Years 9 and 10 Information Software Technology

On Tuesday the 19th of June the Year 9 and 10 Information Software Technology classes embarked on an amazing excursion to the Powerhouse Museum in the city. This excursion proved to be an invaluable learning experience, allowing us to further our knowledge and understanding on the topic of coding, whilst still exploring the other exhibitions. Both classes were exposed to the python programming language using the sublime text platform to learn to better our technical understanding. Within the Year 10 workshop we were also shown a robot named Baxter which was an example of how intricate coding can be used to better the lives of humans and were allowed to explore the different coding functions using the example of Minecraft. The Year 9 students experienced digital technologies in the way of programming micro-bits and Arduino’s to make sounds and music. The Interface exhibition was particularly relevant to our classes and looked at the brief history of the first radio, calculator, the IBM computer used by NASA in the film Hidden Figures and technologies used to create the first Apple Macintosh by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Overall, this excursion was one of immense value to all who experienced it.
Thankyou to Mrs Chisari and Mr Martin for this valuable learning experience.
 – Maxine Hakeem Year 10 IST Student