Volume 16 - 26 Oct 2018


Dear Parents, Carers and Friends of Bethany,

Lord, as we discern the meaning of our call to servant leadership, help us recognize the ways you seek to minister through our lives. Inspired by the knowledge of your abiding presence, may we have the courage to reach out and support one another, to stand firm in what is true, to decrease when others should increase, and to lead with vision and compassion, as faithful followers of Jesus, your Son.

2019 Student Leaders



College Captain: Alexis Maalouf

College Vice Captain: Claudia Bonacci

Religious Education and Mission: Cassandra Manning

Sport Captain: India Mix

SRC: Jodie Tse (7)

SRC: Alana Jones (8)

SRC: Luisa Leone (9)

SRC: Julia Lo Russo (10)

SRC: Eve Hudson (11)

SRC: Sienna Dal Bianco (12)

House Captain: Moya Denford (Oodgeroo)

House Captain: Lucy Conway (Franklin)

House Captain: Jasmine Garrison (Melba)

House Captain: Anastasia Kountourogianis (Kellerman)


Creative Arts:

Carina Cunha

Debating/Public Speaking:   

Brooke Salisbury


Sofia Aranega

Design and Technology:

Angela Bersinic


Emily Licovski


Thalia Tsapilis


Olivia Di Costanzo

Languages and Culture:

Valentina Triulcio


Eve Fernando

Performing Arts:

Ellie Shaw


Konstantina Harellis

Social Justice:

Alexandra Keedle-Ortiz


Eliza Rosenberg


Last week we had the privilege of inducting our 2018/2019 student leaders at our first leaders commissioning Mass held at St Michael’s. I thank Fr Janusz for celebrating the Eucharist with us. At this Mass, students were reminded that leadership at any level is a role of service with Jesus as the centre. Inspired by Jesus as our role model, our student leaders were motivated to act as the hands, heart and head of Jesus. Such an example can come alive in the Bethany context by our leaders encouraging students to stand up for one another if they see a girl treated unfairly, if they witness bullying, if they wish to express a view that is not part of the popular majority. I wish the student leaders well in the year ahead and I look forward to working with them to further consolidate and strengthen student voice across the College.


Newman Writing Project

It was with great delight and pride that our Yr 10 Newman students hosted many of our feeder primary students in Years 5 and 6 for a joint initiative in the form of a Creative Writing Project. This project has been organised with the support of the Sydney Catholic Schools Eastern Region Office to allow both primary and secondary to come together to collaborate.  For both sets of students it is an opportunity to enhance their writing, editing and analytical skills. Special thanks to Mrs Russo, Mrs Smit, Ms Field and Miss Taouk for their work in making this project come to fruition. We look forward to the creative writing stories that our primary feeder students produce for our Newman showcase afternoon in December.


Parents and Friends Meeting

On Monday at 7pm we have our final P&F Meeting of the year. Please come along to the Library at 7pm. At this meeting, we have Mrs Chisari as a guest speaker, who will guide parents through the latest cyber issues facing teenage girls and offer strategies on how to best parent in the cyber world. This is a meeting that is not to be missed in the struggle of dealing with teenagers and their devices. Our meetings only last for 1 hour. I look forward to seeing you there.


Year 7, 2019 Orientation Day

A reminder that all students joining the Bethany Community next year in Year 7 will be on site on November 14 for Orientation Day.



Robyn Rodwell


From the Assistant Principal

Important Dates: Link to college calendar located on the website


Tapping On

Please remember to use your Opal card and TAP ON  to bus services to and from school. That way Transport NSW will know what levels of service we need. The more we use it the better the service will be. 







Jacinta Russo 

Assistant Principal

What’s Been Happening in Religious Education

Prayer for HSC Students

On Thursday (first day of HSC), we invited staff and Year 12 students to attend the Chapel for a prayer service to mark the beginning of the HSC exams and to ensure that our students know that they are in our thoughts and prayers during what can be considered a very stressful time for them.  These exams are now well and truly underway with many students having completed a number of their exams.

