Volume 17 - 03 Nov 2017

Bethany student places 1st in Business Services Worldskills Competition

WorldSkills Australia aims to encourage Australians to celebrate vocational education and training, shift perceptions and create the understanding that to learn a skill, to choose a skills-based career, is one of the most important decisions a young person and their family will ever make.

The Regional Competition is the first step on a journey with WorldSkills Australia that could lead students to competing at a national, or even international level.

Racquele Bechara of Year 11 competed in the Business Services division of the Worldskills competition on Monday 23 October 2017. This competition involves students working through a number of administration skills that would be used in an office environment. Competitors had to complete tasks that relate to processing and completing daily work activities, using business technology, producing word processed documents, handling mail and creating spreadsheets and databases.

Racquele performed all the tasks to a high standard within the allocated time frames and in a simulated office environment. Her professionalism, maturity and aptitude were evident on the day and this resulted in her placing first in the regional competition.  

On behalf of the school community I would like to extend our congratulations to Racquele on an excellent accomplishment and wish her well in the next competition round.

Elizabeth Vrahnos

Business Services Teacher

Careers News


Hot Courses Abroad

Search world locations for undergraduate degrees for your field of future study.



Engineering and IT Leadership Scholarship, University of Sydney

The Leadership Scholarship is one of the most valuable undergraduate scholarships in Australia, offering generous financial support and extensive leadership development. Our aim is to shape you as a future industry leader by fostering your passion and motivation, and providing you with the hands-on experience as well as technical skills highly valued by prospective employers. We also prepare you to be an excellent communicator, with the confidence to work effectively within teams and with clients.18,000 per year for up to 4 years.



University of Sydney E12 Early Offer Scheme

Early Offer Year 12 (E12) scheme makes your path to uni easier, even before the HSC exams start. If you apply successfully, we will hold a place at the University of Sydney for you. As long as you meet some conditions, such as the E12 ATAR cut-offs (which are lower than standard ATARs) and the HSC subject requirements for your preferred course, you’ll have a definite place when results come out. You will also receive a $5950 scholarship and lots of support to help you get started at uni.



Inspired by Business Program, University of Sydney

Financial support valued at $10,000 per year for the three years of their degree. Students will require a minimum ATAR of 85.00 for a Bachelor of Commerce or a Bachelor of Commerce (Advanced Studies), coupled with demonstrated academic potential. We use a range of additional criteria to assess students for the Inspired by Business Program, including:

  • demonstrated interest in studying and pursuing a business-related career
  • academic achievement in high school
  • potential and motivation for higher study
  • integrity of character
  • leadership skills and contributions to the community.



UTS Legal Futures and Technology Major

This equip students with the requisite knowledge and skills as future legal practitioners and professionals amongst rapid developments in technology, innovation and work.  The new major will prepare graduates for careers that require a capacity to work with technology and its impact, innovation and new law as a result of unprecedented change and disruptive technologies. 



Riewoldt Family AFL Excellence Scholarship 

As a proud partner of AFL Queensland, Bond University is offering two Riewoldt Family AFL Excellence Scholarships for students commencing university in January 2018. Please refer to the following link for further information or contact Josh Suli on jsuli@bond.edu.au 



The Aspiration Initiative

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students can gain study support to help them gain entry to University. Many scholarship opportunities are also available to assist.



Living on Campus

Most students choose to live at colleges and halls of residence because they provide a great opportunity to live close to (or on) campus, become totally immersed in university life and make lifelong friends. While student apartments and shared rental houses may also offer proximity to campus and good social opportunities, residential colleges and halls pride themselves on the well-rounded experience they offer.




International Screen Academy

If you want to act for either stage or on the movie screen, ISA has master classes and programs taught by leading industry professionals.




Sydney Aviators

Have you ever wanted to fly a plane? Sydney Aviators offers a 1 hour Trial Instructional Flight for $240.00. Flights can be booked any day of the week that suits. A typical booking is 1.5hrs, allowing you time to brief and de-brief after the flight. You will take controls of the Aircraft during flight under the supervision of a CASA approved Flight Instructor.



JMC Academy Scholarship Information Evening

12 November. 6.00pm

Animation, Games Design, Sound, Film, Songwriting and Music, Digital Design and Entertainment.

