Term 2 – Week 8 - 17 Jun 2022


Dear Parents, Carers and Friends of Bethany,

On Sunday the Gospel reading tells Luke’s version of the miracle of the loaves and the fishes. As Catholics, this is a well known miracle where Jesus turned a small amount of food into a worthy amount for thousands. We are told that this miracle occurred in a remote place on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. The picture above is from the Church of Multiplication in Tabgha on the Sea of Galilee in Israel. I have had the pleasure of attending Mass at this Church which was quite moving and a defining spiritual moment for me. When I visited the Church of Multiplication and reflected on the miracle of the loaves and the fishes, I reflected on how this miracle signifies not simply sharing of food, but no matter how little we may have, not just in a monetary or materialistic way, that we all have gifts to share, gifts which God has given to us. For each of us in the Bethany Community, I wonder as we celebrate Bethany Day today, if we all really maximise the sharing of our individual gifts. Equally, as a Catholic Community, do we accept the gifts of others. In a practical sense for each of our girls, this is about empowering individuals to show their talents and not be embarrassed about them or be fearful of what others may think. It is about celebrating the achievements of others and thinking about if we have used all of what God has given us in our efforts. Bethany Day has been a wonderful occasion to sit back and be thankful that we have the opportunity to be part of a wonderful community and in that privilege, be committed to our small contribution that helps make Bethany a warm, welcoming and safe environment.

Today at our Mass, it was truly wonderful to share some time in prayer with all students, teaching staff, support staff, Fr George and parishioners from St Michael’s Hurstville. At the conclusion of Mass, 6 Bethany Day Award winners were announced. These girls were nominated by their year group and were acknowledged for living out the value associated with their year group. Congratulations to the following girls:

Yr 11 – Marianne Sarmiento (Service), Yr 10 – Crystal-Inara Gunawan (Welcome), Yr 8 – Hannah Alessandra Cuevas (Acceptance), Yr 9 – Livia Vucic (Justice), Yr 12 – Valerie Chan (Wholeness)


At our Bethany Day celebrations today, Year 12 led the way helping to organise and supervise the day. Our grounds were filled with inflatable rides, sugar galore with fairy floss, donuts and various treats in our canteen, students highlighted College spirit by dressing up and students strutted down the catwalk as winners of their year group for their fancy dress costumes. In the spirit of sharing, girls brought food to share with friends and overall it was a magnificent day to laugh, unite in the name of fun and leave some of the challenges of learning aside for the day. Thank you Year 12 for your significant leadership as well as Mrs Bullock, Mrs Matthews, Mrs Flanagan, Mrs Camporeale, Mrs Samardzic and Mrs Pedic for your support of the girls. Below is a snapshot of our day.



During week 10, Semester One reports will be released for Years 7 – 10. Some useful discussion points with your daughter before reports and parent teacher interviews also in Week 10 are:

  • Write down your grade before reports are published. Does this grade reflect your best effort? Why was this grade achieved?
  • What subjects need further work?
  • If the grade your daughter sees herself as achieving is different from what she actually achieved, ask her to describe why. This might also be a handy discussion point with her teachers at the interviews.
  • At the interviews focus on affirmation of what your daughter has done well in or improved in and then what does she next need to work on. Sometimes at interviews students feel that interviews are for students who are in trouble. We invite students to be part of interviews so that they can hear affirmation and participate in the next stage of improvement.
  • Across the holidays when your daughter is rested ask her what are her school goals for Semester Two?

I encourage parents to look at reports and interviews as different types of feedback which summarise a semester’s worth of learning. Interviews open on Monday for bookings. Please remember Thursday interviews are face to face and Friday is for Zoom interviews.


Thank you to all families for Semester One. As of Monday I will be on Long Service Leave until the beginning of next term. I thank Mrs Flanagan for taking on the role of Acting Principal during this time and Mrs Matthews as Acting Assistant Principal. I hope that all families stay safe in the weeks ahead.


