Volume 10 - 21 Aug 2020


Dear Parents, Carer’s and Friends of Bethany,

Today is World Senior’s Day, proclaimed to recognise the importance of and contributions made by older people to our society. This day is particularly important as we see the devastation that COVID-19 has caused particularly on the elderly. Let us not need a pandemic to show gratitude to and forever offer respect to the senior citizens in our local community. This week, I offer this short reflection.

One of the most precious gifts we have is the maturity and wisdom of the elderly. They are the guardians of our traditions and memories. With advancing age comes human frailties, which causes them to become more dependent upon others, but it also brings about the link to different generations. It is a special gift to have the opportunity to spend time with our elders and learn from them.


COVID-19 Update

This week, the NSW Premier released tighter guidelines for all schools across NSW. At Bethany, we continue to remind staff and students of recommended hygiene practices. Our staff are socially distanced in the staff lunch room and at all meetings. The following are new practices put into place this week:

  • Planned activities by the College no longer involve mixing of year groups
  • Sport has been rearranged to cater for limiting the mixing of year groups
  • Our Library during breaks and outside of school hours require students to sit at tables exclusively with their own year group
  • Year group assemblies will no longer occur indoors
  • Students who have cold or flu type symptoms should not come to school for any reason
  • If a student displays cold or flu symptoms at school, they will be sent to sick bay and parents will be asked to collect them as soon as possible
  • All students who display cold or flu symptoms are to be COVID tested. Whilst waiting for the test results self isolation is necessary. COVID test results must be forwarded to the College before a student may return
  • Bubblers continue to be cordoned off. Students are encouraged to bring their own water bottle and use the water bottle filling station for refills
  • Students will not be offered experiences which involve mixing with students from other schools
  • Parents are not able to be on site except for the purposes of visiting reception, the bursar or uniform shop
  • Parents can only enter the College via the Croydon Road entry and only for the above purposes
  • Visitors can only be on site with the express permission of myself and this is for essential reasons linked to the core curriculum or for repairs and maintenance

All of the above is expected to be in place for the rest of Term 3. We thank you for promoting COVID safe practices and rest assured that our cleaning regime is of a standard in keeping with protecting staff and students as much as possible.


Year 12 HSC Trials

It has been most impressive watching the manner in which Year 12 have entered into their HSC Trials. Year 12 have remained calm, still displayed their enthusiasm and have been resilient when exams have appeared to have been not as expected.

Congratulations to our HSC Dance students and Language students who have completed their practical and oral components of the HSC. We now turn to our Drama students who will be examined on Monday for their Individual Performances.



Today Bethany goes live with our official Facebook page. Please join us to celebrate and affirm our students and key events.


Robyn Rodwell

College Principal

From the Assistant Principal

Tell Them From Me 

The opportunity to work collaboratively with parents is something that we pride ourselves on as a community, as such your feedback through the Tell Them From Me survey is crucial to ensuring that we continue to provide the very best educational opportunities for your daughter. 

The survey will remain open until next Friday, August 28 and takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. Please do not miss the opportunity to provide us with parental feedback that will be used to assist in shaping the future directions of the College. Your voice matters. 

Tell Them From Me Survey


Social Distancing 

Parents driving their daughters to and from school are reminded of the importance of ensuring social distancing at this time and are asked not to gather outside the school gates before or after school, most specifically in Waratah St. 


Staff Spirituality 

Friday 25 September, the final day of Term 3, will be a pupil free day, with the exception of some Year 11 students who will be required to undertake their Preliminary exams on this day. The timetable for these exams will be released to students shortly.  


School Bus Concerns

From time to time parents are in contact regarding the service delivery, provision and timing of school bus services to and from Bethany College. Unfortunately, the scheduling of school specials is beyond the control of the College. Parents who have concerns regarding the quality of service are asked to contact both myself at the College and Transport NSW directly through the https://transportnsw.info/contact-us/feedback/bus-feedback or by phone on 131 500. The safety of our girls is always our priority. Transdev takes very seriously our shared concerns and feedback, they actively seek ways to ensure a high quality of service for all its customers and respond to your concerns. 




