Volume 10 - 06 Jul 2018


Dear Parents, Carers and Friends of Bethany,

Next week begins NAIDOC week where this year the theme is “Because of Her We Can”. Such a theme celebrates women in every aspect of Indigenous culture from the politicians and teachers to the mothers and elders. It is a week to truly devote our thoughts and prayers to the significance of Indigenous people to our country and to especially highlight women in helping to advocate for equality within our shores.

Prayer of the Aboriginal People Father of all, you gave us the Dreaming You have spoken to us through our beliefs You then made your love clear to us in the person of Jesus We thank you for your care You own us You are our hope Make us strong as we face the problems of change We ask you to help the people of Australia to listen to us and respect our culture Make the knowledge of you grow strong in all people So that you can be at home in us and we can make a home for everyone in our land. Amen.

Prayer composed for the meeting between Pope John Paul II and the Aboriginal people.


Academic Success

Over the past week I have read all reports from Years 7 – 11 and what has been a common thread across each year group is the effort that students have gone to perform at their best in the classroom and the learning provided by staff to facilitate growth. Of particular note are the students listed below. These students have received a gold sticker on their reports which are Principal’s Awards and they recognise excellence in effort and achievement. I encourage all students to reflect on the feedback offered on reports and at parent teacher interviews to set new learning goals for Semester 2.

Congratulations to the following students:

Year 7

Angelene Angelis Jasmine Bates Eleanor Booth
Mali Boyd Siena Busdon Angelina Buzas 
Emilie De Sousa Sophia Deben Gabriella Del Castillo
Sienna De Mare Josie Diamant Piper Finnegan
Bethany Galea Eva Gouramanis

Leah Gouramanis

Chloe Grace Kiara Griffiths

Jessica Hristov

Montana Ilievski Lorena Jeff

Tameeka Johnson

Portia Josephakis Jacinta Kumcevski

Jane Le

Janette Le Savannah Mijovski

Janna Mobellan

Chrystal Newcombe Sarah Pilla

Tea Psiroukis

Margaret Sarmiento Grace Smith

Georgis Soulemezis

Lara Squillaci Katerina Stojovski

Gabrielle Talite 

Gisele Valdez Katherine Varoufis


Year 8

Sarah Chapman Lemoni De Silva Isabelle Diaz
Christa Dracopoulos Darah El Sawi Yasmin Hijazi
Alana Hlorotiris Linh Huynh Ma Jugueta
Jamie Kalimtzis Diya Lijo Isabella Lutovski
Eloise Martelletti Rachel Messiha Luna Pandiella-McLeod
Tyana Petrevski Julliana Ayn Pineda Henriette Savilla
Kate Soussa Jorja Stamoulis Tayla Stenta
Rachel Tannous Eva Tresoglavic Maddison Underhill

Year 9

Abbey Bull Laura Carrabs Claudia Ceballos
Chelsea Cibalevski Jennessa Fong Caitlin Hollis
Fotini Koutsodimas Giada Lazazzara Jade Lozanovski
Elizabeth Mabbutt Sophia McDonnell Kelly Nguyen
Mia Palmer Natasha Petrov Bianca Pilla
Luana Rendina Ashley Semsarian Charlotte Uglow

Year 10

Shae Acevski Leanne Algama Isabella-Jade Awad
Lingge Bai Zoe Ball Abby Bennett
Sienna Bosworth-Gonzaga Georgina Bray Alessia Colagiuri
Selina Colagiuri Zoe Collins Sophie Cook
Monique Cost-Chretien Esabella De Los Reyes Anika Desphande
Sophie Gallagher Abby Gillon-Smith Alice Gleeson
Jolly Grace Chantelle Guevara Alyssa Gurung
Mine Hakeem Alexandra Hammer Hannah Hicks
Tara Kapila Gabriella Krstevski Georgia Marks
Juliette Newberry Serena Pham Chrystal Ruz
Maddison Stojanovski    

Year 11

Justina Alabasinis Natasha Ballis Lara Carlucci
Olivia Di Costanza Eve Fernando Louisa Leone
Julia Lo Russo Miriam Mackeen Anna Pemberton
Grace Steriovski    


