Health Information Updates For Students


If your daughter has:

+ been supplied with an asthma and/or ASCIA management plan by there treating doctor or

+ suffers from a chronic or acute medical condition,

Then it is now time to check that the information you have previously supplied to the College is still current. The College annually requests that parents provide individual health care plans (IHCP) so that our records for management of your daughters condition are current.. The IHCP should be developed jointly by the parents or guardian, their family doctor, the school and the student. It must incorporate information and planned emergency treatments that are relevant to the particular student in the event of an emergency. It is important to note that these are medical documents and therefore must be completed and signed by the treating doctor (eg Immunology/Allergy Specialist, Pediatrician or General Practitioner).

Please forward management plans to student services for the attention of Mrs Damienne Forrester. All information is held in confidence.