Volume 18 - 22 Nov 2019


The Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Yesterday on the Church’s calendar was the Feast of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

When Mary was asked to be the mother of the Savior, she was completely free to accept or reject the offer. Her response, “Let it be done to me,” was a great act of faith. Because she did not understand what was happening, she must have known that there would be difficulties ahead.

She replied yes to the angel’s announcement and agreed to become the mother of Jesus, and the Church has declared Mary to be the Mother of God. Because she was the first to say yes to the Messiah, the Church has declared her to be the Mother of the Church.

The feast of the presentation of Mary dates back to the 6th century in the East and the 15th century in the West. It is based on an ancient tradition that says Mary was taken to the temple in Jerusalem when she was 3-years-old and dedicated to God. What we celebrate on this day is the fact that God chose to dwell in Mary in a very special way. In response, Mary placed her whole self at the service of God. Every moment since your Baptism, God invites you to be open to his grace and dedicate yourself to him, as Mary did.

from Saints and Feast Days, by Sisters of Notre Dame of Chardon, Ohio



Dear Parents, Carers and Friends of Bethany,

Over the last 2 weeks, students in Years 7 – 10 have been put the finishing touches on their formal assessments for the year whilst Year 11 have begun topics for their HSC and are undertaking their first HSC assessment tasks. The next few weeks for Years 7 – 10 are times for valuable learning. Students may feel less pressure without assessments hanging over them to explore in various subjects how they best learn and how what is being taught has  real world applications. Whilst teaching style does not change during this time, students may be more open to other possibilities than just focussing on assessment.

The teaching staff are currently working on reports for Years 7 – 10 and this semester  we will be trialling our new Compass reports with Years 7 and 8 only. Report style remains unchanged for Years 9 and 10. All reports will be published on Compass by the end of week 9 and no hard copies will be published for any year group. Parent Teacher interviews will be held on Tuesday December 17 between 9am – 3pm. These interviews are a valuable time to speak with teachers about what could be worked upon across the holidays and are also a time to affirm your daughter. It would be disheartening to think that with reports being published online prior to interviews that attendance declines. In 2020, all year groups will have the changed format of reports on Compass. Over the remaining weeks, I trust that girls will keep focus and attend every day until the end of the year.

Our Newman Showcase evening will be held on Tuesday from 4.30 – 6.30pm. This evening highlights the extensive work that our Newman students have undertaken throughout the year and is impressive in terms of the varied activities on offer. If you are attending this showcase, please keep in mind that 6 of our Year 10 students under the guidance of Mr Kipriotis have planned this entire event. The girls have encouraged Newman students to submit work, have project managed all aspects of the night including the timing, floor plan, advertising and format. My sincere congratulations to the girls, I know that they are most excited about seeing their plans come to fruition and is a brilliant example of showcasing student voice.


Robyn Rodwell

College Principal


From the Assistant Principal

As we enter the second half of Term 4, I congratulate the girls on their involvement in a variety of school activities on offer in this term, including inter-school debating, Vinnie’s sandwich making, the Girls in Science forum, preparations for the Concert for the Elderly hosted by Year 7, the recent Music evening for our private music students, the Year 10 drama production,  engagement in formation activities for those attending ACYF and our upcoming staff versus student netball. These events provide wonderful opportunities for the girls to work collaboratively, develop their leadership skills and showcase their talents and abilities.  Our Year 9 dancers showcased their skills and passion for dance last week when we hosted a CaSPA Coaching Clinic for approximately 60 students from local feeder primary schools. Our girls continue to work with St Mary’s Star of the sea on Thursday during sport and in the coming weeks will work with some of our local primary schools on a creative writing project. 

In the coming weeks students in Year 8 -11 will have the opportunity to hear from the Police Schools Liaison Officer, in an endeavour to promote safe and responsible behaviour.  Coupled with the Optus Digital Thumbprint presentations it is hoped that the girls will have an opportunity to reflect on and consider their interactions both online and in the physical world. 

As we approach the Advent season in preparation for Christmas the girls are also challenged to think of others. Many thanks to the families of Year 7 students for their generous donations of gifts for the elderly. The gift of goodness envelopes have been distributed to each student and we encourage families, where possible to give generously to support this campaign. 

