Volume 3 - 10 Mar 2017



Help kids change their perspective when things go wrong

Parents can help catastrophisers learn to change their perspective when things go wrong.

 It’s natural when things go wrong to think that life will never be the same again. I recall as a teenager doing poorer than expected in my end of school exams, and missing the tertiary course I had set for myself. At the time it was such a catastrophe. I thought that there was no point taking another course – naturally, I would hate it. Of course, I undertook a teaching course, which I really enjoyed and I didn’t look back.

Breaking up with a friend, losing close sports events and being on the receiving end of teasing can at the time seem like events from which we will never recover.

Catastrophising (jumping immediately to the worst possible scenario) only exaggerates kids’ worries and makes them feel even more anxious. It always helps to keep your sense of proportion, but it’s not easy when emotions run high. We all exaggerate our problems from time to time, particularly, when we are under stress. It takes a cool customer to moderate their thinking the whole time, but some kids are prone to jumping to the worst-case scenario, even when the events are quite minor.

If your child is a serial catastrophiser , always seeing the worst case in a negative situation, try to change their thinking so they learn to keep things in perspective. Ask them the following questions to challenge your child’s catastrophic thinking:

  • What’s the most likely scenario? Sometimes it’s useful to introduce a dose of old-fashioned rational thinking for those kids who always assume the worst will happen to them. ‘Yep, you could break your leg if you go skiing. But the odds are that you won’t.’
  • ‘You may be right, but does it really matter?’ One way to help hard-core catastrophisers is to admit that they could be right, but then ask them to imagine that the worst possible scenario actually happens. Then challenge them to understand that even the worst possible scenario is not so bad after all. This is the type of reality check many kids need.
  • ‘Where does this fit on the disaster meter? Catastrophisers tie themselves in a knot about relatively insignificant things. Okay, making a fool out of themselves when they give a talk at school may not be insignificant to kids, but there are plenty of worse things that could happen. Help them get some perspective by giving their worry a score out of ten on how important the issue really is.
  • ‘Is that helpful thinking?’ Sometimes kids’ thinking is so out of whack with reality that they become anxious about minor things. Thinking things such as, ‘Everyone must like me,’ ‘I must never make a mistake’ and ‘Bad things always happen to me’ are extreme and need to be replaced by more moderate, realistic thoughts, such as, ‘It would be nice if everyone liked me but not everyone will. It’s important to have some good friends.’

When children experience hardships it is helpful if parents and teachers can assist them to process what happened to them. Children are faulty observers and often have difficulty seeing the full picture particularly when they are so close to the situation. Help your child see the full picture and in doing so they may realise that things may not be as bad as they seem.

(Michael Grose, 2017)



This week we celebrated Catholic Schools Week and the community was able to come and look at our school and students in action.

Across the Archdiocese, enrolments for secondary schools in now beginning when students are in Year 5, in line with parent advice and expectations.

Our enrolments for Year 7 2018 and 2019 will close on 7 April 2017, the last day of Term 1.

We are very nearly near the end of the 2018 process with feeder school students and siblings already enrolled.

Parents are advised that if they have a daughter currently in Year 5 or Year 6, and you have not already done so, please download and complete the new enrolment form on our website. We cannot guarantee a position in Year 7 at Bethany if this deadline is not met. Thank you for your action in this matter.




NEWMAN GIFTED SELECTED PROGRAM (formerly known as ‘scientia’)

 Since 2015, Bethany College, Hurstville has been a member school of the Newman Gifted Project. This Project has been developed by Sydney Catholic Schools to cater for the significant learning needs of the Gifted and Talented student.

The College has committed to:

  • Running Newman selective stream classes, based on a variety of selection criteria, designed to identify students with ability across a range of domains.
  • Differentiating curriculum and assessment to better cater to the learning needs of students selected for these classes.
  • Track, report and celebrate the achievements of these students.
  • Creating a Professional Learning Community, made up of classroom teachers of Newman Stream classes and other staff. As a part of this PLC, opportunities to learn more about the needs of gifted and talented students and develop skills in classroom practice, will be encouraged.

