Year 9ENGLISH.2 Poetry Work

In our Year 9 English class, with the guidance of Mr Laguzza, we have been studying Steven Herrick’s poetic novel, The Simple Gift, learning about the art of slam poetry. We have created multiple pieces, incorporating techniques, morals, and messages about the simple gifts in life, sharing a message through our own poems.

Poetry has enabled us to evoke messages or experiences in creative ways. We’ve been able to convey specific emotions (happiness/sadness/anger) through language techniques to convey personal experiences in a fun and exciting way through rhyming, rhythm, and sound.

Poetry has allowed us to look deeper into texts and find meaning. While reading The Simple Gift, our class has realized to appreciate the little things in life. We’ve learned the purpose of different literary devices and how they evoke specific meanings.

Poetry has had a very positive impact on students’ social and emotional learning. It has offered us a new way of thinking and expressing feelings. Poetry is also very fun to learn, as it gives students a break from the usual essays.

So far this has been an extremely enjoyable topic and has been very different from the usual tasks and topics we have studied. Our class has been able to learn a lot through poetry and have been happy to learn about this part of English.