Volume 17 - 08 Nov 2019


Dear Parents, Carers and Friends of Bethany,


November is the month that we especially pray for the souls of all of those loved ones who have moved on to God’s house. This month in our Church asks us to concentrate through pray in praying for all departed souls, particularly those who have passed away in the last year. Bethany is a large community not just consisting of 1040 students and 115 staff, but hundreds of family members associated with each girl and staff member. Unfortunately, the sadness of death has touched many in our community this year.  We pray as one for the repose of the souls of our loved ones who have gone before us and reinforce amongst our community the importance of faith to those who grieve and strength in community. May all those dear in our hearts, Rest in Peace.



This coming Monday sees the last of the HSC Exams for Year 12. This cohort should be congratulated on the sense of calm and confidence in which they have approached each exam. It is a testament to their workload and focus that they approached each exam with increased confidence and many of them are already enjoying some well earned holiday time. Year 12 will have their final ceremony with the College at their formal on Thursday evening. We wait with great anticipation on their results mid December.



Congratulations to the following girls for receiving a Principal’s Award for their Semester 2 results:

  • Georgia Marks
  • Sophia Gallagher
  • Georgina Bray
  • Alessia Colagiuri
  • Monique Cost-Chretien
  • Shae Acevski
  • Lara Ball
  • Chrystal Ruz



Last week we held our final P&F Meeting for the year. These meetings which are held once per term are a significant way for parents to become more involved in the College. I thank each and every parent who has attended one of these meetings this year. Special thanks to our 2019 Executive in Raquel Spratt as Secretary, Sonia Bennett as Treasurer and Les Salisbury as President. Les finishes with the College this year and I thank him for being a significant voice for parents across his 6 years at the College.

Congratulations to our 2020 Executive

President: Jane Gleeson

Treasurer: Sonia Bennett

Secretary: Sogna Carlucci



Please join us on Sunday evening at 6pm for our Youth Mass at St Michael’s Hurstville.




Robyn Rodwell


From the Assistant Principal

At Bethany College, we value quality relationships and are committed to promoting an environment characterised by respect and consideration for one another, where each member of the community is valued for who they are.  In the coming weeks’ students in Years 8-9  will hear from our Police Schools Liaison Officer who will address students on the rights and responsibilities of young people in relation to bullying and safe partying. This discussion will extend to safety in the digital world. Years 7- 10 will also have the opportunity to participate in the Digital Thumbprint program, presented by Optus  which is designed to equip the girls with the skills that they need to navigate the digital space whilst ensuring their security, helping them to protect their identity, make good decisions, teaching them how to have a balanced approach to the use of technology whilst maintaining respectful relationships.

The article “Strengthen Kids self-esteem in the digital world” by Martine Oglethorpe, reminds us of the potential impact of social media on a young person’s self-esteem and provides some valuable tips to assist parents. I encourage parents to discuss with their daughters over the coming weeks the content of these presentations and the importance of being mindful about the impact of their words and actions. Personal information including passwords should never be shared. At Bethany, we are committed to the promotion of positive relationships both in-person and online. We do not tolerate bullying of any form and believe that it impacts on the rights of individuals to be happy and to learn and has the potential to cause girls to feel somewhat isolated and unhappy. Should you have any concerns in relation to your daughters wellbeing I encourage you to make contact with your daughter’s Year Coordinator. 

Parent / Teacher / Student Interviews

Last Tuesday night was Year 11 Parent/ Student/ Teacher interviews, this provided a wonderful opportunity for us to affirm the efforts of the girls throughout the Preliminary course and to offer some advice and direction at the commencement of our HSC course. Thank you to all those who attended. If you were unable to attend this evening Year 11 reports will be available for collection from the College following parent contact. 

Year 10 Drama

On Tuesday night our Year 10 Drama students will present their production of Living Lady Macbeth. This performance will commence at 6.30pm in the theatre, the cost of entry is a gold coin donation. On Monday the 18th of November we have our Music Performance Evening, which provides a wonderful opportunity for students who have been involved in the music lessons with private tutors through the College to showcase their work. These performances will commence at 6pm in the College theatre. We look forward to welcoming families to join us in the celebration of their daughter’s talents.

