Volume 15 - 28 Sep 2018


Farewell Year 12

A Blessing for Year 12 Students

Lord God,

Your Spirit of wisdom fills the earth and teaches us your ways. Look upon Year 12, let them enjoy their new ventures and take delight in new discoveries. Help them to persevere in life and give them the desire to do well.

Grant that these graduating students may follow Jesus Christ, the way, the truth and the life, for ever and ever.


Dear Parents, Carers and Friends of Bethany,

On Tuesday we had a wonderful Graduation Day for Year 12 in the form of an assembly for parents and senior students and then a Celebration of the Eucharist for Year 12 and their families in the evening at St Declan’s Penshurst. The class of 2018 leave the College with fond memories of their 6 years at Bethany and were exemplary in word and deed over the last few weeks. Our College Captain and Vice Captain spoke of being faith filled years at Bethany where they were allowed to flourish, make decisions and feel safe. The staff at Bethany wish the graduating class of 2018 every success as they approach their HSC Exams and beyond.

Year 12 have a few weeks of intensive study ahead of them as they prepare for their HSC Exams. The cohort are to be congratulated on their efforts to grow and improve in each class. I was impressed with the change that many students have made since Semester 1 when I read their reports recently. Special congratulations to the following students on receiving Principal’s awards on their reports.


Ashlee Pasfield

Madison Amorim

Indigo Arman

Sarah Gadallah

Bianca Georgievska

Jamie Howe

Alyssa Mullen


Year 12 Award winners


Madison Amorim


Outstanding Effort

Indigo Arman



English (Advanced)

Mathematics Extension 2


Outstanding Effort

Nichola Carson

Outstanding Effort

Farah Chalak

Society and Culture

Chermay Chaves

Outstanding Effort

Claudia Cirjak

Outstanding Effort

Lillian Conte

Textiles and Design

Brianna Dimitrievski

Outstanding Effort

Monique Doherty


Marlene Eder

Hospitality Operations

Clare Fitzgerald

English (Standard)

Sarah Gadallah

Mathematics General 2

Tanya Giannakos

Business Studies



Jamie Howe

Italian Continuers

Annika Kerwick



Outstanding Effort

Hei Ting Katie Koo

Outstanding Effort

Musu Leilua

Mathematics General 1

Janice Lewis

Outstanding Effort

Jasmin Li

Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

Olivia Marshall

Outstanding Effort

Ashley Mtetwa

Music 1

Alyssa Mullen

English Extension 2


Visual Arts


Outstanding Effort

Phoebe Nobrega

Mathematics General 2

Lia Nondas

Business Services

Joana Nunag

Community & Family Studies

Ashlee Pasfield

Outstanding Effort

Erin Price

Sport, Lifestyle and Recreation Studies

Kaytee Reynolds

Catholic Studies

Isabelle Rizk

Outstanding Effort

Martina Rizzo

Senior Science


Textiles and Design


Outstanding Effort

Georgia Robinson

Outstanding Effort

Jessica Semsarian

History Extension


Modern History


Legal Studies


Outstanding Effort

Bianca Setionago




English Extension 1


Studies of Religion I


Outstanding Effort

Sophie Smyth


Rochelle Stevenson

Ancient History

Lilly Tatam

Studies of Religion II

Vanessa Vaccarella

Early Childhood Education and Care


Raquel Abi Ghosn

Clare Fitzgerald

Jasmin Li

Perfect Attendance
Jessica Semsarian


Bexley RSL Bob Narromore Memorial Prize for First Place in Modern History
Jessica Semsarian

Justice Margaret Beazley Award for First place in Legal  Studies

Lia Nondas

Southern Sydney Business Education Network Vocational Education & Training Excellence Award and the NSW Training Award Finalist


Nicole Yagdulas

Ranier Design Group Award

Bridget Cole

Excellence in Sport- Pierre de Coubetin Award

Jasmin Li

College Commitment to Sport Award

Clare Fitzgerald

ADF Long Tan

Janice Lewis

Archbishop’s Award for Student Excellence

Elsey-Anne Dadson

Christian Leadership Award

Ashlee Pasfield

Martha of Bethany Award


Staff Changes

After 23 years as the Executive Assistant to all of the Principals at Bethany College, Ann James has decided to retire to spend more time with her family and to travel. Ann has been the face of Bethany for all enrolment issues, interviews with the Principal and Open Days. She has worked tirelessly and with great initiative in her role and she leaves Bethany with much knowledge of the history of the College. I thank Ann for her service to Bethany and wish her many long years ahead of good health and happiness. 


