Volume 14 - 30 Oct 2020


Dear Parents, Carer’s and Friends of Bethany,

Today Australia celebrates World Teachers Day. As we pray for the Bethany staff today, I would like to thank each staff member for their dedication to working hard to cater for each girl in our school. The extent that our teachers go to in order to find interesting ways to inspire and teach are admirable. In a year where educating students has meant thinking of new ways to teach, I am proud to congratulate the Bethany staff on embracing change and learning new technologies.



Giver of All Wisdom and Greatest of all Teachers, 

Look upon our teachers with love

Grant them the resolve

To nurture our eager minds

And to never give up on us who fall behind

Bless their hearts

For they rejoice when we succeed And encourage us when we fail

Endow them with gentle patience

For the path of learning is never easy

Kindle a spirit of passion in them

It is the flame that ignites the love of learning in us

Help them see the potential in each student

Their belief in us means much more than the grade we make

Instill in them a commitment to keep on learning

It shows us to not fear new knowledge and experiences

Inspire them to touch the future

They influence how big a dream we dream for ourselves

Bless our teachers who have come before for their work endures to this day

Let the light of Your example shine upon all teachers: To build up with their words

To love with their mind : To share with their heart.




A special welcome back to all families from me. As you know, I have been on leave for 2 weeks and I thank Mrs Hughes and Mrs Kennaugh for stepping into the Acting Principal and Assistant Principal roles in my absence. I was delighted to return refreshed and to see our girls in their Summer Uniforms also looking refreshed and well into their studies for the term. Over the past few days, I have walked around the College and have witnessed student debates, new College leaders planning initiatives. I have seen student wellbeing highlighted in various ways from zoom lessons about strategies to deal with anxiety to sport and art and craft used as a means to relaxing and using creativity and students running sessions on mindfulness. This has highlighted the dedication of our teachers to guide students to have a voice, but more so has showcased the talents and initiative of our girls to strive for positivity and as a student body to be encouraging of others. The articles that follow in this newsletter are also testament to student led initiatives.

Please keep Fr Janusz from our St Michael’s Hurstville Parish in your prayers as he is recovering from being unwell and has been hospitalised. Some of our regular Masses and opportunities for Reconciliation will be reduced as Fr Janusz recovers.

Welcome to Mr Dane Scerri who replaces Mr Roberts in Science for this term. Mr Scerri comes with extensive Science teaching experience from All Saints College at Liverpool.

The HSC Exams began last week and HSC students have had to operate inside a bubble created especially for Year 12 at the College so as to limit contact with other staff and students in case of a positive COVID result in the school. Whilst this has meant extra sign on measures and precautions, our Year 12 students have adapted quickly and have undertaken each exam to the best of their ability. Whilst there have been many nerves and some exams harder than others, what has been obvious is the care that Year 12 have taken to prepare for each exam and their motivation to succeed. Please keep Year 12 in your prayers in the final 2 weeks of exams.

It was a privilege to induct our new leaders for 2021 on Monday at Mass. In Fr Janusz’ absence, I thank Fr Chris Ryan from St Declan’s Penshurst for celebrating the Eucharist with us. Fr Chris was inspirational in speaking with the girls about the need for leaders to have positive relationships with each other and to be guided by Jesus as a role model for leadership. We look forward to our new leaders further deepening student led initiatives across the College.

A friendly reminder that students should not attend school if they have any cold or flu-type symptoms. Please forward COVID results to the College for clearance to attend school. We continue to have our cleaning protocols in place to help with student safety and still have some limitations with regards to the school operating as normal. 


Robyn Rodwell

College Principal

From the Assistant Principal


A reminder that despite the unseasonably cooler weather this week students are not permitted to wear their sports jackets with the summer uniform nor are they permitted to wear long sleeve tops under their tunics or sports tops unless this is covered by their College cardigan or blazer. 