Jodie Hughes

Assistant Principal

What’s Been Happening in Religious Education?

Our Year 7 students attended their first Spirituality Day on Monday.  We had an early start to the day so that we could maximise our time and we were fortunate to have a beautiful day at the Winbourne Retreat Centre at Mulgoa where the girls focused on their value of relationships.

Throughout the year, the girls have had many opportunities to form new friendships and to build relationships with both teachers and students throughout the school.  The Spirituality Day allowed them to see how their gifts, that are given by God when used well, help to build strong relationships which lead to a strong community. The girls focused on team-building, their own personal strengths and they had an opportunity to recognise the gifts and talents that their peers have that all lead to building strong relationships.

It was an enjoyable day, and I am sure the girls took much with them to both celebrate their own gifts, but to also recognise the gifts that their peers share with them every day.

I would like to thank both parents for getting their daughters to school early on Monday and the staff who also arrived early to help facilitate and lead the girls during the day.


Diane Kennaugh

Leader of Religious Education and Mission


Year 7 2020 Orientation Day

On Wednesday 30th of October 2019, Year 6 students attended Bethany College for their orientation day in preparation for 2020. The girls were warmly greeted by staff and a number of Year 9 helpers who generously volunteered to assist the girls throughout the day.

The students participated in the Allwell testing until lunch time, where they mingled with Year 9 helpers and the new Year 11 student leaders. In the afternoon they had the opportunity to experience a number of activities which gave them a taste of high school life. The incoming Year 7 cohort also received a gift which included a Bethany College bookmark and a pre-loved book which the students and staff at Bethany had generously donated to help nurture their love of reading.

The Year 9 helpers, under the guidance of Ms Matthews and Mrs Chisari, as well as some Year 10 volunteers led each session with great confidence and they are to be congratulated for their preparedness and leadership throughout the day.


Year 9 helpers:

Jelena Puda

Ilina Trifunovska

Angelique Belivanis

Alyssa Said

Sophia Economou

Leah El-Asmar

Angelina Petrou

Elyssa Gabriel

Hayley Eskander

Stephanie Vardakis

Gabriella Aloe

Taylah Talevski

Olivia Plomaritis

Sarah Chapman

Claudia Sukkar

Mikayla Van Schellebeck

       Jessica Moody

       Hannah Coughlan

       Samantha Pelekis

       Kimberly Boediman

       Leah Libunao

       Maresa Moustakis

       Vika Pohahau

       Joyce Vu

       Angelina Ibrahim

       Eleni Karavokyros

       Monica-Lee Langatuki

       Tara Winton

       Morgan Creed Secombe

       Natalya Lozanovski

       Alyssa Parrotino


Year 10 helpers:

Elly Vazouras
Chelsea Cibalevski
Olivia Graham
Katrina Kartsiotis

Taylor Di Fabio
Olivia Soca
Hannah Berman

Ella Bresnahan
Bella Bonanno
Georgia Bradbery

Thank you to every staff member who was involved in welcoming the Year 6 students and in facilitating the afternoon sessions.

The Parent Information evening followed at 6:00pm and the name for the 2020 cohort was announced as the “Flames”. In Acts, the flame is a symbol for the Holy Spirit, which descends and enables us with the gifts that we need, just as each Year 7 student will come together in 2020 and bring the individual, unique gifts that will help form a dynamic, united community.

I look forward to an exciting year ahead guiding the Flames in 2020.


Connie Pikis

Year 7 Coordinator


History Debating Semi-Final

On Friday 1st of November, the Year 11 History Debating team travelled to Tara Anglican School for Girls to debate in the semi-final round of the J.A. Thompson History Debating Competition. The team spent several weeks preparing for the topic, “That Chernobyl was the greatest disaster in Soviet history”. In preparation for this topic, the students enhanced their critical thinking skills as they were required to grapple with various complex historical interpretations. The team debated with great flair and confidence but unfortunately lost in a close debate. 

