Volume 12 - 16 Aug 2019


Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Celebrated each year on August 15, the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary commemorates the death of Mary and her bodily assumption into Heaven. Because it signifies the Blessed Virgin’s passing into eternal life, it is the most important of all Marian feasts and a Holy Day of Obligation.

Prayer for the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Almighty and everlasting God,

You have taken up body and soul

into the heavenly glory the Immaculate Virgin Mary,

Mother of Your Son: Grant, we beseech You,

that, ever intent upon heavenly things,

we may be worthy to be partakers of her glory.

Through Jesus Christ Your Son, our Lord,

who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit,

One God, forever and ever.


(Lourdes Prayer Request)




Dear Parents, Carers and Friends of Bethany,

Over the past 2 weeks, there have been some exceptional opportunities on offer for our students which have challenged them, brought some out of a comfort zone, brought others reward or provided them with another perspective that they may not have previously had. Such opportunities include:


Year 11 Retreat

At the time of writing this article, Year 11 are still on Retreat but I had the rewarding experience of joining them for part of their program. The Year 11 Retreat program offers time for students to be surrounded by a peaceful environment to leave the routines of school and home behind and to explore themselves on many levels, through relationships with each other, with God and with themselves. Time is given for each student to think about what they represent individually and collectively, how they communicate and where their faith belief systems currently lay. This is a valuable experience for Year 11 and I thank the staff who gave of their family time to be on Retreat. Over the coming weeks, Year 11 will explore servant leadership as we move towards electing our new College leaders.


Year 12 HSC Preparation

Our HSC Dancers have completed one part of their Dance HSC when examiners from NESA visited Bethany to mark the girls on the practical side of their Dance course. Congratulations to all of our dancers and to Miss Eaton for her thorough preparation of each girl.

All of Year 12 have completed most of their HSC Trial examinations with the last exam being held on Monday. Whilst there is pressure around exam preparation, watching the girls enter each exam, has shown the staff that each girl has a set goal and is taking it very seriously to achieve this goal.


Subject Selection

Year 8 and Year 10 have entered their selections for subjects for 2020. Whilst staff are analysing these choices, we are proud to have offered a few new courses and processes for next year. Year 9, 2020 will study elective courses in a varied way. Each girl has chosen one course that they will study for two years and then in an effort to further engage students, we have introduced 100 hour electives. This means that two other electives are studied for one year each. Such a system gives students the opportunity to experience a taste of three different subjects across Years 9 and 10. A new subject has also been offered Maths for the STEM World which will allow students more choice in learning as they study this problem based course where each girl will choose a project or problem to solve and develop.

In Year 11, 2020 there are two new subjects on offer – Industrial Technology Multimedia. This has been a very popular course in Stage 5 and our current Year 10’s having been the first to study this course at Bethany which began last year, have the opportunity to carry their knowledge through to the Stage 6 course. With thanks to Mr Gianni, we are also offering a Travel and Tourism course which does not contribute to an ATAR. This course has the aim of teaching students how to organise travel, budgeting, transport, accommodation and then teaches students the basic travel language needed in two languages to be much better prepared to travel.

The new courses described have been available for students to choose and will run if there is enough demand.

The staff are very excited to be able to have new curriculum offerings available as we continually look for avenues to cater for the current interests of our girls.

Please continue to keep Year 12 in your prayers in their final few weeks.


Father’s Day Mass

We warmly invite all dads, grandfathers and significant male role models in the lives of our girls to our Father’s Day Mass followed by a light morning tea on Thursday, 29 August.   Mass begins at 7.30am at St Michael’s.  We look forward to seeing a church full our dads.

Please click on the link attached to RSVP by Monday, 26 August.



Congratulations to Mya Cox – Year 9

Mya recently competed in Canada at the 13th International Soke Cup for karate.

Mya competed exceptionally well, finishing with a Gold medal in her individual kata (technique) event and 2 Bronze for her kumite (fighting) events in very tough divisions. A triple medalist in a tournament with over 500 competitors from around the world. From Hurstville to Canada with hours of training behind these outstanding results, Mya should be very proud.



