Volume 14 - 04 Sep 2015

2015 HSC Students’ Mass & Blessing

All HSC students and their families are warmly invited to attend an HSC Students’ Mass & Blessing to be celebrated by Fr Paul Smithers at Regina Coeli Church, 70 Ponyara Road, Beverly Hills at the 5.00pm Vigil Mass on Saturday, 10 October 2015.


The Meaning of Fatherhood

There is certain immediacy about motherhood that cannot be said of fatherhood.  Nature goes a long way in helping a mother know what it means to be a mother.  Ovulation, pregnancy, childbirth, lactation, and breast feeding are natural and immediate experiences that teach a mother a great deal about the meaning of her motherhood.  Motherhood is imminent, but fatherhood is transcendent.

If nature does comparatively little to teach a man the meaning of fatherhood, his wife, his children, and his culture must help to fill in the blanks.  Yet, secular feminism and the high divorce rate most emphatically do not help a man to understand the meaning of his own fatherhood.  In fact, agencies are busy at work trying to “deconstruct” fatherhood and “de-culture” paternity.

Yet, fatherhood and good fathers are of inestimable importance to society.  There is much evidence that fatherlessness is the leading cause of the declining well-being of children and the engine that drives our most urgent social problems from crime to adolescent pregnancy to child sexual abuse to domestic violence against women.

The following ten distinctions shed light on the critical, yet subtle nature of fatherhood.  Whereas motherhood is unmistakable because of the power of nature, fatherhood requires no small degree of sophisticated understanding. Fatherhood means being:

1) A leader without being a frontrunner.

Our prevailing notion of leader comes from the worlds of sports and from politics.  In this sense, in accordance with the “leader board” in golf, the leader is the one who is ahead of the rest of the field.  Or he is the one who is leading in the political polls by outpacing his rivals.  But a father is not a leader in this way.  He does not try to remove himself from his family.  Nor does he regard the members of his family as rivals.  On the contrary, he leads in a manner that fulfils each member.  His leadership is inseparable from those he leads.  What he leads and “fathers” into being is the good of those whom he loves.  In other words, fatherhood requires that a father leads by being there, rather than being “ahead of the pack.”

2) A visionary without being arrogant.

Every home must have a fireside and a future, a vestibule and a vision.  The father is a visionary in the sense that he has an eye on the future.  He has a keen sense of the importance of time.  But he has this without presumption or arrogance.  He is providential in his fathering.  He knows instinctively that his children will grow up and lead independent lives.  He provides for them a future vision of themselves.

3) A servant without being servile.

The expression “servus servorum Dei,” adopted by John Paul II, comes from Pope Gregory the Great.  Paradoxically, this servant of the servants of God earned the appellation “Great.”  He who humbles himself shall be exalted.  The father serves all the members of his family without being in any sense inferior.  One might say, in this respect, that a father is like a tennis player:  when they serve, they both enjoy an advantage.

 4) An authority without being authoritarian.

The father, like God, shares in the authorship of life.  He is an authority and therefore someone to learn from and be guided by.  But his authority does not restrict the liberty of others.  In fact, fatherly authority is to cultivate and enhance liberty.  A person best understands fatherhood by knowing someone who is a good father.  One must begin with the real experience and not the inadequate abstraction.

5) A lover without being sentimental.

The love of a father is strong and unwavering.  Love is not bound by a feeling, and hence prone to sentimentality.  It is strengthened by principles that always focus on the good of others.  Love means doing what is in the best interest of others.  Sentimentality means always being nice because one is fearful of opposition.

6) A supporter without being subordinate.

A father is supportive.  He holds people up, keeps them going when they are inclined to be discouraged.  But his encouraging role does not imply subordination, but reliability and trustworthiness from someone who is strong.  He is not supportive in the Hollywood sense of being a “supporting actor.”  His supportive role is played out as “the leading man.”

7) A disciplinarian without being punitive.

A good father knows the value of rules and the consequences of disregarding them.  He wants his children to be strong in virtue.  Therefore, he knows the importance of discipline, restraint, and self-possession.  He is not punitive, nor is he overbearing.  He makes it clear to his children that there is no true freedom without discipline, and that discipleship requires training.  He is wary of punishment as such, since it can strike fear in the heart of a child.

