Volume 15 - 27 Sep 2019

Year 12 Graduation



Dear Parents, Carers and Friends of Bethany,

Congratulations to our Graduating Class of 2019. Last Tuesday we had a wonderful Graduation Day beginning with an assembly in the morning shared with Years 10 and 11, staff and families. At this assembly students were awarded their Graduation Certificates as well as academic and special awards. At 5pm Year 12, staff and families returned to our newly transformed hall which was reconfigured to a reverent space for the Graduation Mass followed by dinner at the Bellevue at Bankstown. I thank Year 12 for the way that they graduated with such dignity and grace and for their years of service to our College. Shared with you are the memorable moments of the day and speeches from our College leaders, a parent and myself. We look forward to seeing Year 12 return for their HSC exams early Term 4. 

Graduation Day Speeches

Principal’s Address at Graduation Mass

 “Fr Janusz thank you for your guidance and the spiritual opportunities that you have provided for our girls, not just tonight but throughout the years at Bethany.

Parents, for the majority of you, tonight signifies the end of 13 years of quality education, a type of education that you went out of your way to choose because it models Catholic values and attempts to teach in the way of Jesus. Throughout their time at Bethany, the girls have been stretched to be in relationship with God and to understand this relationship as best as they know how in an ever increasing secular world. Girls, I hope that you are proud to have been educated in the Catholic tradition where honesty, compassion and looking out for other are not just taught, but celebrated and valued. I pray that you remember your special Masses, times when we have gathered in prayer and lessons you have learned about our faith and the need for interfaith dialogue and acceptance and understanding. 

Our Mass this evening has celebrated your value of wholeness, a value that we have for each Year 12 cohort as it signifies the coming together and the end of 1 journey. To us in a Catholic setting, wholeness completes us, you have achieved the outcomes of your set curriculum for the HSC but personally, you have also arrived at a destination where together with your parents, we have rounded you off and put a full stop to your near compulsory years of Catholic Education. Now it is over to you. It would be the hope that each of our graduating students, find a special place and special time for God. We hope that the busyness of life and new opportunities next year and beyond do not stand as excuses for spending time and making sacrifices for God and for others in our community who may be in need. 

I thank each of you and your families for making our school whole as well. Thank you for the lessons that you have taught us, the opportunities and ideas that you have brought forward to enhance the Catholic values in others and for the care and concern that you have shown for one another. My favourite part of the Gospel stories is the resurrection of Jesus Christ, WHY? Because it is the ultimate story of hope. It speaks to me of another chance of renewal but most of all of resilience.

As a College who celebrates part of its history in Mary MacKillop,we know from Mary’s life story that after leaving school, she was challenged by the poverty and helplessness of the poor of her time. She was challenged to find ways of educating and helping others.  Her life’s journey presented many challenges, but she persevered against great odds to attain her goals. Her trust in God, her faith in her beliefs was steadfast. She made mistakes, but she never stopped learning from them and moving forward. 

Jesus also saw a willingness to learn.

St Luke tells us that ‘As Jesus prepares to send his disciples into the world he prays for them. He gives thanks for the time of instruction, he asks for their protection, and looks forward to the amazing ministry they will do in his name.

So to the graduating class of 2019 – The Pearls –  this prayer becomes our own as those here with you now : as parents, family and friends,  send you forth with our congratulations and blessings into important new chapters of your lives. May the Lord bless you and keep you safe in His care and may you always be reminded To act justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with your God. God bless each any every one of you and may you always find comfort in your Bethany story.

Thank you”


Mrs Josephine Di Costanzo

“I was asked as a parent to share a few words on our daughter’s journey here at Bethany College.

Some that spring to mind are welcoming, engaging, exciting, disciplining, roller coaster, stressful, enlightening, faith enriching, and most importantly grateful. Grateful as I’m sure you all are to see our beautiful daughters graduating today.

Clearly every family has had their own epic journey that needs retelling no matter how great or rocky the stories are, and we must remember everyone that built the grand cohort that started in 2014. Some have moved on expectedly and not so expectedly, and these connections and friendships have shaped the growth of our girls that will last a lifetime.

Our daughter brought new people into our lives that are family now.

Reminiscing, your first steps into Bethany all started in 2014 with Mrs Lavorato as principal, and Mrs Barnes as yr7 coordinator.

On the first day, you went to get acquainted with new surroundings and other girls you hadn’t met. From there best friends were made. You met teachers, that guided you perhaps better than your family through the years. It seemed that they appeared to understand you better than us at times.

You were determined to adjust, whatever it took, steadily building up resilience, endurance, walking between classes, lugging books to and from school that literally weighed a tonne. Keeping on top of things you took it all on including the challenge of the PDHPE fitness beep test.