Robyn Rodwell



From the Assistant Principal

This week I wish to take the opportunity to remind both parents and their daughters of the importance of exercising caution when travelling to and from school. Regardless of how the girls travel to school each day they have an important role to play in ensuring their own safety as well as those of others. Many of the tips below may seem like common sense, however, I encourage parents to have a conversation about the importance of being aware of their surroundings and the activities going on around them as well as the dangers of distraction when traveling to and from school.

At the end of the school day many girls are keen to ensure that they make the first bus, the early train or are among the first to be picked up. Many are also keen to reconnect with their family and friends via their phones and social media accounts. Such hurriedness coupled with distraction of the mobile phones can be dangerous. Parents are encouraged to discuss with their daughters the need to ensure that they are concentrating at all times and are mindful of the large number of girls entering and exiting the College at the beginning of the school day. Being aware of your own surrounding and the behaviours of those with whom you share the space is important in ensuring the safety of all. 

Parents and caregivers are encouraged to discuss the following with their daughters:

  • The importance of not rushing or pushing in order to make an early bus or train, always ensure that your daughter has adequate time between school and any after school commitments she may have.  
  • The dangers of distractions, including mobile phones or even chatting with friends as they cross the road or board the bus or train. 
  • The importance of following the road rules and signals, despite how much time they think they might be able to predict the behaviour of motorists, teenagers are rarely able to accurately judge the speed and distance of approaching vehicles. 
  • The need to stand well back from the kerb when waiting for a bus or to be picked up, particularly as a vehicle is pulling up and never cross in front or behind a bus as the vision of other drivers may be obscured by the bus. 
  • That if they notice any unusual or concerning behaviour of either another student of the College or a member of the community they should report it immediately to Mrs Hughes, Mrs Matthews or their year coordinator so that we might work collaboratively to continue to ensure the safety of our girls. 


Art and Design Showcase evening

A reminder that this Wednesday night is our Art and Design Showcase evening. We look forward to welcoming many families to celebrate the creative achievements of the girls in this domain. We know that they will take great pride and delight in showcasing their work. The evening begins in Yallunga Hall at 6pm. 


Winter Sport Uniform Reminder

Hoodies are not permitted to be worn under the College tracksuit.  The polar fleece as shown below is available for purchase from the Uniform shop for a cost of $45.00 for those who require additional clothing on cold days.


Jodie Hughes

Assistant Principal

2019 Mosaic Mentoring Program

This year, The University of New South Wales invited high ability and high performing students to be involved in their Mosaic Mentoring program, building partnerships between our students and the university. The program provides a platform for UNSW volunteers and high school students to discuss global issues, cultural diversity and community identity.

Over the past four weeks, the Year 9 Newman Religious Education class have been working closely with their UNSW mentors to complete a major project centred around the 2019 theme of Inclusion. This theme was introducted to the girls at the Forum Day in July and continues to be workshopped in Religious Education classes. The major work will be presented at the University at the Expo night in September as well as at College Newman Showcase in Term 4.

Below is a reflection from one of the Year 9 students on the program so far:

The Mosaic Mentoring program has given us a unique opportunity to come together as a class to engage in conversation around the 2019 Mosaic Mentoring theme of Inclusion.

The program gives us the opportunity to express our opinions and views on modern-day issues, whilst collaborating with our peers to complete a major project.

Once a week, the mentors from UNSW come to Bethany College to guide us in our major works. Their guidance has been extremely helpful in formulating ideas, concepts and methods in completing our major works.