8 ) Merciful without being spineless

Mercy must be grounded in justice.  Otherwise it is dissipation and weakness.  In fact, it is unjust.  A father, because he recognizes the uncompromisable importance of justice is anything but spineless.  He is merciful, but his mercy perfects his justice.  Mercy without justice is mere capitulation to the desires of others.  Justice without mercy is cold legalism.

9) Humble without being self-deprecating.

Humility is based on the honest recognition of who one is.  It takes into account one’s limitations and weaknesses.  The humble father, when he encounters difficulties, has enough humility to ask for help, even at times, from his own children.  Yet, he never gets down on himself.  He knows that remaining self-deprecating at a time of crisis is utterly futile.

10) Courageous without being foolhardy.

Courage is not fearlessness, but the ability to rise above fear so that one can do what needs to be done in a time of danger or difficulty. A father does not fall apart when he begins to feel the pressure.  Foolhardiness is not courage but an unfocused and unhelpful recklessness.  Moreover, courage, as its etymology suggests, requires heart.  The father, above all, is a man of heart.

When we consider the meaning of fatherhood, we should do so with humility, gratitude, and love.  But we should also do it with refined accuracy.  Fatherhood may be a paradox.  But the poles of the paradox can be brought into balance with a little bit of wisdom and effort.  Or, as some wise person said, “A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty.”


(From http://www.ncregister.com/site/article/the_10_paradoxes_of_fatherhood/ )

Prayer for our Fathers

Lord, please take care of our dads.
Though they are brave and protective,
they must also be frightened sometimes.
When money runs low and when we need things,
Lord, when their hearts break because they can’t do it all;
Please help us to let them know how much we love them.
And how much You love them.


Visit by the Honourable Julie Bishop, MP, Foreign Minister of Australia

On Monday 24 August, we Julie Bishop 1were delighted to host the Australian Foreign Minister when she accepted our invitation to visit our school. Two of our local members of parliament, Mr David Coleman (Banks) and Mr Nickolas Varvaris (Barton), and our Regional Director, Mrs Elizabeth O’Carrigan, were present to hear Ms Bishop address the gathering of Years 9, 10 and 11 on Women in Leadership. Ms Bishop outlined her humble beginnings on an apple and cherry orchard in the Adelaide Hills, her career in law which led her to be a managing partner of a prominent law firm in Western Australia and her move into politics. At each step, she spoke of serving the communities she was in and the attraction that being a Federal Representative was for her in enticing her out of a very successful private practice in the law. Ms Bishop spoke about those matters in her current portfolio that she is passionate about: representing Australia’s views on climate change, refugees, national security and overseas tertiary study. The students held a Q & A session too that were centred around the experience on being a female in leadership.

When asked about who was a strong influence in her life, Ms Bishop said that her mother was guiding force and influential in her growth as a woman and leader. One saying that her mother often repeated to her, that Ms Bishop draws upon each day was:

“I shall pass this way but once; any good that I can do or any kindness I can show to any human being; let me do it now. Let me not defer nor neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.”

Etienne de Grellet, Quaker Missionary


Ms Bishop spoke about how this quote keeps her focused on her electorate of Curtin. Her role is always to keep those voters in mind and that she strives to assist them when they need help and not forget them as she works in the world stage.


Julie Bishop 2


The visit was a most successful one and in particular, was relevant to Year 11 who are involved at present in discerning their Student Leadership Team in 2016.


Remember in your prayers:

  • The Newbery family, Nathalie, Stephanie, Michelle and Juliette (7) who lost their beloved father John recently. He was a wonderful man and his passing was most unexpected and too soon. Any member of our community who wishes to contribute to a cause close to John’s heart can do so at https://jdrf-in-memoriam.everydayhero.com/au/john-newbery
  • We pray for a young Year 8 student at St Vincent’s College, Elizabeth Carey, who passed away yesterday (2/9) after a battle with cancer. She was an ex-student of St Finbar’s Sans Souci and as such, a good friend to many of our students at Bethany.
  • Many of our Year 8 students were also distressed to hear of the passing of Ms Albine Vallier. Ms Vallier leaves behind her husband and three children. She is known to our students through her work as Teacher-Librarian at St Joseph’s Oatley.