I would like to commend the Year 11 team for their unwavering dedication to history debating over the past two years. They have consistently represented the College with pride and have demonstrated remarkable passion and commitment to the study of History. 


Connie Pikis

HSIE Teacher

Library News

Cover 2 Cover Reading Challenge

This week has been our third week of our Cover 2 Cover Wide Reading Challenge which runs through to the end of Week 8.

We are starting to see our first students have their reading logs validated. We would like to remind students to fill in this log as they finish reading each book and present this to Mr Amuso in the library so points can be validated and recorded.

Every point counts, especially as there are prizes on offer. The one book that a student reads could make the difference. Even homeroom prizes. 

Our Library website also has a special page containing all the resources that are needed to participate in the challenge. Click here to access it. Bookmark it in your browser.


As reported in Week 2, we are also running a Staff Favourite Books Guessing Competition. Remember there are special prizes on offer for those who can correctly guess the favourite books of staff at the college. Feel free to enter.


Make reading part of your daily routine

Research clearly demonstrates a link between reading on a daily basis and performance in the classroom, especially in terms of broadening literacy skills. This can flow through to performance in every subject.

Some students might see reading as a “chore” given that they will often be required to do reading in class (even if just a paragraph or two) or because they are timetabled to engage in reading e.g. reading novels during roll call. 

Reading should be a pleasurable and enjoyable activity that should only take at least fifteen minutes of your day. It is a matter of reading what you want to read, but at the same time, challenging yourself to improve your reading skills. 

Students should be encouraged to set themselves a reading challenge for the rest of 2019 and set a goal for 2020. This may include

  • Increasing  the time that you allocate to reading – Use the time spent travelling to and from school or read for 15 minutes each day before going to bed. Instead of reading for 15 minutes a day, aim to read for 20 minutes a day.
  • Reading a variety of literature – Don’t focus on reading books from one genre only. Challenge your mind and read from different genres.
  • Identifying related books or stories to read – Some books take their inspiration from other books e.g. The Hunger Games. 
  • Challenging friends – Are friends taking part in the Premiers Reading Challenge? Encourage them to take part and aim to see who can finish a book first. 
  • Having fun. Reading is a pleasurable and relaxing activity. Don’t treat it as a chore. 


Library Website

We would like to encourage all students, parents and staff to bookmark our library website (https://oliver.bethanyhurstville.catholic.edu.au/). Not only does it contain our library catalogue, but information relating to library services and activities at the college. 

Fabian Amuso

Teacher Librarian

Annie Jr. Musical – 2019

After many months of memorising lines, learning harmonies and rehearsing choreography the Bethany College 2019 musical has come to an end. The cast and crew of Annie Jr. were incredible on stage and should be immensely proud of their efforts in bringing this production to life. The rave reviews from audiences were a testament to the commitment and professionalism of each cast and crew member.

I would like to thank the production team for their many hours of rehearsal and planning to ensure that each student had the opportunity to shine on stage and that the production was of the highest standard. Also, to the supporting Performing Arts staff and Year 11 stage crew for ensuring that the technical aspects of the show ran to a professional level. Thank you to Ms Rodwell and the Bethany College staff for their support and help throughout the year.

Clare Moroney

Performing Arts Coordinator


CGSSSA Volleyball

On the 22nd of  October the Junior and Senior Volleyball teams competed at the CGSSSA Volleyball gala day at Sydney Olympic Park.  The Juniors worked their way through to the quarter final, unfortunately losing to St Scholastica’s Glebe.  

The Seniors faced multiple challenges throughout the day, winning a tough game to OLSH.  Overall every student displayed great sportsmanship and teamwork and had a lot of fun together.  

Lily Perenara, Year 10







On the 31st of October Mia Fasciani and Elenoa Narukutabua in Year 8 represented the College at the CGSSSA Tennis Championships at Parramatta City Tennis Centre.

Both entered in the singles division, the girls performed extremely well, unfortunately missing out on the quarter finals.

Well done girls.


