Volume 19 - 01 Dec 2017

National Art School – School Holiday Workshops


Robot Club Update

On 3 November, Bethany College’s Robot Club and Year 9 Information Software Technology class, were treated to an informative and industry based talk from Jorja Martin a robotics specialist with a qualification in Mechatronic Engineering and Computer Science. Jorja described to the students her line of work in the field of Mechatronic Engineering, and showcased some of the projects she has managed such as her work on the AutoStrad fleets at CargoTech. Jorja was able to showcase to the students the latest in autonomous underwater vehicles and robotics as well as peaking the students interest with her diverse knowledge around various other robots.


We thank Jorja immensely for her valuable time and expertise, as well as Mrs Brooker who assisted in making this talk possible.

Tess Napoli
TAS Teacher

Cricket Gala Day

On Monday, 19 November, during a rainy morning, a selection of girls from Years 8-10 got to participate in the SCC Cricket Gala Day and represent Bethany College at Gannons Park at Peakhurst. We played numerous ‘Super Eights’ games against various schools. After playing all the teams in our pool and successfully winning them all, we were off to the grand finale against the winner of the other pool. The sun came out for our grand finale, and it was a tough game against MSJ who had many experienced players. We ended up being soundly beaten but came runners up out of 10 schools. We had an enjoyable time and learnt new skills during the day. Thanks to Mr Conroy and Mr Gough who guided us through the day.


 – Eva and Montana (Year 9)


Outstanding Achievements in Reading 2017


Alice Gleeson – Year 9 – Premier’s Reading Challenge Medal

Alice is one of only 480 students from NSW to receive this award. The award recognises students who have made an outstanding commitment to reading by completing the challenge from Year 3 to Year 9. This is an incredible achievement and one which deserves heartfelt congratulations!

Sarah Chapman – Year 7 – Premier’s Reading Challenge Gold Award

Sarah has completed her fourth successful year in the Challenge. A great accomplishment Sarah!

Isabella Asha, Ysabelle Cabrera, Yasmin Hijazi, Eleanor Humphreys, Luna Pandiella-McLeod, Caitlin Hollis, Angelina Milevski , Alice Gleeson.

 These students are to be congratulated on successfully completing the Challenge in 2017. Well done girls, this is a wonderful achievement!



This year the inaugural Bethany College Principal’s Reading Challenge was held. The Challenge was a huge success and the following students are to be warmly congratulated on their fantastic achievements;

Principal’s Gold

Ysabelle Cabrera,  Taylor Di Fabio,  Myra Grimaldi, Eleanor Humphreys, Ellen Kalantzis Eleni Karavokyros , Kelly Nguyen, Olivia Plomaritis, Natalie Ryan,   Kate Soussa, Zoe Stamoulis, Maddison Underhill and Sienna Williams.

Principal’s Silver

 Katya Alexander, Angelique Belivanis, Sarah Chapman, Maresa Moustakis, Jorja Stamoulis and Ilina Trifunovska.

Congratulations to all the students who participated in both Challenges.

Certificates of attainment will be awarded at the final Year Assemblies.



Lynda Fleming

Teacher Librarian



Year 11 Physics at Luna Park

On Friday, 17 November, the Year 11 Physics class travelled to Luna Park at Milsons Point, with Mr Roberts. We had a fantastic time on all of the rides while simultaneously learning and consolidating our understanding of Physics principles. This excursion provided a first-hand approach to the content we covered in class and thus answered the number one most common question asked to teachers…How is this even relevant in our lives? Throughout the day we were all curious as to what the physics principles were behind all the rides (except the haunted house) and as we waited in the lines we discussed how we thought the rides would have operated.

Overall this was a great day and we all had an amazing time together.


On Friday the 17th of November, the Year 11 Physics class travelled to Luna Park at Milsons Point, with Mr Roberts. We had a fantastic time on all of the rides while simultaneously learning and consolidating our understanding of Physics principles. This excursion provided a first-hand approach to the content we covered in class and thus answered the number one most common question asked to teachers…How is this even relevant in our lives? Throughout the day we were all curious as to what the physics principles were behind all the rides (except the haunted house) and as we waited in the lines we discussed how we thought the rides would have operated.

Overall this was a great day and we all had an amazing time together.

 – Isabella Czarnecki and Madison Amorim

(Year 12 Physics students)



Year 11 Chemistry Excursion – ANSTO – 9 December 2017

On the 9/11/2017, the Year 11 Chemistry students travelled to the ANSTO Discovery Centre.

