Volume 12 - 12 Aug 2016



World Youth Day is much more than a Catholic “Woodstock”

At the start of this week, we welcomed back our WYD pilgrims and Group Leader: Miss Mirabello, Miss Rothwell (now at MCC Penshurst),  Holly Stansfield, Jasmin Juncal, Tara Lillicot, Jamie Howe, Isabella Czarnecki, Caitlin Micallef, Karina Amato, Arianna Faith. Aylah West, Claudia Allison, Annabel Bennett, Georgia Malaxos, Celia Finch, Sophia Tzatzimakis, Maddison Barone, Chloe Allcorn, Adrianna Santos and Janice Lewis. We are all so grateful they returned to us safely, filled with the Holy Spirit.



Since Pope John Paul II launched World Youth Day thirty years ago, it’s become not just the Catholic Church’s biggest event, but also the world’s largest gathering of people, period.

Over the years some critics have tried to dismiss this gathering as merely a Catholic Woodstock- or, in modern terms, a South by Southwest or Coachella equivalent. While the comparison is apt in terms of size and enthusiasm, it fails to recognize World Youth Day’s substantive contributions to both Church and civil life these past three decades.

For starters, World Youth Day has been one of the primary motivations for vocations to religious life in recent years. It’s no coincidence that in the very years in which many of the Church’s seminaries were in decline and vocations around the globe were plummeting, World Youth Day was founded.  World Youth Day, by providing an occasion for Catholic identity to be presented in a new and creative way, effectively created a breeding ground for a renewal in religious life.

While World Youth Day may only be a week-long event every two to three years in one particular location, it’s also effective in creating new programming on a local level. Archbishop Anthony Fisher, during his time as an auxiliary bishop was tasked with planning the 2008 World Youth Day in Sydney said “Before the lead up to World Youth Day there might have been thirty or forty youth groups in the city. Today there would be at least two hundred flourishing youth groups and ministries in this city and World Youth Day is entirely the cause of that-at least after the Holy Spirit!”

In his closing address of his first World Youth Day, Pope Francis told the young people gathered in Rio, Brazil in 2013 that he wanted them to go out and “make a mess.” It wasn’t a directive to make a literal mess – it was a call to shake things up or, to use another phrase he’s keen on, a call to conversion. World Youth Day is a time in which young people from around the world enter as one type of person, and they leave changed.

For some it may be a call to enter religious life but for others it’s a time to return home to start a new ministry at their parish, to visit those in prison, and to serve those in need. What it certainly is for everyone is an opportunity to reject the “globalization of indifference” that Francis continues to preach as a central message to his papacy. World Youth Day provides an occasion to pass along this zeal, and a chance for folks to take it home with them.

As World Youth Day returns home to the native land of its founder, the legacy of John Paul II will be given a megaphone in the witness of Pope Francis. As John Paul II reminded the attendees of another World Youth Day in Poland in 1991, “Be demanding of the world around you; be demanding first of all with yourselves.” And as Pope Francis pleaded in Rio: “I ask you, instead, to be revolutionaries, to swim against the tide; yes, I am asking you to rebel against this culture that sees everything as temporary and that ultimately believes that you are incapable of responsibility, that you are incapable of true love.”

Both are messages that encourage young people to change the world and a reminder that it begins with personal conversion. For the two million young people that will gather in Krakow in just a few weeks, this World Youth Day may very well serve as that starting point.




World Youth Day 2016 Krakow Prayer

God, merciful Father,

in your Son, Jesus Christ, you have revealed your love

and poured it out upon us in the Holy Spirit, the Comforter,

We entrust to you today the destiny of the world and of every man and woman”.

We entrust to you in a special way

young people of every language, people and nation:

guide and protect them as they walk the complex paths of the world today

and give them the grace to reap abundant fruits

from their experience of the Krakow World Youth Day.


Heavenly Father,

grant that we may bear witness to your mercy.

Teach us how to convey the faith to those in doubt,

hope to those who are discouraged,

love to those who feel indifferent,

forgiveness to those who have done wrong

and joy to those who are unhappy.

Allow the spark of merciful love

that you have enkindled within us

become a fire that can transform hearts

and renew the face of the earth.


Mary, Mother of Mercy, pray for us.

Saint John Paul II, pray for us.

Saint Faustina, pray for us.



The pitfall of using other children as benchmarks

Benchmarking children’s progress with that of other children is not a wise parenting strategy. Inevitably, it will lead to parent frustration as there will always be a child who performs better than your own on any scale you use.

Have you ever compared your child’s behaviour, academic progress or social skills with a sibling or your friend’s children?

Comparing your child with others is a stress-inducing and, ultimately, useless activity.

But it’s hard to resist, as we tend to assess our progress in any area of life by checking out how we compare with our peers.

When you were a child in school you probably compared yourself to your schoolmates. Your teachers may not have graded you, but you knew who the smart kids were and where you ranked in the pecking order.

Now that you have kids of your own do you still keep an eye on your peers? Do you use the progress and behaviour of their kids as benchmarks to help you assess your own performance as well as your child’s progress? Or perhaps you compare your child to yourself at the same age?

Benchmarking children’s progress with that of other children is not a wise parenting strategy. Inevitably, it will lead to parent frustration as there will always be a child who performs better than your own on any scale you use.

Kids develop at their own rates

Each child has his or her own developmental clock, which is nearly impossible to alter. There are slow bloomers, early developers, bright sparks and steady-as-you-go kids in every classroom. The slow bloomers can cause the most concern for parents who habitually compare children to siblings, their friends’ kids and even themselves when they were in school.

The trick is to focus on your child’s improvement and effort and use your child’s results as the benchmark for his or her progress and development. “Your spelling is better today than it was a few months ago” is a better measure of progress than “Your spelling is the best in the class!”

Gender matters

It’s no secret that boys’ and girls’ brains were developed by different architects.
One major difference lies around timing,
or maturity. The maturity gap between
boys and girls is anywhere between 12 months and two years. This gap seems to be consistent all the way to adulthood.

