Volume 11 - 03 Aug 2018


“See A Need And Do Something About It”

Mary MacKillop


Dear Parents, Carers and Friends of Bethany,

This coming Wednesday is the feast of St. Mary of the Cross, Australia’s first saint. Mary was a person of great faith who trusted God to care for her and provide for her. She was a person of action who, when she saw a need, did something about it. We are called to be like Mary, to be people of hospitality and welcome, to be people of action. From Scripture, the Bethany story is one of welcome and hospitality by Martha and Mary, how fitting it is that St Mary of the Cross MacKillop upheld these same qualities. This week as we honour the Sisters of St Joseph, one of our founding charisms, we are reminded of those around us and how easy it may be to sacrifice some time, money, possessions or skills to help someone in need. The homeless, poor and sick may be obvious examples of helping someone in need but who in our Bethany community may be in need? I encourage all students to have an awareness of other and to be women of action for the vulnerable as this is the real mission of Christ and in turn Mary MacKillop.


Annual Report

The 2017 Annual School Report to the Community is now available on the school’s website and at the College reception. The Annual Report is a requirement of Sydney Catholic Schools which describes key aspects of our College and is evidence of the remarkable journey of Bethany’s growth. I encourage parents to read this report.


Year 12

Best wishes to Year 12 who begin their Trial HSC Exams on Monday. These exams are the final assessments for students before the HSC Examinations in October. The girls whilst nervous, have been well prepared by their teachers and we have been pleased with the approach that they have taken to ready themselves for each exam. The staff look forward to seeing the results for each girl. I would like to thank the staff for the holiday workshops that were offered to Year 12 during the holidays, and for the numerous practice papers marked in recent weeks.


Academic Awards

Thank you to those parents who were able to support their daughter by attending the Academic Awards ceremony last Friday. It was a celebration of the talents of our Performing Arts students and the academic pursuits of individual students who have excelled during Semester 1. All students were challenged to find what they do best and to set goals around performing at their best and to use the quality education offered at Bethany to keep growing.



Staff News

Welcome back to Bethany to Mrs Enza Criniti and Mrs Laura Rizzo, both of whom have returned from maternity leave. These 2 staff members have returned in a job share capacity across the LOTE and RE Departments.




Robyn Rodwell



From the Assistant Principal

Important Dates: Link to college calendar located on the website

Pastoral care at Bethany

For teens, there are a few main developmental tasks they tackle from day to day including:

  • independence from parents and other adults
  • development of a realistic stable positive self-identity
  • formation of sexual identity
  • negotiation of peer and intimate relationships
  • development of realistic body image
  • formulation of their own moral/value system
  • acquisition of skills for future economic independence


During this developmental period, the brain is working really had at wiring and pruning the brain to help teens understand themselves, others and the world around them. On this journey in finding understanding, teens can battle with their understanding which can result in fluctuating emotions or mood swings. They have to manage school demands, social expectations and extracurricular activities all while still trying to figure out who they are! This process can, at times, be difficult and overwhelming for some, and as adults we are in a position to decipher whether changes in thoughts, feelings and behaviour are part of the teen brain under construction, or whether there is a mental health issue emerging.

The pastoral team here at Bethany work closely at running workshops and presentations all through the year to support teens on this journey, by teaching and applying skills that promote positive mental health.


Staff Day- end of Term 2

Staff were engaged in a professional Learning Day that focused on student wellbeing. Workshops were presented by Pastoral Coordinators, Sydney Catholic Schools Wellbeing Team, and the Police – School Liaison officer and topics ranged from Supporting students with anxiety and low mood to body image and cybersafety.


Year 11 Pastoral sessions with Headspace  

Headspace was invited to Bethany College in term 2 and 3 to speak to Year 11 about the following over two sessions:

  • What mental health is and how common and misunderstood it is.
  • The importance of good mental health, and how it gives you the capacity to cope with change and challenges and build resilience.
  • Physical, psychological and emotional triggers that make us aware of our mental health, particularly signs of anxiety and depression.
  • Strategies that encourage better mental health.
  • Help seeking behaviour how they can seek help and who from.