Staff Development Day

On Friday July 6, the staff will devote the day to further immersing in the wellbeing needs of girls at our staff development day. The focus of the day is Mental Health and Wellbeing where we will be guided by members of the Eastern Region Wellbeing Team and then enter into sessions of choice in regards to anxiety and depression, body image, safe use of social media, non suicidal self injury and social and emotional regulation. Whilst as educators we are by no means experts in the field of mental health, we are guided by research in how best to advise students who may present themselves to us on what might be their next best avenue to gain help. As this is an ever evolving topic, I also encourage parents to come to our next P&F meeting on August 6 at 7.00pm where our College Counsellor will speak to parents on how best to deal with daughters who may be experiencing concerns about their mental health. This is a talk not to be missed.


Student Attendance

The recent change in weather and end of term weariness have seen students possibly take days off school when really they have been well enough to attend. There is a very clear link between be involved in school activities, attending school and mixing with friends and academic success. No matter how hard your daughter may try to convince you that it is only one day that she wants to stay home for, I urge each parent to consider attendance patterns for every appointment that needs to be made and every family holiday and every event such as our recent Athletics Carnival. The College takes great pride in tracking student attendance and following up on areas of concern whether it be whole day absence or lateness to school.

As we move to the close of this first semester, I pray that all students and their families remain safe over the holiday period and that time is taken to recharge and reassess  individual goals. I thank you for your support over the first half of the year and the staff for their tireless efforts and look forward to joining as a community again at the beginning of Term 3.

Have a happy holiday.



Robyn Rodwell

College Principal

From the Assistant Principal

Student Awards

In Week 1 Term 3, the College will proudly hold it’s Academic Awards Assemblies.  At these events, we will as a College community acknowledge academic excellence and academic effort.   The awards for academic effort are determined primarily by the summative assessment task completed in that semester, though staff may also refer to formative assessment and general class work as well.

The guidelines for these awards state that we should provide three to five academic excellence awards for a full cohort subject.  For smaller subjects such as electives, staff will identify one or two students only to receive these awards.

For students in Stage 6, that is Year 11 and 12, the academic excellence awards are provided to the student ranked first in each course at the end of the semester.  On occasions, there may be multiple students on first place and consequently multiple awards are given.   Academic Effort Awards are presented following a poll of the staff that teach that year and are given to those students, generally 10 to 15 students, who receive the most nominations. 

The parents of award winners should receive an invitation prior to the event and we hope that you can take up this opportunity and be with us on the day.


Return in Term 3

Students will return to the College to commence Term 3 on Monday, 23 July for a normal school day.   What is indicated in the school diary is incorrect

The staff wish all our students a happy and relaxed holiday.


Gregg Conroy

Acting Assistant Principal



What’s Been Happening in Religious Education

The Catholic Church in Australia is entering into a very exciting period of discernment, with the hope of making changes to be in line with the needs of Australian Catholics and to be able to minister to all in a twenty first century context.  The last time the Catholic Church in Australia held a Plenary Council was in 1937. It has been more than 80 years since we gathered all of the Church together and much has changed. In 2020, we will have a Plenary Council about the future of the Catholic Church in Australia. What are we called to do? Who are we called to be? How do we need to change?

Pope Francis has spoken of the need to engage in the world and respond in faith. He said:

“The defining aspect of this change of epoch is that things are no longer in their place. Our previous ways of explaining the world and relationships, good and bad, no longer appears to work. The way in which we locate ourselves in history has changed. Things we thought would never happen, or that we never thought we would see, we are experiencing now, and we dare not even imagine the future. That which appeared normal to us – family, the Church, society and the world – will probably no longer seem that way. We cannot simply wait for what we are experiencing to pass, under the illusion that things will return to being how they were before.”

The journey toward the Plenary Council will help us to prepare to listen to God by listening to one another.  Over the next twelve months, we will be providing an opportunity for both staff and students to become involved with this.  Sessions will be run for students to voice concerns, share their thoughts and insights with a view to creating a Catholic Church in Australia that is relevant, vibrant and life-giving.  Details about these sessions will be posted in upcoming newsletters. I would encourage you to speak with your parish priests about initiatives that you can be involved with within your parishes.  It is an opportunity for all Catholics to be heard and to have input in the future of the Church in Australia.