On Sunday 20th of October April Abraham in year 9 competed in the NSW International Sport Karate Association Open. She performed exceptionally well and walked away with the following results:

1st – 13-17 years girls kickboxing

1st – 13-15 years girls grappling (wrestling)

3rd – Boys division grappling



Lauren Brennan

Sports Coordinator

Year 10 Religion

Year 10 Religion class H have been very active in using their gifts in Christian service this term. Not only were they instrumental in assisting in collecting donations for hygiene packs that were sent to our Indigenous sisters in remote WA, they have also been active in visiting the residents of Bupa nursing home. During the weekly visits, the students chatted, sang, made bracelets with the female residents and most importantly listened. They listened to stories of the past, of memories from childhood and school days, memories of parents long passed and the sad stories of having no family to visit them in the nursing home. The visit was beneficial to both the girls and the residents and they are to be congratulated on their willingness to connect with others.

The students were also fortunate enough to have a visit from former Bethany staff member, Elizabeth Lee. Elizabeth left the College in 2010 and entered prison chaplaincy and later chaplaincy at the Matthew Talbot Hostel for the homeless. During the talk, we heard about Elizabeth’s experiences and were drawn into her personal accounts of working with people in prison. Her work involved being a listening presence, providing welfare when needed and spiritual accompaniment. The backstories of the people she worked with were confronting and we realised how these issues are not ever black and white. For example, did you know that 95% of women in prison have experienced major trauma or abuse in their lives prior to entering prison? We also learnt that poor literacy levels are common in prisoners and many have long suffered mental health issues. Through all these experiences, the girls have been challenged to think about our connections as humans, how every individual is a human made in the image of God, how relationships are key to happiness and how all humans crave connection with others. I hope the experiences will stay with the girls so that as they move through life they may think of these experiences and see that everyone they encounter is worthy of respect and dignity.




Rachael Colreavy


One Parish, One Family

On Thursday,24 October 2019, 40 Year 9 students attended the One Parish, One Family community event with primary school students from Mater Dei and St Raphael’s. This event aimed to provide a valuable link and connection between the feeder primary schools and the Bethany College students by allowing the ex-primary school students and other Year 9’s to act as both a role model and coach for younger students.

Here is a student reflect from the day by Jelena Puda:

The One Parish, One Family event is a highly exciting opportunity to go to in Year 9 and I would definitely recommend taking the chance to attend the event for those who will eventually be in Year 9. On the day this event took place the Year 9’s were split into groups of 3-4 and were each assigned a year group to look after, coach and run activities for them to participate in on the day. The year group which was assigned to us were the Year 6’s and we were then each split to run different rotation which consisted of over-under and king ball, soccer and relays. 

This was an incredible experience as my group was able to meet so many new bright personalities from this day and I’m sure those who get to go in the future will have a lot of fun and enjoy such a wonderful time. What was also great to hear is that many of the students were going to Bethany orientation day and many wanted to attend after seeing what Bethany Students are like. Overall I highly suggest that those who get given this opportunity take it, as it is a very lovely and enjoyable experience and you are able to have created new bonds and those who will eventually come to Bethany will have someone to look out for them and give them help when needed.

Jelena Puda


Theresa Chisari

Year 9 Coordinator 

Newman Showcase

Careers / VET Update

Bethany students win gold medals in Hospitality and Business Services Worldskills regional competitions!


On the 22nd of October, I competed in Zone 2 regionals of the World Skills Commercial Cookery competition held at Marist College Kogarah. I was nervous on the day when I first arrived, not knowing who I would be competing against and not knowing what would happen. Once I got there, I was pleased to know there were only 5 of us competing. The dishes I created were two types of bruschetta, consisting of a mix of traditional tomato and then one with a mix of capsicum, pumpkin, feta and rocket. For the main meal, I cooked roast chicken with beans, carrots and duchess potatoes. For dessert, I created a lemon polenta cake with a lemon syrup and chantilly cream. It was an exciting experience and I was thrilled to find out that I had won! All my hard work had paid off and I really gained a better insight into the pressure environment of a commercial kitchen.

