Year 9 Pastoral Workshops

29th July 2016

Nikky Davis joined Year 9 as our guest workshop presenter from this award winning organisation Enlighten Education®  on Friday 29th July. The programs are written specifically to appeal to teenage girls, developed by a team of teachers with vast experience in educating girls, student welfare and in engaging young people.

Nikky’s message is to encourage girls to celebrate all things about themselves, challenge and rethink negative thoughts and changing the way we respond to the environment and others.

kb2Session 1: FOREVER FRIENDS. Research tells us that friends are more important to teenagers than their parents or teachers. How do we make friends? Who should we make friends with? How should friendships be maintained? How do we decide if a friendship is helping or harming us? This workshop addresses these issues and equips the girls with the necessary skills to make safe, important decisions about their friendships.



R E S PE C T – ruling with your heart and head(dealing with confrontation)

  1. Plan ahead – let emotions settle down, sleep on it
  2. Aim for Privacy (see rule 9)
  3. Focus on how you feel (Using ‘I’ words)
  4. Be specific (do not keep past lists – keep to the one issue)
  5. Offer time (tip them off to what you want to speak about)
  6. Be calm (people do not listen when you are not in control of your emotions)
  7. Be assertive (clear, strong but not aggressive)
  8. Expect attention
  9. Use support if necessary (only one person)
  10. End on a positive (you can be friendly)


Session 2: STOP, I DON’T LIKE IT. Every girl is concerned about her personal safety. Setting personal boundaries, safe partying, handling inappropriate text messages, managing conflict and using the internet safely are all areas that can be so dangerous for impressionable and vulnerable young girls. This workshop focuses on what’s right and what’s not right and how to tell the difference.


kb3Session 3: LOVE THE SKIN YOU’RE IN. Negative stereotyping, sexism, media images, the fixation on being thin – these are all issues today’s girls are facing. In this workshop we encourage girls to critically evaluate the messages that bombard them every day and develop strategies that help them respond intelligently and objectively.

This session in particular linked the Year 9 PDHPE Unit – Girl Talk – in Semester 1 and this workshop confirmed the messages taught within our syllabus. If you did not see your daughters Wellbeing Journal, can I encourage you to have a look at the work they presented in this task. It is more than just a task but an ongoing reminder of the support and resilience strategies the girls have created to tap into when they are feeling overwhelmed or bombarded with societies messages.


These workshops received an overwhelming positive response and we look forward to offering the program in 2017.


Katrine Barnes

PDHPE/CAFS/Year 9 Coordinator