Quite simply, girls have a developmental head start over boys in areas such as handwriting, verbal skills and relationship skills.

Boys benefit greatly from teaching strategies designed for their specific needs. They also benefit from having teachers and parents who recognise that patience is a virtue when teaching and raising boys, as it seems to take longer for many boys to learn and develop.

Kids have differenttalents, interests and strengths

So your eight-year-old can’t hit a tennis ball like Novak Djokovic, even though your neighbour’s child can. Avoid comparing the two as your child may not care about tennis anyway.  It’s better to help your child identify his or her own talents and interests. Also recognise that the strengths and interests of a child may be completely different to those of his or her peers and siblings.

Avoid linking your parenting self-esteem to your child’s performance

As a parent you should take pride in your children’s performance at school, in sport or their leisure activities. Seeing your child do well is one of the unsung pleasures of parenting. You should also celebrate their achievements and milestones, such as taking their first steps, getting their first goal in a game or getting great marks at school.

However, you shouldn’t have too much personal stake in your children’s success or milestones, as this close association makes it hard to separate yourself from them. It may also lead to excessive parental pressure for kids to do well for the wrong reasons – to please you!

The maxim “You are not your child” is a challenging but essential parental concept to live by. Doing so takes real maturity and altruism, but it is the absolute foundation of that powerful thing known as “unconditional love”.

(From Michael Grose, www.parentingideas.com.au )



Bethany College Cookbook

I am pleased to announce the winners of the Bethany College “Name the Cookbook” competition.     

With their entry “Together We Cook”, the winners are: 

Anna Brown – SO301

Dinuki Algama – SO301

Fiona Pelosi – SO305

Winners will receive Westfield vouchers. Congratulations girls.


Our mantra:

“Girls can do anything.
Bethany girls can do everything!*
(*except divide by zero)”
Vicki Lavorato

Pedagogy Report

With the recent release of the planned HSC reforms and planned reduction of Stage 6 internal school assessment (see Principal’s Message, Bethany Newsletter dated 29th July) has come the timely review of Bethany assessment structures. BOSTES, together with Sydney Catholic Schools, have also requested the reduction of Stage 4 and 5 summative assessment across schools, believing the number of tasks to be detrimental to both student learning and overall student health and well-being. The recent Bethany staff Professional Development meeting included a presentation of these reforms, together with faculty planning time for teams to consider alternative assessment structures in their teaching programmes. The focus will be Assessment “for” Learning, therefore information gathering for the student and teacher as a critical step in the teaching and learning cycle, as opposed to a purely measurement and reporting focus. This work will continue as we journey towards 2017.

Late last term, the 7-11 year groups completed two Social-Emotional surveys to increase our understanding of student attitudes towards their learning and the learning preferences of our cohorts. The latter survey, is a well-known and respected survey instrument used across secondary Sydney Catholic Schools and also the Independent sector. It is the work of Karen B. Rogers; Professor of Gifted Studies University of Minnesota, Fellow of the University of Wollongong and Honorary Professor at the University of New South Wales. The collation and recent release of this data has revealed significant and overwhelmingly positive findings in relation to the degree of student satisfaction in their academic progress here at Bethany. An example of this can be seen below;

 My work at school makes me feel proud (can indicate the degree of effort, success, the potential reached and extent of student satisfaction)

Year Group









As with any data, questions should be asked and the possible implications explored, for example the decline in this satisfaction with Yr 10 students. Whilst this statistic is consistent with research into adolescent personal and social development, it is certainly worthy of further consideration.  I have presented my overall findings with the Teaching & Learning Coordinators and invited them to discuss and reflect upon this data with their faculties.

In enrichment news, all creative and innovative thinkers across Stage 4 have been encouraged to work with me in developing submissions for the Little Big Idea Competition and the College is currently in the process of inviting ten of our Yr 11 high achievers (and those with leadership capacity) to attend the University of Wollongong’s Energise initiative offered on the 19th August. I look forward to sharing their learnings with you in the short-term future.


Ms Katherine Maish

Leader of Pedagogy


Cafe Bethany – Volunteers Needed


Are you free in the mornings for a couple of hours??    Volunteers are needed to help out in our friendly school run canteen next term.  

If you can manage a few spare hours (particularly on Monday mornings) on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis, we would love to have your presence.  A great opportunity to get involved with the school.  

Please contact Gill  in the canteen on 8566 0711.


Influenza Factsheet


























From the Assistant Principal

Important dates for Term 3

  • Monday 1/8- Monday 15/8:   Year 12 Trials
  • Wednesday 17/8:   Art and Design Showcase   5-8pm
  • Monday 29/8:   Extra Curricular Photos
  • Thursday 1/9:  Father’s Day Mass & breakfast.  7.30-9 am
  • Monday 19/9: Last full school day for Year 12
  • Wednesday 21/9: Year 12 Graduation Mass and dinner. 6.30-9.30p.m.
  • Thursday 22/9:  Last day of Term 3- Students finish at 12.30p.m. , after Period 4.
  • Friday 23/9:  Pupil Free Day/Staff Development Day


Student Travel and Opal Cards


Last newsletter I informed parents that services may be cut if students do not swipe on and off transport. We need valid data with which to make a case to transport companies about the need for services. We have been asked to make students and parents aware that ticket inspectors will be travelling on busses over the next few weeks and issuing fines to students who are travelling without a valid Opal Card. If you have had issues with the card please complete the appropriate forms on line and have a printed copy available.




Growth Mindset

With our focus on Self Directed Learning this year, students have been looking at setting learning goals and encouraging a Growth mindset in themselves and others

Strategies to encourage a Growth mindset

  • Look for the learning opportunity in every situation. Failure is a great way to learn, so look at inevitable ‘challenges’ as an opportunity to build new skills.
  • Be willing to experiment. Don’t try to be right – try to learn. Deliberately experiment just to see what happens.
  • Give yourself a break. When it comes to challenging situations, think beyond evaluation (right/wrong, good/bad) and instead experiment with an analytical, imaginative approach. See what happens.
  • Find inspiration in the successes of others rather than feeling threatened by other people’s good ideas or success stories.
  • And commit to the process. Instead of worrying about writing an award-winning novel, commit to the process of writing regularly and publishing short stories on the way.



