Volume 18 - 23 Nov 2018


Dear Parents, Carers and Friends of Bethany,

It is difficult to not see the increasing influence of American holidays on our society. The media is increasingly broadcasting TV shows with a theme of Thanksgiving, supermarkets advertising food for Thanksgiving meals and many sales for Black Friday which is the biggest shopping day in the world and is the day after Thanksgiving. If we place to one side the media focus and truly reflect on Thanksgiving which is currently being celebrated in the USA, we will notice what a simple and significant message this holiday represents…..that of giving thanks to what we do have rather than highlighting what we aspire to possess. We have so much to be grateful for in this life. Each and every day. But reality is that sometimes constant life demands, struggles, and worries give more room to defeat than to a heart of thanks. Or we forget, in the midst of busyness and pressures, just to pause and give thanks, for all that God has done, and continues to do in our lives.With this message in mind, and as we look towards our last few weeks together as the 2018 community, I offer up a prayer of thanks to each student, parent, staff member and families for your help and dedication to each Bethany girl. We have a vibrant community where the girls are happy and feel valued. What more can we be thankful for.

Performing Arts

It was such a privilege to watch all of our Music students involved in the peripatetic program perform on Monday evening. Watching our girls nervous as they walked on to perform, overcoming anxiety and witnessing performances which involved so many hours of rehearsal was a joy. I thank Mrs Moroney for her leadership of this program, all of our peripatetic teachers, our students, parents who have supported the program and Mr Bernardo, Mrs Ball, Ms Sukkar, our prac students, Performing Arts Prefect Ellie Shaw and backstage crew for making the evening not just entertaining, but a great success.

Bethany comes to NIDA next Thursday evening for the 2018 Performing Arts Showcase Evening. This night is a culmination of all of the work which has occurred across the Performing Arts classes of Dance, Drama and Music as well as our co curricular program. Please purchase tickets as per previous information sent out to you. A concert not to be missed. See you there.


Over the remaining few weeks, I encourage all parents to remind their daughters of the importance of learning. We do not learn at school just for the sake of assessment. It is easy to be tricked into thinking that if student reports have been written then the year is over. Some of the best learning can happen when there is no pressure to perform for an assessment and where authentic learning activities are prevalent. We have a published last day for students and we are expecting high levels of attendance until the very last day. Please support us in this.

Student Leadership
Last Friday the 2019 student leadership team spent the day planning for the year ahead. As a team we celebrated what is going well at Bethany and identified what we wanted to focus on in 2019. Each leader spent time developing goals for their portfolio and this was critiqued by other leaders. We are developing a calendar for student leadership and look forward to sharing our plans for the year ahead soon.


Robyn Rodwell


From the Assistant Principal

Important Dates: Link to college calendar located on the website

Student Leadership Forum

On Wednesday, our College Captains attended a leadership forum with Archbishop Anthony Fisher.  This is an annual event that the Archbishop hosts in order to hear the voice of our young leaders within the high schools of the Sydney Archdiocese.  The keynote address from the Archbishop gave insight into the recent Youth Synod held in Rome and he discussed some of the challenges that the Church faces in engaging our youth.  Whilst mental health issues were prominent in Australia and New Zealand, he highlighted that in some African nations, their youth are dying whilst trying to escape their living conditions.  For others, it was the struggle to ensure their youth were educated.  Each region around the world have very specific issues related to youth in the Church and our students were given insight into issues that go beyond them.  It enabled our students to see a more global picture of challenges faced by the Church in relation to youth.

The Archbishop challenged the students to think about ways in which young people could be more engaged in our Church and he was genuinely interested and delighted with their responses. The initiatives that were proposed were thoughtful and insightful.  Some suggestions included linking the school careers advisor with the local church in order to show students that there are opportunities within the Church as possible career paths (not necessarily vocations, but for lay people to engage with).  They called for greater outreach opportunities and making the parishes more inclusive of young people.
The opportunity for our girls to collaborate with students from other schools was very rewarding and as an onlooker to the discussion that was had, I am very heartened by the enthusiasm, prayerfulness and genuine interest that all of the young people at this forum displayed.  If the Church can continue to foster the wonderful young adults like those that attended the forum, we are definitely going to be a rich Church for their contribution.
Diane Kennaugh

Leader of Religious Education and Mission

Year of Youth – Beyond Horizons

Sydney Catholic Schools together with the Archdiocese of Sydney are putting on a wonderful celebration in December for the Year of Youth which ends at Advent.  

Beyond Horizons will be held on Wednesday 5 December at 5.30pm beginning with a mass, followed by a concert and the official opening of the Cathedral Christmas Lights.  Any student who attended ACYF in December last year, will more than likely remember Gary Pinto’s performances and they are certainly well worth attending. This is a free event and one that I would encourage you to attend with family or friends.   Teachers will not be escorting students to this event.