During this time, I would invite you all to offer the following prayer for our girls, and indeed all students undertaking their exams at this time.


Gracious God, some of our students are anxious,

worried, or tense about exams;

we ask You to grant them the gifts of peace

and calm during this time.

Help them to do their best so that they can

reap the rewards of their study.

Help them also to be true friends

and a support to one another.

Allow them to give You the gift of their work,

so that they can use their talents now

and in the future in Your service.

We ask through Christ our Lord.



Year 7 Spirituality Day

On Friday 2 November, all of our Year 7 students will be attending their Spirituality Day at St Mary MacKillop Parish Hall, Rockdale.   The focus of the day will be the Year 7 Gospel value of “Relationships”. Permission notes will be sent home this week and I would be very grateful if they are all returned prior to Wednesday 31 October.


Diane Kennaugh

Leader of Religious Education and Mission

English Matters – Year 7 and 9 Poetry


Year 9 English.1

The topic currently being studied by Year 9 Newman English focuses on poetry, specifically the free verse poetry novel written by Steven Herrick, “The Simple Gift”. This book explores the values important to individuals, inspiring us to dive deeper into the certain values we as individuals, a class and a community hold close. Whilst exploring these values, we linked them to the novel we were reading and eventually formed a class poetry anthology, creatively titled “Spill the Poe-tea”, showcasing each individual in the class and what they value most in life. We worked on these throughout the unit in our own time and were fortunate enough to have Mr Laguzza print out a booklet of these poems for everyone to keep as a reminder of this amazing unit.  As well as this, we expanded our knowledge of poetic devices, utilising them to improve our writing, and participated in many tasks that challenged us and pushed us out of our comfort zone, performing poems we wrote and using multiple stimuli as the basis of our work. This was a terrific way to develop our confidence, by presenting the poems we composed. Overall this topic was highly enjoyable, as well as useful in guiding us to becoming better writers through a range of collaborative tasks.  

Laura Carrabs


Purple Empire

Created alone with a lavender heart,

Witnessing society being ripped apart.

The calm stability of blue,

The fierce energy of red,

Yet somehow combined, they can’t wrap it around their head.


Alive, alone with a lavender heart,

Treating the journey as if it were fine art.

An earth painted in green,

Using blue and red as a defence.

Building a purple empire is all that makes sense.


Purple is the representation of both blue and red. Blue is calm and stable and red fierce and passionate. In a society filled with greed and lust for wealth, this person finds themselves on a journey to solve the issue of red versus blue which is in conflict within them. Ultimately, they reach the conclusion that the world should symbolise a combination of the two colours, creating a purple empire filled with creativity, power, wisdom and wealth.

Laura Carrabs



I put your happiness above mine,

Because it meant more to me.

That the smile on your face,

Was a Picasso painting

I stole from a museum.

Too delicate for any other eyes,

But my own.


Even though you never saw yourself

The same way.

I made it my mission

To build a gallery

Out of the smiles you gave me,

So you could finally realise,

True intimacy happens,

When nothing is perfect.

Jade Lozanovksi


Year 7 English.S

In Semester Two Year Seven have been learning about poetry. Whilst learning about this topic we have created many different types of poems, with each utilising a particular structure to create meaning. A poem that we have created is based on the Australian outback and all the wonders it holds. Our class (taught by Mr.Laguzza) is encouraged to always try their best and to be the best that we can be, as shown in our poem:


The Aussie Outback

The outback is full of many wonders,

The sun scorching down on your skin.

If you’re looking for a type of adventure,

The outback is the place to begin.


You are traveling on a highway,

That seems to never end.

There are so many animals in your midst,

And suddenly you come to a bend.


You turn around the corner,

Not knowing what you’re about to see.

The outback holds many wonders,

Oh, how it’s a wonderful place to be!

Tameeka Johnson and Sophia Deben




Australian Outback Poem

The outback, a place so vast but full of full of mystery.

A road, which is never-ending.

A world so empty and isolated,

One wrong step and my life is pending.