Jodie Hughes

Assistant Principal

What’s Happening in Religious Education

Recently, Year 7 Religion (Newman) have been learning about critical and creative thinking using Bloom’s Taxonomy, six learning objectives that require progressively more complex ways of thinking. To aid in learning how to think critically and creatively the class completed a lesson on analysis, which is the 4th objective in Blooms taxonamy and involves exploring the relationship between two things and learning how to compare and contrast. In this lesson, each student was given two separate chocolates and was required to write a paragraph comparing and contrasting the two. Students used the language of compare and contrast through an examination of the smell, touch, look and taste of the chocolate. Some very creative responses were submitted, here is a sample:

“The two chocolates I have chosen are Maltesers and MilkyWay. They are both chocolates coated outside with fillings inside meaning they have a similar body structure. The two chocolates have a similar sugary sweet taste coating and in addition include red in the packaging. Whilst there are many similarities, the layers on the other hand have different textures. The packaging of the  MilkyWay in contrast to the Maltesers states that it may contain traces of peanuts and tree nuts whilst the Maltesers are in a larger packaging compared to the MilkyWay.”

Alexandra Francis

Through this activity, students were then able to apply these skills to the content studied in Religion by comparing and contrasting two religious artworks. It was a great lesson and certainly helped our understanding of compare and contrast language features.

Catherine Smith





As regular attendance at Sunday masses is still quite limited in many parishes, I have shared with you some intercessions that you  might like to pray at home, on your own or as a family:

  1. For Pope Francis, bishop of Rome, and all bishops and pastors, that they will bear constant and joyful witness to the Son of God. (Pause for silent prayer).  Let us pray to the Lord.
  2. For Christian communities in every land, that they will minister the healing mercy of God to all who see it. (Pause for silent prayer).  Let us pray to the Lord.
  3. For the leaders of nations, that they will promote world peace by renouncing the testing and storing of nuclear weapons. (Pause for silent prayer).  Let us pray to the Lord.
  4. For the world community, that remembrance of the abolition of the slave trade will herald an end to human trafficking. (Pause for silent prayer).  Let us pray to the Lord.
  5. For all whose work or volunteering benefits the community, that their service will inspire us to care more lovingly for one another. (Pause for silent prayer).  Let us pray to the Lord.
  6. For those facing greater loss because of the COVID pandemic, especially women and the young, that just economic measures will ease their burden. (Pause for silent prayer).  Let us pray to the Lord.
  7. For all whose mental health is at breaking point, that they will reach out for the help that is offered to them. (Pause for silent prayer).  Let us pray to the Lord.
  8. For families and friends unable to come together for celebrations of joy or sorrow, that bonds of love will keep them united. (Pause for silent prayer).  Let us pray to the Lord.
  9. For the recently deceased …, and all the faithful departed, that with all the angels and saints they will rejoice in God’s presence forever.  (Pause for silent prayer).  Let us pray to the Lord.
Australian Catholics: Prayers of the people: 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A, 23 August 2020

Diane Kennaugh

Leader of Religious Education and Mission

What’s Happening in VET @ Bethany

The beginning of Term 3 has been exciting and busy for our VET students.  It was a privilege to see and support so many great events in our Vocational Education and Training subjects. Our students worked independently demonstrating their skills in realistic industry timeframes and ratios. The students received amazing feedback on all their skills demonstrated, we congratulate them on their achievements.

Mrs Gabrielle Killorn – VET Coordinator



Year 11 Catering Event – Mediterranean Food Truck

On Tuesday 4th August, the Year 11.2 Hospitality Class were involved in running their own “Food Truck” style catering event as a part of their service periods. Students were responsible for creating a collective Mediterranean themed menu, consisting of four individual dishes including fettuccine boscaiola, Greek salad, falafel wraps and churros. This experience gave the hospitality girls an excellent understanding of what it is like to work under pressure to meet time restrictions as well as preparing and serving consistent dishes for each customer.

Nektaria Rice and  Georgia Najem


Year 12 Catering Event- Staff Luncheon

Year 12 Hospitality did a wonderful job hosting a staff luncheon as part of their Certificate II qualification in Kitchen Operations. The luncheon was a simulated restaurant style service where the students prepared an Italian themed three course menu and served it to their Year 12 teachers during lunch time.

The students had to work together in a kitchen brigade to plan, prepare and present the three course menu. Students experienced working in the school’s commercial kitchen under realistic industry  time frames to deliver the food on time. 

This luncheon showcased skills learned over the last two years. Teachers were impressed by the speed of service, the students’ work ethic, their cohesive teamwork skills and the overall pride they displayed in their plated meals.

The luncheon was a huge success and enjoyed by all!