Finally, please find two articles below, the first by Dr Jodi Richardson reminds us that when we feel stretched as a consequence of the many competing demands on our time that it is not the amount of time that we spend with our children that matters most but rather the quality of that time. Additionally, Michael Grose reminds us that as parents we don’t have to have all the answers but what is crucial for a young person when they are struggling is that they feel validated.  


A reminder of upcoming College events:

24/11 ACYF Commissioning Mass

24/11 Walk With Christ 

26/11 Police School Liaison visit for Year 8 and 9 

27/11 ACYF Formation evening 

3/12 Police Liaison Office visit – Years 10 and 11.

4/ 12 Yr 10 Italian Languages competition 

10/12 Concert for the Elderly 

13/12 Academic Awards Ceremony Yrs 7-9 ( 9-10.30am) 

          Academic Awards Ceremony  Yrs 10-11 (11-12.30pm ) 


Advanced notice

The final day of school for years 10 and 11 will be Friday December 13, Students will be dismissed following the Academic Awards ceremony at approximately 12.30pm 

Students in Years 7 – 9 will finish on Monday, December 16 at 12 noon. Buses to Hurstville station have been organised for students on this day 




Jodie Hughes

Assistant Principal

Year 10 News

Year 10 students have had a busy start to the term. We are in the process of completing their final Stage 5 assessments for the year. Alongside school work, students have been involved in Social Justice initiatives, the school musical, the Drama production and Pastoral lessons focusing on stress management; and most recently Smart Spending and Saving facilitated by Commonwealth Bank.

Childhood Cancer Awareness Bake Sale

On behalf of the students that assisted with the organisation of the ‘Childhood Cancer Awareness’ bake sale, I would like to acknowledge the success of the event. The Bake sale was supported by the school community and we raised $736. Friends and family were more than happy to accommodate with the supply of desserts, alongside their ongoing support and encouragement.  Thank you to the following people, Gordana Van Schellebeck, Karla Ibrahim from Karla’s Kitchen and Eli Saad from Eli’s Belly for their generous donation of the baked goods. The $736 will be donated to the Kids Cancer Project to promote cancer research and assist in the discovery of a cure for children suffering from  rare and deadly cancers. This initiative was an idea that I have personally held close to my heart for many years, especially after the passing of my darling sister due to childhood cancer. Her strength and ongoing power really opened me up to the extensive suffering that these patients endure, teaching me that small changes can make a big difference in the world. I would also like to  thank Mrs Hughes, Ms Matthews and Ms Eldahaby for allowing Jennessa Fong and I to commit to this rewarding initiative on behalf of the whole school community.

Rebecca Saadie – Year 10

Smart Saving & Smart Spending Workshops by Commonwealth Bank

On Friday 25th October during our Pastoral lesson, facilitators from the Commonwealth Bank presented two workshops on smart spending and saving. The talk was very helpful and informative for year 10 students to learn about the importance of saving money and spending wisely.. During the talk our speakers gave us an interactive experience on different techniques on the value of money. Fun, interactive games were also used to deliver the message, which was an enjoyable way to learn.. Furthermore year 10 learnt valuable tips on how to save money the right way.

Cailin Turner and Grace O’Brien – Year 10


Newman Showcase


Southern Districts Rugby 7s

The Rugby 7’s inter-school gala day held at Southern Districts Rugby Union Club, was a fun and successful day, coming out with 3 wins and 1 loss and ultimately finishing 2nd in the competition. Before the day we had 1 training session with a coach from the Waratahs where he got us to run through some of the basics. On the day of the tournament, we started slowly with a loss to Endeavor before switching on where we played quick and smart footy beating Engadine High School, Georges River College Penshurst Girls and Cronulla High. Lily as a league player adapted to union very quickly. We displayed a combination of good defence and exciting attack. On behalf of the team I’d like to thank the College for letting us all participate and we’re looking forward to playing again next year.