Jacinta Russo

Assistant Principal

What’s Been Happening in Religious Education

Year 8 Reflection Day

Our Year 8 students were very fortunate to participate in their annual Spirituality Day on Wednesday 3 August at St Mary Star of the Sea Hall.  The presenter for the day was Chris Doyle from Kairos Ministries.  His presentations are very lively, filled with music and lot of interaction from the students.  Chris certainly has an extraordinary ability to bring our faith to the girls in a way that is highly engaging and very real to our students. Whilst there was lots of fun on the day, he also posed challenge to the girls to grow deeper in their faith and to reflect on and live their lives as Christ is calling them to – with compassion, mercy and to show love and care to all they encounter.  

Year 11 Retreat

Our Year 11 Students will be away on Thursday and Friday (11 – 12 August) on their Retreat and I would ask that you keep these students in your prayers while they are away.  Our retreats are a great experience for all our students and enables them to really bond with students that they may have seen in their classes, but have not really had an opportunity to get to know.  Our Year 11 students will also be challenged in looking at their faith and will have an opportunity to take time out to reflect and to be with God.  This is an opportunity that we don’t get often – quiet time with our God and is one that I am very much looking forward to participating in with the girls.

Prayer Families

Finally, if any families would still like to “adopt” a Year 12 student to pray whilst they are preparing for and sitting their HSC exams, could you please return the note sent out on 29 July with your child’s name and homeroom so that I can allocate a student to you to pray for.


God bless,

Mrs Diane Kennaugh

Leader of Religious Education and Mission

Make a Difference Day

On 26 July, Miss Grimm, Monica and myself attended ‘Make a Difference Day’ at NSW Parliament House. We discussed modern political issues relevant to our daily lives with students from a range of schools around the state, exploring opinions about very controversial topics. From this we gained a greater understanding of how our parliament makes decisions whilst learning how we could make a difference in the future. Through this, we participated in activities which lead to us learning and understanding the needs and opinions of other people in our community, whether that be limited to our class, year, school, region or national community. We got the opportunity to listen to stories of current politicians and how they strive to make a difference for the better of their constituency and the country. At the conclusion of the day all groups came together where I got the opportunity to speak in front of approximately 150 students in the NSW Legislative Assembly. It was an insightful and unique experience that will assist us in attempting to make a difference as well as giving us the ability to understand the opinions of others, regardless of whether or not we agree with them. I’d like to thank Miss Grimm for organising such a great experience for Monica and I. 
By Dana Sutherland (Year 10)

Australian Voice Festival

Australian Voice Festival http://www.australianvoicefestival.com.au is weekend of practical and theoretical workshops designed for singers of all ages and abilities looking to find out more about the industry and considering their options.  
Happening 17-18th of September at the Seymour Centre, we are targeting voice students from ages 8+ interested in being involved in workshops delivered by celebrated artists and qualified instructors in voice, movement and acting. Our headlining lecturers include:
Amanda Harrison: (Singer/Performer) Amanda is most well known for originating the role of Elphaba in the Australian production of Wicked – a role that earned her Green Room, Helpmann and Sydney Theatre Award nominations for Best Leading Actress in a Musical.
Michael Lavine: (Musical Director) has worked as a musical director, pianist, vocal coach and singer all over the world. He gives master classes on auditioning in New York, Los Angeles, Moscow, Bangkok, Australia, Singapore, Manila, Martha’s Vineyard and other locations.   
Brett Brown: Australian actor, singer and musician, Brett Brown, is a graduate of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA), London.  He has performed with Opera Australia, the Royal Shakespeare Company, Shakespeare’s Globe, in plays and musicals on London’s West End, and in theatre festivals across Europe. Film includes the Academy Award winning The Theory of Everything. 
Joanne Ansell: (Dancer/Performer) Well known Australian Joanne dancer, singer, actress and choreographer. As a teacher, lecturer or dance director Joanne has worked at The Conservatorium of NSW, Talent Development Project, University of NSW , New Zealand National Contemporary and ClassicalAwards, Pan Pacific Dance Camps , Tanya Pearson Classical Coaching Academy, SCEGGS Redlands and Canberra City Youth Company. However her highest teaching achievement was as the Principal of Ansell Academy of Dance for 30 years.
Bev Kennedy: (Musical Director/Accompanist) Is regarded as one of Australia’s leading Musical Directors & accompanists, having worked on over 30 professional productions.  Shows she has worked on include Billy Elliot, Mamma Mia!, The Producer’s, We Will Rock You, The Lion King, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Chicago, & The Concert version of Sunset Boulevard.
Dan Barnett (Jazz Instrumentalist/ Singer) was born into music being the son of the legendary Sydney Bassist Cliff Barnett he began his musical life as a Trombonist and quickly developed a love for singing and has since carved out an enviable reputation on the Australian Jazz music scene working with an impressive list of international artists including James Morrison, INXS, Jack Johnson, Will Calhoun, Paul Kelly,Tom Burlinson, Barbara Morrison, Mark Murphy, Bob Barnard, Boy George, Dan Barrett, Tom Baker, Bob Montgomery, Culture Club,Warren Vache, George Washingmachine, Emma Pask to name a few!
Carl Dimataga: (Pop and RnB Songwriter and MD) An APRA Award nominated Sydney based record producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and musical director, widely known for his highly skilled guitar work, musicianship, arrangement and deft songwriting and production work. Carl has shared the stage with many including legendary artists such as Barry Gibb , Darren Hayes, Kelly Rowland, Leonna Lewis, Jay Sean, Wynter Gordon, Westlife, Steve Cropper and Duck Dunn. He is also an established musical director Guy Sebastian, Katie Noonan, Timomatic, and Gerri Halliwell and is the go-to songwriter, producer and remixer for Jessica Mauboy, The Veronicas, Dami Im, Taylor Henderson, Reigan Derry, Samantha Jade, Nathaniel, and even The Dalai Lama himself. 
Jocelyn Priestly:  (Speech Pathologist) A highly regarded Speech Pathologist specialising in Voice for the last 26 years and now runs a private practice for all voice disorders, but particularly for singers and actors.  
Kieron Kulik: (Performer/Agent) As a performer, Kieron has been a leading cast member of Hot Shoe Shuffle, in the role of ‘Tap’.  His numerous Musical Theatre credits include Grease – The Arena Spectacular, Happy Days – The Mega Musical’ and Sisterella, as well as featuring as a Dell-tone in Shout! and a three year tour with the hit musical Mamma Mia!  He has worked alongside artists such as Kylie Minogue, Tina Arena, Caroline O’Connor, Dannii Minogue and Human Nature, as well as various television shows, video clips and live performances including high profile events such as the ARIA Awards.  Kieron is still a regular performer and choreographer, but has shifted his focus, joining the team at Jeep Management. Kieron is head of Musical Theatre and represents and guides Artists now appearing in Wicked, West Side Story, Grease and Strictly Ballroom. He also runs the Events division producing entertainment for special events and therefore creating unique performance opportunities for Jeep talent. Kieron has recently launched The Garage Creative Management, a boutique agency for Children and Young Performers and is now thrilled to be guiding and mentoring the careers of tomorrows superstars.
Additionally, with parents and teachers in mind, industry related lectures will also be run in:
  • Performance Anxiety
  • The Audition Process
  • Vocal Health
  • How to work with Agents
Students will be placed in age groups and each student will have the opportunity to sing throughout the weekend with additional Ensemble Warm Up classes involving everyone singing collectively.
The weekend pass is $330 and tickets can be purchased http://www.australianvoicefestival.com.au/tickets/
avf_Page_1 avf_Page_2
AVF-2016-Registration-Form (1)

