Volume 1 - 15 Feb 2019


Dear Parents, Carers and Friends of Bethany,


Welcome to 2019. The staff and students have started at the College refreshed and eager for the challenges that the year brings.

The Sydney Catholic Schools theme for the year is “I am the servant of the Lord. Be it done unto me according to thy word”  Luke 1: 38. The action is “serve with joy”. How can we in our everyday lives serve with joy? In our faith tradition we can serve with joy by firstly acknowledging the presence of God in our lives and being thankful for all of His creations. After we see the everydayness of God in our lives, we can serve with joy by maximising the potential that God has given us. As we begin 2019, we ask that students are encouraged to never lose sight of God in their efforts and to see Him in their relationships with others, to be thankful to Him for our personal gifts and for those we are supported by in those around us and for the beauty which permeates from His presence. May the Bethany Community work together this year to serve with joy.

It is wonderful to return to the 2019 school year. Our Year 7 students have made a magnificent start to secondary schooling and I thank all Year 7 parents for your support by attending the recent Parent Welcome Evening and Mass. This year Bethany has an enrolment of 1042 students and is at its largest ever enrolment. We have been fortunate to welcome to our community new students across Years 8 – 11.

Also new to the College this year are several new staff. We are privileged to have been able to secure such fine educators and support staff.

Mrs Jodie Hughes – Assistant Principal

Mr Dorian Kipriotis – Leader of Teaching

Ms Sylvia Eldahaby – Year 10 Coordinator

Mr Michael Peck – Assistant Science Coordinator

Ms Alix Stirling – Assistant English Coordinator

Ms Lana Kelly – English, EAL/D

Mrs Sara Camporeale – RE

Mrs Chiara Pascuzzo – Music

Mrs Loretta Iffland – Drama, English

Mrs Michelle Schneider – Science

Mrs Tracy Davenport – HSIE

Mrs Chloe Pizzuti – HSIE, RE

Mrs Ann Pedic – TAS Assistant

Mrs Anne Plowman – Teacher Librarian

Miss Deanna Dimanoski – Visual Arts


We also welcome back to the College:

Miss Ashleigh Munsie – PDHPE

Mrs Lynne Taylor – Maths

Mrs Mary Matthews as Leader of Wellbeing

Mrs Adrianna Coleman – TAS


2019 FOCUS

This year via our Annual Improvement Plan, we have a few areas which will be a significant focus:

Staff Professional Development will concentrate on literacy strategies and in particular, strategies for EAL/D students to deepen the use of vocabulary for academic language.

Strengthening the voice of students by helping to further empower student leaders.

Evaluating subject offerings and timetable structures.

Introducing Compass as a student management system.

Undertaking Inquiry and Review to help inform future directions of the College.

It is anticipated that by the end of the year, substantial progress will be made in the above areas and I look forward to keeping you up to date on our progress.



At the beginning of Term 2, our College will undertake Inquiry and Review which is a Sydney Catholic Schools initiative to monitor and review schools. In preparation for this process, all staff, students and parents will be surveyed. Further details about this survey will be forwarded to you in the coming weeks.



We are looking for parents who would like to submit their names to be on the College Finance Committee. There is no experience necessary for this. The committee acts as an advisory group to help inform the financial directions of the College. Commitments for this committee would be 1 meeting per term for 1 hour. This meeting would occur during the school day. Please email the College if you would like to put your name forward. Other members of the committee include Fr Janusz, our Business Manager, Assistant Business Manager, Assistant Principal and myself.



Bethany Open Day is fast approaching on Tuesday March 5. The College will be open to the public between 3 and 6pm. We are currently enrolling for Year 7, 2021. Any student who is in Year 4 or 5 is encouraged to come to this evening with their parents and see our College in action. We ask that if any parent is available to help as a volunteer on the BBQ from 1pm and anywhere up to 6pm to please contact the College. SPREAD THE WORD TO LOCAL PRIMARY STUDENTS.


Robyn Rodwell

College Principal


From the Assistant Principal

Welcome to our 2019 school year. I am delighted to join this wonderful community as the Assistant Principal and look forward to getting to know you, the families that make up this community. I have already enjoyed the privilege of meeting a number our Year 7 families at our New Families evening last Friday night and at our Year 7 Welcome Mass last Monday. I also extend my welcome to those families who have joined our community with daughters in Years 8 -11, I look forward to getting to know both you and your daughters.