There were teachers over the years who helped to make classes engaging and fun. I distinctly recall our daughter telling us about Mr Culleton with his discussion-filled religion classes and your many teachers challenging you to create professional looking websites and videos to share your knowledge and research.

Starting up, it was a hard climb to get on top of the mountains of things to do. With that came an attitude, slight maturity, lots of ‘you don’t get it mum,   ‘I don’t have time to cleanup the dishes’ and ‘Don’t you know mum teenage girls don’t wake up until later in the morning’. To all the mums and dads, siblings, families and friends – Well, we can say we made it too!

Through the unimaginable firey glances, the icy comments “I’m not talking to you”, the pillows hailed across the room and the placid snowfall of hugs and kisses after the storm. Definitely all worthwhile to see you emerge into the young ladies you are here tonight.

We’re sure you and your families are stronger in every way. This all rang true yes we can only do so much. In Year 9 we saw girls pushed to their limits, we saw some of our confident girls slip into self doubt. But despite the breakdowns and tears, with Mrs Barnes’ support, and our prayers, you all came out the other side stronger and more capable with coping strategies to overcome daunting situations. These life skills along with many other strategies have become a natural part of your life and have helped to shape you all, the amazing young women that form the Class of 2019.

Year 10 came and you were seniors, all I could hear was talk of sweet sixteenths, big sisters, all fun things. Then came Picking Year 12 subjects and the big decisions needed to happen. Knowing what you wanted and loved to do was key to the outcome. It has been so inspiring to see you all achieve in your chosen subject areas, pursuing your passions and putting your time and efforts into projects and learning you really care about.

Thank you to Miss Rodwell for her caring speeches and the incredible Teachers and Staff that have allowed our daughter to mentally explore, spiritually grow & mature and reward our daughters for all their efforts. Confidently you girls have all excelled to be here now ready to take on the world. Incredibly you’ve reached your destination, the end of yr12.

You’re amazing, encouraging young women, who’ve we’ve seen receive academic, sporting and Duke of Edinburgh awards. Over the years, we’ve seen extremely talented girls in music, drama and dance performances. Many have supported school initiatives, such as the Vinnies Sleepouts, College Youth Masses, Bingo Night and the Design Showcases right here in this hall. There’s been re-energising retreats; watching the yr12 debating team win the finals;  and hearing about the triumphs of sporting gala days. Some of you  have managed to get your L’s and P’s, take on a job and even save up to buy your own car. Thats real world stuff that you can all do at your own pace and have fun as you go, with friends and people who care for you.

A day ago, I heard Olympian, Alexi Pappas, say “Imagine the outcome, see it and all that remains is the physical performance!”

You now should have everything you need to get on your way and give this last horizon of hurdles all you’ve got and finish this journey.

Just have the end clear in sight and be ready to tackle the next 5-6 weeks. I thank you all for being our daughter’s amazing peers, leaders and teachers on this journey. From our family to yours we send our love, blessings, clarity and our favourite quote from Nelson Mandela…

“It always seems impossible until it’s done” With God’s love and guidance, go get it done girls.”



The College Captain and Vice Captain

“Good Morning to Ms Rodwell and Mrs Hughes, special guests, to all staff members, parents, students and my fellow graduates, as you may know I am Alexis Maalouf and I am the 2019 school captain here at Bethany College. It is an absolute honour for Claudia, the vice captain and I to be speaking in front of you today for one of the last times in our 2019 school year. We want to formally and personally welcome you to this very special ceremony, graduation,  one which should be full of celebration and joy as we come to the end of our learning journey here at Bethany College. And whilst this may be the end of our schooling journey, it is only the beginning of our lives ahead and I think that our graduating class of 2019, our beloved pearls, are more than capable to take on the world’s greatest endeavors, after today. 

Since being elected to lead the school in term 4 of 2018, Alexis and I have been lucky enough to embark on one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences and are so grateful for all the opportunities that have come our way and the privileges we have had in leading our school. We have been proud to see you all work hard in every aspect of school life, whether it be success in academic achievement, on the sporting field, in the arts, TAS and performing arts showcases, and so much more, we are always so impressed by the students efforts and you leave us so proud to be your school leaders. Over the course of this year, Alexis and I have worked closely with our wonderful year 12 leadership team, aiming to lead with the girls rather than in front and thanks to these members of the team as well as our prefects, we were able to successfully and diligently lead the school and work towards many of our goals. Whilst these members played a profound role in achieving a collective success, we could not have done without our cooperative year group who have raised suggestions and ideas and to all students here at Bethany, who have constantly remained at the heart of all our decisions.