Martha Kossenberg, Year 9


CaSPA Dance Coaching Clinic

On Monday 18th November, Bethany College hosted a CaSPA Dance Coaching Clinic for 65 Primary students. They worked with Stage 2 dancers from local primary schools including St Patrick’s Kogarah, St Francis Xavier Arncliffe and St Joseph’s Rockdale, to foster their skills as dance coaches. 
The Girls Coaching Clinic is a project aimed at building capacity in dance teaching and contributing to a wider school community dance network. 
Musical Theatre, Contemporary and Jazz dances were created at a training session in September by outstanding dance students from a combination of Sydney Catholic Schools, including Olivia Graham, Juliette Lepine, Sarah Chapman, Katya Alexander, Joanna Panagiotidis, Tahlia Genlik and Rachel Tannous. 
These students were joined by Alyssa Zagari, Antonia Mangos, Hayley Eskander, Lily Clarke, Tiffany Prusac and Angelique Belivanis. Congratulations to these students who repressed the College beautifully and facilitated a safe and fun learning experience for these young dancers. It was a (big) fantastic day.

Lucy Eaton
Dance Teacher

Library News

Cover 2 Cover Reading Challenge Update

Two weeks remain in our internal wide reading challenge. We would like to encourage those who are participating to ensure that they are validating their reading logs in the library to earn points to win the prizes that are on offer.

While some students may find the prizes for most books read or points earned to be beyond their reach, there is an opportunity to work with their homeroom to earn a special lunch. 

As of Tuesday (19 November) the following homerooms have earned the most points:

  1. 7 HRM S – 80 points
  2. 7 HRM E – 74 points
  3. 8 HRM W – 50 points

There has been an intense battle going on amongst students and the following students have earned the most points (as of 19 November).

  1. Franceska Sunga (Year 7) – 74 points
  2. Evelyn Efstathakis (Year 7) – 70 points
  3. Marianne Sarimento (Year 8) – 46 points

It is not too late to take part and earn points. Remember that books read since the start of term also count. 


Reading reduces anxiety

According to Beyond Blue, 7% of Australian adolescents have experienced an Anxiety Disorder while around 3% have experienced a depressive disorder. Research by the Black Dog Institute has shown that 25% of adolescents are at risk of developing mental illness at some point in their lives. 

In recent times, researchers have examined whether or not reading can reduce anxiety, known as bibliotherapy. Evidence has suggested that reading a good book can reduce anxiety.

How? Reading a book allows a person to escape from the problems that they are facing, and can enter into another world. Reading can also allow a person to develop a sense of compassion and empathy but also aid in healing.

Sometimes our day doesn’t turn out the way that we wish for. Reading for pleasure is a great way to unwind after a long day at school. 

And if you are someone who travels a long way to school on public transport, reading can make the journey much more relaxing and makes the time go faster. Disruptions with your bus or train won’t be so frustrating.


Fabian Amuso

Teacher Librarian


Girls in Science Forum

On the 13th of November 2019, 12 students went on an excursion to UNSW (University of New South Wales) to participate in L’Oréal Australia presents Girls in Science Forum 2019. The event consisted of different activities such as the forum, expo, lecture and a tour of the campus. The Dean of Science for UNSW, Professor Emma Johnston discussed the issues of negative stereotypes and the lack of role models for girls who are considering entering a career involving science. 

It was truly a rewarding experience as we got to meet a panel of five women who are aiming to rectify the gender gap in science. I felt very inspired by each of the women as they explained their contribution to science as well as the aim of their clinical research. They also elaborated on their journeys to become the scientists that they are today. Each female was awarded a $25,000 grant that could be used for any purpose including equipment towards research, travel and childcare. The audience was then offered the opportunity to ask the 5 alumni questions regarding their research and occupation. 

Following the forum, we participated in an expo which contained different stalls for the STEM courses that UNSW offers. There were a variety of stalls for students to participate, including Medical Sciences, Optometry and Vision Science, Mathematics and Statistics and Psychology. We were privileged to meet students studying each STEM course as well as the professors who specialise in these courses, who acted as role models. This allowed us to investigate further and gain an overview of the courses.

Our day concluded with a tour of the campus. We got to view the technology used by engineering students, science labs and lecture theatres. The tour enabled us to catch a glimpse of the UNSW campus as a possible pathway to our future education. Overall, the excursion to Australia’s most prestigious university was a rewarding experience which allowed us to become inspired for our future endeavours as girls interested in a career revolving around science. 