Best wishes to Mrs Bennie who begins her maternity leave this week. We wish Mrs Bennie a fast and safe birth of her second child and look forward to her return in Term 3 next year.



All Year 7 and 9 students will arrive home today with their NAPLAN results. NAPLAN is the national test sat in May which tests students on reading, writing,spelling, punctuation and grammar as well as numeracy. In our next newsletter we will explain the results of Bethany students against national standards.


Year 11 Parent, Teacher, Student Interviews

Please remember to book your interviews if your daughter is in Year 11. Interviews will take place on October 23. This is an opportunity to speak with teachers about the progress of your daughter as she begins her HSC year. Whilst reports will not be distributed on this night, it is a valuable time to discuss success strategies for each subject and avenues for future improvement. We look forward to seeing you there.



Robyn Rodwell

College Principal

From the Assistant Principal

Important Dates: Link to college calendar located on the website


Term 3 concludes for students on Friday, 28 September 2018.  This is a normal school day where lessons and activities, will take place.

Students will return to school on Tuesday, 16 October 2018 for Term 4.  Staff will be involved in a Staff Development Day on Monday, 15 October 2018.

A reminder that students are to change into full summer uniform in Term 4.  Many students may have grown taller over the winter.  Please check the length of your daughter’s skirt during the holidays, it should be mid knee length.


Summer uniform requirements are below:

Summer College Uniform: 7-9

·           College navy dress worn at mid knee length

·           College ankle socks


Summer College Uniform: 10-12

·           Short sleeve College blouse

·           College Navy skirt worn at mid knee length

·           College ankle socks

Summer Sports Uniform 7-10

·           College shorts

·           College Sport T-shirt

·           well supported lace up sport shoes (Not canvas: Vans/Converse etc)

·           College ankle socks

·           College Sports cap

Summer Sport Uniform: 11 -12

Year 11 & 12- Uniform should be retained where possible to wear at carnivals and representing the college at sporting events



 General Uniform

  • College Badge should be worn with the uniform
  • plain leather flat lace up shoes
  • make up should not be worn to school
  • hair must be tied back and must not be coloured in unnatural or multi-coloured tones.
  • nails should be natural looking and kept to an appropriate length to allow students to conduct school work unimpeded and prevent a student harming themselves or others. Only clear nail polish may be worn. No French tips will be permitted.
  • no visible facial piercing or tattoos will be accepted.
  • Jewellery – the only jewellery that is permitted is:
    • One set of small studs worn in the lowest part of the ear lobe – no other piercings
    • One watch
    • One gold or silver chain with a Christian symbol
  • College Bag – The bag is designed to be worn high on the student’s back, it is therefore advised that straps are done up to avoid unnecessary stress on the student.
  • The only sport uniform to be worn is the College sport uniform.

All students should be ready to comply with uniform regulations from the first day back at school. The consequences for a breach of College uniform requirements are available in the College planner.



Jacinta Russo

Assistant Principal

2018 Sydney Catholic Schools HSC Dance Showcase Recital

On Monday the 3rd of September, Bethany College was fortunate enough to have our exemplary dancers selected to showcase their HSC dance works at the 2018 Sydney Catholic Schools HSC Recital. The showcase recognises and celebrates the outstanding achievements of Performing Arts students across Sydney Catholic Schools through a performance evening in which Year 11 and 12 dance students, teachers and parents attended. Congratulations to Dominique Kulchar who showcased her HSC Core Composition ‘Boomerang’ and Major Performance, ‘Black Cat’, as well as Roselyn Pasia who was selected to perform her Core Performance ‘Waves’. Thank you to Mr Bernardo who attended the evening and Mrs. Bennie for her expertise and guidance through the duration of the 2018 Dance HSC.   

 – Shae Acevski ( Year 10)

Core Performance “Waves”

Choreographed by – Mrs Bennie

Dancer – Roselyn Pasia

The core performance dance is prepared as an outgrowth of classwork under the guidance of the teacher. The dance is considered a coherent organisation of technical body skills, phrases and sequences that contribute to executing movement safety and correctly.