In the last few weeks I have been so impressed by the girls and the respectful manner in which they returned to school, evident in their relationships, their welcome of new staff and students, their manners, their readiness for learning, respectful engagement in our Opening Mass and in their house spirit evident at last Thursday’s house meetings.  

The readings at our Opening Mass last Thursday reminded us of the variety of gifts with which we have each been blessed, encouraging us to recognise and utilise these gift for the benefit of our community.  In these first few weeks I have already seen these gifts at play in hospitality and welcome, student leadership, music ministry, and service. I look forward to watching them flourish throughout 2019. Please find below a list of co-curricular activities currently on offer at the College.

AFL Athletics
Band Basketball
Choir Cross Country
Dance Debating
Drama Duke of Edinburgh Program (from Year 9)
Fitness Club Gymnastics
Netball Oztag
Public Speaking School Musical
Soccer Social Justice Initiatives
Softball Swimming
Tennis Touch Football

Michael Gross, a parenting expert provides some practical advice about how we as parents can identify and build upon our daughter’s strengths, please find here a link to his article that outlines some practical strategies to support parents in this endeavour. Additionally,  Michael provides some advice specific to those families who have daughters are commencing their high school journey. Parents with daughters in Year 7 are encouraged to read this article found here.

Insight – making a smooth transition to secondary school

Insight – Top 5 strategies to improving your parenting this year

This week we returned to our usual routine of sport on Thursday, both recreational and representative. Congratulations to those who have been selected to represent the College in their chosen sport. Over the past two weeks you would have received information from the College outlining the importance of participation in and our expectations in relation to our Thursday Sport program. Students who attend school on Thursdays are expected to attend and partake in our sports program. Students unable to participate require a medical certificate and a note to be presented to Mrs O’Hare at recess on a Thursday near student services.

On the whole the girls returned to school well attired and dressed in accordance with our expectations pertaining to the wearing of the College Uniform. Pride in the College, in their families and in themselves is reflected in the way in which the girls wear their uniform we therefore request that families refer to the College diary as a reference point regarding uniform. A few important points of note include:

A single pair of plain gold or silver studs or sleepers in the lowest part of the ear lobe.

The only necklace to be worn is a plain gold or silver religious symbol , this should not be able to be seen.

There is to be nothing worn around the wrist and 1 plain gold or silver ring.

There should be no make-up worn to school.  

Today we celebrated the achievements of the graduating class of 2018, of note is the correlation between academic success and attendance. Families are reminded of the importance of maintaining high levels of attendance and informing the school both by phone and by way of letter upon return to school of the reason for their daughters absence. Where possible supporting medical documentation is requested. NESA requires that all student maintain attendance greater than 90 %. Families are reminded they can monitor their daughters attendance through the parent portal on Sentral.  

Furthermore, effective communication between families and the College is pivotal in providing the very best pastoral care for your daughters. From time to time you may need to collect your daughter from school early, have questions about your daughters education or information that may assist us to best support her here at school. For matters relating to attendance parents are asked to address communication to your child’s homeroom teacher. This includes requests for and explanations regarding early leave or late arrival. Significant pastoral issues should be directed to your daughters Year Coordinator a list of which is included below. Matters pertaining to teaching and learning should in the first instance be directed to your child’s teacher and then, if need be the relevant KLA Coordinator. Should additional support be required families are encouraged to seek support from Mrs Mary Matthews (Leader of Wellbeing), Mr Gregg Conroy ( Leader of Curriculum ) or myself as the the Assistant Principal.



Assistant Leader of RE & Mission    Jamie-Lee Wood
English Madeline Walsh
Assistant English Alix Stirling
Mathematics Stephen Bishop
Assistant Mathematics Mark Weber
Science Lynette Trent
Assistant Science Michael Peck
HSIE Kelly Smit
Assistant HSIE David Martin
Learning Support Anna Charas
TAS Sarah Rowland
Performing Arts Clare Moroney
PDHPE Michelle Barrass
Visual Arts Simon McLean
Vocational Learning
Elizabeth Vrahnos
Languages, Teacher in charge Marco Gianni



Year 7   Connie Pikis
Year 8   Laura Golding
Year 9   Theresa Chisari
Year 10   Sylvia Eldahaby
Year 11   Stephen Donlan
Year 12   Katrine Barnes 


Finally, you would understand that your daughter’s safety is paramount both as she travel to and from school as well as whilst she is at school. With that in mind I remind you that supervision begins each day at 8.20am  Additionally, I wish to remind all families that there will be supervision within the school grounds until 3pm following the Swimming carnival, for those needing to maintain their usual travel arrangements home. All other students will be dismissed upon their return to school.