Should you wish to know more about the Plenary Council, please follow this link to the Plenary Council website:

Plenary Council 2020


Bethany Scores in Language World Cup

With the world’s attention placed firmly on the soccer (sorry, football) stadiums in Russia, this other World Championship may not have received the attention it deserved – the Language Perfect World Championships!

This annual world-wide, online competition sets country against country, state against state (hello State of Origin!) and school against school to find our strongest Language competitors. With a total of 350,000 competitors, most of the burden fell on the shoulders of our capable Year 8 students but there were also commendable efforts from students in our Year 9 to 12 classes.

Students participated in answering over 177,000 questions not only in the Languages offered here at Bethany (Italian and Japanese) but also in a whole range of languages that they either had a background in or were talented in.

The final results are now in. A total of 24 students have achieved certificates for their efforts.

Silver awards mean that these students have been placed in the top 5% of competitors. They have been awarded to Ysabelle Cabrera, Isabel Santillana and Henriette Savilla.

Bronze awards are earned by students placed in the top 10% of all competitors. Those students are Marie Bitzos, Erika Daubaras, Jamie Howe, Abbey O’Brien, Zoe Stamoulis and Luna Pandiella-McLeod.

So how did Bethany College go on the podium? We are ranked as 7th in Italian out of 282 schools. A massive effort in any language! Congratulations to all our participants and I look forward to distributing these certificates at our next School assembly.


Marco Gianni

Teacher-in-Charge LOTE


Athletics Carnival

 We held a successful athletics carnival held at Barden Ridge on Monday 2nd July 2018. The girls all participated with enthusiasm on the day in the tabloid carnival. Two long standing records were broken on the day:

Intermediate High Jump Eva Kostopoulos 1.65m (a record held since 1979)

Senior Shot Put Annabel Stojanovska 8.96m (a record held since 1981)

The results from the carnival will be announced at the next assembly in Term 3 and published in the following newsletter.


Pierre De Coubertin Award Recipient 2018 – Bridget Cole

Congratulations to Bridget Cole in year 12 who has been awarded the Pierre De Coubertin Award for 2018.  Bridget attended the award ceremony on Friday 29th June and received her award from Jarryd Hughes, an Australian snowboarder who was a silver medallist at the 2018 Winter Olympic games in the Snowboard Cross.


Fitness Club

Fitness Club will be running again next term from Week 2 – Week 9. Students need to be at school at 7.15am. A healthy breakfast is included after the session. Students need to pay $20 to the school bursars office, if they are interested in this exciting opportunity.



SCC Grand Final Results

Congratulations to our three teams who made it to the SCC grand finals for term 2:

  • Junior Netball
  • Intermediate Netball
  • Senior Soccer

In the Junior Grand final, Bethany defeated Rosebank College, Fivedock 25-16. This makes the team undefeated for the whole season which is an excellent achievement

The Intermediate netball team were unfortunately defeated by Mount Saint Joseph, Milperra 42-29, but still made an excellent comeback in the second half.                                            

The Senior Soccer team won against Mount Saint Joseph, Milperra.



Our Senior Netball team made the semi finals last week but unfortunately lost to Rosebank who were eventual winners of the senior competition.


Michelle Barrass

PDHPE Teacher

Years 9 and 10 Information Software Technology

On Tuesday the 19th of June the Year 9 and 10 Information Software Technology classes embarked on an amazing excursion to the Powerhouse Museum in the city. This excursion proved to be an invaluable learning experience, allowing us to further our knowledge and understanding on the topic of coding, whilst still exploring the other exhibitions. Both classes were exposed to the python programming language using the sublime text platform to learn to better our technical understanding. Within the Year 10 workshop we were also shown a robot named Baxter which was an example of how intricate coding can be used to better the lives of humans and were allowed to explore the different coding functions using the example of Minecraft. The Year 9 students experienced digital technologies in the way of programming micro-bits and Arduino’s to make sounds and music. The Interface exhibition was particularly relevant to our classes and looked at the brief history of the first radio, calculator, the IBM computer used by NASA in the film Hidden Figures and technologies used to create the first Apple Macintosh by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Overall, this excursion was one of immense value to all who experienced it.
Thankyou to Mrs Chisari and Mr Martin for this valuable learning experience.
 – Maxine Hakeem Year 10 IST Student 

