Volume 17 - 11 Dec 2020


With the start of this third week of the season of Advent, we are halfway to Christmas.

So, as we prepare our hearts for the birth of Christ and for the second coming of the Lord, we light three candles, including a special one of a different colour.

Lighting the lighter-coloured candle this week is a sign that what was dark is getting brighter, and joy is on its way. We can hardly wait to rejoice and sing at Christmas. We know that the wonder of the season tends to push all our sadness and sorrow away, so we start to feel that special feeling already.

The prophet Isaiah, in this third week of Advent, recalls for us what that joy is like. Feeling God in our lives lifts our spirits. St. Paul reminds us to pray, to be Holy and to not let anything quench our joyous spirit.


Dear Parents, Carer’s and Friends of Bethany,

Welcome to the final newsletter of 2020, a year that we will never forget, hopefully not because of adversity but for what we have learned by being thrown into new circumstances so quickly and new situations with unknown pathways or time limits.

Throughout the year, it has been heartening to see so many girls show resilience in coping with changes to routines at school, assessment variations for remote learning and for hardship experienced in family life. I thank each girl for her effort this year and for her sense of compassion which is needed as part of a Catholic community for embracing reduced social routines in respect for the greater good of society. We indeed have valuable lessons to hold onto as we look towards next year.

Today is our final day of lessons for students, with Year 7 – 10 Zoom Parent Interviews to be held on Monday and Tuesday. On our final day, it was wonderful to affirm students whose efforts and achievements have been acknowledged at our Semester 2 Academic Awards ceremony today. Having read all College reports over the last week, I can see the progress made by so many students. For those students who have experienced growth in their progress, I congratulate each of you. The holidays are a time once the Christmas season is over and the girls are well rested, to set new goals and standards to reach. Conversations at home about progress are fruitful as all that we ask of each girl is to work towards her best and not worry about the results of other students.

We also officially closed off our Academic Year with Mass today. As Fr Janusz continues to recover from recent surgery, I thank Fr George who is the Administrator at St Michael’s for being so generous with his time for celebrating Mass with us today and in past weeks. Whilst it is disappointing that we cannot sing at Mass, the messages in prayer today were inspirational and linked to the preparation for our Saviour in the coming weeks.

Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord

The end of the Academic Year signals some staff finishing up their time at the College. This year we farewell four extraordinary educators who will be retiring – Mrs. Robyn Allan, Mrs. Wendy Munro, Mrs. Peta Fitzgerald and Dr. Lynette Trent. Amongst these four inspirational educators is over 150 years of teaching, much of which has been with Catholic Schools and indeed Bethany. Each of these ladies leave Bethany with a heavy heart yet all the better for being part of our wider family. Through various conversations, I know that it is with some sadness that they have made the decision to retire, alongside the excitement of having more time to spend with family and on their own interests. On behalf of the entire Bethany community, we thank you Robyn, Wendy, Peta and Lynette for the thousands of lessons that you have delivered, on the genuine warmth with which you taught and for inspiring thousands of students to make a difference. We will truly miss each of you.

Best wishes for 2021 to Mrs. Moroney who will be on maternity leave as she awaits the birth of her first child.

After 23 years at Bethany, we wish every happiness to Mrs. Rachael Colreavy who will leave us to continue with her teaching career at another Catholic School. Rachael has had a diverse role at the College and she is known for her creativity and enthusiasm in the classroom. We wish Rachael success at her new school.

We also farewell the following staff who have been on short term contracts with us – Miss Marie Challita, Mr. Scott Rynberg, Miss Irena Jajcevic, Miss Perrin Jones, Mrs. Ramonda Dib, Mrs. Lisa Kekatos, Mr. Dane Scerri. We hope your time at Bethany has been rewarding and we thank you for your wonderful service.

I would like to pay particular tribute to a few parents who have given great service to the Parents and Friends Committee and unfortunately, we have not been able to meet since Term 1. These three ladies have attended numerous meetings, supported the leadership of the College and have been creative in their support for fundraising. Thank you to Jane Gleeson, Sonia Bennett and Raquel Spratt. Each of these ladies have daughters who graduated in 2020 and thus they will be leaving us. The support and encouragement from parents to a school is invaluable and I hope that we can have more parents show an interest in our meetings next year when hopefully they can return.