Year 12 Biology – University of Sydney Excursion

On Tuesday 19 July, the two Year 12 Biology classes attended HSC sessions on Communication and Search for Better Health at the University of Sydney. In the morning we participated in the Communication sessions.  Upon our arrival we split up into four groups and were allocated a bench in the Biology laboratory.  Each group was lead by a university student that specializes in one of the four topics. The first station I participated in was the dissection of the eye, which involved us examining the different parts of the eye and relating the parts of the eye to their function. At the second station, we examined the human ear and the effects that different loudness levels and pitches have on our hearing.  Following this station my group and I observed and compared the “invisible ears” (internal ears) and how lizards and snakes can “hear”.  Interesting fact :  a snake doesn’t have “ears”; it can sense vibrations from movements made by moving objects such as humans within the snake’s vicinity. Our last station for the Communication topic, was a brain dissection.  We identified the parts of the brain, along with describing the functions of each part of the brain, for example the pituitary gland located at the base of the brain, controls all the secretions of all the hormones, a pretty powerful organ that can control many hormonal processes in the whole human body! These stations really allowed us to piece together all the different types of humans and animals communication such as the eye, brain and ear, and how they allow external stimuli to be transformed into electrochemical messages.  This allows our body to understand the messages and respond with the appropriate action e.g. the kinetic energy from sound is transformed into electrochemical energy, which allows humans to hear sounds and understand the sounds we hear.

 After lunch we attended our final session which was a revision session on the second HSC Biology topic, Blueprint of Life. The first activity (my group and I completed) involved us working out the possible eye colours of fruit fly offspring after we calculated the possibility of the two alleles (red or white) for the gene for eye colour.  This type of inheritance is called sex-linked inheritance or X-linked inheritance. Following this station, my group and I continued to examine inheritance by investigating blood types; this type of inheritance is called co-dominance. At the final two stations we examined fossil (Pentadactyl limb) and embryonic evidence, which indicates to us the origins of evolution within the vertebrate population (mammals, amphibians, birds and reptiles). The university also allowed us to observe their museum, which allowed us to investigate more evolutionary examples for our upcoming exams.

On behalf of the two Year 12 Biology classes I would like to thank Dr Trent and Mrs Janev for planning these thoroughly enjoyable and enriching learning experiences, which will undoubtedly be a great help to our upcoming exams !

Isabella Aleksovska (Year 12 Biology student)


Parish Renewal Retreat

Web SMRetreatSept16

Elective Dance Excursion – Bangarra

Bethany College Elective Dance students from Year 9 to 12 attended their performance of ‘Our Land People Stories’, Bangarra Dance Theatre at the Opera House that on Wednesday 29 June. The Elective Dance students used this experience to build upon the Dance Appreciation component, the students need to develop the skills to complete Dance analysis to enable them to develop the skills to critique live dance performances. The excursion enabled the development and understanding of Australian Contemporary Dance and exposed the students to professional Dance works .

Our transportation to the Opera House Theatre was by train and as everyone was on time and grouped together we all went for a walk around Circular Quay and stopped for morning tea at a restaurant before the performance. All the Dance students sat with their friends, mostly the year group dance classes and had a great time and enjoyable meal together. – Team Dance!

The performance of ‘Our Land People Stories’ was split into two different stories both contrasting each other and portraying two historical and meaningful Indigenous stories.  The works told the stories through the use of song, music and dance, in order to connect the audience to the land, and teach them about culture and traditions and importantly the knowledge passed from generations, performed on the stage with the Indigenous company dancers to correctly portray the story. Each year Bangarra constructs and performs a work specific to Indigenous members of the company and about their Indigenous community. The creators of these works perform the stories they tell, true to the traditional owners of those stories and uphold integrity of stories’ meaning.

After the performances finished the Bethany College students and the rest of the other schools participated in a Question and Answer segment about the two works. Each of the choreographers told the back story to their Indigenous culture and explained the meaning and purpose of the works of what they are portraying. All of the Elective Dance students were able to intake the information provided and gave an example of the type of questions and ways to examine a Dance work.

