Volume 2 - 02 Mar 2018


Dear Parents, Carers and Friends of Bethany,


Sydney Catholic Schools has set for its 2018 theme “Do Not Be Afraid” (Lk 1:30). Our System encourages all staff and students to Be Courageous and Be Adventurous because God Likes it!

At the Eastern Region Regional Mass last Wednesday week Archbishop Fisher in his homily not only introduced the theme for 2018 but encouraged all who work in Sydney Catholic Schools to take risks for the betterment of students and their learning. Such a statement highlights one of our key learning principles at Bethany where staff and students work together to be Creative Learners – where students build their capacity to experiment, invent, innovate and find solutions to real-world problems, have the opportunity to explore and develop possibilities, challenge assumptions and create and express knowledge and are encouraged to be self-confident, develop independence of mind, and the capacity to think for oneself in a respecting and trusting environment.

During this time of Lent, Jesus role modelled not being afraid to sacrifice food and ultimately his life. As disciples, we at Bethany can live out the theme of do not be afraid in terms of our learning and thus to take risks in learning as we learn a great deal from our mistakes. I encourage all students to not be afraid of standing up for themselves and one another if they witness injustice and to not be afraid of each girl just being herself and celebrating all that is good about herself. Do not be afraid is a powerful theme that if we truly believe in and be mindful of, can be a guiding light when we feel challenged or compromised.


Bethany in Action

On Tuesday we welcome the opportunity to open the doors of our school to all prospective Bethany students. Bethany in Action will take place from 3.00 – 6.00pm on March 6. Please spread the word that enrolments are now open for Year 7, 2020.


SCC Swimming

Congratulations to our SCC Swimming Team who swam their hearts out at Sydney Olympic Aquatic Centre on Monday night. Bethany students broke long standing records and combined, took out the title of number 1 school leading the meet from the very first race. Special congratulations to Tameeka Johnson who was an age champion.



A message from Sydney Catholic Schools…

Today, Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP will be commencing a fortnightly e-bulletin to all families and staff connected to Sydney Catholic Schools. It will include tips and the latest news from the Archdiocese including our schools that may be of particular interest to parents. The Archbishop sees this as a wonderful way to connect with you as parents in ways that will be beyond individual schools in the broader Sydney region. It will only be sent during school term time.


P & F Meeting

Thank you to all of the parents that I continue to meet on a daily basis. I look forward to meeting many more parents at our first P&F meeting of the year on Monday March 5 at 7pm. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the school and connect with other parents. On this evening, I will be updating parents of the 2018 initiatives that we have in place for Bethany. If you are unable to make it, I encourage you to visit our website often and keep up to date with events occurring at the College for your planning.


Robyn Rodwell

College Principal

From the Assistant Principal

Important Dates:

Link to college calendar located on the website


Bus Timetable Updated

As many parents will know, I have been in continuing negotiations with Transdev to amend timetables in order to better meet the needs of our girls.

Transdev have been rescheduling based on the new train timetables and have been able to offer the following amendments that have been in operation from Monday 26 February.

  1. The 15:45 Route 452 to Rockdale has been replaced by the earlier 15:24 to Rockdale. The later trip will still pass at the same time but is no longer listed.
  1. The Wednesday and Friday Route S099 and S077 trips to Hurstville have been moved forward from 15:20 to 15:05.

I would like to thank the transport monitors for their ongoing support with this.

I have included a copy of the Bethany Schedule below and it is available on the transdev website: http://www.transdevnsw.com.au/services/timetables/schools/






















































Jacinta Russo 

Assistant Principal




PDHPE & Sport Policy Reminder

The Bethany College Sports Uniform :

a) Official College PE shirt and shorts

b) Official College Tracksuit (Terms 2 & 3)

c) Sports shoes must be done up at all times. The selected shoes must provide adequate support and grip for all sporting activities, which means they must be either an athletic runner or a cross trainer shoe, and white ankle socks.

 d) College Sports cap

Please note: The school jumper is not to be worn with the PE uniform.


Due to WHS regulations we insist that all laces on shoes be tied up firmly to support the foot during practical lessons.

There are several shoe types that have been identified as not safe for physical activity, and hence will not be accepted as part of the uniform. These shoes are canvas shoes (i.e. Dunlop Volley, Converse Chucks & Rabens) and High Tops.