Robyn Rodwell

College Principal

From the Assistant Principal

Bethany Day

Today we celebrated Bethany Day, a day when the College community comes together to celebrate all things Bethany. Without doubling up on what others  have written, this was a fabulous day and it was wonderful to see the students and staff getting into the spirit of the day. These days don’t come together without a lot of hard work and preparation and I would particularly like to thank the Year 12 Leaders, Mrs Bullock and Mrs Matthews for all they did to ensure this was a day that had something for everyone. 

Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences

As we move towards the end of Term 2, I would like to remind you about parent, teacher and student conferences. These are important opportunities to speak with your daughter’s teachers and discuss their progress and learning. Bookings for these will open on Monday 20th of June.


Athletics Carnival

The Athletics Carnival will be held on Wednesday 29th of June at Barden Ridge and will be another great community event. Details for this event can be found in Compass. 


Tell Them From Me

Thanks to those parents and carers who have completed the Tell Them From Me survey. This survey closes tonight so if you wish to give your feedback, please complete the survey today. 



27-28 June  

Year 9 2023 Subject Selection Talks

Year 12 Drama Trials

28 June  

6.30 – 7.30pm: Year 9 Subject Selection Evening

29 June  

Athletics Carnival

30 June  

Parent / Teacher / Student Interviews – Face to Face

01 July  

Parent / Teacher / Student Interviews – via Zoom

End of Term


Kristina Flanagan

Assistant Principal





What’s Happening in Religious Education and Mission

Year 10 Spirituality Day

For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me- Matthew 25:35

We could not have asked for a more glorious day to celebrate the Year 10 Spirituality Day at Rathane, Youthworks Conference Centre. The Year 10 Bethany Value is Welcome and we spent the day delving deeper into the meaning of welcome through the eyes of Jesus Christ, Martha and Mary of Bethany and Magdalene and Shatha from Jesuit Refugee Service.

Father Yacub Barkat who ministers across three parishes in Bayside spent the afternoon with us offering the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist. We certainly made the most of the sun and view and celebrated these outdoors.


A huge thank you to Mrs Samardzic, Miss Jones, Mrs Ayoub, Miss Anderson, Miss Edahaby, Mrs Wetherell, Miss Stavropoulos and Mrs Amy for making this day the success that it was!


Bethany Day 

Celebrations for Bethany Day 2022 began with Mass in Yallunga Hall. Father George and members of St. Michael’s Parish  joined over 1100 members of the Bethany family as we reflected on the story, Jesus Visits Martha and Mary– Luke 10:38-42.




 Year 11 Drama Production- The Girls in Grey

Each year, Year 11 Drama students fundraise for a Catholic organisation/initiative as part of their Performance Assessment. This year, these students raised over $1000 for the St. Vincent’s Curran Foundation of St. Vincent’s Hospital which was founded by the Sisters of Charity in 1857. The Sisters of Charity are one half of Bethany’s dual charism and I sincerely thank Mrs Iffland, Mrs Kekatos and Mrs Moroney who ensure teaching and learning is grounded in our roots of charity. The fundraising opportunity further enabled students to live by the authentic Christian discipleship emulated by Martha and Mary of Bethany. Congratulations girls, you listened to God’s Word and actioned it, in practical service of the needs of our brothers and sisters in Christ at St Vincent’s Hospital!


 Monthly Mass

In addition to Bethany’s shared weekly Mass with St Mary’s Star of the Sea in St. Michael’s Church, Bethany offers monthly Mass in the College Chapel at lunchtime, following Reconciliation. It is an absolute pleasure to experience these intimate Masses in the surroundings of the heritage convent and reflection garden. Thank you to Fathers Janusz and George who make themselves available to support and serve the Bethany community.

World Refugee Week

This is celebrated from 19 June to 25 June. On 20 June, Miss Jones and the Student Leadership Team have organised a bake sale which will take place at  lunch time in Yallunga Hall.  All proceeds will be donated to Jesuit Refugee Service. On 22 June, refugee and asylum seeker trivia will take place at lunch time in Yallunga Hall. We hope to raise awareness on the issue of the world’s displaced people in light of the most recent Afghani and Ukrainian state of affairs.