The safety of our students is also an important consideration for parents dropping their daughters to school and collecting them at the end of the school day. Parents collecting their daughters are asked to ensure that you have pre arranged a pick up point and park before collecting your daughters. It is important for us to speak on behalf of the Parish to remind you that the designated parking for the Parish is never to be used by parents. Endeavouring to collect your daughter without parking puts both your daughter’s safety and the safety of others at risk.Westbourne and Haigh streets are recommended as safe collection points. Please remind your daughters that as they exit Waratah street the only safe and permissible place to cross is at the Pedestrian crossing.

Parents and caregivers are asked to familiarise themselves with the parking signs in the vicinity of the school as a breach of these zones may result in significant penalties, including large fines and demerit points. We have recently received several complaints from neighbours about double parking and parking across their driveways.  

NO PARKING ZONES ( Kiss and Drop ) Pick up and drop off area only. You can stop here for a maximum of two minutes to drop off or pick up passengers and must remain within 3 metres of the vehicle.

BUS ZONE  You must NOT stop or park in a bus zone unless you are driving a bus.


The importance of safety further extends to those students travelling to and from school on public transport. Girls are reminded of the importance of respectful and safe behaviour when travelling to and from school on public transport. Our Transport monitors play an important role in assisting us in this endeavour. Students travelling home via bus are reminded of the importance of using their Opal cards every time they embark and disembark from the bus. As you are aware the provision of services is determined as a result of the numbers of students using the service. I would ask you to remind your daughters to ensure that they have their Opal cards with them and tap on and off each time they travel by public transport.

Looking forward to a great 2019.


Jodie Hughes

Assistant Principal





What’s Been Happening in Religious Education

Opening School Mass

There is no better way to begin the school year than to start with mass.  It is an opportunity to offer up our prayers for commitment to stick to our goals, courage to see them through and to celebrate all the possibilities that might be awaiting us as we journey through this new academic year.

We celebrated mass on Thursday 7 February with Fr Janusz presiding and we are always so pleased and grateful that he is available to minister to our community.  I am always amazed and so proud of how well our girls participate in the mass. The singing is getting better and better at every Eucharistic celebration that we have, and the participation from the girls is outstanding!

Our new staff and students were formally inducted as members of the Bethany community and we were able to welcome them all through prayer and blessings.  It is also a time to celebrate what they can offer to our community. Each of them come with gifts that will enrich and enliven our College. This is certainly reason to celebrate!


Year 7 Welcome Mass

As part of the initiation and induction process for our Year 7 students, we celebrated mass with them and their families.  We were fortunate to have three of the priests from our feeder parishes, Fr Janusz Bieniek (Hurstville), Fr Manuel Santiago (Sans Souci) and Fr Yakub Barkat (Rockdale City) celebrating our mass.  We very much appreciate their presence at mass, particularly as Monday is typically the priests’ day off. Each of the priests commented on how lovely it was that they were able to celebrate mass with so many of the students from their parish primary schools.

During this mass, the Year 7 students received their Bibles and their College Badges which were blessed by Fr Janusz.  These Bibles will be used regularly in Religion classes and are an important tool to assist the girls in nurturing their faith.  The Scriptures hold many wonderful messages and stories and there is much that we can learn from them. The College Badges are a symbol that these new Year 7 students are now officially “Bethany Girls”!  We hope that they will wear these to school every day with much pride.

Our Year 7 students also recited a pledge which I would like to share with you:

“As students of Bethany College, we commit ourselves to making a difference in our world, to loving and respecting ourselves, to reaching out to others in our school and community through friendships and good works.  We commit to using our talents and gifts to serve within our community and to follow the example of Jesus Christ in all that we do. We strive to always reflect the Gospel values of relationships, acceptance justice, welcome, service and wholeness and to live by the College motto; to act justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with our God.”


Diane Kennaugh

Leader of Religious Education and Mission

PDHPE Department News

Welcome to 2019 PDHPE

All students should have received a current PDHPE policy that was handed out via their PDHPE lesson. All students will have been through the policy with their teacher. Please sign the form and return to the school through your daughter’s PDHPE teacher. This will include their permission to attend Evatt Park for practical lessons and you are able to tick a box if you would like the PDHPE coordinator to contact home about sensitive content.

The PDHPE staff are looking forward to a year of helping to improve your daughters understanding of health related matters and introducing them to a range of different sports.