SCC Swimming Representative Team

From their performance at the college Swimming carnival, the following students were selected to compete in the SCC Swimming Carnival on Monday evening 26th February at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre, Homebush. 

  • Daniella Siachoque
  • Montana Illievski
  • Jessica Conis
  • Jayla Farrow
  • Tameeka Johnson
  • Leesa Coleman
  • Lucy Flanagan
  • Lemoni De Silva
  • Kayla Siachoque
  • Abbey Hoy
  • Elena Vidaic
  • Keira Warn
  • Daria Badaui
  • Mallory Hull
  • Bridget Cole
  • Jessica Butler
  • Lucy Conway
  • Ashleigh Hollis

There were some excellent performances on the night and many of our girls were selected to compete at the NSWCCC Swimming Championships in April.

Bethany placed first overall in the aggregate points score as well as first in the Junior division.


Some stand out performances were the Junior 4x50m Medley relay, Junior and Senior 4x50m Freestyle relay, all placing first.  We also saw three SCC records broken by year 7 student Tameeka Johnson in the 50m Freestyle, 100m Freestyle and 50m Backstroke. Tameeka was also awarded age champion for the 13 years age group.

Thank you to the staff who assisted on the night Mrs Barrass, Miss Brennan, Miss Soles, Ms Summons, and also to Ms Rodwell for coming out to support the girls.


NSWCCC Softball

Congratulations to Jasmin Garrison and Kate Britcher in year 11 who were selected in the SCC Softball team at the end of 2017, to compete in the NSWCCC Softball Championships on Tuesday 27th February.




CGSSSA Cricket – Tuesday 20th February

Congratulations to the following girls who were involved in the CGSSSA Cricket Gala day last week which was held at Queens Park in Waverley.  Unfortunately the team finished 5th in their pool and were unable to progress to the semi finals.

  • Leah Fisher            
  • Courtlyn Bruce
  • Isabella Kopriva
  • Abbey Hoy
  • Hannah Hicks
  • Montana Duggan
  • Keira Fisher
  • Mietta Di Santo
  • Alyssa Montauti
  • Jasmin Li

CGSSSA Touch Football – Wednesday 28th February


  • Keira Fisher
  • Luana Rendina
  • Georgia Najem
  • Liana Lan
  • Bianca Pilla
  • Martha Kossenberg
  • Lily Perenara
  • Lucy Flanagan
  • Caitlin Hanna
  • Mikayla Capizzi
  • Manaia Harris-Wilson
  • Chloe Jackson


  • Eva Kostopoulos
  • Elise Karanfilovski
  • Ruth Cassidy
  • Kirsten Grskovic
  • Erin Price
  • India Mix
  • Anastasia Kountourogianis
  • Daria Badaoui
  • Hannah Jackson
  • Sotiria Psakis
  • Natalie Hardas
  • Katie Fanos
  • Jasmin Li
  • Victoria Coolentianos



SCC Rep Sport

Representative Sport has commenced with some really good results in weeks 1, 2 and 3. The Touch Football team have won all their games, with the AFL and Volleyball Teams having mixed results. Keep up the good work girls!





Coles Sports for Schools is back to help Aussie kids stay fit and healthy. When you shop at Coles, you’ll receive Sports for Schools vouchers that your local school can exchange for sports gear. The more vouchers you collect, the more sports gear they’ll receive. Start collecting today and place vouchers in the box at student services




Wes Guthrie

PDHPE Coordinator

Year 7 Enlighten Education

On Wednesday, February 21, Year 7 participated in a program called ‘The Journey’ which is run by Enlighten Education.

Throughout the day, students participated in a variety of sessions aimed to equip them with some vital skills and tools that they need in order for them to get the best out of this year. Some of the activities that they did on the day were; creating a diary, and learning how to use this as a method to destress and help them to learn more about themselves, learning about time management and study techniques, engaging in relaxation activities that they can do during times of stress and they looked at how to establish and maintain positive relationships as well as how to approach issues in a resilient manner.

The diary was a tangible thing which they got to take away from the day and we hope that they use this at different points during the year to reflect upon their high school journey.  