St. Vincent de Paul Society

Winter Appeal

Please  continue to support this cause by donating the items listed below. Other items for donation include brand new socks, blankets, scarves or beanies. Please direct any questions to Miss Jones, Youth Ministry Coordinator via email: perrin.jones001@syd.catholic.edu.au.


Pasta Salad, Fruit Salad & Chocolate Crackles

Beginning 28 June 2022, Bethany College staff and students will participate in the practical service of our community, pursuant to the model of discipleship of St Martha. Each month, Bethany will make 80 portions of each of the above foods for distribution within Bayside as part of SVDP Night Patrol. We have been overwhelmed with the number of volunteers we have received for this initiative, thank you!


Walk With Christ– Sunday 19 June 2022 at 2:30pm

On the Feast of Corpus Christi, you are invited to partake in this pilgrimage in celebration of the presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. Read more here. Students who have recently completed or are interested in completing the Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion course, this is particularly fitting for you! Students interested in this event can contact Miss Jones for more information.


Youth Mass

From Sunday 26 June, Youth Mass resumes in St Michael’s Parish, Hurstville. Youth Mass is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of each month. All members of the community are welcome. Students who would like to participate in reading, music and serving ministries are to contact Miss Jones.


St Michael’s Parish

Bulletin 5 June 2022– Pentecost Sunday

Bulletin 12 June 2022– The Most Holy Trinity




Sara Camporeale

Leader of Religious Education and Mission

Teaching and Learning News

Year 10 – HSC Minimum Standards Requirements

The NSW Educational Standards Authority (NESA) requires that all Year 10 students complete mandatory HSC Minimum Standards tests before they are eligible for the award of the Higher School Certificate (HSC)

Students will need to meet the HSC Minimum Standard in three areas – reading, writing and numeracy. The standard is set at level 3 of the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF), which equates to a basic level of reading, writing and maths skills needed for everyday tasks and future learning after school.

Students will complete the following tests online;

  • A 45 multiple choice reading test – 45 minutes
  • A 45 multiple choice numeracy test – 45 minutes
  • A writing test based on a choice between a visual or written prompt. – 45 minutes 

The tests will be held on Monday 27th June, Week 10 of Term 2

Students who do not meet the minimum standards in one or more tests will be notified and have the opportunity to resit the tests again throughout the remainder of 2022. The College will continue to support students who do not meet the minimum standards on their first attempt.

Students are expected to have with them a fully charged laptop and working headphones (refrain from using wireless earpods) in preparation for the minimum standards testing. In order to complete the online tests students must download the NESA lockdown browser. This link will be shared with students in Week 9

Students who wish to may access practice tests and sample responses here. Further information regarding the HSC Minimum standards can also be accessed here


Parent Teacher Student Interviews

Just a reminder that Year 7-10 Parent-Teacher-Student Interviews will take place in Week 10 of this term. These interviews will be held in person on Thursday and online on Friday. Families will be able to make bookings for interviews via the Compass portal next week. Interviews will be held on the following days;

  • Thursday 30th June – 8:30am to 8:00pm
  • Friday 1st July – 8:30am to 2:00pm


Year 10 Subject Selection Interviews

A reminder that these occur in Week 1 Term 3 in the College on Tuesday 19 July from 3:15pm to 6:00pm. Bookings must be made using this link  and each interview will run for approximately 15 minutes.

The Subject Selection window will open after school on Wednesday 20th July and it does not matter when in the window you choose your main round subjects and your 3 reserves. Subject selection closes on Friday 29th July.


Year 8 Elective Subject Choice

This process will soon commence with the distribution of an information booklet that describes the content of the elective subjects which may possibly run in the College curriculum in 2023 and 2024 for Stage 5.  Students will be choosing a 200 hour elective subject and two 100 hour elective subjects to study over these two years. There will be an information evening for students and parents to explain the rules and selection process regarding this elective choice on Tuesday evening 28 june commencing at 6.30 in the Yallunga Hall, further details will be forwarded to parents shortly.