JMC Academy Sydney offers up to 8 Academic Undergraduate Scholarships per year, with the potential to cover tuition fees for any of JMCs Bachelor Degrees. To register for the session or for more information visit:





T Cookery, Patisserie, Hospitality and Events Scholarships Available 

9 November

William Angliss Institute Foundation provides educational opportunities and financial assistance to support students achieve their career ambitions in either Cookery, Patisserie, Hospitality or Event sectors. For information please visit the website: 



raineeship and  Apprenticeship Jobs ListCIT Apprenticelink

Great traineeship and apprenticeship opportunities listed with employers in the Canberra to Goulburn region.



prenticeships & Traineeships available 

WPC Group specialises in finding students Apprenticeships & Traineeships, and also runs Pre-employment courses. We also assist with mock interviews, resume writing and preparing students for the workforce. To find out more about how we can assist the school and students, please contact Nicole Lean on 0418 819 468 or nlean@wpcgroup.org.au

AusApp Pathways

AusAppPathways is a free app that will help students and jobseekers explore the many careers that can begin through an apprenticeship or traineeship pathway.



emPOWER Electrical Program

Act now for positions for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander aged 15-24 years looking for a start in the electrical trade.  emPOWER is a 10 week pre-apprenticeship program designed to open up amazing opportunities for young Aboriginal people in electrical apprenticeships. For more information, call Lyn on 0409 310 384 or email Lyn.Wilson@tafensw.edu.au





Student Exchange – Volunteer and Community, Language or International Affairs Scholarships.

Receive a substantial discount on normal fee.



Fair Work Ombudsman – Young Workers & Students

Information about your workplace rights and obligations, pay rates and awards, leave and also how to end employment.



Women in STEM

Girls – be inspired to go into the amazing fields of Science and Technology reading about successful women.



The Good Careers Guide 2017 plus augmented reality app. 

In addition to its comprehensive education and career information, The Good Careers Guide 2017 is complimented by a free augmented reality app. The app interacts directly with the guide, unlocking additional resources and exclusive content. Download the app for free by searching Good Education AR in the App Store or Google Play. The Good Careers Guide 2017 is available at 



Junior GoGetters – Entrepreneur Bootcamp 

From 20 November

Junior GoGetters: Entrepreneur Bootcamp, a GoDaddy and WeWork initiative, is a unique, week-long programme for year 10 work experience students. It provides a structured approach to work experience, with clear goals and a daily itinerary and exposure to start-up businesses and mentors. For more information, or to register, please contact: 



Teaching opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students 

Do you have any students who identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander and are interested in becoming teachers? They can get paid to study to become a primary or secondary teacher and be guaranteed a permanent job. Applications are now open.



Australian Government Cadetships, Scholarships and Work Experience Opportunities

Check out the cadetship, scholarship, and work experience opportunities within Australian Government departments and agencies. Choose from the list below to locate information about Australian Government and individual agency programs.



Elizabeth Vrahnos

Vocational Learning Coordinator


New app for teens ‘Yellow’

Dear Parents/Carers,

It has come to the attention of the Middle school Year Coordinators that a new app is being used by many students called ‘Yellow’ that can be downloaded freely from the App store. It has marketed itself as an opportunity to meet new people; however, some girls may be using this more as a ‘dating website’ to meet boys. We are concerned that students are interacting with people that they do not know, meeting up with them without the knowledge of others and could be sending images of a sexualised nature. Please see the news article excerpt below:

Australian children targeted by sexual predators on new app Yellow

CHILDREN are being targeted by sexual predators through a disturbing new app dubbed “Tinder for teens” with multiple cases of child grooming referred to police, a cyber safety expert has warned.

The app, Yellow, reportedly has five million users and is growing in popularity among Australian school-aged teenagers keen to “make amazing new chat friends”.

The worrying app is marketed to children, and combines the swipe mechanism and “match” features of Tinder to connect kids with Instagram and Snapchat’s photo editing and messaging services.

Once users start chatting on the app, they are given the option to add each other instantly on photo-sharing app Snapchat and continue their “friendship”.

Along with security concerns, there have been reports of children being pressured to send nude photographs and being coaxed into explicit sexual conversation while using the app.

According to cyber safety expert and former police officer Susan McLean, that’s just the beginning.

Liz Burke   NOVEMBER 28, 2016


CHILDREN are being targeted by sexual predators through a disturbing new app dubbed “Tinder for teens” with multiple cases of child grooming referred to police, a cyber safety expert has warned.

The app, Yellow, reportedly has five million users and is growing in popularity among Australian school-aged teenagers keen to “make amazing new chat friends”.