We have identified that we need to do more work in this area by sharing information about the program with parents and finding ways to collect information from students and their parents about their specific learning needs. In the next few weeks, we will be meeting with parents of current Year 7 and 8 Newman stream students to further unpack the program with them, share knowledge about what needs to be demonstrated in order to maintain a position in these classes and the external nd objective testing we will employ to facilitate this.

We have also developed a Gifted and Talent (GAT) form for use at the point of enrolment so that parents and students can self-nominate. We can then objectively assess if the student meets the criteria of the program. The GAT form is now available from the Enrolment section of our website.



Inspiring faith and learning at Bethany College

Bethany College celebrated Catholic Schools Week on 5 – 11 March, 2017. The school is among more than 620 in NSW and the ACT to mark the annual event, with activities including open days, school tours, music and drama performances, sporting events, community picnics and more.

This year, Sydney Catholic schools including Bethany College have adopted the theme Inspiring Spirits and Minds to highlight the many authentic learning opportunities, gifted teachers and support staff, and holistic wellbeing approaches that make Catholic education valued within the community.

Bethany College held an open day on Tuesday 7 March 2017, with parents, carers, community leaders and friends invited to join the celebration.

Bethany in Action allowed visitors to see the many opportunities for academic growth, leadership, social justice, and extra-curricular activities including sport and performing arts available at the school, and to witness a culture that encourages qualities such as compassion and integrity.

As I stated during my address on Open Day “At Bethany College” we encourage students to make the most of every opportunity supported by caring and committed teachers so that they continue to grow in confidence and ability” with “Our focus on developing the whole person.”



Our mantra:

“Girls can do anything.
Bethany girls can do everything!*
(*except divide by zero)”
Vicki Lavorato

Message from the Student Representative Council

When students are dropped off at Waratah Street, many of them are taking an extensive amount of time to get out of the car. With many parents trying to drop off their students, in a  street with limited space for drop off, things become very congested and dangerous.  In order to try and reduce this, if all students could please exit the car quickly.  Keeping their bags beside them or at their feet instead of using the boot is ideal.


Emma Bennett

College Vice Captain

Pedagogy Report

This past fortnight has been one of focussed professional learning for Bethany College staff. On Monday 27th March, Vicki Lavorato (College Principal) and myself were fortunate enough to attend the Cultures of Thinking workshop hosted by Sydney Catholic Schools at their Central Office. Ron Ritchhart (senior research associate with Project Zero at the Harvard Graduate School of Education) led a presentation and group discussions centred around pivotel findings from his worldwide Cultures of Thinking Project. His work around language and thinking routines will be shared with the College Teaching and Learning Team at our next meeting.


On the afternoon of Wednesday 1st March, all Bethany College staff participated in an extended professional learning workshop on interpreting the Common Grade Scale, and ways to encourage ‘stretch’ of both the core curriculum and Scientia/Newman extension. As well as addressing consistent teacher judgement (CTJ) when assessing students through summative assessment, this afternoon assisted staff in their understanding of what is required of the ‘A’ (through the creation of new knowledge and application) as well as the critical and creative thinking that is possible of students in the Scientia/Newman streams working beyond the ‘A’.

Our attention this fortnight has been particularly on that of Gifted Education, with the newly released badging of the Newman Selective programme by Sydney Catholic Schools. Whilst we as a college have been operating as a Newman school for a number of years, we had been using our own branding of Scientia for our Gifted streams. As of 2017, we have now adopted the Newman name for our Gifted Selective classes and will thus be using the Sydney Catholic Schools Newman logo for all Gifted documentation and the name Newman Selective whenever referring to our Bethany College Gifted Education program.



As staff professional learning is part of the Newman Selective focus, Claire Mullen (Gifted Officer: Eastern Region Office) led 13 members of our college staff through the introductory session of the Gifted Education Online1 course as a ‘face to face’ workshop on Monday 6th March. Staff will complete the remainder of this qualification throughout Term 1 and take with them valuable learnings in areas such as how to identify the gifted and provisions that can be made to best meet their needs.