Tina Moss – Year 11

“Legacy Junior Public Speaking” competition

On 29 July, we competed in the Southern Sydney ‘Junior Legacy Public Speaking’ competition. This involved a prepared speech and an impromptu speech where we had 5 minutes to write a 2 minute speech. In our prepared speeches, Sophia talked about “Chequebook Journalism” and Nektaria talked about how “Laughter is the best medicine”. We both delivered our very best and had the encouragement and support from both our peers and teachers. We felt very honoured to represent Bethany College at this event. It was a very challenging competition as we were versing others up to the age of 14. Each speaker did extremely well. We both did an amazing job, with Sophia making it to the Sydney – wide competition next Tuesday. We wish her the best of luck!!


Nektaria Rice and Sophia McDonnell



Term 3 Fees

Term 3 School Fees were emailed on 15 July.

These are the final fees for 2016. Payment is due by Monday 15 August.

Prompt payment of fees is always greatly appreciated, however if for any reason you are having difficulty in paying fees, it is very important to contact the College Business Manager, or College Bursar to discuss your situation.

Year 12 formal tickets will not be available for purchase until all outstanding fees are paid.


 – Courtesy of P. Salter – ELES


Parents you may like to share this with your students.

Effective students are those who have learnt to study smarter rather than harder. Below is a list of the top 7 habits that effective students do.

  1. MAKE THE MOST OF CLASSTIME:If you have to sit in class anyway, then you may as well make the most of the experience. Time wasted in class is lost learning opportunities or time you need to make up. To make the most of classtime stay on task and be as involved as you can in the lesson.
  2. ASK QUESTIONS OFTEN:Students who are effective will ask questions when they don’t understand something, they don’t wait until 3 weeks into the topic then say ‘I don’t understand any of this!’. So if you aren’t sure about something, then ask your teacher.
  3. COMPLETE ALL HOMEWORK:Your teachers are giving you the homework for a reason – even if you are unsure what the reason might be! It is all part of building your learning in the subject. So don’t think that you know more than them – instead put 100% effort into completing all homework to the best of your ability.
  4. DO INDEPENDENT LEARNING:Students who do well academically do more than just the set homework. Rather than cramming just before an exam they learn as they go. This means the nights they don’t have much homework they step up and take responsibility for their learning and ask themselves ‘what else could I be doing to help me understand and learn my subjects?’. Often this entails reviewing previous work that was difficult or preparing study notes in advance.
  5. ARE FOCUSED WHEN WORKING:Students who are effective usually work in blocks of time at home, anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour, but in that time they focus on the task at hand. This means they have removed all distractions and commit that when they are working on schoolwork, they are just working on schoolwork – no personal activities at the same time.
  6. WORK SMART FOR ASSESSMENTS:Effective students spend time when they are given an assessment ensuring they understand the requirements and the marking criteria. They work to the guidelines of the assessment and approach the task systematically, making a plan and setting targets for when they want to complete each step.
  7. NEVER CONFUSE ‘READING’ WITH ‘STUDYING’:Effective learners know how to study properly for a test. They know that just reading your notes over and over is not an effective way to learn. Instead they read a section then test themselves on it, seeing what they can say out loud or write down. They also do lots of revision questions or past exam papers so they can practise the skills of the subject and identify areas of weakness.


Mr Robert Gough

Year 8 Coordinator

PDHPE DEpartment News




CGSSSA Netball

On Wednesday 27th July, the Junior and Intermediate Netball teams competed at Cintra Park Concord in the CGSSSA Netball competition. The Intermediate team were up against some tough competition however this did not dampen their spirits and they continued to put their best effort into each of their games. The Junior team were undefeated throughout the day and therefore were successful in making the semi finals. It was a close semi-final against St. Ursula’s and the girls just missed out on making the grand final being defeated by only three goals! Congratulations to all of the girls for their wonderful sportsmanship and participation during the day.



St George Oztag Gala Day

On Monday 1 August, two Junior teams and one Intermediate team competed in the St George Oztag Gala Day at Scarborough Park. It was a fun-filled day with all girls putting their impressive Oztag skills on show. It was wonderful to see great Bethany College spirit as the girls supported one another throughout the day. Congratulations to all girls involved and a special mention goes to the Junior team who took out the trophy beating Sylvania High in a close grand final. Well done!



Year 10 PASS Camp

On Sunday 31st July, 48 Year 9 and 10 PASS students departed school to travel down to Thredbo on the much anticipated PASS Snow Trip. The girls had a fun, challenging and rewarding three days learning how to ski or snowboard. Jasmin Li from 10PA1 has summarised her experience below:

At 10pm on  31 July, 48 PASS students gathered together full of excitement about to leave for the snow trip. After 6 hours on the bus we finally arrived at Thredbo shivering in the rainy -4 degree weather. We were split into our skiing and snowboarding groups attending lessons with friendly instructors and learning the basics. On the first day, most of us fell over millions of times ending the day feeling a bit sore and soaked in the rain. The next two days were very enjoyable with snow falling down from the sky and a nice sunshine. We all continued to learn to either snowboard or ski and had a lot of fun as we improved. Overall, the snow was a fun-filled but exhausting trip for all.

SCC Sport Results

We are now three rounds into the Term Three SCC Sport Competition. Unfortunately due to the weather the Junior Soccer, Intermediate Soccer and Senior Softball teams have only played once due to games being washed out. See below for the results after round three for all teams:

Junior Soccer- 1st

Intermediate Soccer- 2nd

Junior Basketball- 5th

Intermediate Basketball- 1st

Senior Basketball- 7th

Senior Softball- 3rd


Year 10 ‘bstreetsmart’ Forum, Qudos Bank Arena, Homebush

A reminder for Year 10 students to return their permission notes for the ‘bstreetsmart’ Forum held at Qudos Bank Arena Homebush on Wednesday 17th August. Notes must be handed back in to your PDHPE teacher by Wednesday 10th August.