Alexia Georgiou Year 11 Hospitality

Business Services

On Thursday, 31st October, I participated in one of the Zone Regional Worldskills Business Services competition at Menai High School. I competed against 5 other students from other schools. Throughout the competition, I had to print, create posters, handwrite mail, use spreadsheets and complete many other business administration tasks. At the end of the competition, the judges marked all the student’s work and revealed the results. I was awarded first place in the zone competition and they will now determine a national representative. All the students who were involved in the competition did exceptionally well. Thank you Mrs Vrahnos for the continuing support in this competition.  

Kelly Tan Year 11 Business Services



University of Sydney – Wingara Mura-Bunga Barrabugu (WMBB) Summer Program

9 December. 2pm

The Wingara Mura-Bunga Barrabugu (WMBB) Summer Program is for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander high school students. Students from across the country apply to take part in a week-long residential program designed to explore how their study choices could influence their future, and the possibilities offered by higher education.

Contact: Widening Participation and Outreach

wmbb.program@sydney.edu.au    Ph: 8627 8515



University of Sydney – Portfolio Submission Pathway for Architecture and Design 

Portfolio submission provides a potential pathway into Architecture and Design Computing degrees up to 5 points beneath the guaranteed ATAR. The scheme identifies students who may not have achieved the ATAR but show creativity and an aptitude for the skills required in these professions. Staff will review examples of student’s work at our course advice centre on Open Day.



Steps to take in Applying through UAC including How to Defer an Offer

Once you’ve applied, you can change the order of your preferences – or even the courses you’ve selected – as often as you like before the closing dates for each offer round. (Some courses have early application closing dates so check for these as well.) Simply log in to your application or the My UAC mobile app using your UAC application number and UAC PIN. You can’t change your preferences by phone, letter or email.



Application Support for Indigenous Australians at Southern Cross University 

If you are an Indigenous Australian who has applied to study at SCU but have not yet been made an offer based solely on your application, there is an alternative entry scheme available. 

The Testing and Assessment Program allows you to sit an assessment task which will be assessed by an academic who will then discuss your options for University admission.

This may include you receiving an offer into the course you have applied for or considering an alternative pathway into your preferred course. Alternative pathways may include the completion of the Preparing for Success Program or articulation via another course.



UNSW Experience Art &Design Annual Graduate Exhibition

7 December.2pm to 3.30pm

Thinking about study and a career in art, design, media and culture? Join us at the UNSW Galleries to see the A&D Annual Graduate Exhibition. Meet our graduating students, and partake in lively discussion on the ideas, inspirations and processes they present in their work. Ask them what it was like to study at UNSW Art & Design and what’s next for them after graduating.



UNSW Girls in Engineering Club 

UNSW Engineering has just launched the Girls in Engineering Club – a fun, inspiring online community for high school girls in years 7-12 who are interested in STEM and want to explore what engineering is all about! The club is free to join. For more info and to sign up head to unsw.to/gie. If you would like a starter pack sent to your school, email WIE Manager Sarah Coull: s.coull@unsw.edu.au


ACU – Talk With Industry Series 

Join ACU online or on campus for a Talk with Industry event to hear from health practitioners, business graduates or teachers on what it’s really like to work in their field. You will hear from graduates about their experiences and get tips and advice for pursuing a career. For a list of upcoming events and to register visit




Fee-free Apprenticeships

There’s never been a better time to start an apprenticeship in NSW. The NSW Government is paying the course cost for 100,000 new apprenticeships – meaning students no longer face a qualification fee of up to $2000.

Apprenticeships are a great career pathway. They combine on-the-job training with classroom study to give you the skills and experience employers are looking for. Apprenticeships generally take around 3-4 years to complete, and apprentices earn a salary while they learn.

There are more than 120 different apprenticeship courses available in NSW, in a range of industries including construction, cooking, aviation and automotive.



Information and Communications Technology Career Snapshot

Which occupations in this industry are likely to have the largest employment growth over the next three years? Which TAFE NSW courses are popular for people looking to get into these job roles and how much can you earn?