The worrying app is marketed to children, and combines the swipe mechanism and “match” features of Tinder to connect kids with Instagram and Snapchat’s photo editing and messaging services.

Once users start chatting on the app, they are given the option to add each other instantly on photo-sharing app Snapchat and continue their “friendship”.

Along with security concerns, there have been reports of children being pressured to send nude photographs and being coaxed into explicit sexual conversation while using the app.

According to cyber safety expert and former police officer Susan McLean, that’s just the beginning.


For the rest of the article, http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/parenting/teens/australian-children-targeted-by-sexual-predators-on-new-app-yellow/news-story/e79fc5a502e62e7f4c5bde2cbd9315c1


Our aims are to prevent the misuse of social media and put a stop to online bullying, and other forms of abuse online. We work hard to assist the girls with strategies to keep themselves safe. As year coordinators we are explicit in our teaching around safe social media usage, for example addressing issues of concern in our year assemblies’ that we are aware of and that occur during school hours. Year groups have also participated in a number of pastoral workshops where experts address up to date and relevant social media issues and the PDHPE syllabus reinforces this by addressing a number of issues around personal safety and recognising bullying behaviours.

We are concerned that our girls are interacting with each other, and others out of the school community, inappropriately and this is impacting them both inside and outside the school. While most contact is happening outside of school hours, this is then carried over into the school environment causing disruption to lessons and having a negative impact on their relationships with their peers and their ability to concentrate and get the most out of their learning experiences here at the College.

We would like to encourage you to have an open conversation about this to your daughter, about what is appropriate use and some of the inappropriate ways people can behave online.

If your daughter experiences or witnesses bullying, or is requested for any inappropriate images/content – the best option is to take a screenshot and inform the school and/or police immediately.

For more information on how you can help your daughter, see the following websites:





Lara Grimm & Katrine Barnes

(Middle School Coordinators)

PDHPE Update

CGSSSA Volleyball.

The Girls went to the CGSSSA Volleyball day. They played very competitively throughout the day. The girls competed against a number of schools. The Juniors and Opens won the ‘Plate final’. This meant we came third overall.

Well done to all girls.



Wolves Nationals

Three girls from Bethany represented Wolves at Nationals – Keira Fisher, Lily Perenara, Caitlin Hollis (Year 8) and Chloe Jackson (Year 7). The weekend was cold and wet but we managed to win  four pool games, drew two and lost one. Unfortunately Saturday’s games were rained out. On Sunday, we won our semi 1-0 against ACT and then drew 0-0 in our grand final against Sunshine Coast Sonics. However, we lost by default as they came first overall after the pools games and we came third.

Overall a fantastic achievement from our Girls.



Kirsty Soles

PDHPE Teacher

Bus Safety for School Children




Last week, we were overjoyed with the students’ performance in Hairspray, the Musical (Junior). Performances were held at the Marana Auditorium in Hurstville to matinee and evening audiences filled with our local primary feeder school students, parents, extended family and friends. The performances were polished and professional and I have received many, many accolades from people who attended. Well done girls!

It got me to thinking about how achieving a balanced education is just one of the benefits of studying the Performing Arts. Students gain important life skills as they learn the value of critical feedback, both positive and constructive. Furthermore:

  • Students have the opportunity to celebrate the richness and depth of human expression in all of its forms. Through creative expression students learn to comprehend our world better and are therefore better equipped to navigate the challenges they might be faced with upon graduating from secondary schooling.


  • Drama and the performing arts allow an avenue to develop cognitive abilities that complement study in other disciplines. For example, drama students learn to approach situations in an array of different manners which can help to develop creative thinking and new study techniques. Further, it builds confidence which benefits public speaking opportunities. The talent that students discover through the Arts can form habits which transcend all areas of study.


  • Communication between peers is accelerated as students are exposed to group activities. This experience also provides opportunity for students to display cultural leadership qualities.


  • Some students find their ‘voice’ while studying the Arts. They may discover they are natural problem solvers or leaders. Creative expression is a great way to build self-confidence and can be particularly beneficial for introverted and reserved children.


  • The Arts can also be a source of solitude – a place where a child is able to shut out their surrounds and immerse themselves in a creative environment. This process allows the imagination to thrive, aiding internal exploration. It’s a natural precursor to a well-developed sense of self.


  • The Arts can act as an agent through which a variety of emotions can be learned, rehearsed and practiced. Adolescents can find it difficult to express their emotions and so the Arts provide a great outlet for children to explore a wide range of feelings including delight, anger and unhappiness.