In 2021, we will be moving to a 5 period day timetable with lessons being 1 hour in length. The reason for this is to deepen learning at the College by having fewer changeover times and movement around an ever increasing student population. This will mean some changes to the school day as listed below:

Monday – Wednesday, Friday Thursday (Sport Day)
Warning Bell: 8.40  Warning Bell: 8.40
Homeroom: 8.45 – 9.00 Homeroom: 8.45 – 9.00
Period 1: 9.00 – 10.00 Period 1: 9.00 – 10.00
Period 2:  10.00 – 11.00 Period 2:  10.00 – 11.00
Recess: 11.00 – 11.30 Recess: 11.00 – 11.30
Period 3: 11.30 – 12.30 Period 3: 11.30 – 12.30
Period 4: 12.30 – 1.30  Lunch: 12.30 – 1.00
Lunch: 1.30 – 2.00 Period 4: 1.00 – 2.00 (Sport Years 7 – 10)
Period 5: 2.00 – 3.00 Period 5: 2.00 – 3.00 (Sport Years 7 – 10)

As you can see by these changes, our school day finishes 3 minutes later. There will be no changes to the current school special bus arrangements. The main change for us all to adjust to is that we will increase the recess break to 30 minutes but decrease the lunch break to 30 minutes. Most Sydney Catholic Schools have been operating on this model for a number of years. Crucial to learning is a healthy diet. Our meal break times will be later and I encourage students to have a decent breakfast before coming to school each day. Our canteen will treat each meal break as equal and will have equivalent meals available at recess and lunch breaks to accommodate these changes.

Finally, I wish every family a Merry Christmas and hope that you can truly find time for Christ in Christmas. May the holiday break be one of peace, hope, joy and good health. I thank you for your support in 2021 and thank the staff for their unwavering attention keeping abreast of changes and their dedication to trying to cater for each girl in the school to meet her needs. We may not always get it right but I can attest to us trying to cater for your needs as well as your daughter’s. After a restful break, I look forward to seeing you all, hopefully in person in 2021.


Robyn Rodwell

College Principal





From the Assistant Principal

Cyber Safety in the holidays 

The Christmas break is often a time when young people spend an increased amount of time on social media. When used properly this is an excellent way for young people to stay connected with one another across the break  Unfortunately, young people don’t always make the best choices when online, similarly they don’t always know how to ask for help when they are upset by what they read or see online.  Please find here a link to the eSafety Commissioner’s website which has some excellent resources to support both parents and young people in relation to online behaviour, topics covered include:

  • Cyberbullying
  • Gaming 
  • Mental health
  • Privacy and Security 
  • Online abuse 
  • False accounts 
  • Understanding consent 
  • Unwanted contact 
  • Digital reputation 
  • Violence
  • Inappropriate images 
  • Helping others

Most importantly if you or your daughter need to report an issue there is a red button in the top right hand corner of the screen labelled Report Abuse, clicking on this button allows you to report abuse under 3 specific categories:

  • Cyberbullying 
  • Image- based abuse 
  • Illegal and harmful content

Making a report through the sSafety Commissioner can action the removal of content immediately. This is the fastest and most effective way to address inappropriate content. I encourage you to have this conversation with your daughter to ensure she is aware of this service. 

Please find below a link to a fabulous resource to assist parents to keep your children safe online, 5 Principles to Stay Safe Online – Internet Safe Education


Support for the Holidays

Whilst most of us look forward to the holidays and a break for our usual routine it is not uncommon for some young people to miss the routine and structure of the school day as well as the regular opportunity to connect with their friends. Headspace also recognises that the extended holiday can be a time of increased stress and feelings of loneliness. Young people often try to hide these feelings. Please find here a link to an information sheet from Headspace to help parents to recognise the signs that their children are struggling and suggest some very practical ways to support them over the holiday period. Additionally, Headspace also provide some contact details for organisations that provide support should your daughter need to access these over the holiday break.  Sometimes this time of year can also be a very stressful time for parents. The NSW parent helpline  can be reached on  1300 1300 52 and is a very valuable support for parents.


Return to school 2021 

Families are reminded of our College Uniform Policy and of the expectation that students will return to the College for the beginning of Term 1 complying with this policy, the key elements of which are outlined below. Please consider these expectations when your daughter is making holiday choices.