Year 9 Industrial Technology Multimedia

On Friday, 29 June Year 9 Industrial Technology Multimedia had the extraordinary opportunity of securing Adobe Creative Education specialist Dr Tim Kitchen to visit Bethany College to help us explore and further develop or knowledge of the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. Mrs Chisari and Dr Tim showcased  a variety of new skills surrounding video editing using industry quality software such as Premiere Pro and Character Animator. These skills will allow us to construct our own cinematic trailers for our upcoming assessment task. At the end of the day we were able to construct our own video using Premiere Pro around an issue that was important to us. Overall this experience was unforgettable and incredibly educational as we now have the skills and knowledge base to allow for our own cinematography adventures. We will also be able to incorporate this new form of digital literacy into our other subjects, not just Multimedia, which will both enhance and better our schoolwork.
Laura Carrabs – Year 9 ITM


Performing Arts HSC Showcase

Parents, family and friends are warmly invited to the Performing Arts HSC Showcase which will take place over two nights – Tuesday 24 July and Wednesday 25 July. This is a showcase of major works from the Year 12 Music, Dance and Drama classes.

Please follow the link below to reserve tickets for the performance. This is to ensure that all guests are guaranteed a seat! Tickets are free. Please check which night your daughter will be performing as the program will be different for each performance.

Please note that entry will not be allowed without a ticket and tickets will NOT be available at the door.

Ticket reservations: https://www.trybooking.com/398681

Contact the College if you have any questions regarding this event.

SCC Dance Competition 25 June 2018

Over the past two terms during sport time, lunchtime and after school 12 student choreographers rehearsed 55 dancers for this competition.


Overall 1st – Rosebank

Overall 2nd – Bethany College Hurstville

Overall 3rd – Marist College Penshurst

Overall 4th – All Saints Liverpool 


Section 1: Tap – Bethany 3rd Place Choreographers: Georgia Scott & Louise Robinson


DancersAnastasia McNeil, Tejal Meisuria, Juliette Newbery, Louise Robinson, Georgia Scott, Danielle South, Zoe Stragalinos, Elly Vazouras, Janna Moellan  Reserve – Jacinta Mioduszewski


A huge congratulations to the dancers in this troupe, for working hard every lesson and starting the competition with great energy. Remarkable job tappers for rocking the competition and coming home with green. Well done!



Section 2: Hip Hop – Bethany 3rd Place: Choreographers: Roselyn Mae Pasia & Karli Agathopoulos

Dancers – Karli Agathopoulos, Alessia Colagiuri, Tahlia Genlik Shona Griffin, Grace King, Alana Kucinic, Juliette Lepine, Tiffany Prusac, Maddy Stojanovski, Rachel Tannous, Tara Kapila

After 6 years of being with B-Crew, I am so proud to see these girls come together and hold up the legacy of B-Crew. The energy and attitude you brought to the stage had you girls looking like champions to me. So proud and amazed by all your efforts and talent. A huge thank you to Karli, my co-choreographer and I’m looking forward to performing with you all for the last time at CGSSSA! – Roselyn



Section 3: Folk – Indigenous = 3rd Place: Choreographers:  The Wise & Marshall sisters


DancersMadelyn, Elise, Tahlia Wise, Olivia & Gemma Marshall






Section 4: Modern – 4th Place: Choreographer: Katrine Barnes

Dancers Isabella  Bonanno, Chelsea Cibalevski, Olivia Graham, Katrina Kartsiotis Elly Vazouras, Natalie Vucic and Tahlia Wise

This work was developed in class to teach the composition process to Year 9 elective students. The visual stimulus was the Blue Planet II Episode 5: The Green Seas – The music by Hans Zimmer lent itself to a theme and variations structure.We look forward to performing this at the 7-9 Academic Awards in Term 3.