Year 11 students had the opportunity to generally learn about mental health as a big group, and were then invited back in small groups so that any questions, concerns and comments about mental health could be addressed in a more personal way. It was evident that students had a good understanding of positive mental health and the importance of daily self-care strategies to help nurture mental health. Students were able to also identify and discuss signs within themselves and others that are suggestive of a mental health issue such as depression or anxiety. Upon reaching this understanding, students were also able to articulate the support available in school, at home and in the wider community. Further to this, it was emphasised that these supports can also be accessed if they needed advice on how to respond to a friend dealing with a mental health issue.

Headspace Hurstville is a local and free service that offers psychological intervention and support for individuals aged 13-25. Headspace also offers workshops to schools within the St George region. The purpose of these workshops are to: educate youth about mental health; improve help seeking behaviour; reduce the stigma around mental; address day to day challenges, such as bullying or self-esteem; and to educate youth on strategies they can use to improve health and well-being.


Jacinta Russo

Assistant Principal

Year 7 Music Incursion – Drum Beats

Year 7 were thrilled to participate in the “Drum Beats” music incursion on Tuesday 3rd July. Each student was given a traditional African drum to play and were led by two master African drummers. Students learned to play a variety of rhythms and grooves and participated in ‘call and response’ activities that are a large feature in African drumming. Students also showed their enthusiasm through singing traditional African songs as well as learning an African dance. We thank the students for the energy and enthusiasm they brought to this activity.




Clare Moroney

Music Teacher

Year 8 Newman Technology

The Year 8 Newman Technology class have been studying and investigating innovations and emerging technologies during Term 2.

As a class we looked at the 50 most influential women in technology exploring the contribution each woman is making to inspire the next generation of women in science, technology and engineering and the impact these innovations have on our society.

Students reflected and provided some interesting thoughts from their learning.

It was interesting to see so many women doing so many amazing things that didn’t go unnoticed as many people are underestimated but so many women can do powerful and amazing things.

Women should not hesitate if they can do something powerful and women can do anything if they work to achieve their goals. – Julia Hayder

I feel inspired that girls are able to succeed in all areas and it is inspiring they are finding new things before anyone else.–  Priscilla Qiang

It was interesting to learn about innovation in gender -neutral and ethically sourced toys. I have never heard of these toys and it is very creative and innovative. I feel inspired and empowered learning about these women, it makes me believe anything is possible. – Kate Soussa

I feel inspired that so many women are achieving their goals and making the quality of life better for everyone. It inspires me to work hard as i am capable of doing incredible and limitless things. – Julliana Pineda

I learnt that there are so many opportunities for women in innovation. – Isabella Diaz

I feel inspired by these incredible women their determination and persistence inspired me the most. – Alyssa Parrottino

Newman students also investigated the use of  ‘Google Home’ and ‘Amazon’s Alexa’ devices in our home. Using the Williams Model of differentiation, students worked in pairs and presented to the class their thoughts and ideas on a variety of questions. Some examples of the questions are:

Google Home Devices have made us independant and dependant at the same time. Discuss

Predict how in two years time we will see  improvements of these devices.

How is a Google Home Device like a loving family?

What if mobile devices were never invented? What influence would this have on the way we live?

List three prejudice thoughts you think people who do not have one of these devices might have about the device.


It is such a pleasure to teach such intelligent young ladies and I look forward to seeing where the future takes these ladies.


Gabrielle Killorn

Technology Teacher

Bangarra Dance Theatre Excursion

On 4 July 2018, 85 Elective Dance students from Years 9, 10, 11 and 12 students attended an enlightening excursion to view the Bangarra Dance Theatre production of the ‘Dark Emu’ at the Sydney Opera House. The compelling contemporary performance captured the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander’s interconnected relationship with the environment, which is both sustainable and sacred. We were mesmerised by the powerful dancing, intricate costumes and the unique soundscapes, sets and lighting. After, we received the privilege to discuss with two members of the Bangarra Dance Theatre, the creation process of the ‘Dark Emu’ and its continuing relevance within modern society. Overall, this was a great experience which enlightened Bethany Dance students with a deeper understanding of the Bangarra Dance Theatre. This will significantly benefit our cultural understanding within our Appreciation studies, where we view and analyse dance from both artistic, aesthetic and cultural perspectives.