Not permitted 

Tunic and Skirts 

Must be worn at the length of middle of the knee or below

Tunic or skirts above knee length 


Hair must be tied back using navy ribbon, the College ribbon or College scrunchie 

Unnatural colours or extreme hairstyles 


One simple gold or silver ring 

One simple set of gold or silver sleepers or studs worn in the lower lobe only 

One small gold or silver chain with a small Cross or Chrsitian symbol

Large or ornate earrings

Clear plastic studs 

Tape to cover earrings

Smart watches  

Please note the evil eye is not a Chrsitian symbol


Natural and of a reasonable length. 

Clear polish only 

Artificial nails, including acrylic, shellac, gel and SNS

Make up 


Foundation, eyeliner, mascara, false eyelashes or eyelash extensions

Tattoos and henna decorations 


We look forward to our Big Sisters,  Senior Student Leadership Team and Transport Monitors joining us to welcome Year 7 on their first day of school for 2021 on Friday January 29. Students in Year 8 -12 will return on Monday February 1st. 

At the end of  2020, a year that has challenged us to adapt to new ways of learning and being. A year that required us to be both flexible and resilient, I thank you for your continued support. The opportunity to work collaboratively with you in the best interests of your daughters has been a great privilege. I wish you and your families a very happy, holy and safe Christmas and look forward to 2021.


Jodie Hughes

Assistant Principal

2020 Academic Awards

Today we honoured those students who have achieved outstanding success in the academic, cultural and sporting dimensions of College life. There were also special awards to recognise Students of Excellence, who have made an outstanding contribution to the College. These students have demonstrated an exceptional commitment and rigour to their learning, and a willingness to continually improve. Congratulations to all the award recipients.


Principal’s Awards Semester 2

Congratulations to the following girls on receiving Principal Awards for their Semester 2 reports. 

  YEAR 7  
Harper Bollard Sarah Byrne Tianna Choy
Riana Christie Milly Costa Emma Costantino
Emma Djundja Claudia Edwards Alexandra Francis
Stefania Gounara Emily Haddad Rylie Ho
Emily Kariotis Eleni Koinaris Samantha Kubina
Violla Lim Phoebe Luo Emma McHardy
Gabrielle Messiha Gabrielle Mya Suliguin Jocelyn Ngu
Kathleen Oraszewski Melissa Peonidis Alicia Pham
Lucy Savignano Marianna Scisciolo Nikitha Shaiju
Ellie Simmons Catherine Smith Alexia Stavrinides
Daniela Tamayo Tabitha Thompson Alexia Yalizis
  Chrissy Zagoudis  


  YEAR 8  
Sienna Ajjaka Bianca Andonoski Feaba Annie Jojo
Maddison Balzarano Dina Benetatos Zara Cabot
Hannah Cabot Angela Dayeh Sarah Dewberry
Siara Dimovski Evelyn Efstathakis Eden Fernando
Kara Giardullo Crystal Gunawan Monique Johnson
Penny Kalantzis Kayla Koutsis Annabelle Kozevski
Tea Leone Josetta Lim Stephanie Moutafis
Neysha Paraginog Victoria Petkovski Lucinda Popovski
Amelia Rendina Evette Vane-Tempest Stewart Chiara Ventura
  Nicolette Voukidis  


  YEAR 9  
Maanasa Akula Eleni Alabasinis Angelene Angelis
Jasmine Bates Mali Boyd Siena Busdon
Kamille Delos Santos Josie Diamant Piper Finnegan
Brisa Gallo Eva Gouramanis Leah Gouramanis
Kiara Griffiths Jessica Hristov Loreena Jeff
Billie Jolly Portia Josephakis Julianna Li
Prerna Lodh Jaymee Louise Buena Tea Psiroukis
Claudia Ruggiero Margaret Sarmiento Grace Smith
Georgia Soulemezis Lara Squillaci Katerina Stojkovski
Gabrielle Talite Amelia Urbina  Jasmine Vasilevski
  Leilani Vittorio  


  YEAR 10  
Julliana Ayn Pineda Sarah Chapman Leesa Coleman
Erika Daubaras Isabella Diaz Hayley Eskander
Tahlia Genlik Violet Gruppelaar Yasmin Hijazi
Alana Hlorotiris Eleanor Humphreys Linh Huynh
Angelina Ibrahim Nicolle Jugueta Aisha Kita-Leong
Juliette Lepine Diya Lijo Isabella Lutovski
Eloise Martelletti Sorcha McIntyre Rachel Messiha
Catherine Nguyen Frances Nicolaou Luna Pandiella-McLeod
Tyana Petrevski Alexandra Policarpio Priscilla Qiang
Isabel Santillana Henriette Savilla Venessa Smith
Kate Soussa Rachel Tannous Alexandra Toshak
Eva Tresoglavic Maddison Underhill  

A Message From Our New School Leaders

2020. Wow. Never would we have imagined experiencing the school year that was. Not being able to physically interact with our peers and teachers, attending classes via Zoom, having recess and lunch with friends over FaceTime.