Our mantra:

“Girls can do anything.
Bethany girls can do everything!*
(*except divide by zero)”
Vicki Lavorato


From the Assistant Principal

Important dates for Term 3

  • 7-14 September: Year 11 Assessment Block
  • 16 September: Year 12 Graduation Mass and Dinner
  • 18 September: Term 3 concludes

Movie Night

Last Friday night the P&F organised a movie night for students and it was a great success. Girls enjoyed Pizza and lolly bags and each others company while watching “She’s the Man”. Thanks to the P&F for all their efforts, and a special thank you to Kelly Efremidis and her beautiful children for their assistance in preparations and setting up.

MOvie Night




Mental Health Week

The aim of Mental Health Week is to raise awareness about Mental Health in our community, and to advocate positive strategies for the whole community. Within the College, student representatives along with the College counsellor will be leading lunchtime activities for staff and students promoting positive mental health strategies.




Mrs Jacinta Russo

Assistant Principal


MHSCareers website Calendar for all calendar events

Please select the relevant state – NSW, to refine your search. You can also search for events or careers using the search function and date range.

Go to:  http://www.calendarwiz.com/mhscareers  for events.

List of Open Days and UAC Key dates for 2015–16 admissions:

Go to UAC News July 2015 p. 4



Nursing and Allied Health Scholarship and Support Scheme

This scholarship provides assistance to nursing and midwifery students studying at an Australian university or registered training organization.

Contact: 1800 117 262 or scholarships@acn.edu.au


Allied Health Undergraduate Scholarship Applications Open for 2016

Date : 1st Sep 2015 Time : 9.00am Venue : online
Cost : FREE Contact : SARRAH : undergrad@sarrah.org.au
Event Description : 
Nursing and Allied Health Scholarship and Support Scheme (NAHSSS) Undergraduate (Entry-Level) Allied Health Scholarships
Are you enrolled, intending to enroll or planning to apply to study an ALLIED HEALTH university course in 2016?
Full details are available on our website; a full list of eligible courses for 2016 will be available in August. http://sarrah.org.au/content/undergraduate-entry-level


Date : 3rd Sep 2015 Time : 4PM – 6PM
Contact : Olesya Bobrik : OBobrik@Holmes.edu.au
How to Present your Fashion Folio: Learn how to present your HSC artwork or high school Textile & Design projects to their best advantage in a professional portfolio format. Organise your fashion drawings and other creative works in the most visually exciting way possible. Secure your spot now!  info@fashionmasters.com.au
02 9299 1400 http://www.fashionmasters.com.au

Charles Sturt University Information Evenings for Parents and Students in Sydney

Charles Sturt University (CSU) will be providing a unique opportunity for parents and students to gather first-hand information from CSU about courses, accommodation, scholarships, costs, how to apply and early-entry programs.

Current CSU students will also be on hand to share their university experience with a Q&A session.

Read more about the CSU Information Evenings and register your attendance at:http://www.csu.edu.au/parents

University of Wollongong (UOW): Management Cadetship Program Applications Close Sun 6th September

More Info:http://www.uow.edu.au/content/groups/public/@web/@unia/@cadet/documents

Flight Centre Travel Academy Information Session

Wed 9th September, Level 13, 33 Berry Street, North Sydney

Wed 23rd September, Level 13, 33 Berry Street, North Sydney

Flight Centre Travel Academy allows students to participate in real-world training in a blended online and offline mode.


Central Queensland University (CQU) Australia Virtual Open Day

Date : 10th Sep 2015 Time : 10am – 6pm Venue : Online www.cqu.edu.au
Cost : FREE Contact : Samara Lovekin : s.lovekin@cqu.edu.au
Virtual Open Day gives you the opportunity find out everything you want and need to know about your future study options – at a time that’s convenient to you.

The Hotel School Sydney Open Day

Date : 12th Sep 2015 Time : 09:00am to 1:00pm Venue : The Hotel School Sydney
Cost : FREE Contact : Carlos Reis : hotelschool@scu.edu.au
The Hotel School Sydney (THSS) opens its doors to students, families and friends for their annual OPEN DAY Saturday 12 September 2015.

Held at our Teaching and Learning campus at 60 Phillip St Sydney with the focus on providing information on our Bachelor of Business in Hotel Management degree program, our facilities and application and enrolment details.

Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE) Information Evening

Date : 17th Sep 2015 Time : 6pm to 8pm Venue : All AIE Campuses
Cost : FREE Contact : Simon Freeman : simonf@aie.edu.au
To find out more about our courses, have a chat to our teachers and check out the latest student work, come along to the Information Evening!

Alphacrucis College Open Day

Date : 19th Sep 2015 Time : 12:00pm – 3:00pm
Venue : Alphacrucis College, 30 Cowper Street PARRAMATTA NSW 2150
Cost : FREE Contact : Sam Stewart : sam.stewart@ac.edu.au / (02) 8893 9035
Attendees will learn more about our Diplomas, Bachelors, Masters and Doctorates, entry requirements, student life, campus facilities and how we combine quality education with a Christian worldview. Guests will enjoy a free lunch. Registration essential. Register at:http://openday.ac.edu.au/ AC offers qualification in: Business; Teaching; Music; Theology; Chaplaincy; Counselling; Leadership; Ministry; Missions.

Macquarie University Campus Tour

Date : 23rd Sep 2015 Time : 5.30pm – 7.30pm Venue : Macquarie University
Cost : FREE Contact : Helena Cantrall : futurestudents@mq.edu.au
This campus tour is open to everyone who would like to hear more about Macquarie. Visit our wonderful campus, meet our Student Advisers and have your questions answered.

$20,000 AHA NSW Scholarship applications close

Date : 25th Sep 2015 Time : 17.00 Cost : FREE
Contact : Joshua Wood : josh.wood@bluemountains.edu.au
Applications close for the 2015 AHA NSW Hospitality scholarship!
A $20,000 scholarship is being awarded to both a male and female from regional NSW to study at BMIHMS! Please see our website for further details
http://www.bluemountains.edu.au/2015/08/bmihms-announce-scholarship-for-regional-students/ Or contact Elaine Robertson 02 8218 1877, or elaine.robertson@ahansw.com.au


THINK Design – Day In the Life of a Designer Workshop – Ultimo, Sydney

Date : 26th Sep 2015 Time : 9:30-12:30 or 1pm-4pm
Venue : Ultimo Campus 46-52 Mountain Street Ultimo, NSW 2007
Cost : $20.00 Contact : Rebekah Prendergast : 1300 851 245 / info@billyblue.edu.au /enquiries@catc.edu.au
Each workshop is specific to an area of design. With the flexibility of 2 x 3-hour sessions running on the day, you can choose to explore multiple disciplines or zoom in on your preferred area [Please note: you can only choose one morning session and one afternoon session]. To register go to http://bit.ly/1C9lY4a or call 1300 851 245
School holiday trial-a-trade and Info Session
Date : 29th Sep 2015 Time : 10:00 – 12 noon
Venue : William Angliss Institute Sydney, 26-32 Waterloo Street, Surry Hills
Cost : FREE Contact : Anna Klingberg : (02) 9125 5179
William Angliss Institute School holiday trial-a-trade and information session in Surry Hills. These sessions are short, two-hour glimpses into the exciting careers available within Cookery, Patisserie, Coffee and Hospitality/Events/Travel. The day will also include an information session, which is then followed by a hands on session in one of our state of the art facilities including our commercial kitchens and coffee academy. Please register on www.angliss.edu.au/register-for-trial-a-trade?country=syd
Any enquiries please contact annakl@angliss.edu.au

Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE) Free Workshops

Date : 30th Sep 2015 Time : 10am – 3pm Venue : All AIE Campuses
Cost : FREE Contact : Simon Freeman : simonf@aie.edu.au

AIE Industry Experience Days are a great opportunity to learn about the local and international game development, 3D animation and visual effects industries. During the day, students will participate in hands-on workshops using industry standard software in a fun and creative environment. For more information head to http://www.aie.edu.au/ied


The University of Notre Dame – Mature Age and Postgraduate Information Evening

Date : 30th Sep 2015 Time : 6:00pm Venue : 104 Broadway, Chippendale NSW 2008
Cost : FREE Contact : Anne-Maree McCarthy : sydney@nd.edu.au / 02 8204 4404
Discover what further study at The University of Notre Dame will do for you.
Visit Notre Dame to meet, network and ask questions of experienced industry professionals in your future field.