Dorian Kipriotis                                     Gregg Conroy

Leader of Teaching                               Leader of Teaching


In order to celebrate Italy’s 76th birthday as a Republic, year 8 was treated to a lunch full of Italian
goodies. The delicious menu included pasta alla napoletana, arancini balls, schnitzel, pizza slices and
a classic tiramisù to finish it all off on a sweet note!

During the lunch, Italian music was blaring through the speakers and the students were able to take
full advantage of various props to create photographic memories of the event with their friends.
Student reviews were unanimous – a big thumbs up for the whole experience. Here’s to Italy’s 77th
birthday party next year. Auguri!

Marco Gianni

Teacher in Charge – Languages

The Hurting Game

On the 15th June Brainstorm Productions presented their student wellbeing performance ‘The Hurting Game’ for Year 7. ‘The Hurting Game’ is a live theatre experience that explores the skills we need to cope with life’s challenges and build meaningful connections. The performance highlights the games we play to give ourselves a false sense of power and belonging, which can lead to anxiety, loneliness and disconnection. It challenges students to think about how they treat themselves and others, both online and offline, and provides strategies for breaking unhealthy behaviour patterns. Issues such as (cyber)bullying, mental health and body image are unpacked in the post-performance Q&A and help-seeking information is provided.

Brainstorm Productions is one of Australia’s largest and most respected theatre in education companies, performing to over 300,000 students every year. It produces an engaging theatrical experience that uses humour, relatable characters and real student experiences to spark conversations about friendships, online behaviour, resilience and mental health. The program is endorsed by the eSafety Commissioner as a Trusted eSafety Provider.



Michelle Barrass

PDHPE Coordinator

From the Leader of Wellbeing

eSafety Commissioner resources for parents and carers

The eSafety Commissioner website is a great resource tool for parents and students. The website has a range of information and webinars to help educate and provide support for the community.

The eSafety Commissioner has a simple, four minute video on Digital technologies and mental health. This short video offers parents and carers practical ways to encourage and support a young person to have positive online behaviour and experiences.



Free online gaming webinar for parents.

Playing games online can be great for socialising and an outlet for a child’s imagination. There can also be some downsides.

The eSafety Commissioner is offering a free Safer online gaming webinar for parents and carers. The webinar looks at the positive aspects of gaming online, popular game titles, and strategies parents and carers can use to manage the risks.

The webinar is Tuesday 21 June 7.30 – 8.30 pm


Attendance: Compass Checklist Reminder for Parents

As Term 2 is coming to an end, and in order to assist the College maintain accurate student attendance records, parents/caregivers are requested to log into Compass regularly and attend to the following matters:

  • Check for any unexplained absences for your daughter/s.
  • If necessary, add an Attendance note for each absence.
  • Should your daughter be late to school due to attending an appointment, parents/caregivers are requested to add an Attendance Note.
  • If your daughter is absent for the whole day, an Attendance Note – stating the reason, needs to be entered by a parent/caregiver. If this is done at the beginning of the school day parents/caregivers will not receive an SMS.
  • If a parent/caregiver receives an SMS regarding an absence, please add an Attendance Note on Compass.
  • Parents/caregivers should be aware that any unexplained absences will appear on your daughter’s school reports


Mary Matthews

Leader of Wellbeing

2022 – Regional Catholic Schools Debating Competition – Grand Finals

The grand finals of the 2022 Regional Catholic Schools Debating Competition was held last Wednesday, 15th of June. All regional schools, including Marist Penshurst, Marist Kogarah, De La Salle Revesby, Casimir College and Bethany, competed in the debates. Our Year 8, 9 and Senior team competed in the grand finals against Marist Penshurst, Marist Kogarah and De La Salle Revesby respectively. Our debaters faced tough competition in the finals and were the runners-up in each debate. Nevertheless, we are immensely proud of all our debaters for their outstanding achievement in reaching the finals. We would like to thank all student volunteers and teachers for all their assistance with the hosting of the event. This event concludes the debating season for 2022.