It was a major shift, and despite the challenges, we overcame it. Our separation made us truly recognise how grateful we are to be a part of such a special Bethany community. The Covid-19 disruptions did not stop the student body from excelling, and as we near the end of the year we celebrate the amazing academic and sporting achievements of all the Bethany girls.

Thank you to all the Bethany staff for your genuine motivation, dedication, and enthusiasm during the most challenging year of schooling we have yet encountered. We extend our thanks to our parents and carers for your patience, understanding, and support during the year.

Finally, we must acknowledge and say a huge thank you to the 2020 student leaders who continued to raise the “Bethany spirit”, through engaging in our self-directed learning and ensuring our wellbeing was not compromised.

We hope that next year is closer to “normal”, so that we can enjoy the events we missed out on this year! Very much looking forward to 2021!


Nektaria Rce, Luana Rendina, Priscilla Zanak, and Caitlin Hollis

Year 7

“Christmas for the Elderly”

The Christmas spirit has been well and truly alive amongst our Year 7 students, who have generously donated gifts to be sent to local nursing homes for the holiday period. In lieu of the annual Christmas Concert which was unable to go ahead this year due to Covid restrictions, students have been making beautiful cards for the residents of aged care facilities, and have assembled gift hampers to bring joy to the staff and residents this year. It has been pleasing to see the thoughtful and selfless attitude Year 7 has demonstrated in supporting this initiative.


Stephanie Sertic in 7HRM.N has demonstrated qualities of Christian discipleship with a thoughtful gesture to paint a canvas to be donated to a nursing home, a gift that will be treasured for years to come. In addition to this, students have filmed a short video that provides their best wishes to those in the local community ahead of the festive season. Thank you to all the parents and caregivers for the support of this initiative, your generosity has been very much appreciated.


I’d also like to take this opportunity to congratulate each Year 7 student for completing their first year in high school in what has been a challenging year. I wish each of you and your families a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season. I look forward to continuing to build professional relations with both students and parents/caregivers in 2021.


Rochelle Bailey

Acting Year 7 Coordinator

Year 8


To Year 8 Family and friends,

As 2020 comes to a close it is a perfect time to reflect on the year that has been. The Year 8 Doves have journeyed through a pastoral program exploring their value of Acceptance. When Jesus reached out to many who were marginalised and lived on the fringes of society, He accepted everyone, regardless of their social status, their gender, their sins or their wealth. The vision for learning for the pastoral program aimed to encourage all students to develop their best selves through building a collaborative and supportive learning space through the value of Acceptance. Topics around diversity and differences that make us unique. Building strengths, confidence and resilience, demonstrating empathy towards others should stand the students in good stead to continue to develop their best selves heading into 2021.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish every Year 8 family a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.



Katrine Barnes

Year 8 Coordinator

Year 8 Newman

Year 8 Newman Geography have been actively working through a differentiated program designed to promote critical thinking and reasoning abilities through activities that encourage divergent thinking and solving of real world problems.

In the Water in the World unit, Year 8 Newman Geography students explored the nature, extent, and causes of water scarcity in different countries with a focus on practical strategies used to overcome water scarcity. They examined a contemporary issue linked to water scarcity and sustainability and strategies used to overcome water scarcity in different parts of the world including recycling, desalination, inter-regional transfer, and irrigation methods. They then engaged with an engineering activity to design and construct a water purification device using only recycled resources found in their home. This required students to apply reasoning and problem solving skills as they were required to utilise three separation techniques in their device. The students engaged very well with this activity and really enjoyed the opportunity for divergent thinking.


This term, in the unit Interconnections, the Newman students have engaged with project based learning to address sustainability in the textiles industry. The students learned that combining different ideas in creative ways can lead to innovative new products through an inquiry into the potential impact of repurposing discarded resources. The project was designed to address textiles waste, with students working collaboratively to design and produce an item of clothing out of used and/or discarded textiles products. The girls really enjoyed using their creative skills to problem solve – well done girls! I am very proud of your efforts.