‘Core Performance is titled ‘Waves’ stemming from the ups and downs of family. Through the body skill of a parallel balance into a penche and the ability to control balances, I ensure that my body is using correct dance technique to suit the work whilst maintaining strength, the body’s capability to withstand a maximum exertion of force. Taking into consideration the muscle groups of the core, quadriceps, glutes and back that must be engaged in order to execute the movement with a clean quality of line and an upward projection, are all considered through kinaesthetic awareness when training in the lead up to the Core Performance, both in the dance class and as part of adjunctive training.’

Core Composition “Boomerang” 

Choreographed by – Dominique Kulchar

Dancer – Shae Acevski – Year 10

‘The concept intent is the ‘Boomerang’ and the stimulus is ideational. The work conveys the concept of a boomerang used as an indigenous hunting tool. The formal structure is ABA ternary. The ‘A’ sections, portray the throwing action of the boomerang by the hunter. This is demonstrated through a rotational quality, which serves as the motif for both ‘A’ sections. The work’s climax is in section ‘B’, where it depicts the chase and catch of the victim, from the prey’s perspective. The work develops a higher intensity through sharp accents and animalistic qualities movements, in order to capture the creature’s frantic nature. The work achieves unity through the two transitions, by connecting the sections.  The transitions communicate the appearance and qualities of a boomerang, through the combination of stiff curved shapes and circular or spinning movements. The work achieves unity through using personalised choices to support the concept intent. Furthermore, the resolution is achieved via the depiction of the returning journey of the boomerang, thus, ending the work the same way it began.’ Major Study Performance “Black”

Choreographed by – Mrs Bennie & Dominique Kulchar


‘My interpretation for my major study performance work is the Bombay Black cat, which is a short hair domesticated feline, crossbred between a Burmese and an American short hair. I’ve chosen this particular animal for its distinct appearance, with a glossy black coat which is typically associated with mystical superstitions or witchcraft. This concept of the Bombay cat relates to the work through its title “Black”. The interpretation of the work is developed through four sections. Section one, depicts the bad fortune associated with the black cat when it crosses your path from right-to-left, evident within my floor pattern at the beginning. Section two, portrays the Velcro like attachment which the Bombay cat has with its owner. The use of sharp accents heard in the accompaniment, conveys the cats sense of anxiety when it is alone without its owner. Section three, portrays the idea of the Black cat as the most favoured shapeshifter in witch craft, through the slow transition between shapes in the upstage left corner. Section four, also demonstrates the black cat as the embodiment of a human spirit which has returned to the physical world to complete unfinished business. The interpretation of the work is also expressed through thematic considerations such as the yellow eyeshadow, to resemble the eye colour of the Bombay. Along with the all black costuming, to define the cat’s appearance.’

Such a wonderful achievement for both Dominique and Roselyn. Thank you to composition dancer Shae Acevski of year 10 who dedicated her time to Dominique’s composition throughout the year

Mrs Danielle Bennie

Teacher In Charge Dance


Year 9 Elective History and Big History Excursion

On the 17th of September, the Year 9 Elective History and Big History classes went on an excursion to the Sydney Jewish Museum in Darlinghurst where they embraced history through a range of activities, such as an engaging seminar based around educating people about the Holocaust. The seminar challenged the knowledge of the two classes and assisted them with understanding the effects that it had on people during that time period. The seminar was highly informative and proved to be helpful with upcoming assessments. Following the seminar, a survivor of the Holocaust told her story and explained the difficulty of living through the start of World War II. She spoke of her struggles with identity and family throughout her childhood, and even later in her life. After this, the classes split into two groups and went each with a guide to venture through the museum. During this period of time, the classes were told of the reality of persecution for those living through the Holocaust. The exhibit’s information about the Holocaust was shocking to most but was highly informative. The excursion was clearly an interesting and impactful part of the term, and the information was carried away by the students with respect. 

 – Natalie Ryan, Year 9 Elective History 


Kickstart at University of Sydney HSC Chemistry Excursion 2018

On June 27, 2018, the Year 12 Chemistry students accompanied by Mr Martin visited The School of Chemistry at the University of Sydney to fully experience a day in the life of a university Chemistry student. The day was filled with a lot of information, fun activities and hands-on experiments where we had the great opportunity to use incredible university laboratory equipment.