 Eloise Martelletti, Year 9 Newman



Dorian Kipriotis and Jamie Lee Wood

PDHPE Department News

Year 7 Risky Business Incursion – Cyber Safety

On Wednesday the 31st of July, the whole of Year 7 was greeted by the Cyber Safety Lady, Leonie Smith who lead us through a slideshow exploring how to be safe on the internet. Ms Smith has been working with Cyber Safety since 1995 and set to work on educating Year 7 on the topic. The slideshow the students were shown, focused on privacy settings, scams, digital footprints and more. Year 7 were further informed on cyber-related problems which captured the students’ attention due to the vast amount of students that had experienced something similar. During this event, Ms Smith educated the students and taught them how to protect themselves on the internet. For further information articles can be found at https://thecybersafetylady.com.au/

Bianca Adonoski and Lucinda Popovski –  7PET


Year 10 Road Safety Excursion – RYDA

On Tuesday the 6th of August, year 10 participated in a Road Safety excursion at Sydney Olympic Park. The day was led by the non for profit organisation, Road Safety Education Limited (RSE), who is committed to reducing trauma on our roads by educating young people in senior high school. Hence, the day comprised of various workshops lead by police officers and/or members of RSE, in which we were exposed to some of the confronting truths about road dangers and risk taking. Majority of the workshops provided us with an insight into how the simplest mistakes can be fatal, but also what precautions can be taken to avoid these risks. We were able to develop and practise personalised strategies and life skills which will help us respond positively to challenges on the road, both as drivers and highly influential passengers. The day was a great opportunity for us girls to prepare for a safer future on the road, and hopefully we will be apart of the generation bringing the total road fatality rate down to 0.

Luana Rendina – Year 10



CGSSSA AFL – Tuesday 6th August

Congratulations to the following girls who represented the college at the CGSSSA AFL gala day on Tuesday 6th August.

Junior (Years 8 & 9)

Amelia Urbina Emily Dingle  Jessica Patterson  Lucy Flanagan Violet Gruppelaar
Katherine Sozomenou   Manaia Harris Wilson  Sarah Pilla  Chloe Jackson  Martha Kossenberg
Hannah Coughlan  Mikayla Capizzi      


Senior (Year 11)

Amber Lazos Caitlin Dimitrevski Anika Deshpande Abbey Hoy Karissa Siourounis
Courtlyn Bruce Montana Duggan Eva Kostopoulos Alessia Lazazzara Isabel Finch
Jessica Laskovski Isabella Jade Awad Alyssa Gurung Isabella Mattar  


After the washout on the original date, we sent a smaller group of students to the event which left them with fewer reserves.

The Junior team had just enough players to fill the field and in an unlucky event in the second game, a player was out due to injury.  The team continued to play with one player down, but this did not stop them and they made it to the grand final.  They were unfortunately defeated 24-14 but still showed such determination and strength to make it that far.


The Senior team, consisting of year 11s celebrated a win and enjoyed improving throughout the day.


Lauren Brennan

Sports Coordinator

Careers / VET Update


Macquarie University – Entry Navigator

Everyone comes to university on an ATAR. Right? No, not with Macquarie Entry. ATAR is just one of the factors we use to determine your suitability for study. It’s true that your ATAR rank can be a useful factor of your chances for success in a specific course. But it’s equally true that there are other factors we can use to assess your suitability. That’s why we have 11 different admission pathways to Macquarie; ten of these assess your suitability on more than a selection ranking based on your raw ATAR or on your ATAR plus adjustment factors providing additional points.



Macquarie University’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Entry Pathway (ASTIEP)

Applications are now open

This entry pathway is a 2 step process; an online application followed by an interview on our North Ryde Campus. Students should apply to receive an early offer and peace of mind if they don’t think they are going to get the ATAR they need or aren’t intending to receive an ATAR. Interviews are every second week from now until February 2020, and each applicant will know their result within 2 weeks of their interview. At the casual interview, applicants will get to meet the Walanga Muru staff and students and learn about our scholarships, accommodation options, engagement services and much more. Call Tayla on (02) 9850 8624.



WSU – HSC True Reward

Most people are good at something. What’s your passion? It’s important to play to your strengths because, ultimately, your strengths determine your future. This is the premise behind Western’s HSC True Reward program. True Reward offers you a place at Western on the basis of relevant HSC subject results.