Bridget Halliday  – Year 11 Dance Student

Year 7 CLE











I’m an Expert!


Students in Year 7 CLE (Connected Learning Experiences) have started the term showcasing their talents and passions. Students prepared an oral presentation with the topic “I’m an Expert.”

Every student was required to tell the class what they were an expert at. Some showed presentations of their favourite hobby, some students made movies, some demonstrated their hobby in class and some taught the class a new skill.

The talents in Year 7 are as numerous as the stars themselves! Expert topics included contouring, hairdressing, makeup application, soccer skills, cooking skills, singing and even a comedy performance!

It is not an easy task standing up in front of your peers and saying “I’m an Expert”, however each student should be proud of their talents.

Well done Year 7, you are to be commended on your efforts. What a great way of showing your classmates your interests and who knows- you might make new friends based on newly discovered common interests!




Rachael Colreavy



Year 8 Brainstorm Productions

On Friday the 27th July Year 8 viewed a cyber bullying production in Yallunga Hall through a cutting edge educational theatre performance.

Some of the cyber bullying content covered in the production included:

   WHO’S responsible?

   WHAT drives cyber bullies to send that nasty message, post that hurtful comment or embarrassing photo on Facebook or Snapchat?

   WHY are some people more likely to be a target and why is it hard for victims to be assertive or resilient?

   WHERE can they go if or when they are being cyber bullied?

   HOW can we stop cyber bullying from happening?

A cleverly crafted narrative allows students to examine these questions AND their own behaviour. At the conclusion of the presentation students are required to complete a reflection worksheet on the performance.

CGSSSA Netball

On Wednesday 25th July, students across 7-11 travelled out to Meadowbank Netball Courts in Ryde to participate in the CGSSSA Netball Championships.

The Junior team, comprising of year 7 and 8 students, were successful in reaching the quarter finals after winning 4 out of their 5 games. Unfortunately they narrowly missed out losing by 1 to St Ursula’s.

The Intermediate team was successful in reaching the quarter finals, winning by 1 and progressed to the semi finals, unfortunately defeated by Monte Sant Angelo.

The Senior team, comprising of year 11 students who had never played together, had a fun day with some close games but unfortunately did not progress to the finals.


Sarah Pilla , Jessica Robinson, Tameeka Johnson, Mikayla Capizzi, Grace Smith, Lucy Flanagan, Jahleeza Lewis, Chloe Jackson and Erini Stavroulakis


Eva Kostopoulos, Montana Duggan, Gabriella Krstevski, Hannah Hicks, Abbey Bull, Liana Lan, Bianca Pilla, Caitlin Hollis, Lily Perenara


Leah Fisher, Kate Papadimitriou, Jasmine Kidd, Hannah Jackson, Lucy Conway, Bridget-Rose Sciuriaga, Matea Maric, Lanna Rowen


Congratulations to all girls involved on the day and thank you to Miss Bailey and Miss Soles who coached teams on the day.

Thank you. 

Miss Brennan







St George OZTAG Gala Day 7th August

Year 9/10 PASS Snow Trip   26th August – 29th August

Year 10 Road Safety Forum 28th August


SCC Thursday Sports

  • Senior Basketball
  • Intermediate Basketball
  • Junior Basketball
  • Intermediate Soccer
  • Junior Soccer
  • Senior Softball


Wes Guthrie

PDHPE Coordinator


How to Motivate Girls and Help them to Achieve to Personal Potential

presented by Scientia Professor Andrew Martin

When:   Monday August 27 5:30pm – 7:00pm
Where: UNSW building at Matraville Sports High School (Franklin St. and Anzac Parade, Chifley)

Part of a new Public Lecture Series for parents, an initiative of the UNSW Matraville Education Partnership. Though parents and teachers are sometimes positioned as opposing forces, usually both have the same goal — to support children to meet their potential.

Looking for ways to keep your child focused and supporting them to succeed at school? Professor Martin will discuss the Motivation and Engagement Wheel, with a particular focus on research into girls’ motivation and engagement.