Compass Card Reminder 

Every student is required to have their Compass Card on them at all times. If a student is unable to present their Compass card on 3 occasions they will be issued a Tuesday afternoon detention. Students who have misplaced or damaged their Compass card are required to order a replacement card at a cost of $10. This can be done directly through the portal via the cog on the top right hand side of the students profile, under my account, Compass identity card, and order the new card.


Safe Travel 

Families are encouraged to have regular conversations with their daughters about the importance of travelling to and from school in a safe manner.  Students are reminded to ensure that: 

  • all vehicles are stationary.
  • the pedestrian walk sign is green, if it is flashing students MUST not cross.
  • they are paying attention to what is happening around them, particularly when crossing in large groups.
  • are not using their mobile phone or listening to music as they attempt to cross the road.
  • they are not running to make the bus. Families are asked to consider the possibility of students catching the second bus in the interest of safety.  This is of particular concern for students catching the 452 or 455 in the afternoon. Both of these services depart from Forest Road.
  • they stand back from the edge of the road when waiting from the bus. The Footpath on Forest Road is narrow and  is particularly dangerous at the end of the school day when it is very crowded.


Opal Cards

Opal cards automatically expire when a student completes either Year 6 or Year 12. They otherwise have a life of 5 years. 

There are a small number of students in our school whose Opal card will expire in January, this includes any student who has had their card replaced in the last 5 years. 

Students in this category and/or their parents/carer will be contacted directly by Transport for NSW via email or post and  will be asked to confirm their details online in order for a new School Opal card to be sent to the correct postal address in time for the new school year.

If contacted by Transport for NSW, details should be submitted online by 1 December 2020 at the latest.  Students requiring a new card and who do not confirm their details in time will have a new School Opal card posted to the address currently on file.



Author: Dr Prue Salter

Dr. Larry Rosen, professor of psychology at California State University  has a must-read book for parents called ‘iDisorder: Understanding Our Obsession with Technology and Overcoming Its Hold on Us’. In this book he discusses changes that occur to the brain’s ability to process information and the ability to relate to the world due to daily consumption of media and use of technology. This obsession with technology can result in signs and symptoms of psychological disorders (which Dr. Rosen has labeled iDisorders) such as stress, sleeplessness, narcissism and a compulsive need to check-in with our technology. 

However, it is important to note the word ‘obsession’. Dr. Rosen is not anti-technology, far from it. Instead, he argues that we need to become more aware of issues that can arise from over-use of technology and then implement strategies to deal with these. Self-awareness and a move towards restorative balance are essential.

 Some of the ideas Dr. Rosen discusses are:

  • Ensure your child gets a full night’s sleep and that mobile phones are switched off during the night and ideally in a different room. If a student wakes in the night and checks their phone, however briefly, this will interrupt the sleep patterns for that night and disrupt essential memory processing.

  • Convene regular family dinners (3-4 times a week for 30-40 minutes) where technology is forbidden at the table – parents included! Dr. Rosen points to the fact that many parents are also obsessed with technology and are modeling these behaviours to their children, for example not paying full attention when their child is talking to them, instead answering email on their smart phone at the same time. Rosen believes we are massive self-interrupters and we are training our children that if something buzzes, beeps or vibrates, we should jump and immediately check to see if there is something we should attend to right now.

  • Given the pervasiveness of technology in our lives as well as the fact that technology evokes high levels of mental activity, we need to start taking technology ‘time-outs’ to reset our brains and refresh our capacity to process information.  It is important to recognise that the constant lure of multiple technologies and our obsession with them is overloading our brain. If we want to avoid iDisorder and ensure our use of technology does not make us exhibit signs and symptoms of psychological disorders, then we need to reset our brain on a regular basis. You may decide to take a 10 minute break from technology every 2 hours or you may even decide to allocate at least one day a week where you focus your attention 100% on real life and shut off your technology for a significant portion of that day. During this time you could laugh or talk with friends or family, experience nature or do something active. The aim is to give the brain a chance to slow down and rest by doing something that does not involve electronic devices.

We live in a connected world and we can’t turn the clock back and take away all these fun new technological tools. So the message is, we need to learn to take care of our brains and take some small proactive steps to avoid a potential iDisorder. 