The whole outback lying in front of me,

My eyes burning with the rays of the boiling sun.

The dust upon my tongue, dry and earthy,

The gates to the world are open, and my adventure has just begun.


In this poem we were encouraged to create an Australian poem that reflected on the outback. I managed to reflect the beauties and mysteries of Australia.


The Rainforest

I was stuck somewhere in a world so beautiful,

I call it a rainforest.

This place had trees,

That were like ballerinas dancing in the soft, silent wind.


The rain dripped on my skin,

Like it wanted to get my attention.

The goose bumps on my skin,

Tasting the cold fresh water bouncing off my dry tongue.

Constance Kartambis



As the scent of life overwhelms my lungs,

The breeze flows within my vivid imagination,

Each leap of curiosity you withdraw from the fertile soil,

Saturates your shoes with the moist vegetation.


The pigment of green is almost unforgettable,

The eternal beauty pierces my heart with a spell,

As this wonderland seems like it’s only a part of an hallucination.

The fantasy world looks identical at every corner, as if I’m riding a never-ending carousel.


Jade Makisi


Year 12 Biology – University of Sydney Excursion

On September 7th, Year 12 Biology students visited The University of Sydney in order to attend the Kickstart Science course and enhance their understanding of the intricacies of humans, animals and plants.

The day consisted of two sessions which covered topics of the HSC Biology Course in a very interactive and engaging way as we were separated into small groups and moved around to different stations. At these stations, we performed eye and brain dissections, and also recreated famous experiments such as Thomas Morgan’s fruit fly experiment which was essential in contributing to our current understanding of genetics.

Not only did we explore biological concepts, but we were also able to converse with university students and professors about their studies and personal experiences in university. We were also able to gain a glimpse into all of the opportunities university has to offer, speculating on our own potential career pathways in Science.

We would like to thank Dr Trent and Ms Lipari for taking the time to organise the excursion and accompany us to the venue as it was truly an invaluable experience that will not be forgotten.

Elsey-Anne Dadson (Year 12 Biology student)



Year 8 Wellbeing Workshop – In Her Shoes

On Thursday 25 October, 2018 as part of the Year 8 Wellbeing program, the Year 8 students participated in a workshop created by the school counselor Ms Katerina Stratilas and Year 8 Coordinator Mrs Katrine Barnes and run by the Year 8 pastoral team.


The workshop was entitled ‘In Her Shoes’ and the students explored the issues around empathy and perspective taking. It was an interactive workshop where the students gained an understanding around empathy  – ‘the ability to understand and share the feelings of another’ and perspective taking – ‘learning how to see things from other people’s perspectives’. Empathy is an important part of our emotional intelligence, the ability to get on with others’ displays growing maturity in interpersonal relationships. This workshop was designed to assist in building the skills necessary in being able to create good relationships both now and for the future.

Students were encouraged to understand the difference between empathy and sympathy and participating in some role plays this assisted them in being able to practice empathic responses to everyday situations faced by teenage girls. The 4 steps of empathic language are:

I saw . . . (describe what happened)

I felt . . . (describe how you felt when you saw what you saw)

I need . . . (describe what you need/would like)

I request . . . (make a request for the future)


The workshop concluded with an activity led by the Year 8 SRC’s which affirmed the students using various colours of string. Each piece of coloured string represented a particular characteristic or feeling and the activity saw the students attributing certain colours to each other as a way of affirmation. It was an engaging morning and Year 8 were very responsive. We look forward to seeing the girls develop their interpersonal relationships throughout the coming years.

Katrine Barnes (Year 8 Coordinator) and Theresa Chisari ( Assistant Year 8 Coordinator)


Mosaic Mentoring

Throughout the past few months, selected students from Year 9 Newman were invited to participate in a social justice initiative organised by students from UNSW. The program, called ‘Mosaic Mentoring’, was an opportunity for us girls to critically think about contemporary issues in society. With the help of UNSW students, we split into two groups and created a major work which was presented at an exhibition night in which we showcased our work and learnt about the major works of other participants. The program was an eye opening experience; we were challenged to express our individual opinions about sensitive topics, which allowed us to be inspired about the ideas behind our major works. We had an enjoyable time and encourage all students to participate in this wonderful program in the years to come.