REGISTER HERE: https://education.arts.unsw.edu.au/othersites/?path=othersites/fass/form/index.php&i=991

Careers News


Reminder – UOW Early Admission – Applications closing soon 

From 1-24 August 

UOW Early Admission is an early offer program which assesses students through an interview and academic results during Years 11 and 12. Successful students are rewarded for their hard work with a place at UOW before they sit their final exams. For full details, including application criteria, visit :



University of Sydney Scholarships Info Evening

14 August. 6.00pm to 8.00pm

Eastern Avenue Auditorium, Eastern Avenue , The University of Sydney

If you are a Year 12 student, join us on campus for an informative evening where current students and staff will answer the important questions on scholarships: What scholarships are offered at the University of Sydney? What does it take to submit a successful scholarship application? What are the broad range of opportunities available to scholarship holders? Representatives from our residential colleges and Elite Athlete Program will also be on hand to answer any further questions you may have.



University of Notre Dame – Getting to know Nursing

18 September. 6.00pm – 7.30pm
160 Oxford St, Darlinghurst (cnr Victoria Street)

Anyone interested in a nursing career should attend this stimulating information evening at Notre Dame’s highly-acclaimed School of Nursing and Midwifery. This is a great opportunity for students and their parents to meet our academic staff, ask questions and learn more about the profession of nursing.

Please note: there is no parking onsite. Please contact the Prospective Students Office +61 2 8204 4404 or email sydney@nd.edu.au.



National Art School Open Day

1 September           

At the National Art School, we believe that an artist’s role is to think creatively and critically about the world through the making of art. We offer you the opportunity to shape your future as a forward thinking artist in a dynamic, supportive and collaborative environment. If you have an artistic edge, something to say and the desire to create, the National Art School is the place for you.



ANU New Admissions for 2020 

The way domestic undergraduate students apply to ANU is changing. This new approach will be first in the nation, making it easier for students to choose Australia’s national university. The change launches in March 2019 for domestic school leaver applicants who will commence undergraduate programs in Semester 1, 2020. We know students are more than just an ATAR score, we know they are passionate and have unique skills. We know they gain experience through community service, volunteering, working part time, caring for family, participating in school leadership, excelling in sports, creative and performance arts, competitions and more.


Check out the checklist test:



Deferring Your University Degree and What to Do

Look lower down for the UAC Deferment tab option.

Deferment is when your institution gives you permission to delay starting your course. Deferment is for a fixed period, usually six months or one year. All deferments are granted subject to the course being offered the following semester or following year. Some institutions will only let you defer in special circumstances.

How to Defer: When you receive an offer to enrol in a course, information included with your offer will explain how to apply for deferment. You may have to accept the offer before you can defer. Learn more here:



Macquarie University – Info Night

9 August 6.00pm to 7.30pm

Macquarie University City Campus, 123 Pitt Street, Level 24

Come along to an information night for high achieving students and their parents and find out how you can achieve remarkable things at university.



Want to study internationally? Check out Crimson Education’s YouTube Channel

Crimson Education is the world leader in global admissions consulting. Find out more, and apply for a free education assessment here: https://community.crimsoneducation.or… Through Ivy League and Oxbridge admissions, and consulting and mentoring for medical schools, MBA programs, extra curriculars, leadership, scholarships, and career plans.



Study in the US or UK Info Evening

23 August. 6.00pm to 7.30pm

North Sydney Harbourview Hotel, 17 Blue Street, North Sydney

Come to this seminar to learn why gaining undergraduate admission to top US and UK universities through academic or athletic pathways can be your springboard to success.



Western Sydney University – Enrichment Day – Geography, Society & Culture

31 August

Liverpool City Campus

Do you want unique case studies to impress your HSC examiners? Want exam tips from highly experienced HSC teachers? Want to see what your future lecturers and campus is like? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this day is a must for you! Sign up for our informative and fun HSC Enrichment Day for Year 12 Geography and Society and Culture students.





 HIA Apprenticeships Australia

There has never been a better time to start a career in the housing industry. Doing paid training through an apprenticeship is a great way to learn new skills, make industry contacts and get set up for the future. HIA Apprentices matches apprentices with the right boss and makes sure they are supported until they finish.

Contact HIA Apprentices on 1300 650 620 or email us.