Building ,. Construction and Property Career Snapshot

Which occupations in this industry are likely to have the largest employment growth over the next three years? Which TAFE NSW courses are popular for people looking to get into these job roles and how much can you earn?



What’s Not to Like About Being a Chef? 

For Billy Fox, who started his Commercial Cookery apprenticeship aged 16, there’s a lot to like about being a chef. It’s a great industry, he says. And chefs are in high demand. Watch the videos and read more about Billy’s story in hospitality and why becoming a chef could be right for your students at 


Become a Hairdresser With the Help of a Fee-Free Apprenticeship 

Here’s a case study for the students at your school who are creative and keen on hair. For qualified hairdresser Bianca Caires, 19, inspiration comes from many creative pursuits. That can be fashion, photography and art galleries, she says. There’s never been a better time to start an apprenticeship in NSW—they are fee-free. And VET qualified hairdressers are in demand. 


Apprenticeship Positions – Sydney Trains

Sydney Trains will be recruiting approx. 100 new apprentices across electrotechnology and mechanical engineering fields for 2020. Advertising will commence in early July via the I Work for NSW and Seek websites. For further information please contact Rhonda Moore at Sydney Trains:




Your Free Guide to a Career in Occupational Therapy

According to paediatric occupational therapist Nicole Grant, this profession is for those who are passionate and compassionate, creative and resourceful, who like thinking outside of the box and being able to take a holistic approach to health care.

Occupational therapists often play an advocacy role for their clients. Stephanie Cantrill, who is an occupational therapist and polio community officer talks about the needs of those who survived polio in their childhood as they age. Professor Sylvia Rodger (who sadly passed away in April 2017) covers how occupational therapists advocate for their clients here:




HSC Enrichment Day – Western Sydney University 

This event will provide students with the opportunity to secure an early offer into one of our Geography or Society & Culture related degrees, whilst helping to prepare them for their HSC exams. For more information please visit: https://www.westernsydney.edu.au/future/student-life/events/hsc-enrichment-day.html?cid=em:2019hscenrichmentday-group1


Construction Worker Interview Questions

During a job interview, a prospective construction worker needs to convince the interviewer that he or she is dependable, takes direction well, exercises sound judgment, and brings the necessary physical prowess to get the job done. Get yourself ready for your upcoming job interview and review this list of frequently asked interview questions for construction workers.



The Expectations and the Reality of About Online Study

Let’s face it, sometimes you go into a situation expecting one thing and experiencing another. Studying online at university is no different, because the reality of being an external uni student might be a bit different to your expectations. But by knowing what to expect for study success, the effort required, where to find help and support at USQ through the internet, and reaching out and getting involved, make the most of your online experience.

For more insight into what it’s like to be a online student at, check out this Online Study Mythbuster video series.



Like Aviation? Be part of the Airforce Cadets

Be on top of the airforce cadets’ news. Check out these great opportunities.



The Jonathan Thurston Academy

The JT Academy will establish itself as a leading national provider of outstanding employment initiatives and training programs aimed at health, wellbeing, sport and education across Australia. The Academy’s key strength will be developing and delivering high quality programs to individuals, equipping them with the right skills, knowledge and attributes to make a significant and positive future impact. Through strong education in NSW with community and industry partnerships we are committed to supporting you to reach your personal, educational and career goals.



Jobs of Tomorrow Scholarships – applications now open 

People with skills in science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) are in high demand. If you are interested in training in these skills, you may be eligible for a $1,000 Jobs of Tomorrow scholarship under the NSW Government’s Smart and Skilled Program.

We are offering 25,000 scholarships to students commencing selected qualifications under Smart and Skilled



EEAA Launches A Career for Life Campaign – Phase 2 

The Exhibition and Event Association of Australasia (EEAA) launches the second phase of its campaign, A Career for Life, inviting young people to consider a career in the Business Events industry. Showcasing the range of roles required from front-of-house to behind the scenes, each requiring a different set of skills.





Elizabeth Vrahnos

Vocational Learning Coordinator

Uniform Shop News

Carols for Charity Sans Souci