The Newman Selective display held in the library during our Bethany in Action afternoon (Tuesday 7th March) was hugely successful. I was immensely proud of the 16 Newman students from across 7-10 year groups who led a vibrant afternoon of sharing and informative discussion. Those girls were Monique Makisi, Lingge Bai, Claudia Ceballos, Caitlin Hollis, Kate Glavocevic, Leanne Algama, Elie Cook, Grace Steriovski, Natalie Glavocevic, Sally Lutovski and Marly Mackeen, Julia Lo Russo, Zoe Ball, Chystal Ruz, Jenessa Fong, and Georgia Morrison. I’d like to make a special mention of Julia, Zoe and Georgia who really exhibited great maturity in speaking to parents so confidently and the enthusiasm and initiative they demonstrated whilst doing so.

Finally, I look forward to meeting the parents of the Year 7 Newman Selective stream during the forth-coming Year 7 Newman Information Evening scheduled for Monday 20th March. I’m certain you will find the evening informative and valuable for understanding the structure and the key components of the program.


Katherine Maish

Leader of Pedagogy





From the Assistant Principal

Important Dates

  • Friday 7/4: Last Day of Term 1
  • Monday 24/4: Staff Development Day
  • Wednesday 26/4: Students return for Term 2

Students will be required to wear their full Winter Uniform as outlined below from Monday 15 May (Week 4, Term 2- after Mother’s day)



Jacinta Russo

Assistant Principal

What’s Been Happening in Religious Education?

Ash Wednesday marked the beginning of Lent and as a school we celebrated with two very simple, but beautiful liturgies.  Both liturgies were led by Nova Gomes, our Liturgy Prefect together with a number of students who assisted to make these liturgies prayerful and meaningful.  I thank all of them for their participation and leadership. 



During the Ash Wednesday ceremony, we launched our major fundraiser for the year – Project Compassion.  Niamh McIntyre (Social Justice Prefect) introduced the theme for Project Compassion this year and allocated a country to each year group.  Each year group will have an opportunity to raise funds for the particular country nominated and will directly contribute to the programs for developing communities, educating children and helping to ensure that those who have little, will be provided with practical resources that will aid in making a real difference to their living standards. 







I have also found a few more resources that you might be interested in during this Lenten period.  The Pope has a worldwide prayer network and you can download a free app or visit the website clicktopray.org.au.  Here you will find some wonderful prayers, that will allow you to stop and focus three times daily (only 20 seconds each time!) on your relationship with God.  The website also offers a monthly Pope Francis video which is a direct message from the Pope on the challenges for humanity and the mission of the Church.  This month, as a Church, we pray that persecuted Christians may be supported by the prayers and material help of the whole Church.  There is also a booklet that you can download called Prayer with Pope Francis.  It is an easy read and offers practical, yet simple prayer reflections for busy people.


Over the last couple of weeks, the Bishops of Australia have been giving evidence at the Royal Commission.  I have attached a link to Bishop Vincent Long’s (Bishop of Parramatta) testimony.  He is a remarkable man and a great leader and I think you may find his testimony a very interesting and worthwhile read.  His insights and thoughts about the importance of the role of the laity are very welcome and quite refreshing to read.




Diane Kennaugh

Leader of Religious Education and Mission

Universities Admissions Centre Info evening


Please email Mrs Elizabeth Vrahnos if you are interested in attending this event at elizabeth.vrahnos@syd.catholic.edu.au .

Sydney Eisteddfod 2017 Choir Competition


On Sunday 21st May a group of students will be representing Bethany College at Sydney Eisteddfod. Students will be participating in the 114 Category: “Youth Choir for female Voices only (19 and under)” at Concourse Concert Hall.  The girls have been working very hard this term, rehearsing every Wednesday lunch to prepare two numbers Adele’s “Someone like you/Rumour has it” and Clean Bandit’s “Rather be”. A reminder that permission notes are now overdue and need be returned asap.   

If you would like to attend and show your support, audience members are required to pay a general admission fee: Adults $18, Concession $15. Tickets can be bought at the door or online via this link: https://sydneyeisteddfod.com.au/youth-choir-for-female-voices-only-19-and-under-2/#tickets.