The University of Notre Dame – Time Management for Year 12

Date : 30th Sep 2015 Time : TBA
Venue : 104 Broadway, Chippendale NSW 2008 Cost : FREE
Contact : Anne-Maree McCarthy : sydney@nd.edu.au / 02 8204 4404
The Notre Dame’s Academic and Enabling Support Centre will be open to assist Year 11 students develop useful skills for their HSC/exams/assessments.

The University of Notre Dame – Applications Due for Semester One, 2016

Date : 30th Sep 2015 Time : 5:00pm
Venue : 104 Broadway (PO Box 944) Broadway NSW 2007 Cost : FREE
Contact : Anne-Maree McCarthy : sydney@nd.edu.au / 02 8204 4404
Students are the heart of Notre Dame. You will be seen as a person, not a number, and supported every step of the way to know yourself and flourish. 


The University of New England Early Entry Program

Applications close Wed 30th September

UNE’s Early Entry program allows year 12 students to gain a place at UNE before ATARs are released. Selection for the program is based on an applicant’s ability to work and learn independently, as well as their overall potential for academic success.



Australian Catholic University (ACU): Teaching at ACU

This online booklet provides information about the teaching courses and alternative pathways available for anyone who would like to enroll in a teaching degree 2016, but may not have the academic requirements for direct entry. 



UTS Insearch: Information Session

Wed 2nd September, 5.00pm – 7.30pm, 187, Thomas Street, Haymarket.

Learn about the different study options available, explore the new state-of-the art facilities, and speak to program managers, academics, and students.



A Practical Guide to University Preferences

If you’re preparing to submit your uni preferences, it’s likely you’ll have a few questions about choosing a course and institution. This article explores some of the questions that are probably on your mind.



My Future Scholarships

The MyFuture website lists a large number of scholarships available to students who will be studying at university in 2016. To view their scholarships, visit:



Sydney Design School: Information Session

Fri 18th September, 1.00pm, Level 2, 40 Oxley Street, St Leonards

Hear a presentation from Director, Amanda Grace, to get a clear idea of what it’s like to study at the school as well as information on some of the career opportunities available upon graduation.



 AFTRS Open Day: Live Streaming

Anyone who would like to attend AFTRS open day on Sat 5th of September, but is unable to attend, may live stream key information sessions. To learn more, visit:



Australian Business College Open Day

Liverpool: Tue 22nd September, 149 – 151 George Street

Parramatta: Wed 23rd September, Level 1, 85 George Street

Wollongong: Fri 25th September, 313-323 Crown Street

Meet students, graduates, trainers and more.



International College of Management Sydney: Application Interview Days

Sun 15th November, 9.00am – 12.00pm, 151 Darley Road, Manly

Sat 21st November, 9.30am – 12.00pm, 1 O’Connell Street, CBD, Sydney

The International College of Management Sydney will be holding two interview days as part of its process of selection for its 2016 intake. Interviews provide the opportunity for the college to look beyond ATARs to learn about specific study/career paths and personal attributes of applicants.



International College of Management Sydney: Parent Information Evening

Thu 3rd December, 6.30pm – 8.30pm, 151 Darley RD, Manly, Sydney

Suitable for parents of Year 12 high school students, the evening will allow attendees to learn more about the college and participate in a Q and A session, while also showcasing the work of students via a three-course dinner in the Grand Dining Room. 



Basair Aviation College: Information Session

Wed 28th October, 7.00pm – 8.30pm, Bankstown Airport, 628/23-25 Airport Avenue, Bankstown

Basair Aviation College is the largest flying school in Australia.  Learn about the courses they have to offer by attending a career information seminar.



National Institute of Dramatic Art: Individual Performance Study Day

Wed 28th October, 9.30am – 3.00pm, 215 Anzac Parade, Kensington

Participants will explore the creative process from initial idea to completion to get a practical understanding of what is involved in the project of their choice. The day commences with a keynote speech from an industry artist before participants break into groups for focused sessions with specialist tutors.



National Institute of Dramatic Art: Holiday Courses

Mon 21st September – Fri 2nd October, Kensington

The National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA) will be holding a number of holiday courses for students in years 7 – 12. Attendees can participate in a range of courses covering acting, audition preparation, and dancing.


New Angliss International Hotel School

From semester 1 2016, the William Angliss International Hotel School will run from both the Melbourne and Sydney campuses.