Senior debating team finalist (from left Luna Pandiella-McLeod – Vice Captain, Kata Bukovac – RE & Mission Captain, Natalie Lupo – School Captain and Ngikula Harris – Debating Prefect) with our Principal, Ms Rodwell

Year 9 debating team finalist (from left to right – Gabrielle Messiha, Harper Bollard, Mairead McAllister and Eva Nanevski) with our Principal, Ms Rodwell

Year 8 debating team finalist (from left to right – Nouha Makki, Joanne Lewis, Elena Palmer and Kayley Lai) with our Principal, Ms Rodwell

We would like to congratulate all our debaters who competed in this year’s competition during the initial rounds.

Year 7

Angelina Zajakovski

Despina Michales

Chloe Hurley

Angelina Metlege

Natalie Hanna

Ysabella May Savilla

Bianca Dos Santos

Rachel Wang

Ahana Saha

Milla Zlatar

Year 8

Evie Kalevski

Sienna Kovacevic

Year 9

Alexia Yalizis

Isabella Quilkey

Emma Djundja

Year 10

Stefani Momirovska

Isabella Velickovski

Isabella Bazgalovski

Nicolette Voukidis

Catrina Saad

Millie Markou

Natasha Small

Zara Harrison

Hannah Lewis

Lucinda Popovski

Chiara Ventura

Maya Sandhu


Natasha Calder (Yr 12)

Samantha Pelekis (Yr 12)

Aya Bazzi (Yr 11)

Katerina Papadopoulos (Yr 11)

Jennifer Sarkis (Yr 11)

Grace Smith (Yr 11)



Shirly Woo and Sophia Stavropolous

Years 7 and 8 Pastoral Incursion

The Benevolent Society

On Thursday 9th June guest speakers from the Benevolent Society visited Years 7 and 8 cohorts to reinforce some important messages around Safety with Friends.

While these messages are not new to the majority of the students the Student Wellbeing surveys identified that this is still something students are struggling with. Being able to have the Benevolent Society present and reinforce these messages is another way we support your daughters to foster positive relationships.

The Benevolent Society are new to the Hurstville area and offers a myriad of services across the community and lifespan. Click on the hyperlink above for the services on offer.



Katrine Barnes – Year 7 Coordinator

Rochelle Dunlop – Year 8 Coordinator

Simone Nind – College Counsellor










Team Dance Bethany 

Congratulations to our dedicated Team Dance Bethany Dancers who represented the College at the 2022 SCS Dance Eisteddfod last Friday night. The Yr 12 Dance class who performed their HSC Core Performance Dance and Yr 11 Dance class placed 3rd with their Preliminary Performance Dance.
Seamless stunning dance artistry and elegance. Just beautiful !!! 

Danielle Como

Dance Teacher

Year 8 Newman English – National Sorry Day 

In May, the Year 8 Newman class were invited to create something to acknowledge National Sorry Day, marking the anniversary of the day the Bringing Them Home report was tabled in Parliament in 1997. They were asked to consider the challenges First Nations communities face today, and appeal for greater awareness and a call to action. They composed compelling and moving poems and picture books, some of which are included below. 

We’re very proud of their work. 

Ms Stirling and Miss Emmerick


Our Nation’s Call

By Kayley Lai

It started in the 1910s,

As children were forcibly removed from their families and friends.

Lasting for over 60 years,

As hope of a new assimilated race may appear.

The screaming and wailing of a nearby child, 

Families are stripped apart.

A missing child is simply a name in a file.


They claim they are giving them a new start.

Keeping their children safe all over the country,

Tearing their families apart.

There was no way for them to run free,

Only an unknown future with no guarantee.

They learnt to grow up without any say,

The loss of their language and culture along the way.


They thought that these children would receive a better education, 

All from the empathy of a heartless institution,

Which was carrying out a strategy of forced Assimilation.

All in the name of becoming one nation,

Is this forcible removal really humane?

Only causing perpetual pain, 

For no particular gain.


Connections to the country were broken forever,

Families are eradicated never to be together.

Mothers stricken with trauma and grief,

Whilst the children were taught the white beliefs.

Looking forward to the day they’ll be able to see their children again,

This was the only way, 

To mend mothers heart that’s filled with pain.