If you have any questions about this event, please contact:

Miss Chantelle Nabaki

Choir Director


Latest Study Skills Tips and Free Webinar

Study Skills Tips

TEST-TAKING TECHNIQUES: http://www.enhanced-learning.net/toptips/ongoingtips.html#t82
SCHOOLWORK IN THE HOLIDAYS: http://www.enhanced-learning.net/toptips/ongoingtips.html#t83
SWOT TIME: http://www.enhanced-learning.net/toptips/ongoingtips.html#t84
TOP 5 HABITS FOR STUDENTS: http://www.enhanced-learning.net/toptips/ongoingtips.html#t85
BUILDING CONCENTRATION SKILLS: http://www.enhanced-learning.net/toptips/ongoingtips.html#t86

And if you haven’t yet attended our FREE WEBINAR  – HOW TO SUPPORT STUDENTS THROUGH HIGH SCHOOL – you can now choose your own time to view the webinar!

Click here to view the webinar: https://humanconnections.com.au/ss-webinar-lp/

Do you find your students spend a lot of time on social media or games? Are you concerned with how your students manage technology? In this free webinar Dr Prue Salter will show you how technology can help rather than hinder in high school and how to help your students find a balance between personal use of technology and technology use for school. In addition to this Rocky Biasi will show you how to help your students establish a success mindset. 

To register: https://humanconnections.com.au/ss-webinar-lp/


Date Claimer

Parents and girls in Years 8 and 9 – keep Thursday June 15 free. Prue Salter is coming to present some valuable tips and information that will support the girls with their study skills. The evening will run from 7.00 to 8.30pm in Yallunga and it is expected that all Year 8 and 9 girls attend with at least one parent or carer.



Robert Gough

Year 9 Coordinator

Year 10 Design and Technology

On 28 February, our Year 10 Design and Technology class went on an excursion to IKEA Tempe (the biggest in Australia), home of innovation and flat packing. This coincided with our project for this semester, to create a product that fits in with an existing IKEA collection. We had done previous research on ranges and the types of products we wanted to create for our project. Each student in the class is going to produce something unique, from storage solutions, to mirrors, dinnerware, pillows and shelving. The possibilities for this project are endless. We all had a great time at IKEA, walking around, and getting our creative juices flowing (and hardly getting lost which was quite an achievement). We were introduced to Swedish meatballs with jam (an interesting combination) and were able to test out all of the furniture for ‘research’ purposes of course… All in all we enjoyed the excursion very much, changing and solidifying our ideas for our projects. Thank you Miss Napoli and Mrs Rowland for organising our awesome day out!
– Justina Alabasinis and Ashleigh Hollis


Lenten Penance

CASPA – HSC Music Video Conference

On Monday 27 February, students from the Year 12 Music class participated in a video conference with Jodi Spooner-Ryan and other HSC students from Sydney Catholic Schools. This video conference was a skill-building workshop that explored the aural concepts of the HSC Music 1 course and allowed students to develop their analytical and listening skills. This was a great opportunity for students to network with other schools as they prepare for their HSC exams and we thank CASPA for providing the opportunity.



Clare Moroney

Music Teacher

Year 7 Magnolia Update for February 2017

The Magnolia’s have immersed themselves in many activities over the last 4 weeks which has assisted them in the smooth transition to Bethany College. On a  very hot evening we welcomed our new families to Bethany College and enjoyed hearing our guest speaker, Psychiatrist Dr Toula Tsolvos. This was a very informative talk for parents and students around adolescent development.


Enlighten Education visited our school on the 22nd February as part of our Wellbeing Program. “The Journey” program is aimed at equipping the girls in making the transition from junior to secondary school with a survival kit of skills: time management, prioritising, creating a positive learning space, stress management and making successful new friendships.








What better way to evaluate these workshops than to read feedback from the Year 7 students themselves!

Thank you for coming to our school and I hope the upcoming year 7’s to 12’s find it as helpful as this session was for me. My favourite part of the day was when you helped us cope with our stress and just the little messages like not to sweat the little things as it made me feel like nothing is going to stop me from achieving my goals. It comes down to me and how I think and what I choose to do about things.