The girls participated enthusiastically and seemed to really enjoy the day. On their evaluation forms, they commented that:

My favourite part of the day was learning about friendships.  I learnt about positivity, friendships, the importance of kindness and how to handle an overload of stress.  Thank you so much for coming today.  You helped me so much. xoxox . I would DEFINITELY recommend this to other girls!

I loved creating the diary covers and exchanging them, writing kind comments for others.  Today really made me smile more.  I got to know others and I learnt about to-do lists, being positive and that we can enjoy ourselves and work hard too!

This was amazing! I got tips for high school, tips for friendships and I learnt that everyone is there for me. 

My favourite part of today would have to be people wanting to write to me in my diary.  I actually met lots of people.  Be positive, be kind, be organised; GIRL POWER! 

I enjoyed talking to new people and everything about the day!  It was all very interesting and inspiring.


I learnt how to survive high school, to stress less and how to handle stress. It is important to be kind, caring and thoughtful through it all.  I enjoyed this day.

My favourite thing about today is that I got to know everyone else which helped me make new friends.  I also learnt how to motivate myself and that the words can be very powerful.

The best bit today was talking about believing in yourself.  I learnt to believe in myself, to be positive, to set SMART goals and that organisation is key. 

Laura Golding and Clare Moroney

Year Coordinator and Assistant Year Coordinator



Year 7 Camp

February 22nd and 23rd saw almost all of our 177, Year 7 Stars travel together to Deer Park in The Royal National Park for what is surely to be one of their highlights of Year 7; their first High School Camp.

Students participated in a range of activities over two days including; canoeing, raft building, damper making, a Christian discovery session, team building activities and the perennial favourite, the waterslide. The girls also got to play a variety of games at night which, if the squeals of delight were anything to go by, were also a highlight.

It was a great opportunity for the girls to get to know their peers, and teachers better, with many commenting that they made new friends over these two days and that it was a good opportunity to meet students from other homerooms.

On behalf of the girls, we would like the thank the following teachers; Ms Bakhos, Mr Roberts, Ms Carrabs, Ms Soles, Ms Farrell, Mrs Miers, Mr Gough, Ms Bailey, Mrs Stratilas, Mrs Colreavy, Mr Martin, Mr Slaven, Mr Bernardo, Ms Cox, Mrs Russo and Ms Rodwell. These teachers gave generously of their time and without their support, the camp would not have been the success that it was.  

The girls made the following comments about their time away:

  • I enjoyed being in a cabin with people I didn’t know that well.
  • I enjoyed the outside activities, especially canoeing, because many of us haven’t tried canoeing yet and although I was a bit scared, I still had a lot of fun. Overall I really enjoyed and had fun at camp, it was a great experience, as well as getting to bond with my Year 7 schoolmates.
  • I made some great friends that I can’t wait to spend more time with.
  • I enjoyed everything about camp. The service was fabulous and the food was delicious.The water slide was amazing! Thanks to all my teachers and the people at the camp, and also thanks to my parents because they paid for me to go.
  • I enjoyed camp most because I got to meet new people (from my cabin and activity group) and I got to bond with girls while doing really fun activities.
  • I enjoyed the group work because we met a lot more people and talked, when we went back to school I knew more people and got closer with them.
  • I loved the experience of bonding with one another. We all had an opportunity to get away from school, leave all of the stress behind and just do some activities that required team building skills and cooperation. I’m sure everyone made heaps of friends from the lunch table, to the cabins to the activities!
  • My favourite part was that we all got to enjoy each other’s company, and build relationships that could last a lifetime. I learnt that camp was about building our self-esteem and self-confidence, but mostly about team spirit and being a great sport.

We hope that your daughters had a wonderful time away with their friends and that they had a relaxing weekend, ready to settle into their high school routine for Term 1.


Laura Golding and Clare Moroney

Year Coordinator and Assistant Year Coordinator



Laura Golding and Clare Moroney

Year Coordinator and Assistant Year Coordinator

What’s been happening in Dance: FLASHCARD FRIDAY !