Luana Rendina & Bianca Pilla

The first group consisted of Bianca Pilla, Liana Lan, Alyssa Zappia and Sienna Williams. The overriding issue displayed was poverty, and in the form of a sketch, scattered over 4 canvases, we wanted to bring awareness to the fact that poverty is a relevant contemporary issue affecting the global community. Poverty affects around 1.3 billion people worldwide. Society needs to understand and acknowledge that people suffering from poverty have experienced great hardships which has lead up to their current state and they should be treated with the same respect and dignity as any other person. Our first canvas depicts a young boy, one who has experienced abject poverty. The ‘fence’ which spans all four canvases, is a visual representation of the fact that everything is connected, giving the impression of a series of catalytic events which lead to poverty and destitution. It also acts to show the ‘imprisonment’ that poverty-stricken individuals often feel because they are ‘trapped’ by their dire circumstances. The words scattered over the 4 canvases suggests reasons as to what he is feeling, emotionally and spiritually.

Bianca Pilla

The second group consisted of Luana Rendina, Jennessa Fong, Katrina Martinez, Ayva Palmer, Mia Palmer and Kelly Nguyen. Our group chose ‘stereotypes’ as the overriding topic as all members of our group suffer from being stereotyped in day to day life. Generated by the media, stereotypes play a major role in the dehumanisation of us, as individuals. Through the creation of a burn book, our group was able to successfully portray stereotypes and the impacts of removing stereotypes, using contemporary examples based on different ethnic groups, people of varying socioeconomic status and specific personality traits. Through the book, it is made explicitly evident that stereotypes do not portray an individual’s characteristics, but is rather society’s way of dictating to us how to act, speak and think. The book highlights how we can all, as individuals, break away from these stereotypes. It teaches us to not judge others based on their appearance, but rather their disposition. I’m sure everyone in this room has been stereotyped at least once in their life, so please take some time to check out our book and consider the impact of stereotypes of not only ourselves, but of those around us.

Luana Rendina


Careers News

The value of work experience

During the first week of the October school holidays, I was fortunate enough to undertake work experience at Qantas, going to the Integrated Operations Centre, Domestic Airport and the Jet Base.


At the Integrated Operations Centre, I saw how the commercial, operative and customer needs were met within the company. I talked to people whose job is to ensure the plane is always maintained to meet customer expectations, flight regulations and engineering needs. Furthermore, Alan Joyce, the CEO of Qantas was talking at the Qantas office’s food court during lunch time, so I was able to say hi to him and get a photo.

At the Domestic Airport, I saw the working conditions of the pilots and flight attendants. I was taken to see specific departments, offices and other employee facilities. I walked through the different passenger lounges (Members, Business and Chairman’s), seeing how the passengers are prioritised. I also experienced walking onto an airplane before the passengers started to arrive, viewing how the aircraft was prepared for a flight.

Finally, the Jet Base is where all aircrafts are stored in the hangers, and repaired and maintained. I was able to walk around in the hanger and see an A380 in current repair, and was also allowed to walk through the aircraft and see areas of the aircraft that passengers are unable to view. The employees explained to me the various functions of an aircraft and showed me how repairs and maintenance are carried out on the planes. Next, I went out onto the tarmac where I was fortunate enough to walk beside an aircraft as it taxied on the tarmac and then watched from the ground as the aircraft took off!

Overall, my work experience at Qantas was highly insightful and rewarding, and gave me a new perspective on such a successful and reputable company.

Lanna Rowen (Year 11)


Apprenticeship opportunities

Towards the end of Term 3, Mr. Alan McPherson the Sydney Catholic Schools School Based Apprenticeship and Traineeship (SBAT) Coordinator took time out of his busy schedule to address the students about the many and varied apprenticeship and traineeship opportunities that are available to students. Some of our students are currently participating in an apprenticeship program, namely in Hairdressing. Mr McPherson’s presentation was informative and provided students with another pathway towards acquiring the HSC and completing an industry recognised qualification at the same time.  