Visit the Dealing with Distractions unit at www.studyskillshandbook.com.au to learn more about managing your distractions.

Our school’s subscription details are –

Username: bethanyhurstville

Password: 65success


Jodie Hughes

Assistant Principal

What’s Happening in Religious Education

Pope Francis recently sent a message to the Women’s Consultation Group of the Pontifical Council for Culture and it is a wonderful message about the very important role of women in our Church, in both historical and contemporary contexts.  This is particularly important for the young women in our school to hear as they are the future of our Church here in Australia and have a vital role to play in keeping our faith alive and ever-renewed:

“In the history of salvation, it was a woman who welcomed God’s Word. Women too kept alive the flame of faith in the dark night, awaiting and then proclaiming the Resurrection.  Women find deep and joyful fulfilment in precisely these two acts:  welcoming and proclaiming.  They are the protagonists of a Church that goes forth, listening and caring for the needs of others, capable of fostering true processes of justice and bringing the warmth of a home to the various social environments where they find themselves.  Listening, reflecting and loving activity: these are the elements of a joy ever-renewed and shared with others through feminine insight, the care of creation, the gestation of a more just world, and the creation of a dialogue that respects and values differences. 

I encourage you then to be bearers of a message of peace and renewal.  To be a presence that, with humility and courage, is able to understand and welcome newness and inspire hope of a more fraternal world.” Pope Francis 7.10.2020


Diane Kennaugh

Leader of Religious Education and Mission

Student Leadership 2021

The Student Leadership Team for 2021 was announced recently and this week was the very important Commissioning Mass. The students were reminded of the greatest example of servant leadership for Catholics, that is the model of Jesus. The leaders received a special blessing and their badges and are excited to start planning some great initiatives.

Congratulations to the following students:

2021 Student Leadership Team 

College Captain Nektaria Rice
College Vice-Captain Luana Rendina
RE & Mission Captain  Priscilla Zanak
Sports Captain Caitlin Hollis
Year 7  Laura Carrabs
Year  8   Chelsea Cibalevski
Year 9 Fotini Koutsodimas
Year 10  Vikky Clements Salgado
Year  11    Tejal Meisuria
Year 12   Georgia Bradbery
House Captains  
Franklin   Lily Perenara
Kellerman Olivia Tarlamis
Melba Bianca Pilla
Oodgeroo Keira Fisher
Debating/Public Speaking Ayva Palmer 
Media Jade Lozanovski 
Performing Arts  Katrina Martinez
Social Justice  Jennessa Fong 
Wellbeing     Ashley Semsarian
Transport  Gabrielle Carlucci


Congratulations also to the Transport Monitors who have an important job keeping Bethany students safe when travelling to and from school. They are also vital in ensuring the high standards in behaviour and uniform are visible in the wider community.

Transport Monitors

Gabrielle Carlucci ( PREFECT)

Jade Lozanovski

Elizabeth Mabbutt

Fotini Koutsodimas

Taylor Bennett

Luana Rendina

Mia Palmer

Ayva Palmer

Elly Vazouras

Georgia Najem

Tejal Meisuria 

Claudia Ceballos

Olivia Soca

Natasha Tsilinikos

Caitlin Tan

Bianca Pilla

Deni Kokkinis

Caitlin Turner

Katrina Kartsiotis

Taylor Di Fabio

Liana Lan

Rachael Colreavy

Student Leadership Facilitator

International Day of the Girl

On October 11,  the World celebrated the International Day of the Girl. As a community filled with strong, independent girls, it was essential that the Bethany community promote and encourage this day. 

The 2021 Year 12 leaders were lucky enough to have led this initiative, whereby we acknowledged that there are many girls who cannot access an equal education or any form of education, and made it our job to highlight how privileged we are living in a first-world country. 