Mrs Vivian Kalaitzis – Hospitality Teacher




Year 11 Catering Event – All American Burger Joint

The Hospitality class 11.1 worked together to create an All American Burger Joint on Wednesday 29th July. The class seperated into groups, each group working on a different dish, crispy chicken burgers and  American cheeseburgers, cinnamon chocolate doughnut balls and New Orleans beignets. This service period gave us a good opportunity to practise and challenge our teamwork skills, cookery methods, time management and resilience which reflected the real industry ratios allowing us to experience what it would be like working in a commercial kitchen.

Chloe Manalo


Year 11 Catering Event – Sandwich Cafe

On the 7 of August, Hospitality class 11.1 participated in a competency service period. Students were required to demonstrate correct hygiene and food safety principles throughout the preparation of a variety of sandwiches which were served to the Bethany staff to enjoy.

Zoe Nondas


Year 11 – Entertainment

Year 11 Entertainment used their skills to operate the lighting and undertake stage crew duties for the HSC Drama Trial exams earlier this term. Across the two days, we took turns to operate lighting which involved plotting the lights, following script cues and bringing the lights down at the conclusion of each performance. Stage crew duties involved communicating with performers and moving props and set pieces on and off the stage. These responsibilities helped us to improve our technical skills and gain a better understanding of what it would be like to work in the industry.

Caitlin, Jessica, Natalie and Lily


Year 12 – ECEC Workplacement

During Week 1 and 2 of Term 3 the Year 12 Early Childhood class attended work placement across 5 days working towards completing a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC). This experience allowed us to develop our skills and understanding behind the workings of a childcare educator. During this time period we completed our competencies which required us to observe 3 children and document their abilities and the skills they are still to acquire. All workplace environments were welcoming and accepting of our needs providing us with the best guidance and resources. In particular, this work placement has allowed us to build upon our social interactions on a more professional level by interacting with parents/caregivers of the children at the centre.

“During my work placement I attended Learning Links in Peakhurst which specialises in supporting children with special needs. This allowed me to gain experience and understanding by working alongside the educators at the preschool, to learn how to teach and care for these children with their best interests in mind. This experience directed me on the right path for my future career as well as being a fun experience with all the children and educators“

Alexandra Dimitriadis


“This experience has allowed me to start in the right direction on my way to achieving my dream career goal, that of opening my own Childcare centre. Although, having to say goodbye to all educators and children I had formed a relationship with, upon finishing I was pleased to be offered a job position for when I have completed my HSC.”

Giulia Battisti

Together, We Give Programme

Students in the Together, We Give programme are very involved in voluntary activities and trying hard to acquire their twenty points. Some students have recently completed the programme and are congratulated for giving their time and energy to help others.

Some students have written their view of the experience:

“The Together, We Give programme gave me the opportunity to learn new skills, serve others and take part in activities I hadn’t necessarily thought to complete before. The activities were all enjoyable, and gave me a variety of ideas I could use to help others. One example of an activity I completed as part of the programme was planting some flowers in our garden.  Though I’ve always liked our garden, I’d never really thought of planting my own flowers there. This programme gave me the wonderful idea of doing so, and I’m already excited to see them blooming in spring!”

Eden Fernando


“The Together We Give programme is a great experience it has helped me give back to the community and my family household; it has been fun doing extra activities at home not only that but the together we give program gas helped me get out of my comfort zone in so many ways The Together We Give Programme is such as worthwhile experience.”

Mairead McAllister


“The Together, We Give programme is for Year 7 and 8.  I participated in this programme as it encourages us to give back to the community. A few of the activities that I did was to go and buy my grandparents new smoke detectors from Bunnings as they could not go out.  I was able to make a yummy pizza for my grandmother and I gave all the girls in my homeroom a treat.  I enjoyed helping my grandparents as they were very appreciative and treating all the girls in my homeroom too as we must be giving to people and it is important to be like Jesus and give back to family and friends.”

Michaela Kritikos


“Participating in the Together, We Give programme is a great experience as you get to provide help to people in your community and school and also do other activities.

Eleni Koinaris


“I really liked helping my parents, my neighbour and giving to charity. l did things like: cooking dinner for a night, babysitting, writing a thank you letter, donating things to charity, doing chores for a neighbour in need and cooking for a relative or friend.”



“I really enjoyed doing this activity, As I could use my time productively. 

I felt so good after doing something that I understood.

I did things like cooking for my family, and writing letters happily!

I did one activity per day, Which really helped me get the points I have today!

Overall, I think this idea is a winner, And because of it, I learned how to cook dinner!”