Section 5: Junior Jazz –  2nd Place Choreographers: Elise Wise, Alana Kucinic & Gemma Marshall

Dancers Amelia Bohringer, Anthea Filippakis, Brisa Gallo, Kayla Hamilton, Sharon Ho, Shannon Ho, Maryssa Kanellos, Kiara Masella, Orania Petrelis, Isabella Polimenakos, Paris Serban, Marni Wood Reserve –  Angelene Angelis





Section 6: Intermediate Jazz – 2nd Place Choreographers: Anastasia Frost & Juliette Newbery


Dancers Kimberly Boediman, Chelsea Cibalevski, Sarah Chapman, Tahlia Genlik, Olivia Graham, Juliette Lepine, Tyana Petrevski, Tiffany Prusac, Isabella Santillana, Rachel Tannous, Elly Vazouras, Alyssa Zagari  Reserve – Grace Maidens





Section 7: Senior Jazz – 3rd Place Choreographers: Alessia Colagiuri & Maddy Stojanovski

Dancers Shae Acevski, Sofia Canestro, Alessia Colagiuri, Shona Griffin, Tara Kapila, Natalia Kaskoutas, Grace King, Maddy Stojanovski, Karli Agathapoulos  Reserve – Zoe Stragalinos





Katrine Barnes

Year 8 Coordinator

Student Voice

Study Skills

On Thursday, 21 June, Year 8 attended a study skills evening which benefited our ability to study and learn. This evening provided us with many skills that we can use to study.

Prue Salter came and spoke to us about  studying smarter not harder. She equipped us with many guides that will help us study  the most effective way. These include, making lists of what you need to get done and organising workloads. We also learnt about the most efficient home environment that will help you study with different systems we can try that will improve the way we work.

We discussed how we can eliminate of distractions such as phones and TVs. With our action planner we can effectively get rid of these distractions while we study. Organising our diaries and planners was a big help to improve our study time and working though what we need to get done. Prue gives us different ways to study such as Brainstorming, writing out what has happened in each lesson in your own words and making a list of key points as part of a topic. There were so many more but it all comes down to what works for you.

Organising your time, work and homelife can be difficult but with Prue’s guide we are able to manage our workloads and organise ourselves to work the most efficient way possible as we learnt many new skills and tips to block out distractions, study and manage our time. Prue Salter’s guides were an amazing help and I can’t wait to put them to good use. This evening was a success.


 – By Natalie Lupo – Year 8


SNOG – “Laugh Your Head Off” Gala Fundraiser

On Thursday the 21st of June, ten students from Bethany College gave up their night to volunteer at the “Laugh Your Head Off” Gala fundraiser, in support of the Sydney Neuro Oncology group. The night, which was held at Doltone House, Hyde Park, was full of glamour, laughs and talent, but also included personal testimonies of loss and hardship due to a personal experience with brain cancer. It was a true celebration of life in the face of suffering, and a demonstration of incredible strength, resilience and gratitude for friendship when life deals a difficult card.

Brain cancer is an unfortunate reality which has turned many lives upside down, including some who are dear to the Bethany Community. It was therefore no trouble to ask for student volunteers to assist in raising money for Brain cancer research, a group of students who are already naturally wired to respond to opportunities to serve others.  The girls wore their uniforms with pride as they sold raffle tickets, interacted with guests and assisted wherever they were needed to ensure that the night ran smoothly and resulted in the raising of as much money as possible.

We would like to thank Mrs Martha Rice and her family for inviting us into her story and allowing us to be part of such a wonderful night. Her moving speech and clear passion for life touched all present, including our students who were able to witness the true embodiment of womanhood at its finest and perseverance in times of trouble.

The goal for this evening was to raise $100,000 and thanks to the efforts of all at the evening, over $133,0000 was raised.

We also thank the following Bethany volunteers for doing such an excellent job in representing the college:

  • Abbey Hoy (Yr 10)
  • Alysha Kapila (Yr 10)
  • Monique Makisi (Yr 10)
  • Catherine Calavrias (Yr 10)
  • Isabella Aawad  (Yr 10)
  • Georgia Horne (Yr 11)
  • Deahna Sarigiannis (Yr 11)
  • Hannah Jackson (Yr 11)
  • Julia Pejkovic (Yr 11)
  • Mia Attard (Yr 11)




Rachael Bakhos

Student Leadership and Youth Ministry Coordinator

Careers News

Girls and their Cars

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know of my experience studying Automotive. I enrolled to study the Automotive course at Southern Cross Catholic Vocational College at Burwood this year.  Initially my experience was quite unusual, I was hesitant and shy not knowing what to expect. I was asked many times if I was in the right class. This didn’t affect me as I easily adapted to the ‘all boy’ environment seeing as I have 3 brothers. This gave me more confidence to speak up and get along with everyone. I have learnt about mechanical and electrical components and systems of cars and am looking forward to learning more as I progress through the course. I am so glad I chose to study this course as I’m loving it!