Hayley Eskander – Year 9

Australian Catholic Youth Festival (ACYF) Journal – Article #1

Welcome to the first ACYF journal article!

Our names are Luana Rendina and Elly Vazouras. Over the upcoming weeks we will be preparing to embark on a spiritual journey of a lifetime at the Australian Catholic Youth Festival (ACYF). From initial formation events and commissioning masses, to undertaking our pilgrimage in Perth, we will be informing, reflecting and sharing our experiences with the Bethany College community.

Leaving on the 7th of December, a total of twelve girls from year 10, accompanied by Mrs Forrester and Mr Laguzza, will travel to Perth for a total of 5 days. Once there, our group will participate in 3 action packed days of spiritual growth, reflection and personal development, alongside thousands of other young Catholic students from across Australia. 

In summary, ACYF is a nationwide gathering of Catholic youth, initiated by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference. This festival aims to strengthen and personalise each young disciple’s relationship with Christ, by inspiring the adoration, worship and celebration of Catholicism within Australia’s younger generation.

The festival will adopt the central theme, “listen to what the Spirit is saying” (Rev 2:7), derived from the 2020 Plenary Council’s central scriptural focus. More specifically, the pilgrimage will adhere to four core purposes;

  • To provide a high quality formative and experiential opportunity for young Catholics to encounter Jesus Christ, in the context of the Catholic Church in Australia;

  • To listen to and discuss the issues and challenges in the lives of young Catholics in Australia;

  • To evangelise young people and empower them to be evangelists;

  • And to provide young people with local examples and connections of vocations, social action, liturgy and prayer, catholic music and catechesis.

In preparation from the pilgrimage, our group will attend an ACYF commissioning mass at St Mary’s Cathedral on Sunday the 24th of November, as well as a formaton evening at St Ursula’s in Week 7.

We are all extremely fortunate and grateful for Mrs Ndaira’s organisational efforts and commitment to ensuring us girls embrace, and make the most of this great opportunity. 

We are all now waiting for the long anticipated departure date with packed suitcases already! 

Keep a lookout for our next article in the upcoming Bethany College Newsletter.


Luana Rendina & Elly Vazouras – Year 10

Planning for the 2020 Academic Year

The 2020 academic year is quickly approaching and planning is well underway to ensure that it kicks off smoothly. Book lists have been finalised and will soon be sent home via your daughter. These texts will be ordered through Campion and full details will be on the booklist when it comes home.
Class lists for core classes are currently being formed using a range of data that includes internal subject results, NAPLAN data and Allwell data where appropriate. Maths classes in Years 8, 9 and 10 and English classes in Years 9 and 10 are streamed and you will be informed shortly about which class or course your daughter will be undertaking.
Reports for Semester 2 are being written at the moment and will be posted on two different portals for this year only. Year 7 and 8 reports are being completed in Compass and will be accessed through the Compass portal. Year 9 and 10 reports will be completed in the Sentral software and hence available on the Sentral portal. Next year all reports, in all years, will be accessed via the Compass portal as the transition to this software is completed. The final opportunity to speak with your daughter’s teachers for this year will be on Tuesday, 17 December when Parent Teacher Student interviews operate between 9 and 3 at the College, this is also the day that the 2019 HSC results are released. You will receive booking details shortly regarding these bookings.
Gregg Conroy
Leader of Learning

Careers / VET Update


Australian University Ratings and Rankings 2019/2020

The section below provide a series of ratings and insights across a range of indicators. On the premise that no institution is superb at everything, these rankings are high-level indicators and should be used to gain comparative insights into the varying strengths and characteristics of each institution.

This rating looks at the proportion of students who were satisfied with the overall quality of their educational experience.



UNSW – Women in Engineering Breakfast

19 December. 9am to 10am

Join us at the Women in Engineering Breakfast on UNSW Info Day.

This is a great opportunity to hear about our Women in Engineering community and learn about the initiatives you can be involved in through UNSW’s Women in Engineering program.

You will also meet some of our current students, who are ready to tell you all about the engineering degrees they chose and answer your questions!