Find out more about HSC True Reward and how to apply. 


Reminder – Western Sydney U Day

STEAM*, Business and Law

*Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Arts (Creative Industries), Mathematics

Tuesday 19 November 2019, Parramatta Campus 


Teaching and Education, Social Sciences, Psychology and Arts

Thursday 21 November 2019, Penrith Campus

Western Sydney U Day provides the opportunity for Year 10 and 11 high school students to experience a day on a Western Sydney University campus.

The event will allow high school students to speak with current University students and academic staff, experience the range of courses available at Western Sydney University through interactive workshops and presentations, learn about scholarships, The Academy, pathway programs and further opportunities to pursue their aspirations



UON Open Foundation

Open Foundation is a free pathway program offered at the University of Newcastle for people who do not have the qualifications required for direct entry into an undergraduate degree program. Not only is Open Foundation designed to help you gain entry, it helps you develop the skills needed for successful study at a university level. We want to give you every chance to succeed, regardless of your background or level of previous education and to help you there are no tuition fees to complete the program.



Living on a Budget While at University

If you think being a student means being poor, think again! With careful planning and a little self-restraint, you can learn to keep to a budget and not skimp on life’s necessities.



UOW – Times Higher Education University Impact Ranking

News just in – UOW is delighted to be ranked equal 13th in the world for the Times Higher Education University Impact Rankings, demonstrating UOW’s successful delivery of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and identifying UOW as a global leader in social and economic impact.

UOW outperformed almost all 500 institutions from 75 countries that participated, highlighting the difference it is making to the world we live in, and the positive impact being delivered to communities locally, nationally and globally. Find out more.


UOW College Australia now accepting applications for 2020

UOW College provides pathways to the University of Wollongong. We offer uni preparation courses to support students and progress to university studies. We also provide VET courses for students seeking work-ready qualifications in Nursing or Fitness. These can also be used for a direct pathway to a bachelor level study. Find out more at the site below or email: madeling@uow.edu.au




2020 TAFE NSW Career Guide

Due to be released mid-August, be one of the first to receive your 2020 TAFE NSW Career Guide. Contact us at schools@tafensw.edu.au


HTN Margaret Fulton Future Food Service Professional Scholarship

Apply by September – Watch this space.

You could be doing paid work experience at leading kitchens at The Merivale Group, Pendolino, Parliament House, Four Seasons Hotel and much more!



HIA Apprenticeships Australia

Whether it’s running your own business, taking over the family company or being the best tradie in the area, we can help you get there. Find out more

You will learn your trade on the job and attend trade school to gain additional knowledge and skills through accredited courses. Apply now

HIA Apprentices offer apprenticeships in:

  • bricklayer
  • cabinetmaker
  • carpenter
  • painter and decorator
  • solid plasterers and wall and ceiling fixers
  • roof tiler and tiler




Billy Blue College of Design – Open Night

3 September. 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Billy Blue College of Design

46-52 Mountain Street, Ultimo

Learn about our courses. Take a tour of our studios. Speak to our Lecturers and Faculty staff, and

Hear from current students about what it’s like to study at Billy Blue.

Open Night isn’t like your typical Open Day, you’ll have the opportunity to speak one on one with the Faculty staff that teach and write our courses, work in the industry and have first-hand experience of what it’s like to follow your passion and turn it into a career.



Top – Sydney City School – Business and Law Scholarships

Scholarships are available for domestic and international students, school leavers and non-school leavers.
Our scholarships can cover partial or full annual tuition fees. The selection criteria vary and some scholarships may be subject to an interview.
Below are the scholarships we offer for new commencing students of TOP:

Academic and Merit

Principal’s Outstanding Award (Dom – Bus/Law)

TOP’s Outstanding Achievement Award (Int/Dom – Bus/Law)

Sydney City School of Law Award (Int/Dom – Law)

Sydney City School of Business Award (Int/Dom – Bus)

Young Achiever (Int/Dom – Bus/Law)

Dean’s Award (Int/Dom – Bus/Law)

Innovative Minds Scholarship (Dom – Bus/Law)



JMC Academy Open Day

17 August .

561 Harris Street, UItimo

On the day you can take a tour of our facilities, get your hands on some of our serious gear, grab a bit to eat and learn why JMC continues to lead the way in Creative Industries education. You’ll also have a chance to chat with current students and heads of department about studying abroad, industry internships and scholarships. Don’t forget to listen to our student bands and stop by the studios to see and hear live film and audio productions in action!