Upcoming Events


SCC Knockout Opens Competition Griffith Tuesday 16 – Wednesday 17 August
Year 10 ‘bstreetsmart’ Forum Qudos Bank Arena, Homebush Wednesday 17 August
Year 9 NSW Roadshow Wheelchair Basketball   Tuesday 30 – Wednesday 31 August



Rochelle Bailey

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Design & Art Showcase

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School Xchange

www.schoolxchange.com.au  is an online marketplace where parents and students can sell or buy local, good quality second hand school uniforms, school and university text books, sporting equipment or musical instruments. Bethany College is registered with this site.

Whether it’s school uniforms, musical instruments, text books or sporting gear it’s free to browse and buy at any time.

For a small listing fee, you can sell unwanted school items to buyers looking to purchase items at a substantially lower cost. Generally, this will be within our local school community which means no postage and packaging costs.

Schoolxchange has been developed with busy mums and dads in mind and made it trouble-free and easy to use. Just type in Bethany’s name in the ‘find your school option’ or choose the buy or search options to viewall the items listed in a particular category.

Selling Used School Gear Made Easy
The selling process is as simple and as inexpensive as possible. You only pay to list items for sale. It may be a school blazer, netball outfit, athletic gear or a trombone that’s no longer required.
You will need to register first if you wish to sell and you’ll need either a credit card or PayPal account to pay a small listing fee of 10% (less for more expensive items) based on the price you want to sell the item for.
Once registered, you simply key in the details of your item and the price you are seeking. Your listing will stay online until it’s sold and you remove it. We hope you find this site useful.


Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) News July 2016

Please see the UAC News for July 2016. It includes important information for Yr 12 stud nets including:

  • Key dates for 2016–17 admissions
  • Open days in 2016
  • Year 12 checklist for applying through UAC

Go to  file:///I:/Careers%202016/Term%203%202016/UAC%20News%20July%202016.pdf

Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) Guide 2016-17 – For Year 12 Students 2016

Year 12 students received their copy through Homeroom before their Trial Exams. They should be receiving their UAC PIN soon via mail.


An outline of Open Days for 2016 is available on the UAC website:

All About Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) for 2016: Year 11 and 12 Students

This guide provides information about UAC including university applications, a university course listing, the HSC and ATARs.

For an online copy go to http://www.uac.edu.au/documents/publications/year11-12-booklet.pdf

A number of hard copies are available from the Careers Room. See Ms Gereige

Other useful resources available from Universities Admissions Centre (UAC)

All About UAC for Parents (2016 edition) – Go to:


Frequently Asked Questions About the ATAR (2016 edition) – Go to:


Career Investigation – Year 10 Careers

Year 10 students are conducting a ‘Career Investigation’ as part of their Careers lessons. These should have completed this by the Year 10 Information Evening in Week 4.  Parents/Carers may be interested in reading through this with the student.

MHSCAREERS Website – Access for parents and students

Parents and students have access for 2016 to the mhscareers website via a school subscription. To view the ‘news’ pages and the ‘calendar’, go the website at: http://www.mhscareers.com/

Login with: Bethany  Password: bth4

mhscareers calendar
You can also view their calendar by going to the calendar at: http://www.mhscareers.com/Calendar.html and select the State NSW.

Further information and events go to  http://www.calendarwiz.com/mhscareers for all events

University of Sydney E12 Scheme

The Early Offer Year 12 (E12) scheme makes your path to uni easier, even before the HSC exams start.  If you apply successfully, we will hold a place at the University of Sydney for you.  As long as you meet some conditions, such as the E12 ATAR cut-offs (which are lower than standard ATARs) and the HSC subject requirements for your preferred course, you’ll have a definite place when results come out. Applications are open and close on 2 September.


Australian Catholic University (ACU) – Early Achievers’ Program – Applications open 8 August and close October, 2016
Date : 8th Aug 2016 Time : 9am Venue : Australian Catholic University 
ACU recognises that you have more to offer than your academic results. Our Early Achievers’ Program considers the contribution you have made to your community through your school or workplace, local community organisation, cultural and/or religious group. Applications open 8 August and close October, 2016. For more information please visit www.acu.edu.au/early-achievers

University of Wollongong (UOW) Open Day
Date : 13th Aug 2016 Time : 10.00am Venue : UOW Main Campus, Wollongong
Cost : FREE Contact : Liz Clark : lclark@uow.edu.au
See where we learn, live and play at UOW! We’ll be running tours of Wollongong, the UOW campus and our accommodation all day. Register for updates at uow.edu.au/openday and we’ll let you know when the schedule is set so you can start planning your UOW Open Day.

Australian Institute of Fitness: Open Day NSW & ACT

Parramatta – 20th August 2016, 10am to 3pm, Ground Floor, 87 Marsden Street, Parramatta

St Leonards – 20th August 2016, 10am to 3pm, Ground Floor, 40 Oxley Street, St Leonards

Newcastle – 13th August 2016, 10am to 3pm, 12/54 Clyde St, Hamilton North

Canberra – 13th August 2016, 10am to 3pm, 11 Irving Street, Phillip

Learn what it’s like to be a student at the Australian Institute of Fitness by visiting a campus and speaking to staff. http://fitness.edu.au/open-day/

Academy of Interactive Entertainment – Open Day
Date : 14th Aug 2016 Time : 10am to 3pm Venue : Wattle Street, Ultimo
Cost : FREE Contact : Simon Freeman : simonf@aie.edu.au
Discover the courses designed to get you started in game development, 3D animation and visual effects at an AIE Open Day. Sydney, Melbourne Canberra and Adelaide campuses will be opening their doors to visitors eager to find out about full-time and part-time courses.
For more information head to http://www.aie.edu.au/openday

Macleay College Open Day
Date : 20th Aug 2016 Time : 9.30am – 1pm Venue : Macleay College
Cost : FREE Contact : Laura Parker : lparker@macleay.edu.au / 0412346726
Learn all about our courses in Journalism, Advertising and Business from expert lecturers who are working in the industry.
Register your attendance via our booking form: https://macleay.edu.au/open-day-august-2016If you have any questions please contact our team on 1300 939 888 or contact Adriana Kind on -477 719 450 or at akind@macleay.edu.au.