Throughout Term 1, Team Dance Bethany partakes in flashcard Fridays. This is extra revision provided to dance students studying the Stage 6 Dance curriculum. Both Year 12 and Year 11 dance classes meet in the dance studio at lunchtime each Friday to revise the concepts and syllabus dot points. This is done with colour-coded flashcards for each of the components including performance, composition and appreciation hence “Flashcard Friday”. Mrs Bennie assures that all students understand the content and are able to make the links between the syllabus and our own learning. Listening to everyone, and learning off one another, while of course having fun helps us develop a deeper understanding. As shown in the pictures, it is an inclusive activity, which incorporates teamwork to unpack the concepts and apply the content studied. Flash Card Friday’s allow for Team Dance Bethany to gather together and learn in a collaborative, enjoyable environment.



Siena Dal Bianco and Victoria Loutas

Year 11 Dance

Bethany in Action

Careers News


Australian Catholic University was first cab off the rank this year to present information about their university to Year 12. The girls learnt about the courses on offer, the campus’s, extra curricula activities and scholarship opportunities. The students in attendance received a good overview of what ACU has to offer them post school.




University of Notre Dame Early Offer Program for 2019

Opens March

Closes July

If you will be in Year 12 in 2018, register here to receive the information and application form for the Early Offer Program for 2019.



University of Newcastle Science & Engineering Challenge

The Science and Engineering Challenge is a nationwide STEM outreach program presented by the University of Newcastle in partnership with communities, Rotary clubs, universities and sponsors. Through the Challenge, students experience aspects of Science and Engineering which they would not usually see in their school environment. The Challenge runs a range of programs but focuses on inspiring students in year 10 to consider a future career in science and engineering by choosing to study the enabling sciences and mathematics in years 11 and 12.

For locations nearest to you:


Main site at:



Summer in Oxford Program

The CBL International Summer In Oxford offers high school students between the ages of 14 to 19 an exclusive opportunity to catch a glimpse of studying at prestigious universities in the United Kingdom. Participants spend part of their summer in an academically renowned city, studying a subject of their choice, and attending workshops focusing on the university preparation and application process.

1 July – 14 July

15 July – 28 July

29 July – 11 August

12 August – 25 August

Scholarships for: http://summerinoxford.com/scholarships/

To apply: http://summerinoxford.com/




Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School Open Day

3 March . 9.30am to 2.00pm

1 Chambers Rd, Leura

Personalised tour of the campus. See first hand the world class facilities available. BMIHMS’s simulated hotel environment is a real talking point for all new visitors. Interactive practical workshops. Get a feel for what to expect when you study your degree with BMIHMS.

Chat With lecturers, instructors & Students. Get tips, advice and the “inside goss” straight from the horse’s mouth. Bookings at:



Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School Career Focus Days

This 3 day program provides potential students with the opportunity to experience life as a student and discover what a career in hospitality is like by attending classes and living amongst current students.

11 to 13 July

14 to 16 November 27 to 29 November

Ph: 02 9307 4600 . Email – enquiry@bluemountains.edu.au  Register at:



Torrens University Business Open Day

21 April 10.00am to 2.00pm

1-5 Hickson Road, The Rocks

Business, Commerce, Event Management, Marketing, Public Relations, Sport Management.

Open Day is a great opportunity for you to discover the strong industry partnerships, the modern campus facilities and interactive online platforms that give our students the best possible academic experience and great career outcomes. Register at:



Skills Show Australia 2018

2 to 4 June

ICC, Darling Harbour Sydney 

Forecast to attract over 20,000 visitors, industry leaders, experts and top education providers over three action packed days. The 2018 Skills Show provides visitors with an opportunity to discover future careers through interactive events, demonstrations and competitions. Expressions of interest for school registrations are now open at:




Aim for the Stars Foundation Scholarships

Closes 31 March

Scholarships are awarded annually in many areas including sport, science, art, music and entertainment, environment and sustainability plus business, leadership and community. Young women who have initiative and passion and are committed to achieving a dream in their field of choice (including previous recipients.

  • $4,000 grant
  • Two-day workshop in Sydney with Layne Beachley (domestic flights and accommodation provided) plus a ticket to the Foundation’s Gala celebration
  • A dedicated mentor for monthly one-to-one sessions



ADF Gap Year Applications Open

A Gap Year in the Australian Defence Force is more than just a great way to try out a career in the Navy, Army or Air Force. It’s a fulfilling year of adventure, experiences, mateship, learning, leadership and travel.