Please see the flyer below for further information.



Diane Kennaugh

Leader of Religious Education and Mission


Year 7 Newman English

The Roman philosopher Seneca said, “While we teach, we learn.” The Year 7 Newman class have seen the effect of this firsthand through the poetry unit that they have just completed. In their own words, over the past few weeks, they have “astonished our teacher and classmates with our presentations on Australian Poetry. We have learnt so much and we really enjoyed working together throughout this unit and now have a greater understanding of the hard work and creativity that goes towards writing poems.” – Montana Ilievski.

“These presentations allowed us to teach our fellow classmates something new. It also helped us with our organisational and creativity skills. Presenting wasn’t as bad as we thought, even when public speaking can be unsettling.” – Gabrielle Talite, Julianna Li and Loreena Jeff.

“The task we completed was interesting and enriching as it helped us advance our poem analysis and public speaking skills as well as give us further understanding of the topic and a wider knowledge of a variety of poems.” – Gabriella Del Castillo.

Feedback from Sofia Aranega (Year 12 English Prefect) and Jodie Tse (Year 12 SRC member):

We had the privilege of being invited to observe the poetry presentations of Mrs Golding’s Year 7 Newman English class. We were both astounded at the level of talent and expertise the girls demonstrated in their analysis and interaction with the class. It was thrilling to see the younger students actively immerse themselves in their learning. Some girls even prepared an entire lesson, and incorporated a variety of engaging activities such as crossword puzzles, worksheets and Kahoots. It was overall an exciting chance to connect with younger students through a passion for English. One thing is for sure, the girls would make fantastic teachers in the future!

We would like to thank the girls for having us, and for the extraordinary amount of effort they put into their presentations.





Laura Golding

Year 7 Coordinator


SCC Rep Sport Update

Each of the SCC Representative sporting teams has had a great start to the term 4 season.

The Junior Touch football team has shown great some improvement in their teamwork from the start of the season. They are currently sitting on equal first with Marist Penshurst going into the Semi Finals in Week 8.


The Intermediate touch football team has had a few year of experience playing together as well as at various representative levels outside of school.  They are currently undefeated this season heading towards the semi finals.


The Junior Softball team is currently placed second.  They are showing some great talent going into the semi finals with some coaching from Year 11 Melba House Captain, Jasmin Garrison.

The intermediate softball team has also had a promising start to the season however after a washout and BYE round are sitting in 5th place.



The Senior Volleyballers are coming equal 2nd at this point in the season with two more games to play before the semi finals.


We wish each team the very best heading towards the end of the Term 4 SCC representative sport season.



Lauren Brennan

Representative Sport Co-ordinator

Year 7 2019 Orientation Day

On Wednesday 14th November 2018, Year 6 students attended Bethany College for their orientation day heading in to 2019. They were warmly greeted by Ms Rodwell and Mrs Russo, the administration staff, Miss Grimm and their Year Coordinator, Mrs Pikis. The Year 9 Big Sisters who are currently in training assisted the girls throughout the day.

The students participated in the Allwell testing taking them up to lunchtime. After lunch they had the opportunity to experience a number of activities which gave them a taste of high school life.

The Big Sisters led each session with great confidence under the guidance of Mrs Chisari, Miss Simos, Ms Baldwin, Miss Munro, Mrs Fitzgerald, Miss Carrabs and Mrs Barnes and they are to be congratulated for their preparedness and leadership throughout the day.

Big Sisters 2019:

Group 1.


Rosemarie Bechara

Naomi Attard

Mikayla Savignano

Chelsea Cibalevski

Jessica Nikolovski

Sanjeta Sridhar

Mia Palmer

Maddi Oldham


Group 3.


Alyssa Lahoud

Abbey Djundja

Nicholette Felemegas

Tejal Meisuria

Natalie Ryan

Keira Fisher

Georgia Fanos

Antonia Gregoriou

Ayva Palmer

Group 5.

Orange with black dot

Nicole Fertakis

Telina Kolyvas

Priscilla Zanak

Katrina Martinez

Emma Masalkovski

Hayley Bryant

Taylor Di Fabio

Angelique Rodas

Laura Carrabs

Group 7.

Yellow with black dot

Sarah Gonzalez

Natasha Petrov

Daliah Mourad

Rebecca Saadie

Jenessa Fong

Natalie Vucic

Jade Lozanovski

Deanna Haralambedis

Chloe Manalo

Group 2.

Dark Blue

Olivia Guardala

Fotini Koutsodimas

Angelina Milevski

Luana Rendina

Maria Tsiolakis

Dilara Kocak

Georgia Najem

Caitlin Hollis

Group 4.