To our wonderful staff and teachers, thank you for leading us through our high school years with your expertise and assistance. Thank you for being with us every step of the way in both our junior and senior studies. You taught us to strive for our goals, and with the help of all your extra marking, many emails, extra classes and profound effort, we have been able to achieve these. Thank you for making our time here at Bethany so memorable. 

We would also like to extend a special thank you to our wonderful year coordinators – to Mrs Barnes, and to Miss Sukkar, who has rejoined on this exciting day. Thank you to Miss Sukkar, who laid the foundation of our senior years from year 10 to 11, helping us through some of the hardest times as well as happiest times. Although it was hard to say goodbye to the lovely miss Sukkar, we couldn’t have asked for better with Mrs Barnes…you have truly been our rock this year. You have connected with each and every one of us, and have become a role model for many of the girls, with your kind, selfless way of leading. We have made so many good memories with you over the years that I’m sure we will cherish forever. We would also like to sincerely thank Ms Rodwell and Mrs Hughes, for being such a strong support for all our year 12 girls. We especially thank you for your guidance in our leadership positions, for allowing us to truly be a voice for the students, and helping us achieve our goals for the school. 

To our families. We could not have done this without you. Your constant support and guidance has helped us get to where we are today. Thank you for helping us in every way possible over the years, whether it be with our homework in kindergarten, or simply dealing with our sometimes very frazzled year 12 selves, we will continue to need that support as we go into our final exams. Thank you for all the small things – like the drop offs, the last minute Officeworks runs, that have all contributed in some way or another to us standing on this stage today, receiving our graduation certificate. Thank you for being by our sides throughout this journey, you have helped make us who we are today. 

As we graduate as the class of 2019, we would like to give some parting advice to the rest of the student body, who will be following in the Pearl’s footsteps in the years to come. Every day, we are extremely proud to see each and every one of you living out the Bethany values, and as we look to the future of Bethany, we know that you will continue these ways, acting justly, loving tenderly, and walking humbly with our God. We encourage you to continue to work hard in everything that you do and surround yourself with a positive support system and mindset. Finally, enjoy your time at school, trust me it goes by quicker than you think!

Now, to our graduates, the 2019 pearls. You are strong-willed, intelligent and creative group of young women. The colourful combination of personalities add to the lively dynamic of our year group and whilst we all bring different flavours to the mix, with the right amount of stirring and a sprinkle of Mrs Barnes… together we are a cohesive group of respectable and graceful young woman. I think all the teachers, parents, and friends here today are all so proud of what you have achieved and most importantly to Claudia and I genuinely feel so blessed to have had all of your love and support behind us since day 1. You have made our job too easy at times and we are thankful for your cooperation and understanding in some of the tough times. As a collective we have truly grown over the years and I believe the bond between this group of year 12vs since day 1 in yr 7 was always something truly special and should never be forgotten. When I look at all your beaming faces, it reminds me of our our very first day at school, we were so young so fresh, we had too much excitement…mostly nerves because we had no clue what we were in for but most importantly I think we all felt this sense of readiness. Despite the anxiousness… we knew deep down that it was time to start a new chapter, we had no choice but to grow up… just a little, I mean my parents still make me my lunch every single day but that’s besides the point. My point is, that is exactly the same feeling we have here today, ending one chapter to start the next, full of excitement for the future but also nervous for what it may hold. Its that same sense of readiness. 

Now, I am not one to promote the binge-watching tv shows when you are so overloaded with homework and study that all you can possibly fathom doing is…absolutely nothing. I am definitely not going to promote that…but I can attest to the fact that you may get some pretty good quotes out of those marathon procrastination sessions. And here is one from One Tree Hill that can apply to all students and I think perfectly describes what a lot of us are feeling right now. “It’s the oldest story in the world. One day you are 17 and planning for someday. And then quietly without you ever really noticing, someday is today and then someday is yesterday and this is your life.”  Year 12 and the rest of our lives have always seemed so far away! Like some to-do list in the future that we would all get to eventually. But here we are. And I congratulate all of you for making it!! Thank you to all year groups for your support and we wish you all luck for the rest of Your journey here at Bethany. As for our yr 12 pearls… WE DID IT! Thank you.”