Michelle Barrass

Acting PDHPE Coordinator


Current SCC Sports

This term the following representative sports are taking place on a Thursday afternoon in the SCC competition.  All teams have played two rounds so far and are off to a great start.

Junior Volleyball (Yr 7)

Jasmine Hills, Phoebe Economou, Tea Leone, Antonia Avgerinos, Millie Markou, Anastasia Kolyvas, Shona Jaja and Monique Johnson


 Inter Volleyball (Yr 8-9)   

NAME Year Group
Jessica Robinson 9
Aisha Kita-Leong    9
Junez Legaspi 8
Jeanna Garcia 8
Elenoa Narukutabua 8
Sienna Oscuro 8
Mary Vlahadamis 8
Tameeka Johnson 8
Grace Smith  8


SCC AFL (Yr 7-9)

NAME Year group
Mikayla Capizzi 9
Hannah Coughlan 9
Amelia Urbina 8
Natalie Lupo 9
Lucy Flanagan 9
Katherine Sozomenou 9
Jessica Patterson 9
Violet Gruppelaar 9
Chloe Jackson 9
Emily Dingle 8
Sarah Pilla 8
Martha Kossenberg 9
Manaia Harris Wilson 9
Olivia Pereira 7
Caitlin Hanna 9


Senior Touch football (Yr 10-12)

NAME Year group
Caitlin Hollis 10
Liana Lan 10
Keira Fisher 10
Georgia Najem 10
Lily Perenara 10
Bianca Pilla 10
Luana Rendina 10
Eva Kostopoulos 11
Montana Duggan 11
Kristen Georgiou 11
Amber Lazos 11
Victoria Coolentianos 11
Courtlyn Bruce 11
Anastasia Kountourogiannis 12
Hannah Jackson 12
Daria Badaoui 12
Leah Fisher 12
India Mix 12



The following CGSSSA Gala days will take place in term 1 so please check the Sentral daily notices and the Sports noticeboard for information regarding trials and team selection.

  • Cricket – Tuesday 19th February
  • Touch Football – Wednesday 27th February


CGSSSA Gymnastics

2019 CGSSSA Gymnastics

Team Tryouts

Coach Elizabeth Andrews

Competition Date 5th June 2019

When:                   Wednesday 27th February 2019

Time:                      3.15 – 4.45pm

Where:                   Yallunga Hall

What to Bring:    Please wear appropriate clothing for movement


Please sign up on the Sports Noticeboard before 25/2/2019

 Organising Teacher – Mrs Barnes/ Miss Brennan


*(Please note training will take place on Wednesday afternoons 3.15 – 4.45pm in Yallunga Hall (pack up from 4.45-5.00pm)

**If you train at an outside gym, you are not required to train at school.



CGSSSA Softball

Our first gala day in the CGSSSA competition took place on Monday 11th February with our Open Softball team competing out at International Peace Park in Seven Hills.

The team were undefeated throughout the day and made it into the grand final to play Marist Sisters Woolwich.

The girls unfortunately were defeated however placed second out of all 8 schools which is an excellent achievement.



Some SCC representative sport gala days do not automatically send individuals and/or teams to the NSWCCC Championships.

To trial for the NSWCCC championships in sports that do not link directly to the pathway, students need to individually register and attending an external trial.

If your daughter is interested in any of the following sports, please see the NSWCCC website below for information regarding trialling for the NSWCCC teams.


If you have any further questions please see Miss Brennan and other PE staff


2019 NSWCCC Dates

–     Individual CCC registration closing date        April 29
–     CCC Selections May 1
–     Individual Open CCC Registration closing date  May 13
–     CCC Open Selections May 20
–     CCC Open Championships June 24-25 
–     CCC Junior Championships Nov 11-12 
–     Individual CCC registration closing date Feb 21
–     CCC Selections Feb 25
–     Individual CCC registration closing date April 3
–     CCC Championships April 5
–     CCC Championships June 4-5
–     Individual CCC registration closing date April 29
–     NSWCCC Golf Selections May 6
–     Jack Newton Shield May 7-8
–     Individual CCC registration closing date March 20
–     CCC Selections March 25
–     Individual CCC registration closing date May 2
–     CCC 15 years Selections May 7
–     CCC Open Selections May 8
–     Individual CCC registration closing date Feb 15
–     CCC Selections Feb 26
–     Individual CCC registration closing date Feb 25
`-     CCC Selections March 4
Touch Football*  
–     CCC Championships
April 10
–     All Schools Registration closing date
Feb 20
–     All Schools Individuals Feb 28
–     All Schools Teams March 1
–     Individual CCC registration closing date March 8
–     CCC Opens Selections March 13
–     All Schools U16 Selections May 3
–     Individual CCC registration closing date March 14
–     CCC Selections March 18
–     CCC Junior Championships Oct 30
–     CCC Senior Championships Nov 6

 *Bethany College will advertise the trials for these events to students


Student Sporting Achievements

Students at Bethany College are involved in a wide range of sports representing themselves through the college as well as at external sporting events.

