Year 9 Reconciliation

In Religion, Year 9 has been learning about the Sacraments of Healing. In particular we have been learning about the Sacrament of Reconciliation including its history, meaning, purpose and the practice itself. We also learnt about the Act of Contrition and the Prayer of Absolution and what they mean and why they are so important. This has helped us understand and appreciate Reconciliation more.

As a result of learning more about these sacraments, we were given the opportunity to receive Reconciliation over a two day period in St Michael’s Church, Hurstville with Father Janusz and Father Bill. Everyone was very reverent and focused, but some were also nervous as they would need to confess their sins to a priest and ask God for forgiveness. After confessing our sins, we were each given a unique prayer to reflect upon and instructions to assist us to lead a life free of sin and let God into our lives.

Some of my peers described the experience as:

“After experiencing Reconciliation in the Church this week I felt a sense of a real blessing. It was good to release this feeling of holding a grudge. I was not afraid to speak to the priest, instead felt relieved that I could express my sins to God and feel cleansed.”

“I enjoyed having the time out to reflect. It gave me the opportunity to stop and think about a few things….”

“It was good to finally go back and feel renewed of my sins – Thanks Fr Janusz”

Therefore by receiving the Sacrament we were practicing our knowledge in the Catholic faith. It was a great opportunity for us to experience what we were learning and to be strengthened in the Catholic faith.

 – Chloe Allcorn – Year 9

Thank you to Mrs Sullivan, Mrs Colreavy, Mrs Symes, Mrs Pentland and Mrs Barnes for you support and assistance.


Jason Currao

Assistant Leader of Religious Education and Mission