AIT – Academy of Information Technology Open Day

24 August

Level 2, 7 Kelly Street, Ultimo, Sydney

Your introduction to film production, 3D animation, games design, mobile apps and IT. AIT’s Open Day is perfect for those wanting to explore the endless opportunities available in the growing creative industry. This is a fun and interactive way to get further information on our curriculum, course requirements, study pathways. Our friendly staff & students will also be there to talk to and get advice from. Register here:



 Le Cordon Bleu – Sydney Open Day

17 August. 10am to 2pm

Location: Le Cordon Bleu Sydney campus, 250 Blaxland Road Ryde NSW 2112 Australia

Meet our expert educators and industry professionals. Tour our state-of-the-art facilities. Learn about our prestigious culinary arts and Bachelor of Business degree programmes. Experience culinary delights and sensory workshops. Discover why Le Cordon Bleu is recognised as the world’s best culinary and hospitality school.



Billy Blue Scholarships – Photography, Interior Design, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, 3D, Digital Design

Closes Monday 20 January 2020 for February 2020 intake


We’re looking for creative thinkers who can produce quality original designs based on solid concepts and backed by research and inspiration.

We  want a team of passionate, outgoing and out-right cool Ambassadors, everyone is different so show us what you can bring to the team.

We want the innovative thinkers, ambitious new design leaders, the agitators, rule-breakers and the game-change.




Traineeships from Real Estate Institute of NSW

Whether you’re starting out in real estate, wanting to improve your skills, looking for a career change, or an agency looking for trainee opportunities, a traineeship has something to offer you. Traineeships offered in Cert III in Property Services (Agency) and Cert IV in Property Services (Real Estate).



Taronga Zoo – Exploring Ecosystems Stage 5 – Sydney or Dubbo

Ecosystems are complex, incredibly diverse and come in all different sizes. This workshop allows students to explore how energy flows through food chains and food webs as well as considering the importance of keystone species.

Students will have the opportunity to meet a range of incredible animals and investigate the roles that they play within their native ecosystems.

This workshop also investigates the threats and challenges to ecosystems and the roles and the role that we can play in protecting them.



Study Tips – Macleay College  

Confused about how to study most effectively? If so, you’re not alone. Macleay’s Senior Lecturer and study tip guru, Dr Manny Aston, has some clever tips for you and your students in this video


Living Laboratory in the Royal Botanic Gardens

18 August. 11am to 3pm

Join us at a free outdoor event to celebrate the environmental sciences. Explore the Royal Botanic Garden to get hands-on with science experiments, explore behind-the-scenes and use scientific equipment.

  Talks and demonstrations from the Lab Stage

  Meeting Australian animals and bugs

  Hands-on kids fossil-making

  Meet Botanic Garden scientists

  Sydney University’s Nano-Lens project



Headspace Career Plan Guide

Our career plan is the roadmap for our career. We need to know the career or job goal we are aiming for, the step by step direction and timeframes we will follow to get there – study, employment, 5 year plan etc., and the tools we will use to reach our goal – special skills training, work experiences, qualifications etc.



Global Leaders Delegation – Europe with Crimson Education

Do you want to become a future leader and pursue a career in international relations and politics? Be inspired by global experts and visit renowned international organisations in Prague, Geneva, London, Cambridge and Oxford.