Friends and parents are welcome to come along – we hope to see you there!



The Good Universities Guide 2020 Edition

As Australia’s premier resource on higher education, The Good Universities Guide enables students to make an informed choice when selecting a course and provider to achieve their career goals.

The Good Universities Guide 2020 is the most comprehensive edition to date, featuring:

  • institution profiles grouped by state
  • entry requirements and ATAR cut-off scores
  • financial assistance, fees and scholarships
  • an updated editorial section.



Notre Dame Sydney Info Day

Thursday 19 December
Sydney Campus – 104 Broadway – 9am – 3pm

Get a taste of University life!

Join us on Thursday 19th December for The University of Notre Dame’s Info Day – it’s the perfect opportunity to chat with our academics, get an understanding of our course offerings and have your last-minute questions answered.

Whether you’ve already applied to study at Notre Dame or you’re still considering what you’d like to study, all prospective students are welcome to come along and find out more about the opportunities available, including mentoring and leadership programs.



WSU – The College puts university within reach

Get a head start on your path to Western by studying at The College.

As the official pathways provider to Western Sydney University, The College offers a wide range of University Foundation Studies and Diploma programs to help you on your way to achieving your tertiary education and career dreams.

With our wide range of pathway courses on offer, The College prepares you for success with smaller class sizes and a supportive learning environment.

Apply for one of our many courses and you could be on your way to completing a university degree in no time!




ANU – AC Aligned Physics Resources

Are you a student revising Year 11/12 Physics?

meriSTEM is a new initiative of The Australian National University to provide flipped classroom resources for Year 11/12 STEM subjects. The Physics course, aligned to the Australian Curriculum, is a perfect revision tool for students. Email Tim Friel (contact.meristem@anu.edu.au) or phone (02 6125 7011) for free access for students and teachers.


University of Sydney Information Day

19 December

Camperdown/Darlington Campus, University of Sydney
Learn more about the subject choices on offer, our unparalleled student experience and the many admission pathways into uni. Further details to come here:



Australian Catholic University -Know Your Options Info Sessions

17 December. 3.30pm  to 6.30pm

Strathfield Campus, 25A Barker Road, Strathfield


18 December. 3.30pm  to 6.30pm

North Sydney Campus, 33 Berry Street, North Sydney

Come along to Know Your Options, our information sessions where you can talk to experts about your course and career path, learn about alternative entry and admission pathways, explore our campus, and meet staff and students.


19 December. 10am to 5pm

Canberra Campus, 223 Antill Street, Watson



CQUni Sydney Change of Preference Drop-In Session

Wednesday, 18 December

Students can chat about their Change of Preference options and pathways at the CQUni Sydney Drop-In Session. Whether students didn’t get the ATAR they were hoping for or have changed their mind about what they want to study in 2020, we will be there to answer all their questions. More info at:



CQ University’s Creative Degrees Auditions Request

Auditions for our performing arts courses will be taking place in Brisbane, Cairns, Mackay and Townsville in November, or online now until February 2020 for the below courses. Interviews for Visual Arts will be held in Rockhampton in November 2019. 

Diploma of Music 
Bachelor of Creative Arts

Bachelor of Music (Specialisation)

Bachelor of Theatre (Specialisation)

Request your audition here:



Discover a world of opportunity through an apprenticeship or traineeship 

Training Services NSW has published their latest guide, Create your future now – apprenticeships and traineeships in NSW, to help young people to make informed career decisions. For further information on apprenticeships and traineeships and other VET options, contact your local regional office by calling 13 28 11. Please visit: 




See current opportunities here.

An apprenticeship program is generally completed over 4 years. Within the first 3 years, you will complete structured training by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) such as TAFE. Competency-Based Completion can be attained through discussion with your host employer, RTO and your Field Officer.

Find out how 1300apprentice can help.




The Hotel School Scholarships

Closes 6 December

Are you passionate about Hospitality and Tourism?

Do you want to join the fastest growing industry in Australia and in the World?

This is your chance to join a growing industry through The Hotel School scholarship program.



