Years 7 and 8 Pastoral Incursion

The Benevolent Society

On Thursday 9th June guest speakers from the Benevolent Society visited Years 7 and 8 cohorts to reinforce some important messages around Safety with Friends.

While these messages are not new to the majority of the students the Student Wellbeing surveys identified that this is still something students are struggling with. Being able to have the Benevolent Society present and reinforce these messages is another way we support your daughters to foster positive relationships.

The Benevolent Society are new to the Hurstville area and offers a myriad of services across the community and lifespan. Click on the hyperlink above for the services on offer.



Katrine Barnes – Year 7 Coordinator

Rochelle Dunlop – Year 8 Coordinator

Simone Nind – College Counsellor