Year 9 Team Building incursion

Teamwork, Well-being, Problem Solving, Resilience… Team Building

In this incursion students are divided into smaller groups and rotate through four exciting challenges. Each challenge encourages students to build upon their communication, trust, initiative, problem-solving and leadership skills.

On our first week back of Term 2, Year 9 were lucky enough to have an amazing incursion which was held by Supreme Incursions. In this incursion, we were taught what teamwork is and did some activities that required us to work together in order to complete them. The activities performed really tested us and helped us learn new skills as going along such as cooperation, communication, encouragement, listening, patience and we also learnt in some cases someone needs to lead the group so that it can work smoother. Overall, it was such a fun and exciting experience that was thoroughly enjoyed by the Year 9 Doves and I hope we get to participate in another one soon.

  • ¬†Marie Apostolovski


Supreme Incursions provided us with the opportunity to collaborate and participate in a variety of team-building activities. We were able to have fun while improving our communication skills, problem solving, support, and trust in each other by creating friendly competition with activities that included building blocks, hurdles, parachutes, and blindfolds.

  • Sarah Dewberry



Katrine Barnes

Year 9 Coordinator