Term 3 Week 10 - 21 September 2022

What’s Happening in Religious Education

Graduation Mass This is arguably the most beautiful Eucharistic celebration of the year as we farewell Year 12 by reminding them of their Baptism in Christ. At this morning’s Graduation Assembly, our graduates were gifted a stole and they wore … read more


From the Assistant Principal

A lot has happened in Term 3. We’ve learned a lot, had  excursions, retreat days, guest speakers, exam blocks and finalised electives for Years 8 and 10. I’ve attended my first Bethany Art and Design Showcase and watched the most … read more


What’s happening at Bethany College

What’s Happening in Religious Education
From the Assistant Principal
When all roads lead to Roma…..Capoccia
  R U OK? Day at Bethany College
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School Vaccination Program
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