Youth Engagement Forum

On Wednesday 29th of July, seven year 11 and 10 students (Nektaria Rice, Luana Rendina, Alyssa Parratino, Tyana Petrevski, Elly Vazouras, Tejal Meisura, Jaccinta Essa) were offered the opportunity to be involved in the 2020 Sydney Catholic Schools Youth Engagement Forum with Mr Laguzza. With COVID-19 hindering the ability to physically meet in person, we connected via Zoom with ten other Catholic schools in the Sydney district. We discussed the ways in which young people can demonstrate optimism and resilience during these unprecedented and difficult times. We responded by acknowledging how being grateful during this pandemic is vital. Negativity and chaos appear to have consumed our lives at the moment. However, we must alternatively focus our minds to the positives which still remain, like our supportive family, teachers, friends, shelter and food. These times also test our faith and trust in God. By accepting that every challenge is a lesson to help us grow in faith and maturity, allows us to achieve a sense of comfort and peace. This forum also challenged our perspective in regards to ways in which our school community can continue to grow and improve towards the future. We shared our suggestions, which will be passed on the SCS Executive Director, Tony Farley. Overall, it was an extremely enjoyable experience, discussing with ‘like-minded’ youth. Although it was virtual, we still felt connected, and were able to gain a deeper insight, appreciation and understanding of these unique times.

Nektaria Rice, Year 11 SRC