I thought today might be boring but then I walked into the room and I knew it was going to be fun. I got to make more friends and I got good tips on how to cope with the stress of high school. It was good to say that we all make mistakes but at least I’ve got ideas on how to fix them. Thank you for coming. I really enjoyed it.

 No other programs are as fun as this. I liked ‘The Travel Diary’ the most but I liked all the activities. I learnt what traits other girls are looking for in their friendships and I never really knew how happy I could make someone just by saying something nice to them. Today I learnt to be true to myself and to stop putting myself down.

 ‘Stop, Revive, Survive’ was my favourite workshop because it I get stressed so those tips will definitely help me. Fran was so relatable. I learnt how to focus myself, relax myself and organise myself.

 I learnt to organise my week better using ‘day lists’, high school is a new journey for everyone and life isn’t perfect for anyone all the time but we have what it takes to make it! (Please use my comment to promote the business, today was great! I hope Enlighten Education keeps doing so well!)

 This was a wonderful and educational program. It helped me with my struggles and difficulties. I learnt to overcome my fears, try my best, calm my stress and that I can make a good life for myself.

 My favourite part was making the diary and the stress tips where we did the lying down activity and I also loved how we got to meet new people. I liked the tips on making a master list and to do list too! Maybe we should do more than one day!

 I thought I would be sitting in a hall listening to people talk and show slides of information. I actually got to know a lot more about other girls and their personalities. I learnt that if I need help, just ask, stay positive, never give up and not to stress about small stuff in life. It was an amazing workshop and a lot of fun.

 Today helped me accept who I am and inspired me to interact more with others. It made me feel special. Today was EXCELLENT!

 10/10! This was an amazing day! We should make new friends, set goals, help others. I got to know others today. Thank you!

 I loved listening to all the music, giving each other compliments and how we made ourselves and others smile. I learnt how easy it is to stay positive and that making other people happy makes you happy! I loved this so much! I would definitely recommend a day like this to other girls.

 Today made me step out of my comfort zone. Meeting new people and making new friends was great for me. I learnt not to be afraid to try new things, treat everyone the same, be responsible, be independent and try harder at things. Today was excellent x 500 billion!













Camp 23-24 February at Youthworks Deer Park

Following Enlighten Education, students were ready to spend time together on Camp where they continued to develop friendships and engage in activities that presented personal challenges, teamwork and fun. Students worked in small groups and were involved in activities such as canoeing, orienteering, the amazing race and having fun on the water slide. Students had some time to reflect on Friday morning with their leaders as they participated in Christian Discovery and were able to talk through Psalm 139 and what it means to them as individuals. As I (Mrs Barnes) went around to each group there were some insightful thoughts being discussed on a personal level for the girls.


Katrine Barnes (Year Coordinator), Lara Grimm (Assist Year Coordinator)  and the Year 7 Team


Careers News


Macquarie University key dates for 2017 

Macquarie in a Day -19 and 20 April 

Global Leadership Entry Program – Applications open 8 May – 28 August 

Undergraduate information evening – 17 May 

Macquarie subject taster days – July and September holidays

Open Day – 19 August 

Undergraduate information day – 16 December 

More info at mq.edu.au/study/school-portal


Macquarie University’s  Global leadership entry program

Open 8 May

Closes 28 August

Students are global citizens, deeply engaged with the world and the big issues shaping the future of society. Global Leadership Entry Program (GLEP) will support and inspire you as a global leader of tomorrow. If you’re selected for GLEP,  you receive an early offer for Session 1, 2018. You’ll also participate in exclusive activities while you’re still at school. Are you active in the community and achieving good results? Register at:



Macquarie in a Day

21 April . 8.30am to 3.00pm

Experience practical sessions and tutorials in the area you like to study, and learn about university life.



University of Sydney launches new undergraduate curriculum

Reimagined undergraduate curriculum to start from 2018.

The University of Sydney has formally launched the Sydney Undergraduate Experience, a new undergraduate curriculum which will enable students to tailor their degrees to their interests and prepare graduates for global possibilities.



