Year 9 Italian Excursion

On Friday, 7 September Year 9 Italian took a trip to Sydney’s very own “Little Italy”, the Italian forum in Leichhardt. The day started with an historical work up Norton Street. We visited many sites, such as Bar Sport the very first coffee shop in the area. We later attended a lecture in the Italian Forum, which provided us with a detailed overview and interactive discussion about the history of the Italians in Australia, and specifically the periods of migration in to the suburb of Leichhardt and its surrounding areas, which is still considered ‘Little Italy’ today. After the lecture, we helped create pizzas which we devoured, along with spaghetti alla bolognese. And if that wasn’t enough, after lunch we were treated to a gelato!  Year 9 Italian would like to thank Prof Criniti and Prof Gianni for making this cultural experience an enjoyable one. Grazie mille!


Year 9 Italian