We would encourage all parents with students achieving in the various sporting arenas outside of school, to send through any results so we may be able to share them with the Bethany College community.

Please email lauren.brennan@syd.catholic.edu.au with any details of events and photos of your daughter you would be happy for us to publish to the newsletter.


Caitlin Hollis – Oztag

We would like to congratulate Caitlin Hollis for being selected in the Australian Under 16’s Girls’ Oztag team.  This comes off the back of playing in the Australian Junior Championships in October last year in which the Under 15’s Wolves won the Nationals.  This selection means Caitlin will have the chance to play for her country on the Central Coast in September.

We congratulate her and wish her all the best.






Keira Warn – Swimming

Congratulations to  Kiera who didn’t have much rest during her holiday due to having NSW State swimming titles at Homebush in December and Australian Open Water Swim Champs the weekend just past in Adelaide.
She got some fantastic results :
1st in the 16yr girls 1500m Freestyle at NSW State Age
3rd in the 17yr girls 7.5km Open Water Swim at the National titles. 
Again congratulations on such great achievements.







Lauren Brennan

Sport Coordinator

Year 7 “Doves”

On Thursday 31st January 2019 the Year 7 “Doves” commenced their high school journey at Bethany College. They were eagerly welcomed by the College Leadership Team, the Year 10 Big Sisters, the Year 12 leaders, the Year 7 Team and their Year Coordinator. The girls spent the day in homeroom and year assembly, learning about the nuts and bolts of Bethany and getting to know one another through icebreaker activities. From all accounts, the new Year 7 cohort transitioned smoothly and embraced their first week at the College with great enthusiasm.

On Friday evening the parents of Year 7 students were officially welcomed to the College and had the opportunity to meet their daughter’s teachers. In addition to this, on Monday evening the students were inducted liturgically into the school with a beautiful welcome mass. On this evening, the students received their Bethany badges and their bibles.

I would like to congratulate the Year 7 “Doves” for embracing their new routine and surroundings with maturity and resilience and would like to express my sincere thanks to all the teachers and students who have been involved in welcoming and supporting the students as they adjust to high school life.



Connie Pikis

Year 7 Coordinator

Bethany College Open Day

Bethany College Swimming Carnival

The College Swimming Carnival will take place on Wednesday, 20th February 2019 at Botany Aquatic Centre, 3D Myrtle Street, Botany.  This is a normal school day and there is an expectation that all students will attend and participate in this day. Participation will be recorded and will be noted on each student’s College report under extracurricular involvement

All students will need to be at school by 8.30a.m. for normal homeroom. The swimming carnival will involve structured aquatic activities, such as swimming races and novelty events for students who do not wish to compete competitively. These activities will take place during the day.  Students will be dismissed from school at approximately 2.30-3.00pm.

There will be limited canteen service available, so students are asked to bring their food and drink supplies for the day. Students must also bring a water bottle for the day to ensure adequate hydration.  Full sports uniform, including the College sports cap (for seniors a cap), must be worn.   Years 11 and 12 are to wear black or navy shorts and an appropriate T shirt with sleeves, if they no longer have the College sports uniform.  Sport shoes with laces are the only acceptable footwear allowed on this day. Students must swim in a one piece or have a rash vest that covers their costume.   The girls will have an opportunity to get changed at the pool into their house colour outfits.

Due to the pool hire conditions we have signed, there can be NO coloured crepe paper, no body paint or coloured hair spray, no makeup is to be worn and balloons are not allowed.  Any breach of this expectation will mean parents will be phoned and requested to pick up their daughter from the pool.

If raining on the day, we will send an SMS to all parents at 7.00am informing of changes or the cancellation of the carnival.  Please note, if the carnival is cancelled due to wet weather, normal lessons will occur (Wednesday Week A).

We look forward to sharing this day with your daughter. It promises to be a wonderful community building day for Bethany.  We would ask that any parents attending on the day sit in their designated area and not ask their daughters to leave their school house group.   


Lauren Brennan

Sport Coordinator

Music at Bethany

Are you interested in joining the College Band or Choir?