Year 12, in 1 Year from now. Five things you should do at Orientation Week

Good advice on what to do and what to expect for Uni at Orientation Week late February early March 2018.

Amidst the fun and social activities of the OWeek festival, there are plenty of other important events and sessions. Make sure you take the time to do these 5 things – you’ll thank yourself later. 



ACU Personalised Campus Tours

Available Monday to Friday. 10.00am or 3.00pm . Sydney Campus.  30 minutes duration.



QUT Blueshift Business Case Competition

Closes 10 March

Senior school student teams submit an answer to a real world business problem by applying your classroom  theories .



UTS Bachelor of Accounting Co-op Scholarship ProgramEarly closing date 2 June

The UTS Bachelor of Accounting Scholarship program is a 3-year full time degree ($51,000 tax-free!). It includes two internships.

Online applications at www.bachelorofaccounting.com

Round 1 opens 1 March and closes 2 June.

Round 2 opens 1 August and closes 20 October.

Interviews will be held in the first week of July and again in November.

For more information email:



Business Cadetships

 Applications open: 6 March 2017

Applications close: 10 May 2017

Open to Year 12 students who wish to pursue a business career. Cadets combine university study with paid work at UBS, a top-ranking global bank.

 Program Director: Alister Wilkinson

Contact: director@professionalcadets.com.au

Website: www.professionalcadets.com.au


Engineering &Technology Cadetships (ETCAD)

 Applications open: 26 April 2017

Applications close: 16 June 2017

 For Year 12 students who would like to pursue a career in ICT and in business. Technology Cadets combine an IT-related degree or a business degree with paid work at either Westpac Group or Macquarie Group.

 Program Director: Alister Wilkinson

Contact: director@professionalcadets.com.au

Website: www.professionalcadets.com.au


Western Sydney University The Academy Scholarships

Are you a high achieving student and making a community contribution?

Scholarships are for  VC Leadership Scholarship  ($10 000 per year), and the Dean’s Scholarship and Academic Excellence Scholarship, ($5 000 per year).



Western Sydney University Webchat Icon

Webchat your University questions by clicking the bubble icon found at the bottom right corner on their website and enter your name and email.



Western Sydney University Open Day

27 August

Plan the day and meet staff, view presentations, get scholarship and pathways advice.



Notre Dame Early Offer Program

Opens in March

Demonstrate your involvement n  academic studies , community and/or church, cultural pursuits, sporting achievements.



Applying to the Australian Defence Force Academy

Suggested advice – apply in year 11 as it can involve a 12 months process. It is a 2 step process.

  1. Apply directly to theAustralian Defence Force and
  2. Apply for University through UAC for the UNSW ADFA course of your choice.

Visit:  http://www.defencejobs.gov.au/education/adfa/how-to-apply/



HTN Inter School Culinary Competition 

Leading local chefs will demonstrate a restaurant quality dish. Each team of 2 are to reproduce it within a given time frame and will then be professionally judged according to technique, presentation, and taste. Great prizes are up for grabs. Find out more about the competition – mina@htn.com.au . Call 1300 139 108



AAFP Margaret Fulton Future Foodservice Professional Scholarship 

HTN is Australia’s leading group employer of Apprentice Chefs and Butchers, currently supporting hundreds of young people throughout NSW and ACT. This scholarship enables hands-on paid work experience and training with one of HTN’s leading industry partners and assistance with travel costs to a capital city within Australia. Find out more – mina@htn.com.au . Call 1300 139 108 . Visit:



Sarina Russo Apprenticeships

Want an apprenticeship?  Register  and view the job board. Incentives and allowances for apprentices also explained.



Vantage Automotive Apprenticeships

Applications for positions can be completed online for automotive apprenticeships across NSW and ACT.




Creative Courses Available At Raffles College Of Design And Commerce 

Raffles is a unique education provider, delivering Bachelor Degrees specialising in Design, Arts and Visual Communication. Raffles offers undergraduate degrees in Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Animation, Games Design and Photography. All Bachelor Degrees are three years in duration, visit the website for more information.