Mrs Smit

HSIE Coordinator/Year 8 Newman Geography Teacher


Year 8 Italian: molto bene!

To finish the year on another positive note for Languages, the Year 8 students who stepped up to tackle the ACER Italian competition were well rewarded.

This year’s cohort all scored results of at least one credit in Listening and Reading, with several receiving the highest recognition of High Distinction.


Congratulations to the following students:

Sienna Ajjaka, Sophie Aloi, Hannah Cabot, Evelyn Efstathakis, Zara Harrison, Desli Joy,

Penny Kalantzis, Josetta Lim, Stephanie Moufatis, and Nicolette Voukidis.



Marco Gianni

Teacher-in-charge, Languages

Year 9

As 2020 draws to a close, I would like to take this opportunity to farewell Year 9 and wish them well over the Christmas period. Their year has been characterised by change and growth, and they have adapted to this well. They have also given generously of their time and talents, with a recent example being their foray into senior leadership, with many students expressing their interest in the Big Sister, Little Sister program and their participation in the training session last week.

In the spirit of reflection, students spent their pastoral period on Tuesday writing letters of gratitude to individuals who have helped them this year, whether that be academically, emotionally, or spiritually. Perhaps some of these cards may make their way to you as a thank you for the endless support that you provide your daughters.

I would also like to express my gratitude to each of you for your support over the past three years. It has been a privilege getting to know you and your daughters, and I have enjoyed seeing them mature into lovely young women throughout this time. I wish them success in their future endeavours and know that they will achieve great things in Year 10 and beyond.


“He counts the stars and calls them all by name.” -Psalms 147:4


Mrs Laura Golding

Year 9 Coordinator

Year 10

Congratulations to Year 10 as they complete their Stage 5 studies. The girls have successfully navigated the big decisions regarding their HSC course of study and I know are all looking forward to Year 11 2021. Our Big Sister leaders were very helpful this week assisting their Year 7 little sisters in wrapping Christmas gifts for our local nursing home residents. I wish all the girls and their families a very Happy Christmas and New Year. I look forward to working with you all again in 2021. 


Melanie Bullock

Year 10 Coordinator

Year 11

Congratulations to all Year 11 students who have just completed their first round of HSC assessments. At the start of the term, the girls commenced their HSC studies with great motivation and have worked rigorously to achieve the best possible results by working alongside their teachers. 

As they approach their final year of schooling, the girls have been reminded to use the break to reflect, set goals for the year ahead, get some well earned rest, spend time with family and friends, and ensure they are prepared for the year ahead by checking that notes/readings are complete.

Our final pastoral activities continued to include hands-on activities such as clay pinch pots, craft, and sporting challenges, which have allowed the girls the opportunity to unwind and socially engage with one another. Yesterday Year 11 took part in a year group Christmas photo to get into the Christmas spirit. The cohort have also been in the process of nominating their peers for a “Random Acts of Kindness” award, which was presented today.

On behalf of the Year 11 Homeroom team, I would like to take this opportunity to wish Year 11 and their families a Merry Christmas and a safe and restful break. I look forward to continuing this wonderful journey with the 2021 graduates next year.


Ms Sylvia Eldahaby

Year 11 Coordinator

Performing Arts

While we weren’t able to perform live to an audience this year for our Performing Arts Showcase, please enjoy this compilation of videos from Year 7-11 Music, Dance, and Drama students highlighting a variety of performances that took place in class this year.


Bethany College Performing Arts 2020


Parents and carers can access the site using their daughters’ log in details.


Clare Moroney

Performing Arts Coordinator


PDHPE & Sport Department News

PASS Learn to Surf

On the 7th of December, Bethany students from Years 9 and 10 attended the Learn to Surf and Stand Up Paddleboarding excursion at Gunnamatta Bay Park and North Cronulla Beach. We had a wave of fun, learning how to master the basic skills of surfing. Although it was a first for many, most students are now able to say that their initial impressions of feeling nervous about swimming in the ocean were overcome after the first lesson. The friendly instructors were willing to make the best of our surfing experience and offered a helping hand when we needed it. This made us feel comfortable and safe when in the water. First off, one group was taught how to correctly hold a surfboard, how to position themselves on the board to paddle, and what to do when a wave approaches. This included learning how to “pop up” on the surfboard in order to achieve a stable surfing position. The other group had a go at stand up paddleboarding and the ways to hold and use a paddle in different circumstances. All girls made it from North Cronulla to South Cronulla via paddling on a surfboard! Once we got to South Cronulla we played some water games and attempted to surf some waves. Taking from this incredible journey, we now know the basics of surfing and paddleboarding whilst having fun with friends. Many came away from this experience saying it will be something they will cherish and never forget.