Giada Lazazzara

Elly Vazouras

Anna Giannopoulos

Nektaria Rice

Alana Rostankov

Alexia Haralambedis

Lauren Delaney

Samantha Staninovski

Group 6.


Kate Glavocevic

Jovanka Lim

Caitlin Tan

Isabella Alves

Shilo Johnson

Sophia McDonnell

Anastasia Agoris

Ayaa Faraj


During the “High School Talk” sessions, a number of Year 12 students also supported the Big Sisters and gave advice to the Year 6 students about the daily high school routine. I warmly thank the following students for their time:  


Kate Papadimitriou

Louise Robinson

Julia Lo Russo

Bridie McIntyre

Lara Chaanine

Alyssa Strebel

Georgia Horne

Moya Denford

Bella Markou

Arianna Gallo

Danielle Napier

Isabella Genlik

Daria Badaoui

Natalie Glavocevic

Amy Lee

Ashley Farah

Lucy Madden

Hannah Jackson

Grace Steriovski

Raphaela Challita

Jodie Tse

Thalia Tsapilis 

Mia Mitchell

Kate Britcher

Manusha Mahesan

Sofia Aranega

Siena Dal Bianco

Alexis Maalouf

Dianna Festa

Rhiannon Davies

Valentina Triulcio


The Parent Information evening followed at 6.30pm and the name for the 2019 cohort was announced as the “Doves”. The dove is a symbol for the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit descends and provides the gifts that we need, just as each Year 7 student will come together and bring the individual, unique gifts that will help form a dynamic, united community with the power to travel together through to Year 12.

I look forward to an exciting year ahead leading the Doves.


Mrs Connie Pikis 


Careers News

Work experience at the Commonwealth Bank

I was given the unique opportunity to be a part of a work experience program at the Commonwealth Bank for two weeks during the October school holidays. This experience taught me about the work of a graphic designer and how they work within a well-established company such as the Commonwealth Bank.

Throughout the two weeks of the program, I observed and participated in some of the work that was done at the bank. I have tested modules designed by the team, created concept designs for certain projects and observed each team member and how their role contributed to each project. I was given my own keycard, locker, desk and laptop, and even had my own profile set on the Bank’s directory. It was almost as though I was actually an employee.

One of the main ideas I learnt throughout my experience, particularly within a well-known company such as the Commonwealth Bank, is working within time and design restrictions. It was important to maintain the brand image through colours, fonts and illustrations whilst creating unique works, which would further challenge me and develop my creativity.

It was also great in helping me to decide whether I would consider graphic design as a potential career path.

I’m grateful for a wonderful experience that helped me to develop an understanding of life in the workplace and exploring the idea of a career path in the creative industry that I may want to pursue in the future.


Carina Cunha Year 11



An interesting article about the future of work for your daughters

The future of work won’t be about college degrees, it will be about job skills




Sandra Cadwallader Economics Scholarship

Closes 1 December

This scholarship is now open for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students undertaking a Bachelor of Economics at the University of Sydney.Valued at $ 50,000 a year, to provide financial support to successful applicants helping towards their study and living expenses throughout their degree. Eligibility criteria applies:



University of Wollongong –Ready 4 Uni

10 December. 9.30am

13 December. 12.30pm

Uni of Wollongong Campus, Hanging Rock Place, Batemans Bay

This free bridging course is 4 sessions and will introduce you to the skills necessary for success in your chosen degree and will cover areas such as academic writing, referencing, researching skills, thinking critically and a whole bunch more. If you have not study at a University level before this is a great opportunity to learn some new skills which will be crucial to your studies



The University of Sydney’s Cadigal Pathway Now Open

University of Sydney’s Cadigal Program is open and accepting applications. The Cadigal Program is for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students wishing to study at The University of Sydney. The program provides admissions and specialised support for students for both HSC and non-HSC applicants. For more information please see https://cadigal.sydney.edu.au/


Inspired by Business Cadigal Scholarship

This scholarship is now open for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students undertaking a Bachelor of Commerce or a Bachelor of Commerce/ Advanced Studies. Valued at $10 000 per year for the three years of the Bachelor of Commerce or four years of a Bachelor of Commerce/ Advanced Studies. Eligibility criteria applies: http://sydney.edu.au/scholarships/undergraduate/year12/indigenous.shtml

New Admission Pathway for Charles Sturt University’s Communication and Creative Industries Degrees

Acting and Performance, Theatre Media

A student’s ATAR/VCE doesn’t always reflect their potential. Charles Sturt University’s (CSU’s) individual assessment program enables us to make conditional offers to Year 12 students interested in acting, advertising, animation, art, design, journalism, photography, public relations, radio, sound design, television or theatre media – based on an interview, audition or portfolio review.



