Year 9 Industrial Technology Multimedia

On Friday, 29 June Year 9 Industrial Technology Multimedia had the extraordinary opportunity of securing Adobe Creative Education specialist Dr Tim Kitchen to visit Bethany College to help us explore and further develop or knowledge of the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. Mrs Chisari and Dr Tim showcased  a variety of new skills surrounding video editing using industry quality software such as Premiere Pro and Character Animator. These skills will allow us to construct our own cinematic trailers for our upcoming assessment task. At the end of the day we were able to construct our own video using Premiere Pro around an issue that was important to us. Overall this experience was unforgettable and incredibly educational as we now have the skills and knowledge base to allow for our own cinematography adventures. We will also be able to incorporate this new form of digital literacy into our other subjects, not just Multimedia, which will both enhance and better our schoolwork.
Laura Carrabs – Year 9 ITM