Semester 2 Student Leader Recognition




Semester 2 Academic Awards


Semester 2 Special Awards

Perfect Attendance

Principal’s Gold Pin Award

Duke of Edinburgh Gold Awards

Frank Bendeich Gold Expedition Award

Bexley RSL Bob Narromore Memorial Prize for First Place in Modern History 

Her Excellency The Honourable Margaret Beazley AO QC Governor of New South Wales Award for First place in Legal  Studies

Sydney Catholic Schools Executive Director’s VET Award

Southern Sydney Business Education Network Award – Business Services

Ranier Design Group Award

Excellence in Sport Award

College Commitment to Sport Award

ADF Long Tan

Caltex Best All Rounder Award 

Reuben F Scarf Award for Commitment

Archbishop’s Award for Student Excellence

Christian Leadership Award

Martha of Bethany Award


Semester 2 Reports – Principal’s Awards

Eve Fernando Olivia Di Costanzo
Ella Hankinson Louisa Leone
Julia Lo Russo Georgia Morrison
Anna Pemberton Grace Steriovski
Wanlin Zhang    
















Dear Parents, Carers and Friends of Bethany,


For all students in Years 7 and 9 NAPLAN results should have been delivered home by your daughter. Next term as the staff further unpack results, a summary will be shared. As we know NAPLAN results tell one story about student growth and are by no means a tool to be used to determine a student’s overall progress at school. All NAPLAN results can be accessed via Compass. Please contact the College if you require further explanation about your daughter’s NAPLAN results.


Parents and Friends Meeting 

Please save the date for our final P&F meeting of the year which is on Monday October 28 at 7pm. At this meeting we will farewell our President Les Salisbury whose daughter has graduated from the College and will hold elections for the new committee.


Robyn Rodwell



From the Assistant Principal

As we conclude Term 3 I wish to thank all parents/carers and students for their support and cooperation throughout the Term . We look forward to the girls returning ready for Term 4 on Monday October 14 in their full summer uniform.

A reminder acrylic nails, nail polish, eyelash extensions, makeup and jewellery beyond what is outlined as acceptable in the College diary are not permitted. 

May the holidays be a time of rest, rejuvenation and connection for all.



Jodie Hughes

Assistant Principal

HSC Dance Callback Nominations

Congratulations to the 2019 HSC Dance Classes on their stellar performances in the Practical HSC Examinations in August. The students received an outstanding number of nominations (16) for Callback, across all components. Some students were nominated three times for Core Performance, Core Composition and Major Study (Performance).
Callback is a selection of outstanding performances and projects from Higher School Certificate dance students. It is coordinated by The Arts Unit, NSW Department of Education and will be held at the Seymour Centre, University of Sydney on 13 and 14 February 2020.
Lauren Airey – Core Performance; Major Study Performance
Sofia Canestro – Core Performance; Core Composition; Major Study Performance
Bridget Halliday – Core Composition
Nyah Jones – Core Performance
Emilia Kovacevic – Core Composition 
Alexis Maalouf –  Core Performance; Core Composition; Major Study Performance
Anna Pemberton – Core Composition 
Louise Robinson – Core Performance; Core Composition; Major Study Performance
Danielle South – Major Study Performance

Lucy Eaton  
Dance Teacher

2019 OnSTAGE Program

Congratulations to the Drama class of 2019 on an outstanding HSC performance. The following students have been nominated in one or more categories for a possible inclusion in the 2019 OnSTAGE program. 
Ellie Shaw – Group Performance and Individual Performance 
Brooke Salisbury – Group Performance and Individual Performance 
Bridget Halliday – Individual Performance 
Deahna Sarigiannis – Individual Performance
The class of 2019 have worked tirelessly in developing their IP and GP Performances and we are very proud of their hardwork and succes
Amy Camer and Loretta Iffland 
Drama Teachers

2019 HSC Students’ Mass & Blessing

All HSC students and their families are warmly invited to attend an HSC Students’ Mass & Blessing to be celebrated at Regina Coeli Church, 70 Ponyara Road, Beverly Hills at the 5.00pm Vigil Mass on Saturday, 12 October 2019.


Love Your Body

By Year 9 SRC 

Love Your Body Week is an annual campaign of The Butterfly Foundation that asks people of all ages to reflect on the relationship they have with their bodies and to celebrate the amazing things their bodies can do.

It promotes body acceptance and diversity and encourages people to engage in behaviours that are positive and respectful to themselves, their body and also to others.

Love Your Body Week encourages us to celebrate who you are and what our bodies can do. It’s about celebrating strengths, passions, cultural diversity and individuality.

On Wednesday the 11th of September, Bethany College joined hundreds of schools around Australia to promote positive body image during Love Your Body Week. Students in Years 7-12 participated in a massive Love Your Body dance party in Yallunga Hall filled with empowering music and a Homeroom activity.

Students were encouraged during the day to take some time out to notice what their value and worth beyond their appearance.

Overall this was a fantastic initiative run by the Year 9 SRC and Media Team Members and which displayed s Bethany’s commitment to empowering young women.


“It was a memorable experience, to be able to let loose without the fear of judgment”. -Ngikula Harris

“The positive vibe when your in the room urges you to dance, making you feel really confident and comfortable with your body”. -Julliana Pineda

PDHPE Department News

SCC Term 4 Rep Sport

Congratulations to the term 3 SCC Rep Sport teams for a great season. While we did not have teams progress into the grand final round, some excellent performances were seen throughout the season and during the semifinals. 