Eva Gouramanis, Leah Gouramanis, and Billie Jolly (9 PASS)



The Bethany College Volleyball Movement

The second half of 2020 has seen a rise in interest and participation in volleyball at Bethany College. Between the outstanding number of students at the CGSSSA Volleyball trials and the before school and lunchtime rallies on the playground, there is certainly a craze occurring. 

We spoke to a few of the students involved in these groups and asked them to write about what they love about the game and how they came to be involved in the sport.

“Volleyball has had a really large impact on my physical health and life. I was inspired to play volleyball from the Annie Shaw “Haikyuu!”, which made me relate to the main character and decide to try out for volleyball. Volleyball has also helped me find new friends and build a strong bond to play in teams outside of school. School has given me the opportunity to develop more skills and improve in volleyball as I used to not play any sports at all. In relation to physical health, it has helped me improve my reflexes and strength.” – Josetta Lim, Year 8

“It has been a tough year for everyone but one of the positive things this year was volleyball. It only started with a couple of juniors but soon enough over sixty people were participating in this fun and competitive game, making it exhilarating for many of us who play. Contributing to this sport has not only helped me physically get stronger, but also let me make new friendships. These friendships are important as they have led to bigger things such as training outside of school to keep improving Bethany’s volleyball team and encouraging others to play too.” – Phoebe Luo, Year 7

Debating Update

The disruption to debating this year has not dampened students’ enthusiasm for developing their debating skills. During Term 4, Year 7 and 8 students have taken part in regular debating coaching sessions led by our Public Speaking and Debating Student Leader, Ayva Palmer, culminating in a mock debate which took place last Friday 4th December. The topic of the debate was ‘That students have the responsibility to make themselves heard’. Senior students kindly assisted in the adjudication of the debate and provided useful feedback to junior students who are now well-prepared when debating is expected to resume in 2021. Senior debaters have also attended weekly coaching sessions during the term with the kind assistance of our Debating and Public Speaking Prefect from this year, Lingge Bai. Thank you to all students who eagerly participated in the debating coaching sessions this term.




Shirley Woo 

English/EALD Teacher and Public Speaking and Debating Coordinator


Library Review

“So who’s this Ron Harden guy, anyway?”

The challenge of namesakes is that succeeding generations lose touch with the past and struggle to make a connection with those whose legacy they experience daily, without realising it. 

The late Fr Ron Harden is one such namesake. The titular identity of Bethany’s library served the parish of St Michael’s for 35 years. Published accounts of his life testify to his unwavering commitment to a spirit of community. He thrived on bringing people together to share their joys and adversities.

So it’s fitting that such a man should become our library’s namesake. Libraries worldwide, including school libraries, have reinvented themselves as community hubs where people meet directly with those they know, or where people come to be alone and connect with the language of writers they don’t know.

An important initiative this year has been the promotion of explicit teaching around information literacy and digital navigation. Digital, media and information literacies are indispensable to the development of critical thinking, lifelong learning, workplace adaptability and independence. We enlisted our SRC leaders from Years 7 to 10 as ‘digital disciples’ to disseminate crucial basic knowledge and competencies around our online catalogue, fondly known as ‘Oliver’, as well as crucial pathways via Compass. Oliver’s news page has also been renovated to present a more welcoming online portal.

Mrs Simonetta’s 2020 highlights: bringing a picture book to life with younger siblings (so cute!) who occasionally visit us from St Mary’s Primary next door; establishing a collegiality with members of staff; the simple act of visiting the library shelves with a student to find that book that ignites and sustains her passion for reading; the simple knowledge that you’re approachable enough to be invited on a student’s journey through an increasingly complex bibliographic universe.