We also had the opportunity to use an Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS), a magnificent piece of machinery that detects the presence and concentration of substances by analysing the spectrum produced when a substance is vapourised and absorbs certain frequencies of light of specific frequencies. In simpler terms, it’s a big machine with a very pretty flame that changes colour depending on what substance is present.

We also learned about more advanced concepts of chemistry and expanded our knowledge on the topics taught at school which was very helpful and informative. The instructors that patiently explained everything to us and gave up their time to give us the best experience of Sydney University’s School of Chemistry were amazing and personally, I walked out of the building feeling inspired.

As our time at the university was coming to an end, we needed to officially finish the day with a clique photo of all the Chemistry students in front the of the gorgeous ‘School of Chemistry’ building where hopefully some of us will return to, one day, to undergo future studies to become the next Marie Curie or Rosalind Franklin. All in all, this excursion was definitely a great experience for all of the Chemistry students.


                                                             – Zara Solomos (Year 12  Chemistry student and Science Prefect)



Year 12 Physics Excursion to Sydney University

On 21 August 2018, the Year 12 Physics class headed to the School of Physics in Sydney University for a day of Physics “phun”. We did a series of experiments for a few of the core topics in the HSC Physics course as part of the Kickstart Program.

The series of experiments we conducted were part of the Ideas to Implementation and Space topics. All the experiments were very interactive and we were able to use specialist equipment which we could not normally do at school. The Kickstart Program consisted of experiments performed by university students. The experiments demonstrated the photoelectric effect, Hertz’s experiments, projectile motion, the Meissner Effect and Einstein’s’ theory of relativity.

The whole class learnt so much while having fun as we were also guided by USYD students studying Physics. This workshop was beneficial to our studies.  Thank you to Mr Roberts for taking us!


– Isabella Czarnecki and Lillian Conte (Year 12 Physics students)


CGSSSA Dance Competition – 12 September 2018

The CGSSSA Dance Championships were held at Monte Sant Angelo College in North Sydney for the fourth year in a row. There were 15 schools competing and with 60 teams with Bethany College entering troupes in every section.Thank you to Mrs Bennie and Mrs Matthews for assisting on the day and Miss Brennan for her organisation.

Overall Winners for the Championship for 2018

1st Place – St Ursula’s, 2nd Place – Loreto, 3rd Place –  Bethany College Hurstville


Jazz – 1st Place Choreographers: Alessia Colagiuri & Maddy Stojanovski

Shae Acevski, Sofia Canestro, Alessia Colagiuri, Shona Griffin, Tara Kapila, Natalia Kaskoutas, Grace King, Maddy Stojanovski, Karli Agathopoulos, & Zoe Stragalinos











Folk – Indigenous 3rd Place Choreographers:  Elise and Tahlia Wise

Elise and Tahlia Wise, Gemma Marshall, Isabella Bonanno & Chelsea Cibelevski








Musical Theatre – 3rd Place Choreographers: Georgia Malaxos, Sofia Canestro and assistant Monique Cost-Chretien

Sarah Chapman, Monique Cost-Chretien, Sophia Deben, Charlotte Halliday, Katrina Kartsiotis, Georgia Marks, Anastasia McNeil, Paris Serban, Isabella Santilliana, Juliette Lepine, Sophia McDonnell & Elly Vazouras










Contemporary dance – Year 12 Dancers With Choreography by Mrs Bennie

Annabel Bennett, Jessica Convery, Abigail Doherty, Monique Doherty,Dominique Kulchar, Georgia Malaxos, Olivia Marshall, Georgia McGilchrist,Roselyn Pasia,Stephanie West, Kelly Willson, Madelyn Wise & Danise Yuen










Tap – Choreography Georgia Scott and Louise Robinson

Anastasia McNeil, Tejal Meisuria, Janna Moellan, Juliette Newbery,Louise Robinson, Georgia Scott, Danielle South, Zoe Stragalinos, Elly Vazouras & Jacinta Mioduszewski







Hip Hop – Choreography Roselyn Pasia and Karli Anthopoulos

Karli Agathopoulos, Alessia Colagiuri, Shona Griffin, Tara Kapila, Grace King, Alana Kucinic, Juliette Lepine, Roselyn Pasia, Tiffany Prusac, Maddy Stojanovski & Rachel Tannous










Profile Roselyn-Mae Pasia Year 12 Student

As we farewell Roselyn we thought it was fitting for her to share her experiences in being an integral part of team Dance Bethany over the past 6 years.