Diploma of Event Management 

College of Event Management is Australia’s only vocational education college specialising solely in event management courses. CoEM offers nationally recognised courses: Diploma of Event Management and Certificate III in Events. Both are skills based, event specific, relevant for today’s industry needs and include a proactive Industry Engagement Program 



SAE Institute Web and Mobile Courses

7 months full time. Study Bachelor of Interactive Technologies Diploma of Screen and Media. Gain knowledge and skills in graphic, web and interactive design. Be equipped to succeed in the creative digital industry. Visit:



Blue Mountains Hotel School Open Day 

11 March. 9.30am

Leura Campus, 1 Chambers Road, Leura

Visitors will receive personalised tours of BMIHMS’ with opportunities to speak to students and staff about topics including scholarships, career development and paid placements. Lunch will be provided at the BMIHMS RSVPs are essential. 02 93074600 



Australian Theatre for Young People – School Holiday Program

The Art of Improvising– 10 to 13April

Jennifer Medway Is Missing -10 to 13April

Comedy Masterclass –10 to 13April

HSC Monologues –10to 13 April

Social Animals – 18 to 21April

Monologue and Scene Work –18 to 21 April

Audition Technique – 18 to 21April

Short Film Making 18to 21 April



JMC Information Session

22 March. 6.00pm to 7.00pm

561 Harris Street, Ultimo

Digital Design , Animation, Game Design , Film and TV, Music, Song writing, Entertainment Management, Audio Engineering career opportunities and training explained.



Discover the Possibilities with Top Education Institute’s Student Career Development Program 

Due to the alliance with PwC Australia, Top Education Institute offers eligible students the unique opportunity to attend a two-week career development program, which focuses on taking classroom skills to the boardroom of any company in the world. For more information please visit:



The Australian College of Physical Education  – ACPE Online Study

Fully online undergraduate courses:

Bachelor of Sports Business (Leadership)

Bachelor of Sports Coaching & Administration.

Graduate Diploma of Sports Administration.




Work experience with NSW Fire and Rescue 

Now open for 2017

In 2016, 77 secondary schools participated in the program, with students coming from as far as Cootamundra and Narrabri. The program takes 10 students per week. You are encouraged to book early. Find out more at: 


8 Career-Defining Moves To Make In Your 20s 

Your 20s are not a throwaway decade. They’re potentially the most transformative – and defining – years of your adulthood, and a critical set-up period for later life. Here are 8 career-winning moves you should make in your twenties: 


The 10 Skills You’ll Need By 2020 (And Beyond) 

What skills do you think the average job seeker will need in 2020? Here are the top 10 skills that will help you future-proof your career.


10 High-Paying Jobs You Won’t Need A Degree For 

Want a great paying job, but don’t want to spend years studying at uni? Here are the 10 highest paying jobs in Australia that don’t require a degree. You’d be surprised at the variety of jobs that pay well and value experience and technical skills far more than whether or not you went to university. http://www.careerfaqs.com.au/news/news-and-views/10-high-paying-jobs-you-wont-need-a-degree-for


Australia’s Science Channel Ultimate Careers

Careers of the future in science and technology. Read their magazine and view their app.



Job Interviews 101 Checklist



HSC Half-Yearly Seminars 

5 March – Macquarie University

12 March – UTS

To assist students prepare effectively for the upcoming HSC half-yearly exams. Sessions will be held in 14 different subjects and run by expert HSC teachers/markers. For more information, call 1300 677 336 or go to 


Northern Rivers Careers Expo

18 to 19 May. 9.30am to 1.03pm

Goonellabah Sports & Aquatic Centre, 50 Oliver Avenue, Goonellabah.

Meet representatives from universities, TAFE, private colleges, gap year providers.



Go Overseas

Student participants review every overseas organization and program. Many customized country and travel guides.



Projects Abroad Information Sessions

28 March. 6.30 to 7.30pm

Sydney Central YHA, 11 Rawson Place, Sydney

Overseas cultural awareness experiences explained. Online webinars also available.



The Leap

Gap year programs in unique world locations.



AFS Intercultural Program Scholarship

Be in the running if you have cultural awareness, community involvement and strong  results.