To the staff and students of Bethany. Thank you for your support of us, your new library team of 2020. Guided by the College Executive, we’ve navigated through the twists and turns of a year of pandemic to emerge resourceful. Thank you especially to our principal, Ms Robyn Rodwell, who understands the importance of libraries to secondary schools. That understanding makes everything else we do possible.

Thank you also to our parent community who are critical partners in a world where literature matters more than ever. And to your daughters, many of whom are frequent visitors to the library and avid readers in an increasingly visual world.

We wish you all a happy, holy and literary Christmas, and we look forward to serving you in 2021.


Mrs Jennifer Simonetta

Mrs Damienne Forrester

-Teacher Librarians




Hurstville Learn to Swim Centre (private business)

Swim teachers are needed to start February 2021

  • Onsite training
  • 2 hour shifts 3:30 – 5:30
  • Monday to Friday


  • Need to be able to swim and demonstrate freestyle to children
  • CRP certificate and swimming background preferred

Address: 43 Smiths Avenue Hurstville 2220

All enquiries please call Patrick Warn on 0422 406 568



Year 12, 11 & 10 – Head-start UCAT Preparation 

20 December. 2 days. 10am to 6pm

Intensive Training UCAT Workshop. Parents are invited to Day 2 of the workshop (Pathways into Medicine and Medical Interviews). Ph: (02) 4367 0404 / mob: 0404 197 178 / 0412 439 115 / www.nie.edu.au / enquiries@nie.edu.



Reminder – Change of Uni Preference Expo

Friday 18 December. 10am to 3pm

Change of Preference Expos will be online, enabling students to connect directly with university and TAFE staff. Register now so you can access the platform below on the day of the event.



University of Sydney Course Calculator

Use the USyd ATAR and International Baccalaureate (IB) search tool to explore your course options, adjustment factors and admission pathways.



University of Sydney Science & Mathematics Bridging Courses

January and February 2021 

These online courses with live-Zoom components are ideal for students wanting to enter a University degree that recommends assumed science or mathematics knowledge that they did not complete in the HSC. The topics available are Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics Extension 1, Physics. Anyone welcome to register. For more information visit: 



The University of Sydney Future Student Consultations

Monday 14 to Friday 18 December 

USyd are providing Year 12 students the option to book private Zoom consultations with current students and get their final questions answered before close of preferences. Book a consultation: 



Reminder – UNSW Information Day

19 December

Registrations are now open for one of the most important events of the year for all Year 12 Students once you’ve received your ATAR.
Book a 1-1 session at an Advisory Centre. Talk to an expert about the degree you want to study, your ATAR results, pathways and career opportunities. All personalised to you.

Before finalising your preferences, Info Day is your chance to see if UNSW is right for you. Ask any last-minute questions and get help to figure out all your options.


Register here:



Explore Your Options Week at Macquarie Uni

Wednesday 16 December, through to Wednesday 23 December 2020.

Starting on Wednesday 16 December, through to Wednesday 23 December 2020, Macquarie will be available for one-on-one consultations, enrolment support and campus tours.

Join on a day, time and even a mode that suits you.

RSVP Register via http://mq.edu.au/explore


UTS Info Days (18-19 December) 

Join UTS on campus and online over two days to learn more about your undergraduate study options, alternate admission pathways and get your last-minute questions answered before close of UAC preferences. Register: https://uts.ac/utsinfodays


The University of Sydney | Info Day, Saturday 19 December 

On campus and online; get course advice, your last-minute questions answered and experience the University of Sydney before finalising your preferences for entry. The day is designed for domestic Year 12 students, but family and friends are welcome, along with anyone interested in undergraduate study in 2021. | Learn more: https://infoday.sydney.edu.au/


Free Info Session!

UCAT, Interviews, Pathways into Medicine & Career in Health UCAT NIE presenting a free information webinar about UCAT, interviews, the undergraduate pathways into medicine, dentistry, and some other health science programs. This is NOT an advertising seminar. The session is PACKED with invaluable information. Register via: https://www.nie.edu.au/ucat-free/free-ucat-information-sessions Ph: (02) 4367 0404 / enquiries@nie.edu.au / www.nie.edu.au


Attention Medical and Dental School Applicants! 