Fee-free apprenticeships announced 

From 1 July 2018, the NSW Government will cover the qualification fee for 100,000 new apprenticeships over the next six years, to help address skills shortages. Under the initiative, employers and apprentices won’t have to pay the up-to-$2000 qualification fee – the government will pay it direct to the Smart and Skilled training provider. For more information, visit www.vet.nsw.gov.au/fee-free 

Your Future at TAFE Open Day

18 to 25 August

Visit your nearest TAFE College


Whether you’re looking to; kickstart your career, become an apprentice, launch a small business or gain some savvy new skills, TAFE NSW Open Day will help you be in a career you love. Be Ambitious and register for your nearest participating campus today. We look forward to meeting you at Open Day. Open Day is the perfect opportunity for you, your family and your friends to discover a huge range of courses, diplomas and degrees.
F: https://www.facebook.com/TAFENSW?utm_campaign=au_tafe%20nsw_semester%202_fy18-q3-7_edm_Open%20Day%20Invite_v1.0&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Eloqua

Register here:




 Sydney Flight College Open Day

17 November

Bankstown Airport

The day will likely include tours of our facilities and aircraft fleet, discovery sessions about careers as a pilot, free air experience flights, and an all-day sausage sizzle.


Le Cordon Bleu – Sydney Open Day

18 August

Find out why Le Cordon Bleu is the world’s most acclaimed culinary arts & hospitality management institute in a discovery tour of Le Cordon Bleu Sydney. Please book in advance for this free event.



Early Offer for Top – Sydney City School of Law

Applications close 17 October

We are proud to give students the opportunity of reserving a place into one of our Business or Law programs before sitting the HSC exams. Successful student applicants guarantee their spot and receive a $500 Innovative Minds Scholarship. Apply directly or through UAC! How to apply? 



Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School Open Day

8 September – Leura

Perfect for those interested in studying a bachelor degree specializing in hotel and resort, or event management. Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School’s (BMIHMS) Practical Learning Centre, located at the Leura Campus consists of a simulated hotel where first and second year undergraduate students live, work and study. In addition to the Practical Learning Centre, students also have the opportunity to hone their skills in an operational hotel at The Waldorf Leura Gardens Resort which is operated by BMIHMS. Phone: +61 2 9307 4600
Email: enquiry@bluemountains.edu.au



Traineeships from Real Estate Institute of NSW

Whether you’re starting out in real estate, wanting to improve your skills, looking for a career change, or an agency looking for trainee opportunities, a traineeship has something to offer you. Traineeships offered in Cert III in Property Services (Agency) and Cert IV in Property Services (Real Estate).



College of Event Management – Event Boot Camp

27 and 28 October – 88 Foveaux Street Sydney

Ever wondered what an event manager actually does?
Interested in getting behind the scenes of a major event?
Would you like to meet events professionals on the job?

Our two-day Event Bootcamp intensive is designed for people with an interest in a career in events but who need a clearer idea of what it’s all about. The course is a low-cost, high-intensity backstage pass to the world of events. By the end of this short course you will have a real understanding of the event manager’s role and have had experience behind the scenes of a major event.




HSC Lectures  – ATAR Notes at UTS

Running in October

These lectures are completely free and are presented by some of Australia’s highest achieving students.

The tickets are usually released 3-4 weeks in advance and are booked out very quickly. In order to be notified as soon as tickets are released, please Register here.



Living Laboratory in the Royal Botanic Gardens

11 August. 10.00am to 3.00pm

Mrs Macquaries Road, Sydney

Join us at a free outdoor event to celebrate the environmental sciences. Explore the Royal Botanic Garden to get hands-on with science experiments, explore behind-the-scenes, visit state-of-the-art science facilities and use scientific equipment



Headspace Career Plan Guide

Our career plan is the roadmap for our career. We need to know the career or job goal we are aiming for, the step by step direction and timeframes we will follow to get there – study, employment, 5 year plan etc., and the tools we will use to reach our goal – special skills training, work experiences, qualifications etc.



Global Leaders Delegation – Europe with Crimson Education

Do you want to become a future leader and pursue a career in international relations and politics? Be inspired by global experts and visit renowned international organisations in Prague, Geneva, London, Cambridge and Oxford.