Samantha Hatzikiriakos (Year 11)



UNSW Presentation

Students were treated to an informative presentation by UNSW student representatives on Wednesday 20 June. Information about courses, university life, adjustment factors, exchange programs and scholarships meant that the students were enlightened about the tertiary choices they have available to them at this university.


UNSW STEM Presentation

Ex-students Eugenia Simoes and Sara Carabs (HSC 2015 graduates) presented information about STEM courses at UNSW. The girls informed the students about the opportunities for women in this field. The students gained valuable information about the courses on offer and scholarship opportunities.




ACU Community Achiever Program Early Entry

Applications close 31 July

Open to students who volunteer their time and energy to help others. Successful applicants receive an early conditional offer and may benefit from a reduced minimum ATAR requirement.


ACU Education Course Personal Statement Made Easy 

ACU requires a 1000-word statement for teaching degree applications, to assess both academic and non-academic qualities and ensure students have the right mix of qualities to be an effective teacher. Guidelines for completing the statement are now available on the website:


Exploring STEM for Year 10 Girls – Careers Holiday Program at UNSW 

9 to 11 July

Join Science 50:50 and Women in Engineering for an exciting week exploring careers in STEM. You will meet professional scientists and engineers, visit organisations and participate in workshops on campus at UNSW. Apply below. Contact Sarah Coull for more info: s.coull@unsw.edu.au




Guide to Apprenticeships and Traineeships

Apprenticeships and traineeships do not require a prior qualification, which means that they are open to anyone who would like to begin training in an occupation. To get started in an apprenticeship or traineeship, you will need to find an employer willing to take you on. Contact your local Apprenticeship Network Provider for more information.



NECA Careers Paths

See where a career in electro technology can take you. This electro career map shows you the fantastic opportunities that lie ahead.




Torrens University Sydney – Hospitality Open Day

4 August. 9.30am to 1.00pm

1-5 Hickson Road, The Rocks Campus

  • Speak to our Industry Advisors about how to break into your dream career
  • Get advice about careers in hospitality, hotels, culinary management and tourism
  • Enjoy complimentary tasting plates by our culinary management students at William Blue Dining
  • Talk to our expert Course and Career Advisers about online options, entry requirements, FEE-HELP, pathways and scholarships.



The Space Dance and Arts Centre in Melbourne  Auditions

Applications close 15 December

Audition for Flexible Intensive Industry Training at The Space Dance and Arts Centre in Melbourne.

If you are passionate about a career in dance, audition to train at The Space Dance and Arts Centre in 2019.
Rachael Vautier: 03 9529 3949 E: rachael@thespace.com.au



Bedford College Open Day – Business, Management, Community Services, Children Services

15 September – Glebe Campus

22 September – Norwest Campus

9 January  – Glebe Campus

16 January  – Norwest Campus

At Bedford, we are extremely proud of our College and the standard of service that we provide; visitors commonly tell us that they can feel that ‘special something’ as soon as they come through the front door. The friendly, caring, atmosphere that abounds makes everyone feel special.



International College of Hotel Management – Entry Scholarships



Torrens University – Business Open Day

4 August

1 – 5 Hickson Road, The Rocks Campus

Discover courses in Business, Commerce, Entrepreneurship, Event Management, Financial Planning, Global Project Management, Marketing, Public Relations and Sports Management.. Open Day is a great opportunity for you to discover the strong industry partnerships, the modern campus facilities and interactive online platforms that give our students the best possible academic experience and positive career outcomes.




Positions in Australian Defence Force – Gap Year

A Gap Year in the Australian Defence Force is not only a chance to experience what a career in the Navy, Army or Air Force could be like, but also to have a year full of adventure, new friends, new skills, leadership, and travel.
An ADF Gap Year is a truly unique opportunity for you to grow and figure out what next step you’ll take in life.