I am so grateful to have been a part of Team Dance Bethany from year 7 through to year 12 and competing with fellow past and present students of Bethany College in SCC Dance Competitions, CGSSSA Dance Competitions and The Sydney Eisteddfod, which are memories that I will cherish from my High School years forever. I was lucky enough to not only be a part of the team in Jazz, Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Folk and Hip Hop troupes, but to choreograph a Folk troupe and my Hip Hop troupe, B-Crew. I want to pass onto future dancers and current dancers to strive to be their best and to cherish your years at Bethany, especially to the dance family at Bethany to build your relationships and to continue the legacy of Team Dance Bethany for the years to come – Roselyn-Mae Pasia




Katrine Barnes 

Dance Sport 2018

Dance HSC Nominations

Call back is a selection of exemplary practical performances across NSW, from the 2018 HSC Dance Practical examinations. 

Congratulations to the Year 12 Dance class have had exemplary success this year, Nine students receiving a total of sixteen nominations across all three practical components. Including the core performance ‘Waves’ with a six minute interview, core compositions with a six minute elaboration and major study performance ‘Black’ with a nine minute interview. These nominations have broken the Bethany HSC Dance nomination record and place their works in the top percentage in the state. To receive sixteen nominations is exceptional and is a testament to their consistent commitment and application from the HSC dancers and the younger composition dancers at the college.

Thank you to Kayla Jomaa (Class of 2017) who mentored the class along the way with the composition components of the course.

All three components –

Monique Doherty: Core Performance, Major Study Performance Black Onyx and Core Composition Naughts and Crosses Dancer: Lauren Airey Yr 11)

Dominique Kulchar: Core Performance, Major Study Performance Black Bombay Cat and Core Composition Boomerang (Composition Dancer: Shae Acevski Yr 10)


Two components –

Jessica Convery: Core Performance and Major Study Performance Black Jackie O Sunglasses

Roselyn Pasia: Core Performance and Major Study Performance Black Eyeliner

Kelly Wilson: Major Study Performance Black Sport Armband and Core Composition Popcorn (Composition Dancer: Catriona Farrelly Yr 10)


One componet –

Annabel Bennett: Core Composition Rubber (Composition Dancer: Maddison Stojanoski Yr 10)

Abigail Doherty: Core Composition Tattoo (Composition Dancer: Alessia Colagiuri Yr 10)

Georgia Malaxos: Core Performance

Olivia Marshall: Core Composition Halloween (Composition Dancer: Sofia Canestro Yr 11)




Composition Dancers



Go The Opals !

Danielle Bennie

Head Teacher of Dance


Year 11 PDHPE Senior First Aid

On Monday, 24th September, Year 11 PDHPE participated in the Senior First Aid Certificate Course with the Royal Life Saving Society Australia. On this day, students learned about the legal aspects of First Aid, how to deal with emergency medical situations and management of medical conditions and injuries. Students focussed on how to perform CPR on a casualty and learned how to bandage different injuries. This day was very helpful as not only is it important to the PDHPE course – Option 1: First Aid, but also in everyday life situations. The students gain knowledge and learn new skills on how to preserve a life before medical aid arrives.

SCC Sport Term 3

Congratulations to the Junior SCC Basketball team who were successful in making the grandfinal and won on the day, defeating MSJ 39-30


Congratulations to the Intermediate and Senior Basketball teams who made it to the Semi Finals

Well done to all girls who have participated in all our sporting teams this term.


Staff Vs Year 12

The final day for Year 12 at school saw a staff versus Year 12 student Basketball game. Fun was had by all!



Michelle Barrass

PDHPE Teacher



Year 7 Excursion to Symbio Wildlife Park

On Tuesday 25 September 2018, Year 7 and our Science teachers went to Symbio Wildlife Park. We left school at 9am and travelled by bus to Helensburgh.