Reminder – Whitehouse Institute of Design 2019 Graduate Exhibition & Fashion Runway

Celebrates design thinking, creativity and innovation, showcasing the work of graduating students from across Creative Direction & Styling, Fashion Design and Interior Design disciplines. To be held at the Sydney campus, 2 Short Street, Surry Hills on Tuesday 3 December 2019. FREE School Group matinee 11am for 12:30pm runway show. To register, email enquiry@whitehouse-design.edu.au


Whitehouse Institute of Design Workshops Registrations

The workshops fall between 16 December 2019 to 31 January 2020

2 Short Street, Surry Hills

A 5-day and 2-day 2019 / 2020 Summer Workshops in Fashion Illustration | Image Styling | Sewing | Interiors Illustration | Design Portfolio Development are now open. Email: enquiry@whitehouse-design.edu.au Bookings go to:



Reminder – Kenvale College – Get Real Events Experience – Hospitality & Events Management Scholarship

Entries close on Friday 6 December

Are you a student who has a real passion for Event Management then our Get Real Events Experience program is for you. This is a partial scholarship program for Year 11 students (started year 11 in 2019). Our 10 finalists will be working in an events environment for a week.  For more info contact us on study@kenvale.edu.au or 9314 6213.


The Blue Mountains International Hotel Management $20,000 Scholarship

$20,000 scholarship in conjunction with Australian Hotels Association NSW. They’re interested in all potential Hospitality students from regional NSW (terms apply). If you have a stand-out student, nominate them here: https://www.bluemountains.edu.au/apply/scholarships-available/


Australian Institute of Music  Open Day

30 November. 10am to 3pm

1 Foveaux Street, Surry Hills

See our vibrant campus come to life with free performance workshops, demonstrations, displays, career overview talks and more!

Enjoy live performances, and experience a range of fun interactive activities. Plus take part in our industry feedback panel sessions.



Introduction to Childcare eLearning Course eLearning Tool

Written by Early Childhood Educators, this Introduction to Childcare Online Course gives your students a taste of Children’s Services, with a certificate included, so they can decide whether childcare is right for them. This course is also being used in Children’s Services and centres as a recruitment tool where preference for positions are given to those who complete this course – so it could be the advantage and foot in the door they need!

  • Only takes 1-2 hours to complete
  • Includes voiceover and sound
  • Rendered 3D layout of a real service (including Virtual Tour)
  • Interactive panoramas of real indoor and outdoor areas
  • A ‘Day In The Life Of An Early Childhood Educator’ with real-life scenarios and tasks
  • Short quiz + certificate to show completion
  • Large industry knowledge base




Over 800 Apprenticeships Now



Over 800 Trainee Positions Now



Over 1,700 Junior Positions Now



Over 4,900 Casual Positions Now



Key Tips to Land Your First and Future Jobs



What to say, what to write, build my resume, get ready for an interview and find the job vacancies



Want to See What a Surgeon Does?

Surgeons perform surgery to correct deformities, repair injuries, prevent and treat diseases, and improve human functioning and appearance. Medical Registrars training as Surgeons are included in this unit group. Most occupations in this field typically require a bachelor degree or higher qualification, two years hospital-based training, and at least five years specialist study and training.



Why it’s okay to change your career path.

As the closing date for university applications draws closer, many students start to panic about choosing their preferences — but it’s not a once-and-for-all decision. It’s not unusual to have a change of heart, even as you move into the workforce. After all, it’s hard to know where your specific interests and strengths lie until you get started.



Five questions to expect in your next job interview

Job interviews are one of the more nerve-wracking experiences going around, particularly for university graduates. Polishing your resume, drafting cover letters and building a portfolio can be taxing, and that’s before you even get to the interview stage.



MyRoad: Free Online Mentoring Program for Year 10-12 Women

MyRoad is a free online mentoring program for years 10-12 girls offered through The Beacon Foundation. MyRoad connects young women across the country to skilled industry volunteers via Zoom Call to offer advice regarding transferable skills such as resilience, teamwork and collaboration. Contact on myroad@beaconfoundation.net and more info at:


Medical Interview Training

Medical Entry Interview workshops for UNSW, Western Sydney, Newcastle, New England and interstate university Medical schools will be held in November, in Sydney. Training sessions in small groups include theory, practice and simulated mock MMIs with feedback. Led by Specialist Doctors and Professors. Preference given to MedEntry students in case of limited places. Please visit


ATARs for 9 Health Professions in Australia

It’s that time of year when My Health Career has published ATAR information for a range of health professions for every course in Australia. Go to the site below to find ATARs for dentistry, dietetics, exercise physiology, exercise science, medicine, midwifery, nursing, optometry and occupational therapy. Students can also subscribe for free for the latest updates.