Le Cordon Bleu OPEN DAY
Date : 20th Aug 2016 Time : 10 am – 3pm
Venue : Le Cordon Bleu Campus 250 Blaxland Rd Ryde Cost : FREE
Contact : Terry Patriarca : tpatriarca@cordonbleu.edu /0428546663
Le Cordon Bleu’s Annual Open Day.
A hands on experience to showcase the skills, courses & outcomes that are provided by the Worlds leading Culinary and Hospitality educator. The event is free.
For further information please contact Terry Patriarca – tpatriarca@cordonbleu.edu Mob# 0428 546 663

SEDA Open Day

23rd August and 10th September 2016, 10am to 11am, NCIE 180 George St Redfern

SEDA is a private secondary college for students in years 11 and 12. They offer non-ATAR HSC courses, with a focus on students who engage with learning through sport and music.

To RSVP contact, info@sedacollege.nsw.edu.au


Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP) Information Evening
Date : 24th Aug 2016 Time : 6pm Cost : FREE
Venue : Level 5, 11 York St Sydney, NSW 2000 (above Wynyard Station)
Contact : Carolyn Chandler : 9964 6173
Established in 1983, ACAP offers on-campus, online and blended delivery courses in psychology, counselling, social science, social work, youth work, case management and coaching. Our Counselling degrees are accredited by the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA) and our Psychology degrees are accredited by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC). ACAP’s Social Work courses have been provisionally accredited by the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW), the body that sets the benchmarks for professional education and practice in social work. ACAP’s free information session will feature talks from teachers, students and alumni. RSVP at http://www.acap.edu.au/future-students/info-sessions/ or call 1800 061 199.

Date : 27th Aug 2016 Time : 10.30-2.30 Venue :  – Sydney Campus
Cost : FREE Contact : Karen : 20 8241 8899
On the day you will take a campus tour, undertake a focused overview on your course of interest, speak first-hand with current students, scholarship winners and the Heads of JMC Academy’s Music, Audio, Animation, Game Design, Film and Television, Digital Design (Sydney and Melbourne only) and Entertainment Business Management departments. You’ll also be able to view student work, listen to bands, view student films and even see live audio and film production in action. 

The University of Sydney Open Day 2016

Saturday 27 August, 9am – 4pm

To find out more and register for Open Day updates, visit www.sydney.edu.au/open-day 

Sydney Institute of Business and Technology (SIBT) Open Day
Date : 27th Aug 2016 Time : 10.00am – 2.00pm Venue : SIBT 
Cost : FREE Contact : Emma Hughes : emma.hughes@sibt.nsw.edu.au
SIBT Open Day

Sat 29th August, 9.30am – 12.30pm, Level 1, 11 York Street, Sydney

Attend an information session on diploma programs and pathway options, participate in one-to-one consultations, meet with current and past SIBT students.


Australian National University (ANU) Open Day
Date : 27th Aug 2016 Time : 10am-4pm Venue : ANU campus Cost : FREE
Contact : ANU Student Recruitm : student.recruitment@anu.edu.au
Everything ANU will be on show on Saturday 27 August.
Find out more information at http://www.anu.edu.au/study/events/anu-open-day-2016

Australian Catholic University (ACU) Canberra Open Day – Saturday, 27 August 2016, 9am-4pm
Date : 27th Aug 2016 Time : 9am-4pm
Venue : Australian Catholic University – Canberra Campus  Cost : FREE
Contact : Amelia Munro : Futurestudy.CBR@acu.edu.au or 02 6209 1295
Visit: www.acu.edu.au/openday ACU Canberra Campus Cnr Phillip Ave and Antill St, Watson ACT 2602

Western Sydney University Sydney City Campus – Open Day
Date : 28th Aug 2016 Time : 10.00am – 2.00pm
Venue : Western Sydney University Sydney City Campus Cost : FREE
Contact : Emma Hughes : e.hughes@city.westernsydney.edu.au

Western Sydney University Open Day 
Date : 28th Aug 2016 Time : 10am to 2pm
Venue : Western Sydney University Parramatta South campus Cost : FREE
Contact : Allison Slade : a.slade@westernsydney.edu.au
Open Day provides the opportunity for students and their parents to speak to current University students and academic staff, experience the range of courses available at Western Sydney University through interactive workshops and presentations, learn about scholarships, The Academy, pathway programs and further opportunities to pursue their aspirations. For more information please visithttp://www.westernsydney.edu.au/openday

The University of Sydney: Applications for the Future Leaders Scheme now open

Following the success of the first year of our Dux Scheme, we have expanded the scheme to include School Captains under what will now be called the Future Leaders Scheme. Schools can now nominate eligible students who will be rewarded for their commitment to leadership and academic excellence by gaining a guaranteed place at the University of Sydney. For more information: www.sydney.edu.au/access

University of Tasmania Open Day

Rozelle – 28th August 2016, 10am to 3pm

Darlinghurst – 27th August 2016, 10am to 3pm

Open day will provide the opportunity for prospective students to explore the campuses and find out more about courses and career options.


Sydney Conservatorium of Music Open Day

Sat 27th August 2016, 9am to 2pm, Macquarie street

Receive one-on-one advice, attend a lecture or masterclass, and bring an instrument to participate in the wind symphony and choir performances.

Contact: 1800 793 864 


University of Wollongong First Year Accommodation Guarantee

The University of Wollongong offers first year students from outside the Wollongong region a guaranteed place at one of their university residences. UOW Living has a range of living options—catered, self-catered, single rooms, twin share, units and studios—and all are either on campus or a short distance from campus.