Band rehearsals: Fridays, 7:45am in MA203

Choir rehearsals Tuesdays, 7:45am in MA203

If so, please fill in this form for BAND or CHOIR. If you are returning from last year, please fill in the form.

Or, you can add your name to the sheet outside the music rooms (MA203 and MA204).

If you are interested in having private music lessons in piano, voice, woodwind or guitar, please fill in this form and return it to Mrs Moroney at the College.

Faith Formation: WYD 2019

World Youth Day took place in Panama City, Panama in late January 2019. Over 200 pilgrims from Sydney Catholic Schools journeyed to Panama via Mexico or Washington DC. Pilgrims were taking up the Pope’s invitation to young people all over the world to come together for World Youth Day celebrations and learn more about their faith, while also having the time of their lives. The culmination of the week was the Closing Mass in Metro Park where more than 800,000 young people from over 150 countries came together to celebrate the sacrament of the Eucharist and hear Pope Francis’ Address. In his address, the Pope built on the theme of this World Youth Day “I am the servant of the Lord, Let it be done to me according to your word,” encouraging young people to pray and consider how God is calling us to live and act because we “are not the future but the now of God.”

I was the sole student representing Bethany College on this trip. I was fortunate enough to travel to Panama via Mexico City, visiting the Pyramids of Teotihuacan and the awe-inspiring Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, as just two highlights of this two-week trip. Another memorable experience was the joyful and genuine welcome we received from the local people. Pilgrims were cheered and honked as they walked through the streets. Signs everywhere, including in major shopping centres, held messages of welcome. Like every pilgrim, at times I found it hard to put into words the deep impact the experience of World Youth Day had, but each of my fellow travellers and I were definitely strengthened in our own spiritual understanding and knowledge of the Catholic Faith, and I am sure this will continue as we return to our normal lives.

In our modern society we are often obsessed with measuring the effect of what we do; trying at all times to make sure that we get the “most bang for our buck.” Experience’s like World Youth Day, by their very nature, defy that trend because they are able to touch people on a spiritual and emotional level; how can you measure the immeasurable? But upon reflecting on the rollercoaster that was my World Youth Day pilgrimage, I have these numbers and statistics to share which might hopefully capture, if not the spirit of the experience then at least, its immense scope:





WYD 2019 in statistics

  • 700,000 young people
  • 255,497 steps taken
  • 37,750 kms flown
  • 197 kms walked
  • 16 days travelled


Alice Gleeson

Year 11

Careers News

Women in STEM Workshop at St. George Hospital

On Friday 8th February, seven Year 10 girls from Bethany attended a STEM information and careers day at St George Hospital in celebration of women in science. During the day we listened to lectures from women who had successful STEM careers. We heard from several doctors, researchers, astronomers, a banking CEO, a marine biologist and an ecologist (just to name a few). We thoroughly enjoyed listening to how they began their careers, what they do and what challenges they have overcome in their field. The day was incredibly helpful into gaining an insight into what our lives will be like if we chose to do a STEM career. Thank You to Mrs Vrahnos for organising and promoting the day for us.

Ayva Palmer Year 10


The life of a VET on a farm – Work Experience at Calmsley Hill City Farm

In Week 9 of Term 4 last year I spent a week volunteering at Calmsley Hill City Farm. I spent the time assisting in the care of a range of animals such as farm animals, reptiles, Australian native mammals and birds. I was involved in feeding turtles, caring for an orphan joey, flea and tick treating chickens and ducks, worming sheep and treating a cow’s skin allergies. The time I spent at Calmsley Hill was highly enriching and I gained a deeper understanding of animal care.

Georgia Bray Year 11



ANU Tuckwell Scholarship

Applications open 4 March

Current Year 12s. Receiving a Tuckwell Scholarship is not just about your intellect. It is about your desire and determination to use your natural abilities to realise your full potential so that you can make a difference in the world. The Tuckwell vision is to see highly talented and motivated school leavers fulfil their potential and reinvest their knowledge, skills and experience in ways that positively benefit others. The program has a focus on giving back to Australia and is the only one of its kind that nurtures Scholars to fulfil their broader community ambitions over and above the pursuit of an undergraduate degree. Find out more here:



Study Medicine and Health at the University of Sydney, admissions pathway and more for 2020

At the University of Sydney, students can choose from the largest range of health degrees of any Australian university. We’re world leaders in medicine and health, and our students graduate in demand. We offer admissions pathways, including for double degree medicine and dentistry, and publish guaranteed ATARs for some of our courses. Read our updates for career advisers:



University of Sydney 360 degree tour

Enjoy looking across all parts of the university in any direction you choose. Look at what university life is like across the lecture rooms, activities, research labs, sport and much more.