Nikitha Shaiju


“For this programme, I set up a prayer space, brought in nude food, cooked dinner, joined the anime club, lead grace with my family, and wrote letters of thanks. I was able to do many things I would not normally do. I also liked all the choices which opened my eyes to a variety of perspectives.”

Jocelyn Ngu 


“I have enjoyed completing the Together, We Give Programme as it has given me the opportunity to give back to the community which has been rewarding. As my grandma says ‘The more you give, the more you will receive’.”

Penny Kalantzis


“I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to participate in the Together, We Give programme, as it not only contributed to furthering my involvement in school life, but also in benefiting my family, friends, local community and self-sense of accomplishment and pride. I made my personal contribution by joining extra curricular activities, cooking for family and friends, writing a letter in thanks of the support of my out-of-school dance community, and helping the environment, both through bringing in ‘nude food’ to school and organising a clean up event at a local beach with the help of my friends. This experience served as an amazing way to better the individual through helping others, all the while being fun and enjoyable!”

Stephanie Moutafis




PDHPE and Sport News

Last week Year 10 were involved in an incursion for PDHPE. The bstreetsmart program explores the dangers for young people on the roads. This is linked to our current unit on Drug Use and Road Safety. It was a very worthwhile experience for the girls and thankfully was live streamed this year so that the girls could still benefit from this event, despite Covid restrictions. Please see the student account below:

On Tuesday, 11 August, Year 10 had the opportunity to attend the bstreetsmart incursion. We all came together in the hall and watched a re-enactment of a car crash. We learnt what to do if we ever encounter a crash and how to help those involved . Learning about the severe consequences of reckless driving really makes you think twice about your actions. It was very eye opening to learn about real people’s stories and how their experiences have affected both their lives and the lives of the people around them. Thanks to this presentation we are all aware of risks associated with using the road and have a greater awareness of the necessary precautions we should take to avoid accidents. 

Violet Gruppelaar (Year 10)





Michelle Barrass

PDHPE Coordinator


Bethany College Hurstville Facebook Page

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Please search Bethany College Hurstville on Facebook.

Careers Update

CSU Early Offer closing soon

Closes 31 August

Charles Sturt Advantage early offer program helped more than 700 students secure an offer to study in 2020.

CSU looks beyond academic skills and is searching for people with soft skills.



CSU Virtual Open Day Tours and Agenda

26 September

It’s one thing to hear about what going to university is like – but it’s completely different to experience it for yourself. That’s where the CSU virtual Open Day comes in.



University of Sydney – Science Student Panel

26 August. 4pm

Thinking about pursuing a future in Science and want to know more? Join USyd to hear from current Science students about what they are studying, their favourite subjects, and what it is like to be a university student.
You will hear from Ella who is studying Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Advanced Studies, April and Gemma who are both studying a Bachelor of Veterinary Biology and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.



University of Sydney – Your future in Business

26 August. 5pm

Hear about how the Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Sydney will prepare you for your future in business. Hear directly from the Careers Services Manager and students to learn about the range of support available from the Careers and Employability Office, and how students can boost their employability skills, gain practical industry experience and access a variety of a real-world opportunities at Australia’s no. 1 university for graduate employability.



Scholarships at the University of Sydney

27 August. 4.30pm

Get a brief overview of the types of scholarships available at the University of Sydney in preparation for the Scholarships Workshop, scheduled right after this webinar!



The University of Sydney | Online Open Nights: 9-10 September Get course advice, chat to current students and attend a range of webinars at one of the University of Sydney’s Online Open Nights. Choose from either convenient weeknight session and learn about the University of Sydney from home.




University of Western Sydney Early Offer True Reward

20 September – Closing date to be assessed on Year 11 subject results

24 September – Conditional offers made based on Year 11 subject results

11 December – Closing date to be assessed on Year 12 subject bands

18 December – Offers made based on Year 12 subject bands

This unique program makes an early offer into a university degree based on corresponding HSC subject band outcomes, not your overall ATAR. The program offers you a place at University of Western Sydney before you receive your ATAR, on the basis of your HSC subject results.

The University of Western Sydney is one of the only universities to offer a program with the chance to apply for an early offer based on your HSC results. 