2019 Course Update for Charles Sturt University

Bachelor of Public Safety and Security – Now available at our Port Macquarie campus and online, this degree prepares students who are interested in joining the NSW Police Force. Bachelor of Social Work – This degree is ideal for students who want to become a force for social change in their community. Available online and at our Dubbo, Port Macquarie and Wagga Wagga campuses.



Charles Sturt University’s Accommodation Prices have Dropped

To ensure living on campus is a viable option for as many of our students as possible, we’ve reduced our accommodation prices. We’ve got a broad range of accommodation and catering options, plus a guaranteed place for all first-year students. To find out more, visit



Scholarships Made Easy at Southern Cross University

Southern Cross University have a range of different scholarships available to our commencing students including merit based and equity scholarships. For the merit based scholarships there is only one application that needs to be filled out as we personally match the best scholarship to the applicant. To apply, please visit https://www.scu.edu.au/scholarships/


SAT Standardised Testing Dates 2018-19

Internationally Educated has written an article on US University Standardised Testing Dates for 2018 – 19. As there are currently no ACT Test Dates announced for Sydney, we encourage students to register for the SAT as early as possible to avoid disappointment.





Styling 101 at International School of Colour & Design

1 December. 10.00am to 3.00pm

Level 3, 118 Walker St, Sydney

Do you often wonder how interior stylists have that amazing ability to arrange everything in a room so effortlessly and successfully? Do you want to learn how to set-up a simple display so that it looks like it is right out of the pages of a magazine? Bring out the expert stylist in you with this essential workshop focused on planning your living room and interior styling solutions



Pre-Apprenticeship Courses in the Automotive Industry

Apprenticeships Are Us alongside My Trade Start are running automotive pre-apprenticeship courses for students who have recently left school or are planning on leaving at the end of the year. The courses are NSW Government funded for individuals aged 15 to 24. For more information or if you are interested, please call us on 02 9891 6900 or email career@apprus.com.au.



International Screen Academy (ISA), Sydney

Wanting to study Acting or Musical Theatre full time after completing your HSC? ISA is one of Australia’s premier Acting schools offering a 2 year Advanced Diploma of Acting and a 1 year Diploma of Musical Theatre course. Applications for the 2019 intake are open now. Interested students should apply directly through the ISA website: https://www.isasydney.edu.au

Sydney Film School (SFS)

SFS offers an Advanced Diploma & Diploma in Film Making. Applications for the 2019 intake are open now. Sydney Film School invites all students interested in film making to take a tour of our state of the art film studios. Email rtobin@isasydney.edu.au to book your tour now and visit:





Elizabeth Vrahnos

Vocation Learning Coordinator

Year 7 – 11 Academic Awards

Bethany College Years 7 – 11 Academic Awards Ceremony will be held on Wednesday, 12 December.

The ceremony will be as follows:

Years 10-11 will be in Periods 1 & 2 (8.55a.m. – 10.20a.m.)

Years 7-9 will be in Period 3 & 4 (10.55a.m. – 12.45p.m.)

Award recipients will be notified shortly.

Year 12 – Class of 2018 School Laptop Return

All School laptop’s have now been Re-imaged and are ready for collection.
Laptops that have not been picked up from Bethany College by 31st January, 2019 will be disposed of.
Collection Point:  Bethany College, ICT Office
Collection Time:   8am – 4pm
The ICT Office will close from Thursday, 20th December, 2018.
If you wish to discuss this matter further, please contact the School ICT Office.

Health Information Updates For Students


If your daughter has:

+ been supplied with an asthma and/or Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy (ASCIA) management plan by their treating doctor or

+ suffers from a chronic or acute medical condition,

then it is now time to check that the information you have previously supplied to the College is still current. The College annually requests that parents provide individual health care plans (IHCP) so that our records for management of your daughters condition are current. The IHCP should be developed jointly by parents or guardian, family doctor, the school and the student. It must incorporate information and planned emergency treatments that are relevant to the particular student in the event of an emergency. It is important to note that these are medical documents and therefore must be completed and signed by the treating doctor (eg Immunology/Allergy Specialist, Pediatrician or General Practitioner).

Please forward management plans to student services for the attention of Mrs Damienne Forrester. All information is held in confidence.

All School Fees Now Over Due

Thank you to those families who have finalised their daughters school fee account for 2018. We appreciate your support of the College. 
School fee accounts that remain outstanding at the end of each year may be moved to Sydney Catholic Schools Fee Unit, where additional charges for collection of late fees may be charged. Please contact the College accounts office if your fees are still outstanding to settle your account. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

Uniform Shopping Trading Hours and Fittings

Our Lady of Fatima Christmas Carols