UTS Science Work Experience 2019 Now Open

Imagine doing real hands on work in forensics, environmental, biological, medical activities at UTS in:

  • joining tertiary students in their experimental work
  • performing experimental work under the supervision of technical staff
  • working with scientific equipment

Speak to your Careers Adviser as soon as possible to check this out.


Macquarie University 2019 Campus Tours

13 February. 11.00am – 12:30pm

You can never truly know if a uni is right for you until you visit in person and get a feel for the campus. At Macquarie University, we’re ready to help you get to know your future home.

On every tour you’ll see our various lecture theatres, our award-winning library, MUSE – our flexible and creative study space, the Sport and Aquatic Centre, and the Campus Common, where you can explore the many dining options.



Macquarie University – Save These Dates and Register Your Interest

April 2019 – Year 12 Info Evenings (on-campus and off-campus)

17 – 18 April – Macquarie in a Day

May – Year 10 Subject Selection Evenings (on-campus and off-campus)

17 August – Open Day



UCAT – No Need to Panic

A good article via My Health Career published by UCAT NIE – The National Institute of Education nie.edu.au

The shift from UMAT to UCAT took place without much warning with only the university admission offices having been made aware ahead of the change.  For everyone else it did come as a surprise and truth be told, it has created a lot of work for people like us who had spent a lot of time researching and developing courses for the UMAT.



UCAT Test Dates, Fees and Processes

Candidates taking the UCAT in 2019 for entry to universities in Australia and New Zealand in 2020 should note these key dates:

1 March – Registrations Open

17 May – Registrations Close

1 July – Testing begins

Early September- Results delivered to Universities

All details in full are found here:



Australian Catholic University –University Experience Workshops 2019

9 July – Strathfield Campus

11 July –  North Sydney Campus

1 October – Canberra Campus

Would you like a taste of uni life before you enrol to study at ACU? Attend our free university experience day. Tailored to your study area of interest, the day gives insight into on-campus life. Experience, before you enrol.

If you’re considering university study in the next year or two, you can sample life as a university student by registering for a university experience program.

As a program participant, you’ll spend a day at your local campus where you’ll be able to:

  • participate in hands-on workshops related to your degree of choice
  • meet staff and current students
  • explore your local ACU campus
  • learn about industries and careers
  • get helpful tips on preparing for university
  • soak up the campus atmosphere.



Australian National University –Schools Enrichment Program

The ANU Schools Enrichment Program gives students in years 10 to 12 an amazing opportunity to experience what it is like to learn at Australia’s national university. They will see what studying at ANU is all about by participating in workshops delivered by some of our leading researchers, designed to deepen their knowledge and interest in the field. Workshops cover a range of disciplines across our academic Colleges from Fine Arts to Astrophysics and everything in between.  Talk to your Careers Adviser.



How We Got In: Our Journeys to the World’s Leading Universities

The choice you make after high school is likely to be the first life-changing decision you’ll make. If you’re feeling like there must be other options out there than local unis then this event is for you! Hear from Australian students who have just been offered a place at some of the most prestigious universities in the world.

Hornsby –  2 March. 10.30am to 12.00pm – https://bit.ly/2MIQEGI

Double Bay – 2 March – 2.30pm to 4.00pm – https://bit.ly/2RYl5Pm


NIDA Courses 

From 9 February onwards

215 Anzac Pde, Kensington

Practical, skill-based learning led by industry experts across a range of performing arts disciplines. NIDA courses for students are designed to support and inspire young people at any stage of their creative development. Each term we focus on a specific area of performance practice to ensure students have a varied experience and learn a range of essential creative skills.

Drama for Grades 7-10, NIDA Kensington

Acting on Screen Grades 7-10, NIDA Kensington

Acting on Screen Grades 11-12, NIDA Kensington



Join us at our Feb Info Nights UTSInsearch – Discover the preferred pathway to UTS

12 February or 26 February. 5.00pm to 7.30pm

UTS Insearch, 187 Thomas Street, Haymarket

Info Night is about discovering what UTS Insearch is all about. Hosted by our Program Managers and students, you’ll be welcomed on to campus and invited to enjoy a tour of our teaching spaces and recreation areas, take part in live demonstrations and learn about the types of courses we offer and how they can lead into second year study of a UTS degree.