Till this day indigenous people are still treated unfairly,

No person who understands their plight.

So it’s time to stand up for indigenous rights,

To compensate for the atrocities caused.

Many who have lost their culture and lore


This is the nation’s call,

To do what is right to heal and restore.


Picture This, by Sienna Kovacevic

It’s Up To Us, by Charlotte Lee


Get over it

by Kiara Ristevski


Year 11 Drama – ‘The Girls in Grey’

Congratulations to the Year 11 Drama class on their production of ‘The Girls in Grey’ by Carolyn Bock & Helen Hopkins. The students honoured the experience of WW1 nurses and displayed skills in all aspects of theatre from directing, acting to theatrical design! Thank-you to all staff, students, family and friends for their support! Well done Year 11 Drama ! 


Lisa Kekatos & Loretta Iffland
Drama teachers 

Sport Update

Term 2 Week 8


SCS Weekly Sport Update

Week 7 was the last week of round games for Representative Sport in Term 2. I would like to congratulate all staff and students for their hard work and commitment.


Congratulations to our Junior and Senior Netball, and Intermediate Football Teams on placing in the top four of their competition and progressing to the Semi Finals.


Semi Final Results

Intermediate Football

Bethany lost 9-0 to Marist Penshurst

Junior Netball

Bethany won 31-10 against St Ursula’s Kingsgrove

Senior Netball

Bethany won 31-29 against Marist Penshurst


Congratulations to our Junior and Senior Netball Teams for progressing to the Grand Final next week. Good luck!


Sydney Catholic Schools Rugby 7’s Academy

Sydney Catholic Schools (SCS) and NSW Waratahs have partnered in providing a two-day academy held at the NSW Waratahs headquarters (Daceyville) during the upcoming holiday period. Congratulations to the following students who have been invited by Sydney Catholic Schools to attend the academy:


Chloe Jackson

Manaia Harris-Wilson

Olivia Delaney

Jessica Brightwell

Charlotte Teplicanec

Emily Teplicanec

Sophia Brightwell

The girls will be involved in a range of activities such as fitness testing, gym and technique sessions, modified games, nutritional information and guest speakers from the NSW Waratahs. Congratulations girls and enjoy the camp!


Staff Vs Year 12 Student Game

Staff and Year 12 students took to the court on Wednesday at lunch, battling it out to claim the title of Netball Champions. Students flooded Yallunga Court to get a spot to see the game. There was plenty of laughter and cheers as the students managed to cheat their way to a one-point win against the short-staffed teachers team. Thank you to Connie in Year 11 for taking the photos on the day.

U19s NSW State of Origin

Chloe Jackson of Year 12 has been selected in the Under 19s NSW State of Origin team and will play at Leichhardt Oval next Thursday 23rd June. The game will be televised but the details are yet to be released.

Below are some photos of Chloe from last weekend’s games in Queensland from the Harvey Norman Women’s National Championships. These photos appeared on the official NSW Rugby League website.

Rachel Bevan

Sport Coordinator

Careers News

Year 12 Video Advice from UAC – How to Apply

See the quick video guide for Year 12 students applying for undergraduate courses through UAC.



Steps to Apply to Uni – UAC

Keep your options open by taking the time to understand how the university application process works, how institutions use the ATAR to select students, non-ATAR pathways to tertiary study, and the many levels of financial support available to you.



Smart and Skilled Fee-Free Scholarships

The NSW Government’s new Smart and Skilled Fee-Free Scholarships mean that students can get the skills they need to get the job they want and their course fees will be covered.

Young people (aged 15-30) who meet the Smart and Skilled Fee-Free Scholarship criteria are eligible for a government subsidy which covers their Smart and Skilled course fee.

Eligible students can receive a single Fee Free Scholarship in a financial year, and two Fee-Free Scholarships across 4 financial years.



How to apply for the Macquarie Leaders and Achievers Early Entry Scheme

The Macquarie Leaders and Achievers Early Entry Scheme will reward students’ academic achievements, leadership qualities and commitment to community with an early offer to their degree at Macquarie in 2023. 