The main aims of the day were to promote girl’s empowerment and fulfilment of their human rights while also highlighting the challenges that girls all over the world face. This year’s theme was based around “My voice, our equal future” and with the help of Ms Matthews, we created a ‘Bethany’s Brighter Future Wall’. The SRC promoted and encouraged Bethany students to add to this wall, expressing what they thought a brighter future meant to them. This could be extended to how they could use their voice to achieve this future or how a world filled with powerful female figures would be like. We hoped this activity allowed the Bethany girls to imagine what they could achieve during their lifetime and how they can change the future. 

With this, it is important to remember that we are independent girls, that can achieve anything and when “She considers a field and buys it; out of her earnings she plants a vineyard she sets about her work vigorously; her arms are strong for her tasks.” (Proverbs 31:16-17) 


Jennessa Fong

Year 11 Social Justice Prefect

What Does it Mean to Trust in God?

What Does it Mean to Trust in God?

A student’s perspective on trusting in the Lord, particularly in times of despair and difficulty.

As young Christians, we must learn to put our full trust in God.

The world often exists to challenge our faith. Through these challenges, we must see through the hardships and live for Christ, not for the world. As John 15:17 explains, “you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world.” Christ has chosen us out of the world, he is the way, the truth and the life.

God has a plan for every single one of us. We all have a purpose in this life that we must fulfil. If we put our full trust in God and allow him to take control of our lives, we will see our lives change for the better. Romans 8:28 states, “and we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” Trusting God’s plan for your life will give you the wisdom to understand that we should not stress knowing that God is in control.

The challenges in your life are a part of God’s Grand Plan. Although the reason for these adversities is not yet clear, in time all will be understood. If God didn’t think you can handle these situations he wouldn’t put you through it. He loves you and knows you more than anyone, he knows you can get through it as Christ strengthens you. 1 Peter 5:7 teaches to, “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” Give all your worries and anxieties to Christ, he’ll take care of you and give you true happiness and peace in return. Learning to put Christ at the centre of your life, will truly open your eyes to see how great our God is. He never stops working for you, he fights battles for you, he loves you so much.

Build a relationship with Christ, he awaits you with open arms, he is always there to listen to you. Putting your life in God’s hands and letting him guide you in life, will allow you to feel so relaxed and peaceful as you know that the best is yet to come.

 Jacintha Essa, Year 10

PDHPE & Sport Department News

Representative Sport Term 4

With the easing of restrictions allowing inter-school sport competitions to resume, we are able to attend some of the final CGSSSA Gala days for the year.

On Monday 16th November the CGSSSA Volleyball Gala day will be held at Netball Central, Homebush.  

Trials will be held on Monday 2nd November at the following times:

  • Year 7, 8, 9 – 3.10-3.45pm, Yallunga Hall
  • Year 10, 11 – Lunch, Yallunga Hall


Lauren Feeney

Sport Coordinator


The South Eastern Sydney Local Health District Immunisation Team are due to attend Bethany College on Wednesday 18th November 2020 to administer to Year 7 students the second dose of HPVAt this visit, they will also be providing catch up vaccinations for any student that missed out on any doses in previous visits – HPV Dose 2 and Year 10 Meningococcal ACWY.

Parents/guardians who wish to withdraw their consent for any reason may do so by phoning the school. The Procedure for Withdrawal of Consent is available on the NSW Health website at http://www.health.nsw.gov.au/immunisation/Pages/withdraw_consent.aspx


Study at ACU Webinars

Join ACU online to have your questions answered, and to hear from ACU staff on a range of topics. ACU have been running Study at ACU webinars throughout the year, but still have more sessions to come. Register for one of the information sessions below:

A focus on Business and Law

Wednesday 4 November   Register now

Transitioning to university

Wednesday 2 December   Register now


University of Sydney New Major in Disability and Participation

Are you passionate about changing the way people with a disability are included and supported in communities? This new major can help you learn the skills and knowledge to create an inclusive society.



The University of Sydney Elite Athletes and Performers and Future Leaders Schemes closing 

Applications for the University of Sydney Elite Athletes and Performers Scheme close Saturday 31 October. Nominations for the University of Sydney Future Leaders Scheme close Friday 13 November.