This excursion allowed us to discover how nuclear science and technology helps to improve health outcomes, understand the environment and identify opportunities for industry. It was a very educational yet amazing experience and a huge eye opener to the enormity and significance of such advanced scientific research regarding nuclear chemistry.

Soon after arrival, we actually left NSW and entered the ACT (which caused great confusion amongst us all) to the highly secured vicinity containing all the ground-breaking nuclear technology. We learnt about the OPAL (Open Pool Australian Lightwater) Research Reactor which is considered one of the best research reactors in the world and produces radioisotopes for cancer detection and treatment, and neutron beams for fundamental materials research. Unfortunately we were unable to enter the room where the reactor was placed as the radioactive Uranium -235 fuel was being replaced and it would have been too dangerous to enter the vicinity. Nevertheless, we were still able to see other experiments and learn more about harnessing radioisotopes and the procedures that are implemented in order for this fascinating process to occur.

We also saw how safe and secure the entire site is from having gigantic concrete and steel sheds encasing one single reactor to aeroplane shredding nets on top of buildings. It was also interesting to see that even though we were all in the presence of radioactive machinery and materials that there was no excess amounts of radiation in the atmosphere around us, only the normal background radiation which is found everywhere in society. Learning about radioactive isotopes and the subatomic radioactive processes of nuclear chemistry was utterly amazing and I think we would all recommend this tour to everyone interested in chemistry, physics or just science in general to visit the facility and learn more about this upcoming field of scientific research.


Zara Solomos (Year 11 Chemistry Student)


Papua New Guinea Clothing Drive

In week 3, the students and teachers of Bethany College were encouraged to take part in a social justice initiative by  collecting clothes  for the students at Port Moresby Jubilee school in Papua New Guinea. Due to the high levels of crime and poverty in the country, it’s very difficult for students to get many clothes, with the principal of the school commenting that many students only have one to two outfits a year. We were very happy with the outcome, collecting 10 full bags of clothes with about  items in each. A huge thank you to the staff and students who supported this important drive.


Celia Finch
Year 12 SRC member


I would also like to extend a huge thank you to Celia for her work in promoting this fantastic initiative. She rallied the girls behind it and it is so lovely to see such a phenomenal spirit of giving amongst the students.


Laura Golding

Youth Ministry and Student Leadership Co-Ordinator

Careers Newsletter


Attend UTS Info Day and see how UTS Insearch is providing alternative pathways to UTS.

16 December. 9.00am to 2.00pm

UTS Tower Building, Level 3, 15 Broadway Ultimo, Sydney.

Invite your Year 12 students along to UTS Info Day to visit the UTS Insearch info stand. They can talk to us about an alternative pathway to UTS and discover how we can help them get to one of the world’s top young universities through our higher education diploma programs.

First Degree CSU

The Front Line explores the Indigenous student journey of aspiration and achievement. It celebrates these trailblazing students; their journey, the hurdles, and their successes. Although each student’s journey is different, they share a similar motivation to create change for their communities and families. By attending CSU, these students inspire others to follow. They provide a role model for those looking to expand their horizons.



Double degrees – Are they worth it?

With the end of the school year coming up you might be considering heading to uni and studying a double degree. What this means is you’ll be completing two separate qualifications e.g. Law and Business, at the same time. Usually, it will take less time to complete a double degree than it would to do one degree after the other and you get to walk away with two shiny certificates on graduation day. There’s a lot of pros and cons that come with doing a double degree, so it’s worth sussing out whether it’s worth it before you enrol.



Commerce or Computer Science – University of Wollongong – Global Leaders Development Program

UOW is offering tomorrow’s young leaders the opportunity to join a unique undergraduate program.

The first of its kind in Australia, our GOLEaD Program offers the country’s best and brightest students the opportunity to gain a truly global experience. Students will undertake a global degree and study, live, work and travel in some of the world’s most vibrant cities – gaining skills and experience that will uniquely position them to be among the most sought after graduates in the world. Register your interest here:



University of Wollongong Learning Labs for Year 7-10

The Learning Labs program is for students up to Year 10 during 2017 who are bright and inquisitive. You are capable of performing in the top 10-15% of your age peers in any subject area. We welcome everyone who would like to meet other kids that share your interests and meet inspiring teachers.