Introduction to Actuarial Science 

The Australian National University is running a special version of its popular Introduction to Actuarial Science course for Year 11/12 students in Australia from Term 4 2018 to Term 1 2019. The course is a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) and is free for all students. For more information: 



New Biomedical Science Degree 

Students in the Bachelor of Biomedical Science will now be able to tailor their degree towards a specialisation by completing a Sub Major in their final year. Options include Cellular Pathology, Microbiology and Host Responses or Biochemistry and Molecular Diagnostic. See our updated course guide: 


HSC True Reward at Western Sydney University 

Applications for the HSC True Reward Early Offer Program are now open! Our unique program gives a student an early offer into a University degree based on corresponding HSC subject band outcomes, not the ATAR. For more information about this fantastic opportunity or to lodge an application please visit: 



Macquarie University Catchment Adjustment Factors

Be eligible for five additional adjustment factors.

If you qualify for adjustment factors, they are added to your selection rank and may improve your chances of receiving an offer for your preferred degree. Macquarie offers five additional adjustment factors to students who live or go to school in Macquarie’s catchment region. These are called catchment adjustment factors. Use the tool below to check if your postcode qualifies. If you qualify, you will automatically receive five adjustment factors when you have a Macquarie course listed as one of your preferences through UAC.



University of Canberra – Virtual Tours Anytime Campus Tour

Explore our campus and facilities as if you were there.




Early Entry Program to TAFE NSW Degree Now Open

Did you know TAFE NSW are now accepting early entries into its Degree Programs? Students can now apply for a Degree and receive a conditional offer before they get their HSC results! With some degrees fully online they will get an industry-recognised qualification that can change their future. Applications are now being taken:




AFTRS Bachelor of Arts Screen

Applications close 12 November 

The Australian Film Television and Radio School’s Bachelor of Arts Screen: Production is designed for students with a passion for storytelling and a commitment to a career in the screen industries. Students will become mutli-skilled screen storytellers with skills in all creative roles. More: 


Avondale Offers Counselling Services and Degree

Life can be a roller coaster and balance is about navigating the highs and the lows. At Avondale, students and staff are like family so when times get tough or you just need to chat, our professional free counselling service on-campus is always available. For courses covering Counselling, Chaplaincy, Humanities or Psychology visit:



Career Edge at TOP

At Top Education Institute (TOP), we encourage our students to participate in work placements during the course of their study with us. After completion of their studies with us, our students will be in a position that will enable them to be better equipped and stand out in today’s highly competitive job environment. Want to know more about our programs? Contact us! 9209 4888. E: info@top.edu.au



Medicine Interview Taster – MedView

15 November. 6.00pm to 8.00pm

University of Technology Sydney, 235 Jones St, Room 440, Level 4, Building 10, Ultimo

Give yourself the best opportunity at securing a medical school place by attending our Medicine Interview Taster. In this 2 hour session, we’ll give you a crash course on the Medical School Interview including covering the core skills and techniques to succeed in the Interview and MMI scenarios.

Our expert Interview Tutors will guide you through what the Medicine Interview/MMI really is, and teach you the fundamentals to acing your interviews this summer. They’ll also step you through some commonly observed interview scenarios, to give you a leg-up on the day!



How To Write an Effective Resume [A Practical Guide]

So you’ve read thousands of job ads and picked out the ones that sound like they’re tailor-made for you.

But ask yourself this: is your resume tailor-made for them?

If the answer is no, stop what you’re doing. Before sending off your application hoping to get a job interview, you need to make sure you have an effective resume.

We’re talking about the sort of resume that positively screams “don’t waste time reading those other applications, you’ve already found the right person for the job”!

Luckily, you’ve come to exactly the right place. Welcome to our practical guide to writing the perfect resume quickly and easily!



