will now take these skills and incorporate them into their daily lives and interactions within the Bethany community.


During this astounding team building program I participated in along with other members of my year 9 group, we experienced a variety of challenges that pushed each of us to stay calm, communicate and discuss with one another how to complete these tasks that were not all as easy as they may have seemed. Through these inventive challenges I was given the opportunity to work with those in my year I both knew and didn’t know at all.

 I’ve now come to the conclusion that through working together, which I was funny about at first…the incursion became a wonderful afternoon, I found I was realising I maybe had judged too quickly some of my year group and  now I was appreciating them. I had an incredible time and enjoyed myself a lot, I also must commend our leader, Pontus as well as Ms Matthews and Mrs Chisari for organising this for us.


Mali Boyd Year 9

Thank you to the Year 9 homeroom team and all other staff involved in making this incursion possible.


Acting Year 9 Year Coordinator

Theresa Chisari