Year 9 International Studies

Year 9 International Studies students have completed their inquiry- based research task exploring representations of culture. Students worked on their interest project across Weeks7-10 of Term 2, applying their understanding of representations of culture and exercising skills in communication, collaboration and creative thinking. There was great diversity in the areas of research including cultural representations in art, literature and sport. 

Here are some of the learning experiences of International Studies students.  

My inquiry attempts to explore African- American cultural identity throughout the history of film, and how cinematic representations have been influenced by social change. I analysed films and explored the progression of these representations and the impacts of this on persons from this culture. This project was highly insightful as my research taught me many things about the power of social change in any industry, but in particular, film. The challenge I faced when completing this project was discovering how to properly convey the significant change through different examples, and as such, I spent many hours searching for films that would have enough variety to successfully depict the vast change in the representation of African-American people throughout the history of film. KAYLA KOUTSIS

In my inquiry based project I focused on dance as a part of intangible culture, specifically the connections between Brazilian culture and Samba. Throughout my research I delved into the history of Samba, how it started out as a simple, social dance performed by the African slaves, used to express a want for freedom. Now however, after many years of struggles, Samba represents a joyous and bright Brazilian culture, with Samba being at the heart of all community events and gatherings. ZARA HARRISON 

For my inquiry project, I created a video titled Feminism on Film: The Disney Princess Edition. My video explored how recent Disney princess remakes, specifically Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast, have introduced aspects that weren’t in the original films, in order to reflect the rise of Feminism in our society. I enjoyed being able to learn more about films that I loved watching, and also being able to understand their relevance in today’s world.EDEN FERNANDO

For our term four assessment, we had to conduct a student inquiry-based project. We were given the freedom to choose a topic to research and how it has influenced particular cultures. I chose dance and the influence it has on three different dances including Street dance, the Corroboree and the Dragon Lantern dance. This assessment was very enjoyable and increased my knowledge about different cultures and the influence dance has on each of them. CAMILLA BAYLEY

In international studies this term, we were provided with the opportunity to conduct an inquiry based topic on the representations of culture. For my project, I chose to look into the cultural impacts of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. My project gave me deep insight into the adversity faced by Islamic Americans in this time period, and enabled me to learn about the significant impacts that the misrepresentation of a culture has on its society and wellbeing. Overall, it was a highly enjoyable task that provided me with the chance to research a topic of my own interest and liking. LUCINDA POPOVSKI 


Kelly Smit 

HSIE Coordinator