Elizabeth Vrahnos

Vocational Learning Coordinator



Year 7 Parent Welcome

On Friday, 9 February Year 7 students and families were invited to the traditional Year 7 Parent Welcome Evening at Bethany College. This evening allowed our new families to familiarise themselves with the school and teachers alike, and were given the opportunity to personally meet the broad spectrum of Bethany staff that are actively involved in their daughter’s school life. Bethany was also lucky to have Dr Toula Tsovolos, Child and Adolescent Paediatrician, present on some interesting and important information about teens as well as some strategies and advice around raising teens during the most important developmental period of their lives. As parents, we do the best we can to raise strong women of the future equipped with the tools required to tackle the responsibilities of adulthood, however the rapidly changing world and the pressure our teens face can make this a challenging task. Here are some of the key points from Dr Tsovolos’ presentation to help all those raising teens:

  • Adolescence is a time before young adulthood where humans develop a sense of belonging, security, stability and a place in the world
  • Parenting approach in adolescents MATTERS to outcomes.
  • Teens need to question and debate rules and values. This is how they discover who they are and what they believe. It is a necessary process of growing up and helps them become independent thinkers.
  • The type of tactics parents use to socialise and control their children can have a dramatic effect on the child’s development (social, emotional, psychological, physical, education and occupational functioning), the type of relationship between the parents and child and the child’s mental health and well-being. In turn, this will influence the child’s “success” as an adult.
  • Research recommends a parenting approach that is high on warmth/nurturing (showing support and care) but also high on control and discipline (setting firm expectations and limits). It is important to show parental flexibility by being a friend, boss or even absent in certain situations, but the best overall approach is being a guide by showing support and care but also maintaining expectations and limits.
  • Parents, it is okay to say “No” and if questioned by your teen is it also okay to reply with “because I said so”. Have clear, firm and consistent boundaries.
  • Insufficient sleep in teens can impact on social, emotional and academic functioning.
  • Sleep quality impacts on how a teen encodes, stores and retrieves learnt information at later times i.e. during exams.
  • Low level stress is healthy and keeps teens motivated, focused and ambitious. No stress makes teens inactive and bored. High stress can result in fatigue, anxiety, anger and burnout. Ensure stress levels are managed in appropriate ways. Any changes in mood and behaviour may indicate that your child is having difficulty managing their stress and may need some advice on how to better manage their stress.
  • Families and teachers should work together as PARTNERS.
  • Parents make the greatest difference to educational outcomes. The power of parental engagement overrides other factors that have been shown to influence a child’s achievements at school.
  • Parents should hold high expectations for their daughter, show interest in things their daughter is interested in and, value learning and model the behaviours of successful learners.
  • Teach your daughter effective study skills such as mind mapping, the Cornell note taking system or the SQ3R etc.
  • Parents can make a big difference by: giving specific (rather than general) praise; recognising the effort and process (not just the outcomes); maintaining structure and predictability to their days; establishing routines that promote good health (good sleep, monitoring and limiting technological devise use, healthy eating, exercise and regular study); and not being afraid to set boundaries and limits.
  • It is important that parents/carers collaborate with teachers to learn about strategies to support their daughter both at home and in school. You are the expert in your child but they are the experts in teaching academic content. Work together!!
  • It is important for parents to support the school when there are discipline issues. Teens will test boundaries. That’s how they learn about the world- by seeing how the adults around them react. Discipline is FEEDBACK about what is EXPECTED.
  • Ineffective and inconsistent discipline contributes to child misbehaviour and poor outcomes. Listen to teacher feedback and work with them.
  • Monitor and stay involved with your child and their life- find out who they hang out with, what they do, where they are and when they will be home. Take an interest in their lives (fake it if you have to!). Teens feel more secure when parents are present in their lives and in their home.
  • When communicating with teens be careful not to always have to be right. You are their frontal lobe, in other words, you are their reasoning ability, their decision maker and their problem solvers- guide them to make smart decisions.
  • Make the choice to let thing go rather than nagging or being confrontational. Choose your battles and other times just choose not to say anything at all. Don’t talk too much either as you only have 13 seconds to get your message across to teens!
  • Imagine who you want your kids to be and be that!