AIE Information Evening –Games Design and Animation

20 March. 6.00pm to 8.00pm

Level 2, Wentworth Park Grandstand, Wattle Street, Ultimo

Discover the courses designed to get you started in game development, 3D animation and visual effects Our campus will be opening our doors to visitors eager to find out about upcoming full-time and part-time courses.

The evening will include presentations on different areas of industry to get into as well as information about AIE full-time and part-time courses and entry requirements. Student work will be on display and our teachers will be available to speak with you one on one about our courses and how AIE can get you into a creative career.

P: +61 2 8514 8800 E: sydney@aie.edu.au



AIE Introductory Courses in Games 3D animation & programming

Courses available for high school students who are interested in learning 3D Animation, Game Design or Game Programming. With convenient study options either in the evenings, school holidays or online. More info: https://aie.edu.au/intro 02 8514 8800 AIE also offers Work Experience for year 10 students, spots going fast.



Study Interior Design Entirely Online

Whilst enrolments for Sydney Design School are now closed you can still study their world-class courses online. As their official online partner, Interior Design Online gives you access to their accredited career qualifications. Find out more today on our website below or call our team on 02 9460 8664.




What You Need To Know About New Rights For Casual Employees

As of October 2018, casual employees now have the right to request a permanent part-time or full-time position after working for at least a year in a casual role. If like many young people you’ve spent a lot of your working life jumping from one casual job to the next then this is BIG news.



Emerging Entrepreneurs Tour USA

April 2019

Visit top tech firms like Twitter, Google and Facebook and learn from the people that build the virtual world around.
Meet your mentors at game-changing companies like Stripe,  Xero and Unfiltered
Make friends for life with peers that will challenge and engage you
Every question you’ve had about campus life and every insight you’ve wanted to help you make the right decision – fully immerse yourself into the culture of your dream schools.



NYSF Year 12 Program – Inspiring Australia’s Young Scientists

Applications open 1 March for January 2020

The NYSF Year 12 Program is a 12-day residential program designed to give students a broader understanding of the diverse study and career options available in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and to encourage continued studies in these fields.  At the NYSF Year 12 Program run in January each year, participants will:

  • visit science and technology related laboratories and facilities
  • go on site tours and listen to lectures

Participants also take part in sessions on entrepreneurship, critical thinking, how to work together effectively, and more. The focus is not solely on academic achievements, but on developing well-rounded individuals who have the skills and confidence to determine their futures.



ARTEXPRESS – HSC Showcases and Exhibitions

Art Gallery of NSW from 7 February

ARTEXPRESS is an annual exhibition of exemplary artworks created by students for the HSC in Visual Arts. The works represent a broad range of subject matter, approaches, styles and media including painting, photomedia, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, graphic design, documented forms, textiles and fibre, ceramics, time-based forms and collections of works.



Encore – HSC Showcases and Exhibitions

Sydney Opera House 18 February. 1.30pm and 7.00pm

ENCORE is a program of outstanding performances and compositions by students from the HSC Music examinations.



Shape – HSC Showcases and Exhibitions

22 February to 5 May

Powerhouse Museum, Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences

The Shape exhibition features a selection of exemplary Major Projects from HSC Design and Technology, Industrial Technology and Textiles and Design students from the 2018 Higher School Certificate examinations.



Texstyle – HSC Showcases and Exhibitions

12 to 16 March

The Muse, Ultimo TAFE, Sydney.

The exhibition of a selection of exemplary major textile projects. Year 11 Textiles and Design students are encouraged to attend the seminars associated with Texstyle.



Young Writers Showcase – HSC Showcases and Exhibitions

Young Writers Showcase is an anthology of some of the extraordinary Major Works in print, sound and visual media submitted for the HSC English Extension 2 course.

View the selection of authors and their writings lower down on this link:




Elizabeth Vrahnos

Vocational Learning Coordinator

Seasons for Growth

“A Stronger Me” – Bethany College Resilience Program

After School Tutoring Program

The after school tutoring program commences this week in the school Library. This is a great opportunity for students to work with external tutors on any homework or assessment tasks.  Tutors are available from 3:15 to 4:30 every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

A schedule of the tutor’s availability will be forwarded to students weekly via Sentral.

All students are reminded that they must sign their name upon arrival and exit.


Dorian Kipriotis

Leader of Teaching

Surviving Year 12 – Fact Sheet for Parents

Circle of Security Parenting

St Michael’s Hurstville Perpetual Adoration

Upcoming Youth Ministry Event

NSW State Election