Watch this webinar to hear from current students who will share their insights about the early entry experience, explain how to apply step-by-step, and answer common questions.

Register to watch on-demand.



Register for Macquarie University Open Day 2022

Saturday 13 August

Register now  to hear about what’s on offer at the Open Day.



Macquarie University Become a Co-op student Actuarial Studies, Accounting, Business Analytics

Applications close 15 Sep 2022

Be financially supported to develop professional skills and network for the future. Co-op students alternate between classroom studies with practical workplace experience, while receiving financial support from partner organisations.



Macquarie University Year 10 Subject Selection Online Information Session

This online information session will give students everything they need to start thinking about their future career. Hear about selection ranks, entry pathways and how subject choices help at university.



HSC Study Tips from University of Sydney

  • History: Cultural Revolution to Tiananmen Square (12:30 minutes)
  • History: Sydney Quarantine Station – Stories from the Sandstone (20:23 minutes)
  • Chinese and literature (40 minutes)
  • Economics (24 minutes)
  • Modern history (39 minutes)
  • Music (29 minutes)



Sydney University – Sydney College of the Arts – Information to prepare your portfolio and application

Portfolio submissions deadline: Wednesday, 30 November 2022, 5pm AEDT.

Creative Arts Special Admission Scheme (CASAS) deadline:  Yr 12 students wishing to be considered for an early offer through CASAS should submit their portfolio by 1 August 2022, 5pm AEDT for UAC August Round 1 or by 12 September 2022, 5pm AEDT for UAC September Round 2.

In addition to meeting the academic criteria for admission to the Bachelor of Visual Arts degrees you will need to submit a portfolio of your artwork.



 2023 UTS Early Entry Program

Applications are direct to UTS and opened on 15 June 2022

UTS Early Entry Program is open , applicants are assessed on their Year 11 results, and can secure a place at UTS before the final Year 12 exams.



Reminder – Applying to UTS For students and parents

2 July 2022 

Find out about different application options, including applying through UAC, the UTS Early Entry Program and pathway options. Students will also get a chance to ask UTS staff their questions. Click link to register.



UTS Year 12 Subject Scheme

The Year 12 subject scheme awards adjustment points towards your selection rank, based on your performance in select high school subjects that are relevant to your preferred UTS course.




UTS Specific Study Area Scheme LOOK INTO EACH ONE!

 Your interest or aptitude in specific study areas can also be taken into consideration in your application to study at UTS. 

You can increase your chances of being made an offer to certain courses through these admission schemes:

  • Business cadetship scheme
  • Design and Architecture portfolio scheme
  • Engineering portfolio
  • Information Technology portfolio
  • Science aptitude test 
  • Women in engineering, information technology and construction



Points for UTS – Have you Done Work experience?

You may be eligible for up to five adjustment points if your work experience relates to the course you are applying for. Complete the employment question in your UAC application so your work experience can be considered for specific courses in: 



Engineering and IT




Reminder – Discover ACU – North Sydney Campus

Tuesday 5 July 9.30am – 1pm

The North Sydney event has a wide range of sessions available including nursing, physiotherapy, psychology, nutrition, speech pathology, occupational therapy, biomedical science, law, criminology, business, arts and education, as well as student panels and campus tours.



UNSW Year 12 Degrees & Scholarships Information Evenings

21 June 2022. 6pm to 7.30pm and 23 June 2022. 6pm to 7.30pm

Learn how to get ready for Uni at the UNSW Year 12 Degrees and Scholarships Information Evenings.

The evening will cover how to preference for your dream degree, scholarship application tips and tricks, and how you can show you are more than just your ATAR.



Western Sydney University Register for Open Day 2022

The Open Day on Sunday 14 August, 2022 is your chance to discover what Western has to offer.

Register now to explore presentations and student panels, meet academics and current students and find out all about Western’s early offer pathway, HSC True Reward.



Western Sydney University Year 12 apply for their course preferences directly

Students can now apply for their course preferences directly through the Western Portal for free. Find out more information about scholarships, pathways and more.