Honeywell Summer School

10 – 15 December in Sydney

130 Herring Road, North Ryde


Honeywell Engineering Summer School (HESS) aims to give NSW and ACT high school students a better understanding of what engineering is and how it works in everyday life. Successful applicants will spend six days living at Dunmore Lang College. Over the week, students will attend lectures and demonstrations at five prestigious NSW universities. They will also have the opportunity to meet and interact with professional engineers employed by government, private companies, researchers and academics in a wide range of engineering disciplines. 



Northparkes Indigenous Scholarships

Closes 31 January

Successful applicants receive between $5,000 (non technical) and $10,000 (technical) funding each year of their university studies. We provide constant support throughout your studies, and work placement opportunities during uni holidays. This ensures scholarship holders can attend, and eventually obtain employment in their chosen field.



ACU Business/Commerce/IT at Strathfield from 2018 

Whether you travel the world for international business, enter the finance field or launch a marketing agency – a career in business means opportunities.  It’s up to you which one you chase, but no matter your goal, we can help you reach it. And with us, you’ll get more than your usual business degree. You’ll learn how to act in business to create positive and sustainable change.



Notre Dame Course Info Day

4 January. 9.00am to 3.00pm

104 Broadway, Chippendale

Join us at Info Day to learn why Notre Dame is the number one university in NSW for student experience and graduate employment.

Ask current students and academics your last minute questions, explore our inner city campus and apply and enrol on the day.





Pre-Apprenticeship & Pre-Employment Courses 

Skilling Australia Foundation & WPC Group are running Pre-Apprenticeship & Pre-Employment Courses in various locations and industries. To find out more information, please contact Nicole Lean on 0418 819 468 or nlean@wpcgroup.org.au

Discover a world of opportunity through an apprenticeship or traineeship 

Training Services NSW has published their latest guide, Create your future now – apprenticeships and traineeships in NSW, to help young people to make informed career decisions. For further information on apprenticeships and traineeships and other VET options, contact your local regional office by calling 13 28 11. Please visit: 



Trainee Service Technician 

Our Client – A global leader in access management and ticketing solutions, providing fast and safe access for people and vehicles is now searching for a Trainee Service Technician. This role to provide functional support for the general day-to-day maintenance and repair of access control equipment. Sydney Based Role- Company Car – Certificate III in Information Technology & Digital Mediarnmarika.loutsis@blackadder.com.au 03 9977 9100.



Unlocking the Potential of Young Minds in the Creative Industry 

Apply Now for January Intake

The Australian Institute of Music with campuses in Sydney and Melbourne, welcomes visits from high schools. If your students have a passion for the performing arts industry, then arranging a visit to campus could be a valuable experience. Workshops are interactive, informative and will give students the opportunity to explore their musical interests and talents. Call 02 9219 5444.  http://www.aim.edu.au/


Australasian College of Natural Therapies New Student Scholarship

Closes 9 December

If you’re passionate about natural therapies and keen to kick-start your exciting career in the industry, you can apply for a new student scholarship. Each year we invite aspiring practitioners to apply for an ACNT scholarship for our health science courses. Awarded on merit, our scholarships are designed to help a broad range of new students access our highly respected courses.




Find out about mechatronic engineering

Forty-four per cent of jobs are under threat from automation, according to CSIRO. And it’s not just manufacturing, even jobs like accounting and law are at risk. But the news is not all bad. Just as fast as robots are replacing jobs, new careers are being created and many of them are in robotics.



Youth Pathways Network Careers Resource Book

 The YPN Careers Resource Book is a free comprehensive resource providing career, study and life guidance for high school students. It was created for young people in Western Sydney but has lots of useful advice for any young person planning their career.


Beyond School Study Guide 

The Department of Education and Training (DET) has produced the Beyond School study guide – the Guide is a digital resource for year 10-12 students providing information about Australian Government assistance so they are able to make informed choices about their future studies. 




Elizabeth Vrahnos

Vocational Learning Coordinator

PDHPE Department News

SCC Sport Update

Congratulations to the following teams on an excellent season.

Extra special  mention to the Senior SCC Volleyball team who will play the semi final and potentially grand final this week.