Top Education Institute Open Day
Date : 1st Sep 2016 Time : 2:00pm – 7:00pm Cost : FREE
Venue : Bay 4, Locomotive St, Australian Technology Park, Eveleigh NSW 2015
Contact : Fernando : admission@top.edu.au / 02 9209 4888
Prospective students are welcome to come with their friends and relatives, and learn more about our undergraduate degrees in law, business, accounting, finance marketing and Public Relations. 
Attendees will also be able to discover the possibilities as PwC and TOP Education join forces. We will have fun activities, workshops, great food and prizes. See you on Thursday 1 September 2016 from 2pm to 7pm. Visit www.top.edu.au

Australian Catholic University (ACU) North Sydney Open Day – Saturday, 3 September 2016, 8.30am-2.30pm
Date : 3rd Sep 2016 Time : 8.30am-2.30pm Cost : FREE
Venue : Australian Catholic University – North Sydney Campus
Contact : Tony Ciccone : Futurestudy.Syd@acu.edu.au or 02 9739 2091
Open Day is a great way to find out everything you need to know about studying at ACU.  Visit: www.acu.edu.au/openday ACU North Sydney Campus 40 Edward St, North Sydney NSW 2060

JB Fairfax Award for Rural Journalism

Applications close 30th September

Prospective university students looking to enrol in a degree relevant to rural affairs and who possess a passion for rural journalism are encouraged to apply. The award includes a scholarship of $10,000 and practical work experience with the winning article to be published in a major rural publication.


NSW Government: Fee-Free Scholarships

Young people (aged 15 – 30) who meet the Smart and Skilled Fee-free scholarship criteria will be eligible for a government subsidy which covers their Smart and Skilled course fee. To be eligible for the scholarship, prospective students have to study a Certificate I, Certificate II, Certificate III or Certificate IV level qualification on the NSW Skills List, and be either a Commonwealth Welfare recipient or the dependent of a Commonwealth Welfare recipient.

South Western Sydney Institute TAFE Open Day

Granville College – 27th August 2016, 10am to 2pm

Campbelltown College – 3rd September 2016, 10am to 2pm

Open day will provide prospective students with the opportunity to learn more about the study options available, tour the campus, take part in hands on activities, attend career information sessions and more.


Flight Centre Travel Academy Information Session

Level 13, 33 Berry Street, North Sydney

Flight Centre Travel Academy allows student to participate in real-world training in a blended online and offline model. Information sessions are held regularly throughout the year. To register your interest in attending one, fill out the form in the link below.


CLJA is now CLET

College for Law & Justice Administration is now College for Law, Education & Training.  Online courses include Police Preparation courses and Justice Studies from Cert II to Advanced Diploma level.


National Art School Open Day

Sat 29th August, 10.00am – 4.00pm

Explore real working artist studios, take part in a range of interactive art workshops, attend information sessions and view the campus.


Moore Theological College Open Day

24th September 2016, 9:30am to 1:30pm, Broughton Knox Teaching Centre, 15 King Street Newtown.

The day includes mini lectures, residential and library tours, information on course details and more.


Le Cordon Bleu Open Day

1st September 2016, 2pm to 5pm,

Open day includes a campus tour, career booths, information about scholarships, tasting and culinary demonstrations. To register for the event or find out more follow the link below.


Airbrush Ventori

Airbrush Ventori courses teach the skill of airbrushing all around Australia.


My Health Career: How Long Does It Take to Become a Fully Qualified Doctor?


Fair Work Ombudsman: Young Workers & Students

This webpage outlines the responsibilities and rights of young people and students in the workplace. Information can also be found on starting a job, beginning an apprenticeship or traineeship, and ending employment.


Career Quiz

This quiz will help you identify what types of work you most like doing.  A Career Quiz app can also be downloaded free from the iTunes app store and Google Play by searching for ‘Career Quiz Australia’.


Employment Outlook to November 2019

The Department of Employment’s annual employment projections forecast the job outlook by industry, occupation, skill level and region for the following five years to November 2019.


What do employers really want?


The Brother John Taylor Memorial Prize

The Brother John Taylor Memorial Prize is presented each year to a student or students who have overcome significant hardship to attain academic excellence in their HSC. The recipient receives a grant, trophy and certificate.

Nominations can be made well before HSC results are released.

Contact: Maureen Stevens on (02) 9367 8309 or maureen.stevens@bostes.nsw.edu.au


Young Carer 2017 Bursary Program

Young carers who will be at secondary school in 2017 can apply for this bursary program. It is intended to ease the strain of part-time work for people who are carers and also attending school. Applications close 14th September.


Traineeships and apprenticeships with Australian Training Company

Current traineeships and apprenticeships available at Australian Training Company

Please see the attached for a number of opportunities including an Accounting Traineeship in the Sutherland area. 


Other events

Further information and events go to  http://www.calendarwiz.com/mhscareers for all events

Wed 10th August:

The 2016 Hornsby Apprenticeship and Traineeship Expo 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Australian Institute of Music: Information Nights 6:00 pm

Thu 11th August:

Sydney Science Festival 11th – 21st August 2016

Women in Physics tour

Fri 12th August: 

National ICT Week

National Student Volunteer Week

Women in Physics tour

Sat 13th August:

Billy Blue College of Design Open Day 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

CATC Design Events 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

UOW Open Day Wollongong Campus 10:00 am – 4:00 pmSun 14th August:

AIE Open Day 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

International College of Management Open Day 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

 Mon 15th August:

Charles Sturt University: 2016 Parent Information Evenings

Kings & Tara Tertiary Night, Parramatta

UTS Science in Focus: STEM Day

Tue 16th August:

St Ives High School Combined Careers Market

UTS Science in Focus: Inside the forensic world

 Accounting Traineeship - Sutherland (2)


2016 Apprenticeships


Viviene Gereige

Vocational Learning Coordinator

Semester 1 Academic Awards

It was an outstanding first semester for all of our students at Bethany College.  They have embraced the College’s vision for learning, “Together, we grow” and have thrown themselves into all aspects of their learning.  The Awards ceremony held on Friday 22 July is a true example of the commitment and dedication the students have to their studies and this college.

Congratulations to all the Semester 1 Award recipients for Years 7 to 12.    

2016 Semester 1 Award Recipients

Semester 1 Award Ceremony photos