This is a lot of information but you are probably doing a lot of the above without even realising! These are just some extra tips/reminders to help you survive adolescence. Let’s work together to raise strong, independent and happy women of the future.


Katerina Stratilas

College Counsellor

Parents and Friends

The first  P&F meeting for 2018 is on Monday,  5 March 7pm- 8:30pm .

  • Meet our new Principal Ms Rodwell
  • Hear the vision for the 2018 academic year
  • Be involved in your daughter’s school life
  • Meet other parents
  • Every parent is welcome

Let’s try to build connection by coming to the P& F.

CSDA Public Speaking

The CSDA public speaking competition kicks off this Friday night March 2nd at Mary Mackillop College in Wakely. We have a number of girls representing Bethany across most year groups. 
Year 7 – Kamilla Hamade and Jessica Hristov
Year 9 – Nektaria Rice, Jade Lozanovski, Sophia McDonnell 
Year 10 – Laila Nicola
Senior – Brooke Salisbury and Justina Alabasinis
The girls have a range of topics from which they can draw inspiration including:
  • Be not afraid
  • Select, don’t settle
  • With me in charge…
  • It gets better
  • Just make it work
  • It’s all just a little bit of history repeating
They will compete in a knockout style competition consisting of up to three rounds with the aim to get through to the final. This is an excellent opportunity for students to improve their general knowledge on current events and improve public speaking skills. The speakers have already spent many hours working on their speeches in preparation for this tough competition. We wish them all the best for this Friday!

Dana Sutherland

Public Speaking & Debating prefect

Afternoon Tutors Needed

We are looking for recently graduated Year 12 students or University students interested in earning some extra money tutoring Bethany Students from 3:30pm to 4:30pm.
Please contact Mrs Ann James on 8566 0711 or info@bethanyhurstville.catholic.edu.au for more information and application form.

Bethany College Traffic and Pedestrian Management

The College supports Bayside Council Roads & Traffic Officers who will be out at all schools again this year helping you to ensure that all children get to and from school safely.



Schools are areas where there is a lot of interaction between cars and pedestrians: your children.

Children behave unpredictably, and are extremely vulnerable. Their lack of road experience means it is difficult for them to judge dangerous situations. Children 10-14 years have the highest rate of child pedestrian casualties (RMS).  Take the time to make sure your children are aware of, understand and follow traffic safety regulations when they are travelling to and from school.


Plan with your daughter how you will collect them.                                  

➦When and where you will be after school?

➦Where should they wait? Consider exiting at the Waratah Street gate and crossing safely to meet in Westbourne or Haig Street.

➦Know not to try and get into your vehicle while it is still in traffic, even if you are stopped, they should wait until you have parked at the side of the road.

➦Plan to arrive AFTER the school bell goes in the afternoon, so your children are ready and waiting for you and you are not blocking traffic.




(Kiss & Drop)





Pick up and drop off area only. You can stop here for a maximum of two minutes to drop off or pick up passengers and must remain within 3 metres of the vehicle.

WHY? To provide a safe place for older children to be set down and picked up without endangering other children

You must NOT stop or park in a bus zone unless you are driving a bus.

WHY? To provide a safe place for buses to set down and pick up. Cars parking in bus zones put lives at risk by forcing buses out of ‘their’ safety zone.

You CANNOT stop in this area FOR ANY REASON.

 WHY?To keep sight lines clear for drivers AND children so both have more time to avoid crashes


Parking offences in school zones carry heavy fines and loss of demerit points. Council has a zero tolerance for drivers who break the law around schools and in school zones.


From the Accounts Department

Thank you to all the families who have settled their account for Term One. For those families who have an outstanding balance, all payments are now due. Your immediate action is appreciated. 
Sydney Catholic Schools permits payment of school fees by instalments. Annually, per term, monthly, or fortnightly. The College also accepts weekly payments. – If you wish to change your instalment plan for 2018, please email accounts@bethanyhurstville.catholic.edu.au – If you elect to pay by the term, your final payment will be due approximately mid August. – If you elect to pay by the month, your final payment will be mid November. – If you elect to pay by the fortnight, your final payment will be due early November. 
Enquiries regarding fees and payments can be made by phoning the College Office. All conversations are strictly confidential. Thank you for your support.