Lattitude Global Volunteering

With over 20% of first year university students in Australia leaving their chosen course or dropping out all together, maybe it’s a good idea to step off the academic treadmill and consider your goals before diving in. There are so many benefits to taking a gap year – independence, confidence, career experience, and cultural awareness are just a few! Volunteering can really give you an edge before and after university.



Girls Programming Network

11 August

4 November

University of Sydney, Faculty of Engineering

The Girls’ Programming Network is a group of women and girls into computer science, programming and information technology. We run workshops once per school term for high school girls. We’ve written games, made interactive websites and taken apart computers. Check out the past projects to see what girls have done, and what you could be doing. Email gpn@ncss.edu.au, or call Josephine Spongberg on 02 9351 3424.



MadMaker 2018

8 October to 23 November

Electrical and Information Engineering at University of Sydney

MadMaker is a 6-week online course aimed at Year 9 and 10 students with a goal to educate them about embedded systems and their use in everyday life. You will investigate fun and interactive ways to use science, technology, engineering and maths to solve real-world problems. Phone: (02) 8627 4806

Email: info@madmaker.com.au



National Computer Science School

Applications open in September

4 to 13 January 2019

NCSS applications will be accepted from students who will complete Year 11 in 2018. The main activity for the week is the creation of software to implement a social networking site. Social and teamwork games are included in the relaxation periods, as well as scheduled free time in Sydney. NCSS is about challenging students to think like computer scientists and providing an intensive programming experience in a university setting. As part of the program, students will go on industry site visits and meet industry professionals in a variety of contexts, including talks, competitions and meals. In 2017, NCSS students visited Atlassian, Google and WiseTech Global.



A Night of Illusions

11 August. 7.00am to 10.00am

107 Redfern Street, Redfern

Where art and science meet. Baffle your senses with an evening of tactile and visual illusions. Watch static images move and twist before your very own eyes. Feel your body change size and shape. Immerse yourself in the bizarre sensory world of animals in which perception determines your fate. 



 HTN Margaret Fulton Future Food Service Professional Scholarship

You could be doing paid work experience at leading kitchens at The Merivale Group, Pendolino, Parliament House, Four Seasons Hotel. Recipients will be provided uniforms, a knife kit and $1,000 cash to put towards future training needs. The winner will be supported, escorted and chaperoned throughout the week-long experience by one of HTN’s Employment Coordinators/Mentors. Upon completion of the scholarship, HTN would offer the participant a full culinary apprenticeship within HTN’s network of 170 host businesses. To contact HTN please send us an email – recruitment@htn.com.au or call on 1300 139 108





Elizabeth Vrahnos

Vocational Learning Coordinator


Vocational Education and Training (VET)


On Wednesday 27 June the Year 12 Hospitality team produced two varieties of Buddha Bowls to complete their competency task for Prepare Appetisers and Salads. We prepared the Buddha Bowls to be sold at lunchtime giving students two options to choose from, which were a grilled chicken and quinoa bowl or a protein packed tofu bowl with quinoa, which was a vegetarian option.


Overall Year 12 had a successful service period, we enjoyed making the Buddha bowls and the feedback from students was positive as they described them as delicious!

 – Adriana Dimanoski

Final Fee Accounts for 2018

Accounts were emailed to all families last week. Final term fees are due for full payment by 15th August unless you have scheduled a payment plan with the College accounts office.
A reminder for families with daughters in Year 12, that attendance at non-compulsory school events such as the Year 12 formal will not be permitted unless all accounts are settled.
The payment of school fees is essential to the quality of education we offer at Bethany and we thank you for your support. Please contact the accounts office during school hours if you wish to discuss your account.

St Raphael’s Church, South Hurstville – 90th Anniversary

Our church, St Raphael’s Church, Parish of South Hurstville will celebrate its 90th year of the dedication/blessing of the Church. On Sunday, 11 November 2018 there will be a Celebration Mass at 10:00am.The Archbishop of Sydney, The Most  Rev Anthony Fisher OP will be the Chief Celebrant. At the conclusion of Mass a BBQ and light refreshments will be served in the Parish Grounds.

We would like to extend an invitation to all current as well as  former parishioners to the weekend of festivities surrounding this special event.

To find out more, please contact Minh Nguyen 0417 431 786 or Parish Office on 9546 2605 or

email: admin@materdei-straphael.org.au