Junior Soccer

Intermediate Soccer

Junior Basketball

Intermediate Basketball

Senior Basketball



NSWCCC Athletics

Congratulations to the following girls who represented the SCC Association at the NSWCCC Athletics Championships on Friday 20th September.

Jessica Brightwell, Aisha Kita-Leong, Kiara Masella; Lucy Flanagan; Angelique Rodas; Alyssa Sklias; Mikayla Capizzi; Lauren Delaney; Eva Kostopoulos

Congratulations to Eva Kostopoulos who placed 5th in Triple Jump and 2nd in High Jump for her age group.

She will compete at the NSW All Schools Athletics Championships on Friday 27th September.


Staff VS Year 12 – Volleyball

The final round of Staff VS Year 12 was played on Friday 20th September in Yallunga Hall.

The sport of choice was volleyball and after a strong rotation of student players the teachers were successful in retaining their title of champions.



Georgia Bartholomew

A Bethany College student in year 9, Georgia Bartholomew, recently competed at the Australian Dance Crew Championships. Georgia has been dancing for 13 years and trains at The LAB Performing Arts, located in Kogarah. On the 7th of September, Georgia travelled to the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra to compete in the Senior Solo Division, with a hip hop solo she learned only 3 months ago. The section was insanely tough and Georgia placed 3rd in Australia. Bethany College is extremely proud of Georgia and her amazing results and we wish her the best of luck for all future competitions




Lauren Brennan

Sport Coordinator

Year 9 English Incursion – Australian Poet, Steven Herrick – Tuesday 17 September


Our year group was privileged to welcome Australian poet and author, Steven Herrick to our school to speak to us, regarding the concepts and meanings of his books, specifically ‘The Simple Gift’. This open discussion involved questions from numerous curious students to Mr Herrick, mainly surrounding his career, the allegorical messages he wanted to communicate through the poems and the inspiration for the storyline. Steven Herrick thoroughly explained the ideology of ‘Materialism vs Spiritualism’ , as it concerns the significance of many spiritual values, including the generosity and kindness within ‘The Simple Gift’, therefore, the effect of the analogy towards the whole plot of the story. Additionally, he spoke about how some of the events within ‘The Simple Gift’ were loosely based on and depicted from his own life. 

Steven Herrick expressed the impact of the use of a free verse poem and in particular, to reveal the thoughts of the characters with their internal monologues  in ‘The Simple Gift’, without a structured form of writing. The subject of spiritual growth and independence was discussed, as Mr Herrick acknowledged the importance of decisions within an individual’s life and linking this with the characters opinions towards material and spiritual gifts. Overall, it was an engaging examination and conversation over multiple ideas communicated in ‘The Simple Gift’ and was an interesting and exciting experience to participate in this opportunity to openly speak about the book with Steven Herrick himself.

Article by Zoe Stamoulis 
Illustration by Natalie Milenkovski

Library News

Cover 2 Cover Reading Challenge

With the NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge over for 2019, it is time to focus on our internal wide reading challenge – Cover 2 Cover.

This will run during term 4. Students will be competing against their peers, homeroom groups and there will even be a battle between the junior grades and senior grades to determine who are the most committed readers at the college.

Students will be issued with a reading log to fill in. Points will be awarded for each book read, with bonus points given for books featured on recommended reading lists that have been prepared. There will be prizes for the most devoted readers and homerooms. 

Also, we will have a guessing contest where students will need to identify from a selected list of teachers, their favourite book of all time. 

More details will be provided in upcoming newsletters.


Library Services for Year 12’s during the HSC Exam Period

Local libraries are expected to be busy in the lead up to (and during) the HSC Exam period. For our Year 12’s who may want somewhere quiet to study are more than welcome to use the library during this time. They will also be allowed to borrow as normal, provided that they do not have any outstanding items. Please note that items in the HSC Closed Reserve Collection are available for overnight loan only.


HSC Activities in our local libraries

Kogarah Library will have a “HSC Lock in” night from 7pm to 10pm on October 9. Bookings are required at via Eventbrite .

Bayside Library will provide HSC Rescue sessions on selected dates in October at Rockdale Library. Free pizza, massage and other support will be provided. More details can be found through Eventbrite. Bookings are also required. 