Study Medicine – Free Trial

A new free trial feature has been added to Study Medicine. See how medical degree and degrees leading to medicine are structured and compare degrees to maximise your chance of becoming a doctor using Macquarie University as an example:


See also the latest listing of deadlines (September) for all medical programs in Australia: https://www.studymedicine.com.au/deadlines/

You can find Study Medicine on Twitter, Facebook or email: admin@studymedicine.com.au


Conservation Volunteers

Do you love the outdoors? Do you care about our natural environment? Join us as a volunteer on any of our hundreds of conservation projects Australia wide. Anyone can get involved. You don’t need any prior skills or experience, just a reasonable level of health and fitness. Here is what is happening in NSW.



Vinnie’s Youth

Vinnies Youth is a term given to Young Adult members and volunteers of St Vincent de Paul Society. Getting involved in Vinnies Youth is about putting faith in action – we offer a number of opportunities to serve people in your local community. These include: Kids Days Out, Buddy Camps, Home Visitation, Tutoring and Mentoring, Vinnies Shops, Soup Vans and even school’s engagement.


CyberTaipan – Australia’s Youth Cyber Defence Challenge

CyberTaipan is open to anyone in years 7-12 with an interest in cyber, defence, puzzles and code breaking. CyberTaipan is a national high-school aged cyber defence competition. Teams compete in online rounds for the top placement within their state or territory and the chance to compete in the National Finals Competition in March 2019. Information and registration at 





Elizabeth Vrahnos

Vocational Learning Coordinator


Eva Kostopoulos

Eva Kostopoulos competed in the NSW All schools Competition.  She triple placed 6th and High jump 1st with personal best of 1.71. In December she is going to the Australian All Schools in Cairns.



Chloe Jackson and Caitlin Hollis

Over the weekend both Chloe and Caitlin competed in the Australian Oztag National Championships which was held in Coffs Harbour.

Both girls should have been playing in the under 14’s age group but after a trial in June they were selected to play in the 15’s team.

Due to the recent weather in that region the tournament was condensed from a 3 day tournament to just two days, with the girls playing 5 games on Saturday and the finals on Sunday.

After playing 8 games over the 2 days, they finished first defeating Central Coast 1-0 in the final,  thus making them the National Champions


Keira Warn

On 6 October, Kiera Warn competed in the 21.5km U19 Female Coolangatta Gold Short Course.  She did exceptionally well and placed 2nd in a time of 2.41.36.  Keira finished 3rd in the Open division – both the Opens (14) and 19’s (20) raced together.



Kirsty Soles

PDHPE Teacher


Year 9 Newman Science Excursion

On Monday 17th September, the Year 9 Newman Science class went on an excursion to the International Convention Centre in Sydney for the International Microscopy Congress. We participated in a range of activities such as using Virtual Reality, using a 3D Printer and identifying cell structures within our environment using microscopes. We were able to use a range of microscopes, including an electron microscope, which are not normally accessible to students in a school learning environment.  This meant we were able to better understand how living things are structured, how they can be treated when they have become damaged, for example during illness, and how to replicate them. The day was enjoyable for both teachers and students, and we learnt much about what the naked eye cannot identify within our environment.

Luana Rendina and Tejal Meisuria, (Year 9 students)

Year 10 Japanese

Students in Year 10 Japanese have recently started a pen pal programme with high school students from Sakata West High School in Yamagata prefecture, Japan. Bethany students write in Japanese using all the knowledge they are acquiring in class and the Japanese students write in English. We are learning many interesting things about life in Japan especially about family and schooling in Japan. Sakata is situated on the west coast of Japan and they receive very few foreign visitors so they are all very excited about making new Australian friends! If the name Sakata sounds familiar then it may be because of the rice crackers you eat. Sakata rice crackers originated in this village more than 50 years ago.

We look forward to this continued building of cross cultural friendships through more emails and Skype.

Rachael Colreavy


What is the HSC Minimum Standard?

Uniform Shop