The purpose of our excursion was to get an introduction to our new unit: Living Places. When we arrived, we had recess in the amphitheatre and met our rangers for the day. The Rangers were Ranger Lee, Ranger Steph, Ranger Toni, Ranger Jo and Ranger Libby.

During the day, we were split into 3 groups and participated in 3 activities. One of these rotations was a private animal show. During the show, we got to touch several different reptiles and mammals including a ringtail possum, American alligator, blue tongue lizard, red tail boa and the tawny frogmouth. The ranger told us about the adaptations of these animals so that they can survive in the wild.

The next rotation was a tour of the East side. On this tour, we saw a variety of farm animals and we could pat kangaroos and wallabies, one even had a joey in its pouch! We got to interact with the baby goats and see baby emus and alpacas!

After the second rotation we all came back together and had a break for lunch.

On our last rotation, we went on the West side tour. During this tour, we saw two endangered animals. The red panda and Tasmanian devil. We were told about how zoos are important in helping reduce endangered species and stopping extinction. We went to the reptile and insect exhibition where we saw a variety of snakes, lizards, frogs, crocodiles and alligators. Then went to the koala house and were told about how important the conservation of koalas is. Unfortunately, their numbers are decreasing rapidly due to deforestation and removal of eucalyptus trees (they only actually eat approximately 20 of the 900 different types of eucalyptus leaves!). 

After this it was time to return to school on the bus. We all had a fun time learning outside of the classroom! We would like to thank our science teachers for taking us.


Ashleigh Munsie – Teacher and Year 7 CLEI students

Dress to Express Day

Love Your Body Week is an annual campaign of The Butterfly Foundation and asks people of all ages to reflect on the relationship they have with their body and to celebrate the amazing things their body can do. It promotes body acceptance and diversity and encourages people to engage in behaviours that are positive and respectful to themselves, their body and also to others.

‘Dress to Express’ encourages us to celebrate who you are and what our bodies can do. It’s about celebrating strengths, passions, cultural diversity and individuality.

On Wednesday 26th September, Bethany College joined hundreds of schools around Australia to promote positive body image during Love Your Body Week. Students in Years 7-11 participated and ‘Dressed to Express’ by wearing a ‘touch of’ any colour that represented something about them. Girls were encouraged during the day to take some time out to notice and ask a friend something about them to celebrate the diversity within friendship groups and classrooms. The day culminated in a lunch party to celebrate our differences and have a dance to some empowering songs.

Overall this was a fantastic initiative run by the Year 9 SMILE Team and SRC Members and shows Bethany’s commitment to empowering young women.




Lara Grimm

Year 9 Coordinator

Careers News

Year 12 student Lia Nondas awarded VET Excellence Award

On Thursday the 12 September, Southern Sydney Business Education Network hosted the VET Excellence Awards at Doltone House in Sylvania Waters. This event celebrated the contribution of host employers, teachers of VET subjects as well as the outstanding achievement of students in VET subjects. The awards were presented during a sumptuous breakfast and I was accompanied by Mrs Vrahnos, my Business Services teacher, and my mum. I was the recipient of the VET Excellence Award for Business Services. It has been a rewarding experience doing Business Services as I have learnt about the many different facets of an administrator’s role in an organisation and got the chance to experience real work through my two work placements. I am very honoured to receive this award and trophy in recognition of my efforts.

Lia Nondas Year 12 Business Services




Applications Open for UNSW’s Women in Engineering Camp 2019 

Applications will close 17 October

Running 7 to 9 January

For any female student going into year 11 or 12 in 2019 – applications for the 2019 UNSW Women in Engineering Camp are now open. Participants will take part in site visits, workshops, networking events and more. Any questions please contact Sarah Coull, WIE Manager s.coull@unsw.edu.au . Apply at:



Bond University Scholarships Open Now

Bond University scholarships are available to Year 12 students who excel in academic, community leadership and sporting pursuits. Applications are now open and we encourage high achieving students to submit a Bond University study application before commencing a scholarship application. Apply now via bond.edu.au/applynow. Visit: bond.edu.au/scholarships


ACU – Elite Athlete and Performer Program (EAPP)

Closes 4 December

We understand you might need support to maintain sporting or performing excellence while studying. The Elite Athlete and Performer Program (EAPP) is designed to give you that support, and encourage excellence in both your sport/performing and academic life.