Fabian Amuso

Teacher Librarian

Hearts and Hands – St Vincent De Paul

On Graduation Day Tuesday the 24th of September, during periods 1&2 Years 8 & 9 came together in their Homeroom groups to pack “Refuel Packs” for St Vincent De Paul. These “Refuel Packs” included food items donated by students in various grades such as Year 7’s muesli bars, Year 8’s cheese le snacks, Year 9’s chips, Year 10’s noodle soup, Year 11’s water bottles, and Year 12’s fruit cups. These items were then packed with a Hope card for each person receiving it. Years 8 & 9 were introduced to packing the items with a slideshow documenting statistics around homelessness in Australia and just how St Vincent De Paul support the homeless of Australia. The students were acting with both their hearts and hands during this initiative and are thrilled to have packed hundreds of “Refuel packs”.

Here are some reflections from the day:

This was a really good experience as I could help people that are struggling and with preparing the food which will relieve more stress for the homeless. I also learnt a lot of statistics like more than 50% of women are on the street and the majority is due to domestic violence. -Olivia Plomaritis

“Doing this small act will have such a big difference and can make someone’s day.” -Tara Winton


Year 8 and Year 9

2020 CaSPA Student Ensemble Auditions

Registration is NOW OPEN

Students can audition in DANCE, DRAMA or VOICE to be part of an amazing showcase event being held at the International Convention Centre, Darling Harbour in June 2020.



Term 4 Week 7 

Tuesday 26 November: Year 7 – Year 12, 2020

 Southern Cross Catholic Vocational College

Neich Parade Burwood

5:00pm – 6:30pm


Audition Requirements, 2020 Schedule and Registration @ www.caspaonline.com.au 

 For all CaSPA Programs go to www.caspaonline.com.au

Inflatable Rescue Boat racing (IRB)

IRB racing stands for Inflatable rescue boat racing, which you have to pass your crewman certificate to join the section. You can get your crewman certificate after getting your Bronze Medallion and Spinal Course certificate. IRB starts off with 2 people at the starting line in each team. Then you race to the boat and one person who is the driver goes to the back of the boat whilst the other person, the crewman goes to the front where they have to jump in and take off hoping to jump the waves. When you get to the first can, the boat does a 360 turn and picks up the person on the next can. You then have to race back in where the driver has to jump out of the boat without falling over and run to the the finish line. At the State Championships this year, my under 23s team received a silver medal and North Cronulla came 3rd overall. At the Australian Championships, North Cronulla came 4th overall and we are now hoping to make it to Italy for the World Championships next year.
Miss Cox asked me how did I get involved into something like this and its pretty easy, especially if you do nippers. Anyone over 15 can join as long as they are willing to complete the following courses – Surf rescue, Bronze Medallion as well as the Crewman course. 
Here are some photos of this season 
Hannah Berman

Bethany College Musical


Tickets are now available for Bethany College’s 2019 production of Annie Jr.

The cast and crew have been working incredibly hard this year and are very excited to bring this production to life.

Performances will be held at the Marana Auditorium – Hurstville Entertainment Centre.

Thursday 31st October 7:30pm & Friday 1st November 7:30pm


Tickets are available from https://www.tickethost.com.au/ – search “Bethany” to find tickets

Adults $25 – Kids/students $20

We hope to see you there!


Clare Moroney

Performing Arts Coordinator

Careers / VET Update

Bethany student places first in Business Services Worldskills competition!


On Tuesday, 3rd September, I participated in the Sydney Catholic Schools Inter-school Worldskills Business Services competition at Bethany College. I competed against 12 other students from various catholic schools. Throughout the competition, I had to print, photocopy, handwrite mail, organise a daily work schedule and complete many other business administration tasks. At the end of the competition, the judges marked all the student’s work and revealed the results. I was awarded first place and will now be participating in the zone competition to determine a national representative. All the students who were involved in the competition did exceptionally well. Thank you Mrs Vrahnos for giving me this opportunity. 

Kelly Tan (Year 11)


Want to know more about Worldskills?

Refer to the following link to learn about Worldskills https://www.worldskills.org.au/about/


SSBEN VET Excellence Awards 

On Thursday the 12th of September, I had the privilege of attending the Southern Sydney Business Education Network annual VET Awards Ceremony. I was nominated to receive the award for my outstanding achievement in the Early Childhood Education and Care course I currently undertake at school. It was a very lovely ceremony, held at Parliament House where we enjoyed a delicious breakfast followed by the presentation of the awards. I would like to thank Bethany College for nominating me for this award, particularly Ms Brennan for all her support throughout the two years. 

Andrea Salapatas, Year 12


Bethany student excels in Hospitality Worldskills competition

On the 4th of September, I competed in the Worldskills competition for Hospitality. I was thrilled to be chosen to participate, but was nervous at the same time. The day was a nerve-racking but enjoyable experience. I cooked a 3-course meal, including a caeser salad, crumbed chicken with various vegetables and a tomato concasse, and chocolate brownie with chocolate sauce and chantilly cream. I was challenged by all the techniques but learnt new things that enhanced my ability to produce wonderful dishes. Once the competition was over, they presented the first and second placings and gave out awards to everyone.  A little after the competition ended, I was pleased to receive an email notifying me that I got into the next round. Overall, my day and the competition was an enjoyable and an experience that I wouldn’t forget.