CSU HSC Study Days 2022

5, 6 and 7 July 2022

Boost your exam marks with the help from expert HSC markers.

Hear from accomplished HSC markers at Charles Sturt University’s HSC Study Days!  The guest presenters have experience leading HSC marking, sitting on exam committees and writing textbooks, so you’ll leave these free sessions exam-ready.

Learn strategies and tips from HSC experts.

Practise questions and receive example responses.

Improve your knowledge and understanding of key syllabus content.

Receive detailed notes and sample questions for each module/topic.



NIDA 2023 Undergraduate Courses



NIDA 2023 Applications for Undergrads

Now Open

NIDA’s practice-based learning, connections to industry and culture of innovation have produced some of the world’s most influential and in-demand storytellers across stage, screen and beyond.

NIDA offers a wide range and depth of industry-relevant training across performing arts disciplines including: acting, costume, cultural leadership, design, directing, make-up, musical theatre, props, scenic construction, stage management, technical theatre, and writing .

This, along with the Institute’s international networks and deep industry links, ensures  graduates are immediately employable, enjoying successful careers in theatre, dance and opera companies, festivals and events, film, television and games production.

Application form here:




Early offers for Visuals Arts and Music students – Creative Arts Special Admission Scheme (CASAS)

Secure your place at uni early.

Did you know you can apply to get an early offer from the Con or Sydney College of the Arts before you get your ATAR? If you’ve got the talent and the dedication, we want you.

The Creative Arts Special Admissions Scheme offers talented Year 12 students a chance to receive an early offer to study music based on their audition and academic performance in year 11 and 12 so far, prior to getting an ATAR.

Click link/title to apply to the Con: 

Apply to the SCA: 




What is the difference between an apprenticeship and a traineeship?

The main difference between an apprenticeship and a traineeship is that a traineeship can be within a broader range of occupations and is run either part-time or full-time, where you are employed and trained for typically between one to two years; compared to an apprenticeship, which covers skilled trades and takes around four years to complete.



Guide for Apprentices and Trainees

This guide, from Training Services NSW at the Department of Industry, welcomes students into their apprenticeships and traineeships.



Qantas Group Pilot Academy

Applications are now open

Apply now. For the QG24 course starting in 2023.

For information on courses, selection process, funding or other training related topics, contact the Pilot Academy.


Estimates suggest that 790,000 more pilots will be required globally over the next 20 years with around one third of them in the Asia Pacific region.

To help meet the increasing need for skilled aviators in one of the fastest growing global industries Qantas has launched the Qantas Group Pilot Academy. The Academy is part of plans to build a long-term talent pipeline not just for Qantas, QantasLink and Jetstar, but for the industry more broadly.

Application form here:




Women for the Defence Forces

Across all of the 200+ roles, the ADF offers excellent career opportunities for women. They foster equality and provide a uniquely supportive and inclusive workplace.



TAFE NSW Information Sessions

On now through to 22 July 2022

Join online or at your nearest participating campus, and discover how TAFE NSW can help you get the skills you need for the job you want. Registrations are mandatory. Get in quick to secure your seat today.



 Stephen Donlan

Careers Advisor

SCS Eisteddfod – Piano Solos

Bethany College was represented at the Sydney Catholic Schools Music Eisteddfod on Saturday 11th June by Eden Fernando (Year 10) and Elena Benetatos (Year 11) who each performed a piano piece at Southern Cross Vocational College, Burwood.

Congratulations to both students who placed in their respective categories. 


Eden Fernando – 3rd place – Stage 5 Intermediate

Elena Benetatos – 2nd place – Stage 6 Intermediate


Clare Moroney

Performing Arts Coordinator

Dates for the Diary

Co-curricular and group photo day will take place Friday 22nd July. Girls involved in these photos will be required to be in full winter uniform. Details regarding the purchase of these group photos will be published at a later date. 
Year 10 Meningococcal Vaccination and catch up vaccinations for Year 7 will take place on Tuesday 26th July.
Ilham Ayound
Leader of Teaching Administration

Catholic Education Foundation

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