The Women’s College Now Accepts Students From All Universities

The Womens College now accepts students from all universities. Applications are open for 2020 affiliate (day students) and residential students who wish to expand their academic, leadership and social opportunities. Programs include Academic Assistance, Resident Assistance, Mentoring, Professional Development and Internships. www.thewomenscollege.com.au or registrar@thewomenscollege.com.au


Make Your Move – International Freight & Logistics Career Opportunities

The international freight and logistics industry in Australia is seeking interest from students leaving in Yr 10-12, who may be interested in the global freight and logistics industry. There are 2 year traineeships available through the RTO called My Freight Career, who is aligned with the industry association. More information for students, parents and career advisers is available at:


Training at My Freight Career:






Elizabeth Vrahnos

Vocational Learning Coordinator





Uniform Shop News

HSC Selections and Nominations for Exhibitions

Congratulations to Daria Badaoui who has been selected for inclusion in Texstyle, the annual exhibition of outstanding Major Textiles Projects developed by HSC Textiles and Design students to be held in early March 2020.

Daria will be presented with a certificate acknowledging her achievement at the Presentation Night for Texstyle. 

A number of projects will be selected for Shape 2019, the combined exhibition of HSC Technology projects at the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (MAAS), Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, from 28 February to 3 May 2020.







We are proud to announce that the following Design and Technology students have been nominated for possible inclusion in Shape 2019, the annual exhibition of a selection of exemplary Major Projects developed by HSC Design and Technology, Industrial Technology and Textiles and Design students. 


The exhibition will be at the Powerhouse Museum, Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (MAAS), Sydney, from 28 February to 3 May 2020. Students have been notified by email through Students Online of their nomination and have been advised that nomination for Shape 2019 does not indicate a particular mark in the HSC. More works are nominated than can be included in the exhibition and a further selection process now takes place. NESA encourages schools and students to refrain from publicising nominations as this can cause confusion or concern if these works are not selected for exhibition. 

Nominated students have been asked to submit an online nomination form and to upload a maximum of five (5) digital images of their project through the Students Online website. There is a very short time frame for students to submit nomination forms and photographs. Submissions close Friday 22 November 2019 at 5pm

Students will be notified of the outcome by email once the selection process is complete. 


Congratulations to  Améline Foskett, whose work Balanced Diet has been selected for inclusion in the Art Rules 2019 exhibition to be held from Saturday 14 December 2019 – Sunday 19 January 2020 in the Broadhurst Gallery at Hazelhurst Arts Centre.

The opening night will be held on Friday 13 December at 6pm.






School Xchange

www.schoolxchange.com.au  is an online marketplace where parents and students can sell or buy local, good quality second hand school uniforms, school and university text books, sporting equipment or musical instruments. Bethany College is registered with this site.

Whether it’s school uniforms, musical instruments, text books or sporting gear it’s free to browse and buy at any time.

For a small listing fee, you can sell unwanted school items to buyers looking to purchase items at a substantially lower cost. Generally, this will be within our local school community which means no postage and packaging costs.

Schoolxchange has been developed with busy mums and dads in mind and made it trouble-free and easy to use. Just type in Bethany’s name in the ‘find your school option’ or choose the buy or search options to viewall the items listed in a particular category.

Selling Used School Gear Made Easy
The selling process is as simple and as inexpensive as possible. You only pay to list items for sale. It may be a school blazer, netball outfit, athletic gear or a trombone that’s no longer required.
You will need to register first if you wish to sell and you’ll need either a credit card or PayPal account to pay a small listing fee of 10% (less for more expensive items) based on the price you want to sell the item for.
Once registered, you simply key in the details of your item and the price you are seeking. Your listing will stay online until it’s sold and you remove it. We hope you find this site useful.