ACU Year 12 Revision Workshops Register now for a series of free online webinars run by experienced Year 12 exam markers and assessors. They’ll guide you through how to respond to possible exam questions, help you get your head around the class content to deepen your understanding, and offer plenty of tips and strategies along the way. https://www.acu.edu.au/about-acu/events/year-12-revision-webinars


ACU Guided Visits have recommenced 


This is a great opportunity to view each of the ACU campuses and check out the great facilities, while keeping up with social distancing and COVID-19 safe practices. Register here:



ANU Virtual Open Week 22-28 August The Australian National University (ANU) invites you to attend ANU Virtual Open Week. Starting Saturday 22 August, the week long event will include live webinars, interactive sessions with ANU Students and Academics, virtual tours of the campus and accommodation, and much more! For more information and to register for this event, go to https://www.anu.edu.au/study/events/virtual-open-week-2020


Bond University Year 12 for 2021 Admission

To ensure students are not disadvantaged by the hardship caused by COVID-19, Bond University will support students by assessing applications based on their first semester Year 12 results. Learn more at:



Matrix Education UCAT Preparation Masterclass

21 to 25 September

8 and 15 November

6 and 13 December

4 to 8 January 2021

For these sessions go to the following on the above dates



Scholarships for future teachers now open 

The NSW Department of Education is offering scholarships for students to teach in the public school system. Students will receive financial support whilst they study and a guaranteed permanent teaching position on completion of their degree. Find out more at : bit.ly/futureteacherscholarships


Australian Apprenticeships and Traineeships Info Service

Australian Apprenticeships Pathways Facebook information page has loads of useful advice for obtaining an apprenticeship or traineeship. Opportunities are also listed on facebook. www.facebook.com/aatinfoservice/


Apprenticeship Support Australia Advice for Parents
An Australian Apprenticeship (commonly known as an apprenticeship or traineeship) combines paid on-the-job training with formal study resulting in a nationally-recognised qualification.
There are more than 500 occupations across Australia that offer apprenticeships and traineeships, ranging from Certificate II to Advanced Diploma levels, including traditional trades, as well as a number of emerging occupations in most sectors of business and industry.
The Australian Government even provides funding to eligible Australian Apprentices aimed to assist with the costs incurred whist they are undertaking training!
To find out which career may suit your child head to our free careers advice portal Skillsroad.com.au – Australia’s number 1 destination for career advice!




Explore the many occupational videos relating to Australian Apprenticeships

Through the Australian Apprenticeships Pathways YouTube channel. Visit the Australian Apprenticeships Pathways website to search for apprenticeship and traineeship ideas, get helpful tips on how to find an employer, and access a range of career resources –





Sydney Design School Join us for our Open Day

Saturday 26 September. 10am – 12pm

Includes 40 minute presentation

Twice a year we open our studios for a morning of creative exploration. Our Director Amanda Grace will take you through our flexible course options and give you a comprehensive introduction to our School community. Meet our Careers Coach, tour our campus and explore our inspiring student work.




QANTAS Cabin Crew Training and Recruitment – Get the Lowdown

Being one of Qantas’s cabin crew team members is a truly rewarding experience. You’ll meet new people every day, travel to incredible places, and be part of a passionate and welcoming team who take pride in wearing the Qantas uniform.

This isn’t your usual nine-to-five job – you’ll need to go above and beyond – but that’s why it’s so unique. You’ll need to be flexible and committed as you face exciting and new challenges every day. 



HSC Guide for Students – Charles Sturt University Support

Welcome to the Charles Sturt University HSC Library Resource Guide for Senior Secondary Students.

This guide will offer you resources, information and advice, that will help you during preparation for your HSC. It may assist both students and teachers but please note that it is not intended to replace advice from your school. 

We’ve included:

  • links to past exams and study guides
  • free online resources for each year 12 subject or stream
  • free multidisciplinary resources.



TAFE NSW goes virtual for Open Day! TAFE NSW Virtual Open Day 2020 is on from 9-10 September. Go to https://www.tafensw.edu.au/open-dayhttps://www.planning.org.au/events/event/2020-nsw-schools-engagement-planning-institute-of-australia


Applications now open for 2021 Applications to Sydney Film School are now open for the January 21 intake. Hollywood based Variety Magazine has awarded Sydney Film School its top film schools for 2020 accolade. The only Australian film school to be awarded. Sydney Film School was founded to teach the essential filmmaking ‘tools’ necessary for a successful career in the global film industry. Visit the website to find out more.

Applications now open for 2021 Applications to Sydney Actors School are now open for the January 2021 intake. Australia’s premiere acting school has a clear vision; the school is about providing the most personalised, hands-on practical training in acting in the world. Find out more at: www.sydneyactorsschool.edu.au


Stephen Donlan

Careers Advisor