Top US University Colleges Not In The Ivy League

There are many more highly ranked universities in the USA that are not in the top Ivy League. Hear about their benefits and how to best apply to them in this very informative video.


CASPer Test –Undergraduate Teacher Entry in 2019

NOTE: Most of the Universities below require you to have VTAC ID, so this is mainly relevant for study in Victorian Institutions.

The CASPer test is an online screening tool designed to evaluate key personal and professional characteristics that make for successful students and graduates. Traditional evaluations of personal characteristics (e.g. standard interviews, reference letters, and personal essays) have shown to be ineffective in discerning good applicants. CASPer increases fairness in applicant evaluation by providing admissions and selection committees with a reliable measure of traits like professionalism, ethics, communication, and empathy.

Institutions using CASPer results for 2019 are:

Australian Catholic University

Deakin University Federation University

La Trobe University

Monash University

RMIT University

Swinburne University

Victoria University

Test date options are below:

25 September. 8.00pm

14 October. 1.00pm

29 November. 6.00pm

9 December. 1.00pm

4 January. 10.00am

22 January. 6.00pm

7 February. 6.00pm *only available for some schools

6 March. 9.00am *only available for some schools





Up to 15 Types of Scholarships at Top – Law and Business

TOP offers a wide range of scholarships and awards each year to both domestic and international students. Scholarships and awards are designed to recognise academic, leadership and community achievements and to assist students for a variety of reasons. If your students are interested in applying for admission, please get in touch. Phone 9209 4888 or email info@top.edu.au www.top.edu.au/scholarships

Pilots of Tomorrow Scholarship

We are pleased to announce a joint initiative to offer a future pilots scholarship program. The program is open to high school students interested in a career as an airline pilot. The aviation industry is experiencing extraordinary growth but a shortage of pilots is expected. Email ben.evans@flightexperience.com See more information at:


Torrens University Early Entry Applications Now Open

This is a great opportunity for your students to receive a conditional offer for a 2019 university place before receiving their ATAR. Students are able to apply to secure a university place in 2019 through the Torrens University’s Early Entry Program. Open to all year 12 students. More information visit:



Study Medicine – Macquarie University Medicine. Free Trial Videos and September Medical Degree Deadlines.

New Study Medicine information added this month includes: – September deadlines for Australian medical degrees and degrees leading to medicine at:


New free trial videos explain how medical programs are structured using Macquarie as an example:


Find Study Medicine on Twitter, Facebook or email: admin@studymedicine.com.au 



Elizabeth Vrahnos

Vocational Learning Coordinator




Digital Wellbeing Update

Getting to know Screen Time and stronger parental controls on the iPhone

Apple’s latest operating system update ios12, features a focus on their users’ digital wellbeing. One of the biggest changes in this update is the ability for users to see how much time they spend on their device throughout the day.  Installation of the latest update will allow users to access the tools needed to help tame their desire to always be ‘connected’, by tracking just how much time that user spends within each application of their device. In order to access such a feature, the latest operating system must first be installed over Wi-Fi, then through the phone’s settings application, “Screen Time” can be accessed. Within the “Screen Time” feature, users will find a breakdown that indicates how much time has been spent on the device and devices linked to the iCloud account.

Parents, this is a revolutionary tool, not only for your children and our students here at Bethany, but for yourselves. “Screen Time” is Apple’s strategic social response to the technology they have created, but ultimately the responsibility is in the hands of the user. In the next update Apple plan to break down how often a user picks up their phone, which applications they use the most and how many notifications a user receives on a per-application basis.

The feature will allow parents to take control of their children’s devices by locking certain applications with a parent passcode, as well as limiting their child’s usage. For example, you can limit your child’s social networking to just an hour or so a day via the “Screen Time” feature. As we enter into a time where the Minister for Education is advocating for an inquiry into phone use in schools, as well as the plethora of research supporting parents’ and teachers’ concerns about technology distracting from schoolwork, Apple’s “Screen Time” should be seen as an essential tool in every parents arsenal. For those who have non Apple devices, Android and Google will soon roll out similar digital wellbeing strategies in 2019.


Theresa Chisari

Assistant Year 8 Coordinator

Funding Update