The hotel school will offer a diploma of hospitality delivered over 12 months, featuring an internship with a major hotel, an international study tour, and access to specialist master classes. After completing the diploma, students will have guaranteed entry into the second year of William Angliss Degree Programs.



Animal Logic: Work Experience Program
Applications close Fri 9th October

Mon 7th December – Fri 11th December
Animal Logic is a leading design, visual effects and animation company which has worked on films including Happy Feet, The Matrix, 300 and more.
Students in Years 10 and 11 are invited to apply for the Animal Logic Work Experience program. Participants will be able to tour the Animal Logic studio, meet artists and technicians from throughout the company, and experience the tools and processes used in the VFX and animation industry.


Become a Psychologist Pathway

The Australian Psychological Society has outlined the pathway to become a registered Psychologist.

In short it takes a minimum of six years in education and training broken into undergraduate study, postgraduate study, internship and a registrar program.



Maths Ad(d)s

Maths Ad(d)s gathers together mathematical and statistical jobs that have recently appeared online across a broad spectrum of industries. The online booklet provides an overview of possible careers available to university students after graduation if they include mathematics or statistics in their degrees.



Careers in Sport

This website is for anyone interested in a career in sport and fitness. There is information about recommended qualifications and pathways, along with a list of available positions and courses.



Marrickville’s Libraries: HSC Seminars

English – Discovery Seminar: Tue 1st September, 5.30pm – 7.30pm, Marrickville Library

Mathematics – General 2 Course: Wed 2nd September, 5.30pm – 7.30pm, Marrickville Library

HSC Ancient History: Thu 3rd September, 5.30pm-7.30pm, Dulwich Hill Library

Learn about the skills necessary to maximize performance in the HSC exams.



Matrix Education: Holiday Courses

2016 UMAT Preparation Course: Mon 21st September – Thu 24th September, Sydney City Campus, Level 4, 210 Clarence Street



Ms Viviene Gereige

Vocational Learning Coordinator

Trip to (Little) Italy

Year 9 students took a trip back in time and far, far away as they spent the day discovering all that is Italian in Leichhardt.

Historical anecdotes about life as an Italian migrant were mixed with the current appreciation of all that is Italian in Little Italy.

The students created their own Masterchef pizzas, and just in case they didn’t work out, there were also platters of pasta to enjoy. Needless to say, the pizzas were “buonissime” and there was still room for gelato. All of this was worked off in the brisk walk back to Petersham station.

What did the students think? “Totally fun!”, “I thought that the excursion was perfect.”, “I really liked the explanation given by Lily. She seemed very knowledgeable about her Italian background. I also very much liked the gelato.”





Italy 3



Mr Marco Gianni

Teacher in Charge – Languages  


Sydney Catholic Colleges (SCC) Sport Report

Currently we have 6 representative teams playing Thursday afternoon sport. All teams are going extremely well and all are in contention to play semifinals starting on 10/9/15. Special mention to the Junior Basketball, Junior Soccer and Intermediate Soccer who are all currently undefeated.

Well done girls keep up the great effort!!!!!!

Australian Volleyball Championships (22/8/15-28/8/15)

Congratulations to Madison Amorim who competed in the School Sport  Australian Under 16 Volleyball Championships. The competition was held in Canberra and Madison was representing NSW All Schools.  This is a significant achievement and displays dedication and commitment to achieve such a high level. Well done Madison the Bethany College Community are proud of your achievements and know that a competition like this will provide you with valuable experience to further motivate you in your  representative career.














Sydney Catholic Colleges (SCC) Athletics Day Carnival 17/8/15

The SCC Athletics day was held on  Monday 17th August at the Homebush Olympic Athletics Track. The day was an full of highlights with the Bethany College becoming the overall school champions. This is a significant achievement as it is the first time in the Sydney Catholic Colleges history that we have received this honour. As a result of their exceptional effort the following students will now compete in the NSWCCC Athletics Championships.

  • Eve Kostopoulos (12yrs Age Champion)
  • Alicia Patolo-Vitale
  • Claudia Cirjak
  • Kelly Willson (14yrs Age Champion)
  • Josephine Doyle
  • Cate Hochwallner
  • Amelia Carnovale
  • Jade Hennessy
  • Grace Robinson (17+ Age Champion, Discuss Record)





Upcoming Dates

Penrith Gala Day Netball Umpires




SCC Semifinal 


NSWCCC Athletics Carnival




Mr Keiran Staples

Sports Coordinator




STARS Challenge 2015

Each year, students from schools in the Eastern, Southern and Inner West regions of the Catholic Education Office participate in the STARS (Science Thinking and Research Skills) Challenge. This program was designed to foster within Stage 5 students a genuine interest in Science and develop their problem solving skills. The focus of the 2015 STARS Challenge was ‘Ebola’ and was run as a problem solving challenge.

