Volume 11 - 3 August 2018

From the Assistant Principal

Important Dates: Link to college calendar located on the website Pastoral care at Bethany For teens, there are a few main developmental tasks they tackle from day to day including: independence from parents and other adults development of a realistic … read more


Year 7 Music Incursion – Drum Beats

Year 7 were thrilled to participate in the “Drum Beats” music incursion on Tuesday 3rd July. Each student was given a traditional African drum to play and were led by two master African drummers. Students learned to play a variety … read more


What’s happening at Bethany College

From the Assistant Principal
Year 7 Music Incursion – Drum Beats
Year 8 Newman Technology
Bangarra Dance Theatre Excursion
Year 7 CLE
How to Motivate Girls and Help them to Achieve to Personal Potential
Careers News
Vocational Education and Training (VET)
Final Fee Accounts for 2018
St Raphael’s Church, South Hurstville – 90th Anniversary