Elizabeth Vrahnos

Vocational Learning Coordinator

Italian Students GO GLOBAL at University of Sydney

Bethany College students recently attended the GO GLOBAL event at the University of Sydney. The aim was to show Year 12 students what their options are at a tertiary level if wanting to continue with their language studies – or start a new one!

The students were able to see the university in action, particularly during O Week, where different social groups are vying to attract the next batch of students. Sitting in a real lecture theatre listening to guest speakers including Professor Vrasidas Karalis gave our students a taste of what it’s like to be a university student.

Activities during the afternoon included analysing some of Dante’s works of literature and listening to the experiences of students in their Italian language learning which included participating in overseas exchange programmes and working for famous Italian companies including Giorgio Armani and DeLonghi. The pizza served for afternoon tea was greatly appreciated after all the hard work!


Marco Gianni

LOTE Teacher in charge 



Year 7 will be undertaking a new assessment task in their next topic “Adolescence and Change”. The girls will create a presentation to the ‘Shark Tank’ for a new product that will assist adolescents with managing hygiene issues during puberty.



CGSSSA Cricket

On Tuesday 21 February, Bethany College entered an Open team in the CGSSSA Cricket Gala Day that was played at Queens Park, Waverley.

The team was made of a number of girls that were new to cricket. Unfortunately, it was a learning experience this year with Bethany only winning one game. However, we improved alot throughout the day – especially our bowling, catching and batting skills. Thankfully we had Klaudia Mihaljevic on our team to keep the scores respectable.

Overall we had a great day. We would like to thank Miss Cox and Ms Summons for managing the team on the day, taking the time to teach us how to bat and bowl and for giving us confidence with their encouragement.

Written by Rebecca O’Dea (Year 10)



SCC Swimming

Congratulations to all students who competed in the SCC swimming competition on Monday 27th February. Bethany placed 3rd overall, and 2nd in Junior and Senior divisions.

Well done to Kiera Warn for breaking the 100m Freestyle record for her age group, as well as the Senior 4 x 50m Freestyle relay team (K. Mihaljevic, B. Cole, J. Butler, M. Pothas) for placing 1st.

Congratulations to the following girls who will compete on 31st March at the NSWCCC Swimming Carnival:

Kiera Warn

Lucy Flanagan

Mallory Hull

Ashlee Pasfield

Klaudia Mihaljevic

Jessica Butler

Mary Pothas

Leesa Coleman

Written by Leesa Coleman (Year 7)



SCC Representative Sport

AFL – 1st

Junior Volleyball – 8th

Intermediate Volleyball – 5th

Senior Touch – 3rd




Cath Summons

PDHPE Teacher


School Fee Reminder

Thank you to families for the prompt payment of your daughters school fees. 
As fees are now overdue, families who have not finalised their term account or activated a payment plan are asked to contact the College accounts office promptly to settle outstanding fees.
Thank you to all families for your assistance with this matter.

School Xchange

www.schoolxchange.com.au  is an online marketplace where parents and students can sell or buy local, good quality second hand school uniforms, school and university text books, sporting equipment or musical instruments. Bethany College is registered with this site.

Whether it’s school uniforms, musical instruments, text books or sporting gear it’s free to browse and buy at any time.

For a small listing fee, you can sell unwanted school items to buyers looking to purchase items at a substantially lower cost. Generally, this will be within our local school community which means no postage and packaging costs.

Schoolxchange has been developed with busy mums and dads in mind and made it trouble-free and easy to use. Just type in Bethany’s name in the ‘find your school option’ or choose the buy or search options to viewall the items listed in a particular category.

Selling Used School Gear Made Easy
The selling process is as simple and as inexpensive as possible. You only pay to list items for sale. It may be a school blazer, netball outfit, athletic gear or a trombone that’s no longer required.
You will need to register first if you wish to sell and you’ll need either a credit card or PayPal account to pay a small listing fee of 10% (less for more expensive items) based on the price you want to sell the item for.
Once registered, you simply key in the details of your item and the price you are seeking. Your listing will stay online until it’s sold and you remove it. We hope you find this site useful.