An intensive Medical Interviews Preparation Workshop for students who received or are expecting to receive an interview offer for the Undergraduate Medical and Dental Schools. Contact Ph: (02) 4367 0404, 0404 197 178, 0412 439 115 / www.nie.edu.au / enquiries@nie.edu.au Sign up here:



ATAR Enquiry Centre

UAC operating its ATAR Enquiry Centre for students who have queries about the calculation of their ATAR. Days are as follows:

  • Fri 18 December, 8.30am–6pm
  • Sat 19 December, 8.30am–4.30pm
  • Mon 21 December, 8.30am–4.30pm
  • Tue 22 December, 8.30am–4.30pm


Offer rounds for Year 12 students

The most important offer rounds for Year 12 students are:

  • December Round 2 – Wednesday 23 December
  • January Round 1 – Friday 8 January 2021.

Not all courses will be offered in December Round 2, and applicants should check UAC’s website for details of excluded courses before they finalise their course preferences. Please note, the Australian National University (ANU) will not be participating in December Round 2.

Students whose results are not available in time for December Round 2 can be assured that they will not be disadvantaged – universities will still have places available to make offers to all courses in January Round 1.



UTS New in 2021

2020 has been a challenging year that has stressed the need to do things differently. That’s why FASS has launched a series of new courses in Teacher Education and Sustainability & Environment that will equip graduates with the skills, experience and adaptability not just for today, but for tomorrow and the long-term.


The University of Sydney – Commerce or economics: which degree for me?

Wednesday 25 November, 5.30-6.40pm 

The world needs experts with the problem-solving, analytical and critical thinking skills of business and economics graduates to tackle the challenges of an ever-changing society. Gain the hands-on experience to develop into resilient future leaders. But what’s the difference between these two degrees?



University of Sydney – Current School Leavers – University Bridging Courses Online

January and February 2021
Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics Ext 1, Physics
These 5- to 7-day courses are ideal for students wanting to enter a University degree that requires assumed science knowledge that they did not complete in the HSC.
Please note: bridging courses do not satisfy the mathematics prerequisite. For relevant advice please see the heading ‘What if I don’t meet the maths prerequisite?’



UNSW Faculty of Engineering Admissions Scheme (FEAS)

Closes at 11am on Monday 30th November 

Thinking of commencing your UNSW Engineering degree in 2021? FEAS Applications for Term 1, 2021 (UAC December Round 2).

FEAS is an alternative pathway for students who want to study at UNSW but don’t meet the Guaranteed Entry Rank (GE) of 91.00. You should apply for the Faculty of Engineering Admissions Scheme (FEAS) if you are expecting an ATAR between 81.00 and 90.95. FEAS applies to most UNSW Engineering undergraduate programs, including the double degrees with a GE of 91.00. 

To be eligible you will need to submit your Year 12 report, upload a video demonstrating your suitability to study engineering and an accompanying personal statement.



 University of Notre Dame Accepting Applications for Bachelor of Primary Education

Notre Dame are currently accepting applications for the Bachelor of Primary Education, starting in 2021. The Bachelor of Primary Education provides students with some of the highest rates of practical, industry experience in the country whilst supporting them through an in-depth mentoring program, allowing students to graduate job ready and in demand. 



TAFE NSW –Fee-free Apprenticeships

Becoming an apprentice or hiring an apprentice just got 100,000 times easier.

That’s the number of new apprentices that will have their qualification fees funded by the NSW Government.

They’ve recognised that apprenticeships and skilled tradespeople are the backbone of our state and they are committed to creating a pipeline of skilled Australians to build a better future.

View TAFE NSW apprenticeships and traineeships information.



 Apprenticeships & Traineeships Available 

The Apprentice Employment Network and its 29 member Group Training Organisations have over 1000 apprenticeships & traineeships on offer for school leavers. They are also running numerous pre apprenticeships courses giving school leavers a kick start they need for picking up a trade.



TAFE NSW Pathways to Degrees

TAFE offer’s many pathways to Degrees at TAFE NSW to help students get the job they want. Follow their pathway journeys in Engineering, Construction, Tourism and Retail, some of the occupations available and their salaries.



NIDA – Years 11 and 12 – Summer Holiday Workshops December to January 2021 Holiday Courses

Sharpen your performance skills through a comprehensive workshop with a theatre practitioner drawing on NIDA acting techniques. Develop key principles of actor training, and extend into characterisation and scenework.

Course components

  • Apply key principles of NIDA Acting Techniques in scripted performance
  • Develop engaging characters through improvisation and rehearsal processes
  • Collaborate with a creative team to engage audiences and bring stories to the stage