Learn more:


Get in touch schools.outreach@sydney.edu.au


Reminder – The University of Sydney – Architecture, Design and Planning Portfolio Workshop

17 November. 4pm to 5pm

Portfolio submission is a potential way to gain entry into USYD architecture, design and planning degrees if you achieved close to the required ATAR (or equivalent). Hear from the experts who will be assessing your portfolios and ask them how to best select and present your works



UTS Graduates in Demand Master your Career in Animation and Visualisation

12 November. 5pm to 6pm

With the animation and visualisation sectors growing rapidly in Australia, on average, over 90% of UTS Animal Logic Academy graduates have found work in the industry within 6 months.

Register now to learn more about how you can Master your Career in Animation and Visualisation.



UNSW Engineering Guaranteed Entry (GE) Changes and Faculty of Engineering Admission Scheme (FEAS) 

To recognise the hard work and resilience of students throughout COVID-19 and to maximise their educational opportunities, the Guaranteed Entry (GE) rank for most Engineering degrees at UNSW has been adjusted from 93 to 91 for 2021 admission. Applications are also open for the Faculty of Engineering Admission Scheme (FEAS) (www.unsw.to/feas) which considers a student’s aptitude for engineering.


Macquarie University –Faculty of Science & Engineering Academic Achievements Entry Scholarships

Close 29 November

  • Receive an ATAR of 90+
  • Meet any other criteria required in your UAC application into the relevant Macquarie program.
  • Be a domestic student
  • Be available to commence studies at Macquarie University in Session 1, 2021.
  • Have the Macquarie Degree course listed as one of your top 2 UAC preferences in UAC offer round, or have received an offer to study an applicable Macquarie program through the Macquarie Leaders and Achievers early entry scheme.
  • Have completed and submitted the scholarship application form, including the personal statement, resume and reference.
  • Meet ongoing eligibility criteria, including satisfactory academic progress prior to receiving future payment.
  • If you wish to apply for a Faculty of Science and Engineering Academic Entry Scholarship for Session 1, 2021 please fill out and submit the online application form 



Interested in Studying Medicine or Dentistry

Sunday, 06/12/2020, 10:00 am

Sunday, 13/12/2020, 5:00 pm.

Total of 12 hours of workshops.

Are you a bit lost in how the computer-based UCAT will work? Need a comprehensive breakdown of the 5 exam sections, what they will test and how to prepare? In the MedStart Masterclass, you’ll learn everything you need to know for the UCAT in two days. Our course teaches the techniques required to ace each section, with a focus on practicing under replica test conditions so you are completely prepared.



Western Sydney University – Campus Tours 

Come and explore all Western has to offer. Prospective students, their family and the general public can take one of the guided Campus Tours and see what life at Western is really like. Tour lecture theatres, teaching spaces, stroll through libraries, and visit world-class facilities where students gain hands-on, practical experience. Register for a tour: 



Reminder – NIDA Applications Date Closing Soon

30 October

Become one of Australia’s creative leaders. A unique learning experience.

As Australia’s leading dramatic arts education institution, NIDA empowers artists in their chosen field to find their individual creative voices.

Industry engagement and collaborative student learning are core ingredients of all courses, with graduates from the past 60 years enjoying highly successful careers in Australia and around the world.



Le Cordon Bleu Sydney The Future of Hospitality Webinar

Thursday 19 November, 5.30pm – 6.30pm

Our webinar series ends on a high note with a conversation about the future of the hospitality industry. This inspiring session will bring together a panel of special guests to discuss future skills, technology and innovation, and new business opportunities in the post-COVID world.



How to Apply for a Job at Woolworths

Woolworths have developed the following ‘how to’ guides to support external job seekers through their application process.  All current Woolworths employees are asked to apply for positions through the WOW Careers internal website only.

Don’t forget to visit the questions and answers page should you have any further queries.



Career Pathways with Coles

If you’re interested in a great career with Coles Group, across any of our brands or functions, we’d love you to apply.



Steve Donlan

Careers Advisor