Alexia Georgiou Year 11



First Aid course



ACU Talk with Teachers Online

29 October 5pm to 6pm

Join us and hear from a panel of teachers on what it’s really like to work in education.
At the event you will:
– hear from teachers about their experiences in the profession
– get tips and advice for pursuing a career in education
– take a campus tour and visit AskACU.
The panel discussion will be available to watch online and attend in person at our Melbourne campus. Registration is essential, please register via the links below.
Online Registration here:



University of Sydney Campus Tours

Join one of the campus tours to explore Australia’s first university and learn more about our campus up close and personal. On the first Friday of every month (and on other selected days), we run campus tours for prospective students and their friends and family.

These tours run between 4 and 5pm, beginning under the Clocktower of the Quadrangle, and are led by our student ambassadors.



UTS STEM Day – Spots Still Left for November

21 November

Years 9 to 12. Take part in hands-on workshops, talks and panel discussions with people in STEM industries. Learn all about study and career options in STEM. This program is free and is for students in years 9–12.  Held by the UTS Faculties of Engineering & IT, Science, Transdisciplinary Innovation, Arts and Social Sciences.

Please register your interest for our STEM Day:



Engineering and IT Leadership Scholarship, University of Sydney

Closes October

The Leadership Scholarship is one of the most valuable undergraduate scholarships in Australia, offering generous financial support and extensive leadership development. Our aim is to shape you as a future industry leader by fostering your passion and motivation, and providing you with the hands-on experience as well as technical skills highly valued by prospective employers. We also prepare you to be an excellent communicator, with the confidence to work effectively within teams and with clients.$18,000 per year for up to 4 years.



Campus Tours at Western Sydney University 

Western Sydney University is now running campus tours on the first Friday of each month for prospective students, their family and the general public. Each month provides a new opportunity to explore a different campus. For more information please visit:



USA University Applicants – 2019 PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test)

19 October. 8.30am to 12.30pm

Ascham School, 188 New South Head Road Edgecliff

The PSAT is designed for students in Years 10 to prepare for the SAT, the test required for many USA university admissions. This test is administered once a year and provides valuable feedback on the students’ strengths and weaknesses. The results of this test are not recorded for any future USA university applications; they are for the individual student’s reference only. The number of seats is limited and allocated on a “first come first served” basis.



ADFA – Study at UNSW Canberra

UNSW Canberra has international recognition as a successful, research-intensive university – generating new knowledge for the benefit of present and future generations which has had an impact around the globe.

School of Business

School of Engineering and Information Technology

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

School of Science



MIT Sydney – What makes MIT School of Information Technology & Engineering graduates different?

Launch your career in one of the fastest growing professions.

With the rapid evolution of global information structures, mobile technologies and cloud deployments, businesses are facing major challenges in providing networks that are accessible yet safe. They need specialists who can design, build, maintain, support and protect computer networks.

Establish your career with three new specialisations to our Bachelor of Networking: cyber security, software engineering and cloud networking.


UAC: https://www.uac.edu.au/undergraduate/courses/mit/570130.shtml



TAFE Snapshot on Engineering and Electrotechnology

Which occupations in this industry are likely to have the largest employment growth over the next three years?

Which TAFE NSW courses are popular for people looking to get into these job roles and how much can you earn?



TAFE Snapshot on Aviation and Maritime

Which occupations in this industry are likely to have the largest employment growth over the next three years?

Which TAFE NSW courses are popular for people looking to get into these job roles and how much can you earn?



TAFE Snapshot on Community Service Counselling

Which occupations in this industry are likely to have the largest employment growth over the next three years?

Which TAFE NSW courses are popular for people looking to get into these job roles and how much can you earn?



New Guide for Apprentices and Trainees

This guide, from Training Services NSW at the Department of Industry, welcomes your students into their apprenticeships and traineeships. Becoming an apprentice or trainee is a proven way for your students to get the skills and connections they need and this guide will help them (and you) to make the most of their exciting journey. Your copy awaits you at:


Apprenticeships—Five Proven Strategies to Help Your Students Get One

A VET apprenticeship has so much to offer—in NSW apprenticeship training is fee-free, apprentices earn while they learn and they’re on a proven pathway to well-paid jobs. When your students decide an apprenticeship is right for them, they’ll need a plan to help them to get the one they really want. Five NSW apprentices share their stories and to give their advice on how your students can win an apprenticeship at:


Employable Me—VET Opens Doors for People With Disabilities

VET caught up with Kathleen Campbell, episode one series 2 of the ABC’s award-winning show Employable Me, and her disability support provider to learn how VET helped secure employment for the 20-year-old. You can read Kathleen’s update and find out how the NSW Government’s Smart and Skilled program supports people with disabilities to gain the confidence, skills and connections to succeed, at:




Become a Web Developer / Coder in 6 Months

Laneway Education is currently taking enrolments for its Full Stack Web Developer course. This program is offered in a flexible manner and can be completed alongside school or work. With over 80,000 jobs becoming available over the next 4 years, now is the time to think about a career in tech. Join Laneway Education graduates at Google, Amazon and Boeing for a career that could take you anywhere. Contact dan@laneway.edu.au for more information.


Event Essentials Course

Meetings & Events Australia has launched a new introductory course for entry level candidates who are seeking to understand the event industry or build a foundation of understanding and skills. The Event Essentials Program can be used as an entry point into the meetings and events industry. It is accessed online and has support from the MEA’s training faculty with assessments that relate back to industry case studies. This blended learning allows you to commence your professional development pathway without interrupting your workplace commitments while still studying in a supportive learning environment.




Should I Travel or Should I Study

Going from years of rigorous schedules and same-old school, adult life hits you pretty hard when it all wraps up. Suddenly weekdays become free, there’s no need to worry about school nights and the workload alters. Also, more choices come your way while you’re basking in your newfound freedom.

One key question is if and when you want to take off and travel the world. For a holiday or for a journey. For a gap year or for a tourist sightseeing expedition. Normally determined by your post-school schedule and bank account, the decision creeps into a lot of people’s minds. So what should you consider when it comes to making this decision?



Are you choosing a course for the right reasons?

Picking a course can be tough. You need to think about what you want to study, how you want to do it and where, while also considering the best path towards your chosen career. There are big differences between courses, so how do you know you’re making the right choice? We take a look at some of the reasons why you shouldn’t choose a course.



Be Your Own Boss – Become an Entrepreneur

Starting your own business can be one of the most rewarding and satisfying experiences you can have. Find out more with our guide to getting started.

Starting your own business and entering the world of entrepreneurship is something that more and more Australians are doing.

The increase in connectedness across the globe means that the structure of employment has changed rapidly, enabling more people to realise their dream of becoming a business owner.



Your Free Guide to a Career in Dietetics

We asked two dietitians what they love about their job. Sally Marchini said that it is helping people to understand their health concerns and improve their life, and Josh Reed said that it’s motivating and empowering people and learning how to improve his own health.

There is plenty of variety in the university course, which includes statistics, psychology, physiology, biochemistry, nutrition sciences, food science as well as being competent in the three main areas of dietetics – clinical, food service management and community dietetics. This gives a range of potential career paths with a dietetics degree



Inspiring Young Women

The Inspiring Futures for Young Women campaign is designed to help young people from all backgrounds, at schools and colleges across Australia to meet and make connections with female role models from a range of sectors.  By introducing young people to successful women working in different roles and industries, the aim is to enhance understanding of the breadth of career opportunities available, challenge gendered stereotypes about occupations and give young people the chance to ask questions and make connections with female role models. 



EA Ski & Snowboard New Canada Recruits Wanted

We are now recruiting for paid ski & snowboard instructor jobs with full training provided starting this November. Download your free Canada instructor brochure to find out how you can become an instructor at one of our world-class ski resorts.



ArtExpress is Going Across NSW

Through to 4 November

ARTEXPRESS is an annual series of exhibitions of the highly ranked artworks created by New South Wales visual arts students for the Higher School Certificate examination. Find a date and location nearest to you and plan your visit.



Elizabeth Vrahnos

Vocational Learning Coordinator

Slow Down to 40 When the Bus Lights Flash

In NSW there are thousands of buses that travel every day transporting students to and from school. Due to their size and mass, buses take more time to stop. Crashes involving buses often result in more severe outcomes for other road users.

The Centre for Road Safety is committed to improving safety around buses and is implementing a tactical school bus safety campaign. This is a reminder for parents and carers that they always need to supervise their children and hold their hand when walking to and from the bus stop or interchange and when crossing the road. In addition, parents should not call their children across the road as it could lead to dire consequences.

The law states that a speed of 40km/h applies if passing a bus when the front and rear lights are flashing as the bus is picking up and setting down school children. Please slow down to 40km/h when bus lights are flashing. This is for the safety of all students.


If you want more information on this campaign please visit the Centre for Road Safety link: http://roadsafety.transport.nsw.gov.au/campaigns/be-bus-aware/index.html


Extra Curricular Photos

Extra Curricular photos now available for purchase. Students can collect the order envelope from student services.