Junior SCC Touch football – 3rd place

Inter SCC Touch Football – 5th place

Junior SCC Softball – 4th place

Inter SCC Softball – 4th place

Senior SCC Volleyball                                                     

Junior SCC Softball team and Year 10 Coach, Jasmin Garrison

SCC Cricket                                                            

On Monday,  20 November we participated in the SCC cricket gala day. We versed majority of the teams that participated as well in the gala day and making us the undefeated team in our pool and letting us go through into the grand final but unfortunately we lost to MSJ who were also undefeated in their pool as well.  Overall we were the 2017 runners up.

Even with the rainy and cold weather we still pulled through as a team.Thank you to Mr Gough and Mr Conroy for attending the gala day with us and for giving us some advice on how we could improve on our skills and giving us support.

You girls did fantastic and next year we will come back.

Isabella Kopriva – Year 10


Women’s Rugby League World Cup

On Wednesday the 22nd Of November, myself and other students of Bethany College in grades 7 to 11, were given the opportunity to represent the school in a Gala Day where we participated in several games of League Touch Football and we were fortunate enough to watch 2 games of The Women’s  Rugby League World Cup. The day started off with heavy rain but as we arrived at Woolooware Park in Cronulla the sky cleared up enough to play League Touch. Participating in this sport was a special honour to me and several other students as were new to the rules and this type of sport but being experienced in playing normal Touch Football really came in hand when playing. Once the games were finished we headed to the Sharkies Cronulla RLFC Stadium where we watched England vs Cook Islands and Australia vs Canada. Both games were extremely entertaining and thrilling. The Cook Islands beat England 22-16, but the more remarkable game was Australia vs Canada as they pulled off a thrashing score winning 88-0. The atmosphere of the stadium was incredible, there was delicious food to eat, staff handing out free signs to hold up during the game and it was just buzzing with positive and energetic vibes as these women from different parts of the world really played their hearts out. To conclude, on behalf of myself and the Bethany College girls that attended, we will like to thank the teachers that gave us this once in a lifetime opportunity as we will cherish the memories forever.

Kristen Georgiou – Year 9

 14s Team

 16s Team

Students lining up in the tunnel to walk out with the Australian  and Canadian teams for the National Anthem




AFL 9’s Classic Gala day


9 PASS Surfing Excursion

On Tuesday 28th and Wednesday 29th November, the students in both Year 9 PASS classes went on a surfing Camp at Cronulla Beach as a part of their studies. 




Lauren Brennan

Sport Coordinator


The Dramatic Workings of 7 English S

This term, Class 7 English S have been learning about drama, script writing and performance. It has been an excellent way to finish off our first year of high school English, as Miss Taouk allowed us the opportunity to write our own play, from scratch. As we took on the role of a playwright, we had to consider stage direction, lighting, props, dialogue, delivery and costuming. We never realised how many elements there were to a drama!

Once we had perfected the editing process of our speech, Miss Taouk gave us an opportunity to perform these plays to our classmates, like a proper theatre audience. Each group was given direct feedback from both our classmates and Miss Taouk. We are really eager to take this feedback on board for our upcoming formative assessment task.

Some of the scripts included creative, comical and realistic elements and it was so enjoyable to be a part of this process. We learnt what it is like to actually be a part of a performance, and were able to actively see how important each of the elements of drama are.  Some group’s script titles included ‘Lunch Time’, ‘Forgetful Gramacia’, ‘The Strange Waiting Room’, ‘Lunchtime Bully’ and ‘Murder Mystery’. All of these plays were unique, with many different morals and themes such as mystery, action and adventure.

Thank you to Miss Taouk for organising Mrs Barnes and Mrs Straker to be a part of this fantastic experience. We definitely enjoyed having our special guests there to support us.

Jelena Puda, Antonia Mangos and Katya Alexander


Uniform Shop Trading Hours

From the Accounts Department

Thank you to all the families who have settled their account for the year.  For those families who have an outstanding balance, all payments are now overdue. Your immediate action is appreciated.

Sydney Catholic Schools permits payment of fees by instalments; annually, per term, monthly, fortnightly or weekly payments.

– If you wish to change your instalment plan for 2018, please email accounts@bethanyhurstville.catholic.edu.au 

If you elect to pay by the term, your final payment will be due approximately mid August. – If you elect to pay by the month, your final payment will be mid November. – If you elect to pay by the fortnight or weekly, your final payment will be due early November. Enquiries regarding fees and payments can be made by phoning the College Office. All conversations are strictly confidential. Thank you for your support.