Lattitude Global Volunteering 2020 Applications Open

With over 20% of first year university students in Australia leaving their chosen course or dropping out all together, maybe it’s a good idea to step off the academic treadmill and consider your goals before diving in. There are so many benefits to taking a gap year – independence, confidence, career experience, and cultural awareness are just a few! Volunteering can really give you an edge before and after university.



National Computer Science School – Plan Ahead

Applications open in September

Friday 3 January to Sunday 12 January 2020

NCSS applications will be accepted from students who will complete Year 11 in 2019, and from exceptionally gifted Year 10 students. Selection of students will be based on academic performance, particularly in the subjects of mathematics and science, and demonstrated interest in computing. Personal qualities, such as community service, and social and teamwork skills will also be taken into consideration.

No prior knowledge of computing is assumed. Students who are not taking computing units of study at school are eligible to apply. Rest assured that students who enter the program as proficient programmers will also find plenty of material to extend their skills.

If you have any questions, please contact summerschool@ncss.edu.au.



 Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum

224 Howick Street, Bathurst

Where art and science meet. Baffle your senses with an evening of tactile and visual illusions. Watch static images move and twist before your very own eyes. Feel your body change size and shape. Immerse yourself in the bizarre sensory world of animals in which perception determines your fate. 


National Marine Science Centre

Located on the edge of the spectacular Solitary Islands Marine Park in sub-tropical Coffs Harbour, the National Marine Science Centre is one of the world’s best situated facilities for studying coastal and marine habitats and their inhabitants.

Scientists at the NMSC excel in research in key global issues such as food security and the impacts of humans at local, regional, national and international levels.

Expertise in disciplines including marine biodiversity and ecology, aquaculture, estuarine and coastal processes, and coastal management provide a diverse base for teaching and research projects on conservation and sustainability of marine environments that are affected by increasing urbanisation and climate change



Study Assist – Financial Support

Information to help students financing their Tertiary studies from the Federal Government. Includes information on HELP Loans, HECS, Commonwealth Supported Places.



Scholarships Australia Wide

There are currently more than 3000 scholarships available to Australian students, across both the higher education and vocational sectors. Scholarships can cover an array of costs from tuition fees to living and accommodation costs, our advice is to investigate your options early on as the amount of information to get through and applications to fill can be overwhelming.


Defence Work Experience – Various Roles across Many Areas of Defence

The Defence Work Experience Program provides young Australians interested in Defence as a future career, the opportunity to sample life in Defence and learn more about the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and the Australian Public Service (APS).
For queries about the Defence Work Experience Program please email Defence.WorkExperienceProgram@defence.gov.au
For more information on the Defence Work Experience Program and how to apply, click here.



Elizabeth Vrahnos

Vocational Learning Coordinator

Enlighten Education Newsletter Article – Girls Essentials Workshop

On Tuesday 31st of July, all the Year 9 Magnolias attended the Enlightenment Education Program called ‘Girls Essentials’ in Yullanga Hall. The aim of this program was to acquaint Year 9 students with the issues facing teenage girls today, with workshops based on friendship, body image, and safety.

We were all able to identify the characteristics of a positive friendship compared to toxic friendships and were also given the opportunity to strengthen our friendships through affirmations. 

During the workshop on body image, we went on to learn about the impact of the media on the way we perceive ourselves and the standard of beauty in our world today, and interestingly, we were also exposed to how the image of beauty has changed through different time periods. This was an invaluable workshop which has helped us to love ourselves, be nice and thoughtful to others and build our self-confidence.

We are all participating now in the 21-day challenge, that asks us to embrace our own personal growth journey.

Below are some comments and thoughts about the day:

Enlighten was a great day to learn and interact with friends 

  • Enlighten taught us to be comfortable in your own skin 
  • This will help us to resolve problems quicker 
  •  The favourite part of Enlighten was learning different strategies for real-life situations and listening to all the stories.
  • I really enjoyed this workshop and I believe every girl needs it! I learnt that everyone is insecure, how to defend myself, to have self-love and appropriately use social media.


Cleopatra Kaliaras


OLF Peakhurst Youth Group