This year, six year 10 students represented Bethany College in the Eastern Region Challenge and did so with much eagerness, maturity and dedication. They participated in different activities that were run over the three day Challenge, with each of the activities earning the students points for things such as creativity and evidence of critical thinking. The activities on each of the days focused on different aspects of ‘Ebola’ including:

  • Engaging in critical and creative thinking activities to undertake their own inquiry into one aspect of the disease e.g. its origin.
  • Exploring issues relating to “a day in the life of a person living in Sierra Leone”.
  • Exploring ethical issues relating to the world’s response to the disease.

At the conclusion of the STARS Challenge, a total count of points accumulated over the three day challenge was made, and as a result, Bethany College were awarded the Best School overall!

A big congratulations to the six students involved for their hard work and their commitment:

Emma Bennett

Amelia Colubriale

Sara Curukovska

Kaelah Dowman

Justina Grace

Bonnie Pu

An extra congratulations also goes out to four of our six students who finished up on equal points and shared first place!

Emma Bennett

Amelia Colubriale

Kaelah Dowman

Justina Grace


Well done girls!


Mrs Betty Janev

Assistant Science Coordinator and STARS Facilitator

Netball World Cup 2015

Photo: Lylia  Franich, Gabriella Krstevski, Eva Kostopoulos, Isabel Finch and Hannah Jackson



On Friday the 7 August, myself and four other students were asked to participate in the Netball World Cup 2015 opening ceremony as flag bearers. We had 2 days for rehearsals and a very late night but after seeing the ceremony all together it was definitely worth it. This opportunity I think has been good to represent the school in front of 17,000 people. This just shows what Bethany girls are able to do.

 – Hannah Jackson – Year 8



What’s Been Happening in Religious Education and Mission

Brekky Van

Thank you to the fourteen students from Years 11 and 12, Mrs Smit, Mrs Sullivan, Ms Brennan, Mr Gough and Mrs Vale for their generous support in running the Brekky Van on Saturday 22 August. A cooked breakfast was served to over 80 clients at Prince Alfred Park.












Year 12 Prayer Families

You are reminded to pray for your Year 12 student as they complete their last weeks at Bethany College.



Mary Kleist

Leader of Religious Education and Mission

HSC Chemistry Excursion 2015

Kickstart at University of Sydney 

The Chemistry excursion to the University of Sydney has broadened my understanding about the different chemical equipment used in forensic analysis. It was amazing to see first-hand investigations such as gas-liquid chromatography, high performance liquid chromatography, AAS and mass spectroscopy.

The diagrams and text shown in the textbooks are great but we saw even more detailed information in regards to the use, benefits and limitations of these techniques and the structure of the machines themselves. The class also had the opportunity to learn information from real forensic scientists and participate in many interesting experiments. The diverse range of titrations (e.g. for hard water testing) had allowed me to improve my skills and learn more diverse ways to undertake investigations throughout all the modules in my HSC course.  The day was attended by Jennifer  Arapakis, Luca  Borean, Simone  Chen, Rayza  De Souza, Gabrielle  Hachem, Chloe  Hicks, Katelyn  Hoy, Phoebe  Josephs, Nivetha  Mahesan, Yvette  Mangani, Anastasia  & Stephanie  Morakeas , Melissa  Neckovska, Natalia  Sabatino, Aliesha  Selvaraj, Eugenia  Simoes and Anita  Su.

The overall highlight of my excursion for my peers and I was the opportunity to expand our knowledge about the experiments we have studied at school.  This also included the chance to use the gel electrophoresis equipment (that is used to determine the DNA of a specific individual) and the gas liquid chromatography & high performance liquid chromatography machines that determine the unknown substances present in a solution. The titrations were also really helpful as they engaged each student and allowed them to hone their skills to find the equivalence point for a variety of reactions.





Simone Chen

Year 12 Chemistry student