From the Assistant Principal

Important Dates

  • Monday 11/12 Y7-11 Awards Ceremony and end of year Mass. Last day for students
  • Wednesday 13/12: Y7-10 PTS Interviews


  • Wednesday 31/1: Year 7 Return
  • Thursday 1/2 : Years 8-12 Return
  • Friday 2/2: Opening School Mass


For Students: Evaluating Areas to Improve for 2018

Over the Christmas break it is easy to put all thoughts of school out of your mind and just enjoy the holidays. This is not a bad thing, it is important to have a good break and clear your mind. However when you start back at school again you will probably have forgotten what you were doing well at school and what you need to change in order to improve your results.

So before school ends this term, it is important to take some time and evaluate your approach in these key areas, writing down the changes you will make when you return to school so you don’t forget them.



How well did you use your time in class? Who did you sit next to? Did you work well together? Did you listen to teachers and fellow students when they were speaking? Did you participate and contribute in your lessons? What are the main changes you need to make in this area?


If you didn’t understand something in class did you ask a question about it? If you were unsure about an assignment or assessment did you check in with your teacher? If you were struggling with a topic did you ask for help? What are the main changes you need to make in this area?


Did you do enough schoolwork each afternoon? Did you plan out a timeline to do the work for your assessments? When you were working at home did you remove all distractions so you could focus? What are the main changes you need to make in this area?


Did you ensure that you were always clear on what you were being tested on? Did you make study notes along the way so you had them ready for test time? Did you test yourself on the content as you were learning it to see if it was in your memory? Did you do lots of questions to practice the skills of the subject? What are the main changes you need to make in this area?



Jacinta Russo

Assitant Principal




This Sunday is the First Sunday of Advent.

“No applause welcomes him. No crowds surround him. Instead, our hope rests in simplicity.”

At the beginning of our liturgical year, and as we approach a new calendar year, we are called to be attentive for signs of God’s presence. So much of our world, our lives, are filled with busy-ness, confusion, chaos, polarisation, unpredictability, struggle, disaster…

What do we need to let go of, what blocks us from recognising the presence of Christ?

How can we make space for others and their viewpoints? For seeing the new thing God is doing?

We have a need for faith and trust, that God is with us. How, then, do we need to live differently?

We are challenged to simplify our lives – and our celebration of Christmas – so that we can focus on what’s really important, and help others who are suffering. “It is in the joyful simplicity of a life inspired by the Gospel and the Gospel’s spirit of fraternal sharing that you will find the best remedy for sour criticism, paralyzing doubt and the temptation to make money the principle means and indeed the very measure of human advancement.” (Pope John Paul II, 1979 to U.S.) May we live more simply so we can recognize God’s presence, and help bring God’s love to birth in our lives and world!


Lord God,

We sense your power, your might

and we stand in awe, painfully aware

of how poor and weak we are before you.


As we begin this Advent journey,

teach us to turn to you in our fears and sorrows.

We don’t want to keep making our hearts hard against you

turning a deaf ear to your invitation.


Only you can help us to soften,

to be like the clay in your gentle potter’s hands. Amen




Celebrating our students’ academic growth

As the year draws to a close, the Leadership Team has been working, in collaboration with staff, a clear Annual Improvement plan for 2018 that guides decisions and processes at the College.

Overriding everything we do, our number one commitment is to ensuring ALL students achieve growth (Together, we grow).

I wanted to share some of the longitudinal tracking data we have now for two cohorts, Year 8 and Year 10.  We are very pleased in the collective growth of the cohorts in Reading, Writing and Mathematics. In the two years we have had Year 8, we are seeing that our programs are achieving their desired results. The growth is even more marked in Year 10 who have been here for four years. What is important to note is that the growth is at all levels with struggling students, average students and gifted students being “stretched” in order to fulfil their potential.

For parents still concerned about the reduction in summative tasks, I ask that you continue to support our endeavours to focus on learning in the classroom each day as this is the very best way to improve growth in any test or assessment you are given. Repeated testing, in and of itself, does not improve learning. Our students need to focus on learning each day in the formative experiences they are being exposed to.

Year 8 (2017)


Year 6 (2015)


Year 8 (2017)


General reasoning




















Reading Comprehension




















Writing expression













Year 10 (2017)


Year 6 (2013)


Year 10 (2017)


General reasoning




















Reading Comprehension




















Writing expression













Our mantra:

“Girls can do anything.
Bethany girls can do everything!*
(*except divide by zero)”



Vicki Lavorato