Astronomy Night in Sydney

14 August. 6.30pm to 8.30pm

Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, The Calyx, Mrs Macquaries Road

Dr Angel Lopez-Sanchez will point out bright deep sky objects such as the Jewel Box in the Southern Cross, globular cluster Omega Centauri, and bright nebulae in Sagittarius. If you are lucky you might also catch a glimpse of the giant planets Jupiter and Saturn.



ChooseMaths – Videos on Maths Careers

Inspiring stories of people who have used Mathematics successfully in their careers..



2018 Education Perfect Science Championships

13 to 20 August

The Education Perfect Science Championships 2018 is an exciting global online competition where students compete to earn points and prizes by learning engaging and thought-provoking Science content. Join over 300 000 students from 1000 schools in the most exciting science competition on the face of the planet.



Advice for Choosing HSC Courses from NSW Education Standards Authority

Your aim is to attain the best HSC result you can. So, you should choose courses that you are good at, interested in and may use in the future. When considering which courses to study, explore the content of a course. For example, what are the course outcomes? Will you be required to submit a major work, or perform, as part of your exams? Talk with your teachers about your strengths and weaknesses, as well as individual course requirements, before making your selections.



National Science Week

11 to 19 August

If you like Science, you are bound to find a special and fun event to go to when you visit:



NEWCYCLE Textile Art Piece Challenge

Closes 21 September

The ‘throwaway culture’ which has been adopted by consumers has created an avalanche of cheap clothing being discarded at an alarming rate. To create a more sustainable way of living consumers need to reduce, reuse and recycle valuable textile resources. We need to ‘newcycle’ items to make them usable again. The art piece may be a hanging art quilt, an ornament, a pocket, a pouch of any shape. A minimum of two (2) entries per school.



Sydney Youth Orchestras Summer School 2019

7 to 11 January

Applications open October.

SYO provides a week-long open music program packed with choir rehearsals, large ensemble playing, masterclasses and tutorials, music theory and info sessions, as well as the opportunity to make friends and have fun. Summer School culminates with ensemble showcases and concerts to highlight the week’s achievements.


Expression of Interest Form here:


Kickstart HSC Revision

Book now to secure your Kickstart hands-on HSC revision workshops for 2018. You can sign your class up for workshops in HSC biology, chemistry or physics. We cover areas of the syllabus that are hard to tackle practically at school, such as superconductors, Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy, and Genetics. More information at


HSC Science Extension – Mentoring and Statistical Skills

26 October

Our PhD student mentors will be able to give free advice to your students on their research, and the experimental design and analysis workshop will help them to ensure their research plans are statistically appropriate. Express interest here to be kept in the loop:



GROK Learning – Challenge 2018

Begins 30 July

The Challenge is unlike any other programming competition. We’ll teach you how to program as we go along, rather than expecting you to be an expert already. If you’re a seasoned coder, we have something for you too – the problems range from relatively simple to mind-bendingly hard. Programming (also known as coding) is how sites like Facebook and apps like Instagram are made. Knowing how to program is like having a computing super power.



National History Challenge

Closes 31 August

The National History Challenge is a research-based competition for students. It gives students a chance to be an historian, researching world history, examining Australia’s past, investigating their community or exploring their own roots. It emphasises and rewards quality research, the use of community resources and effective presentation.



International Poetry Writing Competition

Closes 27 July

An annual poetry writing competition giving poets of all ages the opportunity to compete for over $6,500 in prizes. Widely promoted to schools, libraries and the general community, this competition attracts local, interstate and global entries.





Elizabeth Vrahnos

Vocational Learning Coordinator


Jade Serban – Year 10

Jade Serban from Year 10 was one of the participants who had entered into an art competition hosted by Corey Nichols from Born Ready Art, and organised by the SCENTRE GROUP (owner and operator of Westfield). Jade was one of the selected girls to have been nominated, to paint artworks which are now displayed in Hurstville Westfield shopping centre. The selected participants, each had to paint their own patterns and design that reflected upon their thoughts and ideas on diversity. Jade decided to paint an artwork of the globe inside a love heart, which incorporated the colours the participants were assigned to use. It was a long process, about 2-3 days, for the participants, to finish off their artworks. Everyone had a fun and great time, interacting with Corey and the other participants, and experiencing what it was like to paint a large scale artwork in a public area.