We were happy to host a number of our CaSPA leaders at performances of Hairspray. They were very impressed and as a result, have invited many of our students to join the elite CaSPA troupe from 2018. Namely:

Our team were impressed with the performance and would like to invite the following students to join the CaSPA Student Ensemble for 2018.


Tracey Turnblad: Georgia Morrison
Motormouth Maybelle: Ashley Mtetwa
Edna Turnblad: Chloe Dibben


Velma Von Tussle:                 Liz James


Sofia Canestro

Monique Cost – Chretien

Congratulations to these students at achieving such recognition and we wish them well as they explore this opportunity.



  • We are delighted to announce the arrival of baby Louis Arthur Wellesley Rowland to the world on 30 October. We wish Mrs Rowland and the family well.




Our mantra:

“Girls can do anything.
Bethany girls can do everything!*
(*except divide by zero)”



Vicki Lavorato



From the Assistant Principal

Important Dates

  •  Monday 6/11: Y11 PTS Interviews
  • Wednesday 8/11: Year 7 2018 Orientation Day and Parent Information Evening
  • Monday 11/12 Y7-11 Awards Ceremony and end of year Mass. Last day for students
  • Wednesday 13/12: Y7-10 PTS Interviews


A reminder that students are to make their way to and from school using the most direct route. Girls should not be loitering around transport nodes such as the bus interchange at Hurstville, nor should they be in Westfield in College uniform without a note from their parents signed by their Year Coordinator.


It’s Assessment Time!!!!

I see many students in the playground and in the library at present preparing for summative assessments. Many of them say to me that they have left their study to the last minute, wishing they had started earlier, but are wondering what to do now….In an ideal world it would be great if all students paid attention, focused and participated in all classes, completed all homework and assessments thoroughly, asked for help throughout the year on anything they didn’t understand, made regular summaries of the work covered in class (preferably at the end of each topic or section) and did their best to learn as they go throughout the year. But in reality, this doesn’t always happen for every student and every subject.

Parents can be a wonderful support, helping their daughters plan for study, but also in giving them advice on how to manage last minute nerves.  How do you support your daughters when they feel like they have left their study to the last minute? The key is to support her to be independent and learn to do this for herself. She is the one sitting the task, and there is much to learn about preparing which can only happen if she is supported to do it, as opposed to having it done for her.



  1. FIND OUT FAST IF THEY KNOW WHAT THE TASK IS- DOES SHE HAVE THE NOTIFICATION: Help her be clear about what she needs to learn and what will be tested. It is impossible to start study until you are sure what you have to know. Get her to list what knowledge is needed and what the assessment format is and what style of questions will be asked. Encourage her to seek clarification with her teacher.
  2. GATHER MATERIALS: Advise her to have notes, materials, textbooks on everything she needs to learn? If not, ask if she has a peer in the class who can ‘fill in the blanks’ or is the work available via google docs or google classroom
  3. MAKE A PLAN: With limited time left, encourage your daughter to make the most of it. Help her draw up a grid that shows how much time she have left before your exams to study. Decide if she will spend equal time on each subject or if certain subjects need more time. Have her allocate subjects to the timeslots then encourage her to decide exactly what she will do to prepare for each subject. For each subject she could make a list of what sort of study she should do to prepare for that subject. Brainstorm ideas on how to prepare, and share ideas with your friends.
  4. CREATE STUDY NOTES: Your daughter should target her notes to what will be tested. It is best for learning and memory to make study notes herself, but if she have run out of time there are options. Advise her to see if any of her class materials or textbooks have summarised the sections, see if there are study guides available in the library on the topics to learn. She could split the topics between friends and share the notes made. She shouldn’t spend too long on this stage, it needs to be completed as quickly as possible.
  5. STUDY! What does study actually mean? It means memorising the material you need to know so you can recall it in the exams, and transferring this knowledge by applying it to new situations and different questions. Encourage her to practise the skills of the subject so she knows how to do the types of questions she will have in the exam. To memorise notes your  daughter will  need to test herself over and over on them. She could read a section, see what she can write down without looking then check. She could then review the things she didn’t know again. Or she could do the same approach reading things out loud then seeing what you can repeat out loud. Doing questions, practise essays, past exam questions will also help her understand what she know, and what you need to spend more time on; this is called self assessment, or assessment as learning. The key is to get started.



Jacinta Russo

Assistant Principal